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Katherine Heigl Checks Out with Naleigh

Katherine Heigl Checks Out with Naleigh

Katherine Heigl leaves her hotel with her mom Nancy and adorable daughter Naleigh on Saturday (February 12) in New York City.

How cute is Naleigh with her matching boots and beanie!!

The night before, Katherine enjoyed a manicure with her mom after working on her upcoming romantic comedy, New Year’s Eve, for the past few days.

10+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl and her daughter Naleigh checking out of their hotel…

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katherine heigl naleigh hotel 01
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 02
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 03
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 04
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 05
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 06
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 07
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 08
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 09
katherine heigl naleigh hotel 10

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  • http://HOWCUTE! Tala

    Naleigh is getting so big! Gorgeous girls!

  • BEAN


  • BloodbuzzOhio


  • hoover fan

    omg, what a cute little munchkin…awwww….

  • W

    you couldn’t find an asian doll for her? really? no wonder asian adoptees grow up to hate their looks and idolize all things western and white. ugh.

  • mailey

    that’s a cute effing kid.

  • Karen

    Adorable. Naleigh is just so cute. Love it. Mom looks great too :)

  • Lilac

    That is an adorable outfit. Super cute mum and daughter.

  • Victoria

    She’s so cute! What’s with celeb spawn not wearing coats?? Mommy you’re all bundled up, your child should be also!

  • anne

    Will YOU please kindly go and stand in front of moving truck? and DIE…thank you!!

  • anne


    BloodguzzOhio, Will YOU please kindly go and stand in front of moving truck? and DIE…thank you!!

  • anne

    Will YOU please kindly go and stand in front of moving truck? and DIE…thank you!!

  • june

    Me and Naleigh have the same clothes lol.

  • yep

    a cutie, love her boots!

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    Katherine, go to Koreatown – there is a big one in LA – and buy the lil cutie an Asian doll so she can embrace her origins. Many child psychologists agree that lil girls should play with dolls that look like them to boost pride and confidence. I agree with this.

  • Cheryl

    I like Katherine as an actor and think her little daughter is precious but, Katherine, YOU NEED TO QUIT SMOKING! Not only is it UNATTRACTIVE to see a fag hanging out of your mouth in photos, but is is a deadly habit that your daughter will embrace because you smoke. Just quit!

  • Katie

    Katherine is so beautiful and Naleigh is cute.

  • Ivermom

    That little girl is absolutely adorable!! And her mum is a good looking gem too!

  • lulu

    soooooooooo cute !

    I like Katherine dress her little girl.

  • Maria

    @lulu: I agree! Katherine can surely dress her!

  • Jen

    @Cheryl: She DID quit smoking, thank you. She quit in July 2009 when she knew Naleigh was coming. She smokes an e-cig now, it releases water vapor into the air and has none of the chemicals or tar of regular cigarettes.

    And to those of you going on about the damn doll: IT’S JUST A DOLL. It was probably a gift or maybe little Naleigh picked it out herself. Who cares. I’m sure she has PLENTY of dolls and items that remind her of the heritage. Her aunt (Katherine’s sister) was adopted from Korea too, and I’m sure they will bond over and embrace where they came from.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    #22: A doll is never just a doll. It is the first thing lil girls identify with. Angelina Jolie complained a while back that she could not find a doll with non straight hair for Zahara to play with. There was a “doll test” done recently where lil kids were asked which dolls were friendlier and better, dark dolls and white dolls – the majority picked white dolls as better. This test has been around for years. Parents in the know make sure their kids have dolls that encourage pride in themselves. As the adopted mother of a lil Asian girl, Katherine should know better. Maybe she does not which is why I find Katherine unbearably annoying.

  • Cristen

    Katherine is a b*tch. Nasty s sin.

  • tata21212

    The ugly child

  • Jen

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan: As I said, Katherine wants Naleigh to embrace her heritage, Katherine’s sister, niece and nephews are all Korean, which is part of why she adopted Naleigh in the first place. I’m SURE she has asian dolls as well, god forbid she doesn’t always carry one of those around.

  • Jen

    OH and did you know that Naleigh’s middle name is Mi-Eun, the Korean word for “moon”? Yeah, Katherine obviously doesn’t want her to embrace her heritage at all. Nope. Not at all.

  • Grow a brain

    @Jen: Take a class in psychology sweetie. You know nothing about what you’re talking about.

  • Jasmine

    Naleigh is a beautiful little girl! But Katherine never looks very motherly…she looks uncomfortable interacting with her…it’s concerning…and I agree, one of the first things I thought was why isn’t she wearing a coat?

  • lina

    OMG what a cute girl!!!!

  • Anna

    @Grow a brain: I do, actually. And I understand what this person was talking about with the dolls, but my point was in these pictures we see one doll…one of many dolls this girl probably has. So, who are you to judge and say that Katherine needs to get her an asian doll? how do we know she doesn’t have asian dolls too?

  • Jen

    whoops I posted with my friend’s info LOL. Last comment was from me. Anyways, obviously you are missing my point, so…who needs a brain?

  • Felipe

    Cheryl Katherine is not smoking anymore! she uses an electronic cigarette if you dont know there is no nicotine but water vapor! so slowly she is leaving this terrible habit, and this is ridiculous, not only because katherine smoke Naleigh will smoke, Kath said she never let her do that!
    Naleigh is so adorable I can not stop loving you

  • kimzahe

    Baby is so cute!

  • jane

    Felipe, you clearly have no idea what an electronic cigarette is. What happens is the person who uses an e-cig inhales nicotine (the addictive substance in cigarettes) but not many of the other substances present in cigarettes. Even though Katherine uses an e-cig now she is still essentially a “smoker” because she continues to be addicted to nicotine and gets her nicotine fix several times a day.

    It DOES have nicotine which is why a person who is addicted to nicotine

  • Felipe

    Electronic Cigarette offers several levels of nicotine (and also without nicotine), so that the smoker can reduce the levels to stop and start smoking just “steam”(without nicotine) nicotine is not what Kath smokes only vapor ‘water .. if it is not really so, I do not even know what an electronic cigarette

  • Michelle

    Ok so after her comments and ungratefulness about being on Grey’s Anatomy which basically made her a star… I started to really her not to mention a friend of mine worked on the set of 27 dresses and I heard what a Diva she was towards the crew and other cast mates. Her daughter is cute and I give her credit for adopting her since she has an adopted sister who is also Korean. Her daughter’s outfit is really cute and if she could find an Asian baby doll that’s fine.. but people need to lay off on her she is at least dressing her appropriately and taking care of her unlike Katie Holmes who dresses Suri without a coat & proper shoes in the middle of winter.

  • Liz

    @Grow a brain @Jen has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I think she knows what she’s talking about. (:

  • Felipe

    Michelle @
    I do not think I understood what you said, if you just say that Katherine not is thankful for his passage to Grey’s Anatomy? you need to learn more because in all her interviews she says she is extremely grateful to everyone and everything there that was a great opportunity in your life and your career, Kath said that in some moments in life behave like a diva, but without harming anyone and work on his humility !

  • rollseyes

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan:

    I think your last sentence probably says more about you real reason for commenting than anything else. However, considering your other points – all of which I think are ridiculous. Only adults see race and color – kids just see a doll. Or by your rationale we shouldn’t give children teddy bears because they might think they should look like a bear? Or maybe a toy bear would encourage kids to think it is okay to hug a Grizzly? Lets ban them! They must be a danger!

    Political correctness gone mad. The kid is carrying a doll she likes. That is it. Period the end. Nothing wrong with it. The color does not matter AT ALL.

    What matters is what the child is taught, the values she is brought up with and what she learns from her parents. It is their attitudes as well as those of her friends and family which will define how she grows up – not the color or a plastic doll.

  • Frida

    It’s funny how some of you assume that that is the only doll she owns, she could very well have a couple of asian dolls at home. Either way it doesn’t really matter for such a small child.

  • Mel

    Rolleyes, you are a rarity on these comment threads, you actually have common sense and more than one brain cell….how refreshing.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Anyone else find it amusing that Heigl’s and Halle Berry’s daughters have similar names, what with Heigl replacing Berry in this film?

  • Calling it like I see it

    Look at that pathetic attention whore Katherine Heigl, pimping out her kid. I bet KH paid the photographers to shoot those pics. Look at how close they are and how KH is smiling. Loverly_Jen on twitter says whena a celeb has close up pics taken of her, and if the celeb is smiling then the celeb staged the pics & paid the photographers. KH has had to resort to paying for attention. Once she went to Utah and NOONE cared enough to find her, she had to get her name & face back out there. Such a shame she’s pimping out her kid though.

  • Jen

    @Calling it like I see it: OH look it’s one of my stalkers who cares SO much about me and what I say that they have to follow me around the internet.

    Katherine gets followed everywhere she goes once the paps get word that she is somewhere. She never has to pay for her attention, especially when people like you who don’t even like her pay so much attention to what she does. So, THANK YOU for keeping the paps interested in her :)

  • Jen

    @Calling it like I see it: and please point out to me in which of these pictures Katherine is SMILING and looking directly at the camera. She doesn’t seem all too happy to see the paps there. She’s not smiling directly at them and waving.

  • Darren

    @Calling it like I see it:

    Who the hell is Loverly_Jen?

    Calling it like I see it – you must not have paid attention at school.

    Ok so…according to you warped logic, Heigl did not get the attention she wanted in Utah so she had to get her name and face back out there? How foolish of her. Perhaps noone told that rural Utah is not a hotspot for celebrities and movie making. Obviously she moved her family out of Hollywood because she thought living in Utah was a better career more and would get her more publicity. Right. I am sure that is the reason she did it. Why didnt I think of that.

    You must have some warped logic if you think Heigl is in anyway courting attention in these photos. She is a major star, filming a major studio movie which has a ton of major names. The press and photographers are all over it. They follow her everywhere she goes. She leaves her hotel they take photos. She goes to the airport they take photos. She doesnt need to call anyone.

  • Al R.

    Hopefully she won’t grow up to be a cunt like her mommy.

  • Jen

    @Al R.: hopefully you don’t have any children, so they don’t take after you and have horrible grammar and manners.

  • Wala

    Aww adorable pics. A doll is just a doll I don’t get all the fess. Plus what kind of mother KH is doesn’t show from a freaking doll or a pap pics godness ..

  • Moon

    LMAO at those phycho EP fans, EP can do no wrong, and she is best, even everyone knows EP is a lazy bitch, and she is the weakest actor on Greys.

    Those EP phychos got so upset when other people were pointing figures at her, yet they tweeted and posted thousands and thousands nasty things toward other actors on the same show, whenever they overshadowed EP and PD. They said SO is ugly, KMK is disguisting, KH is a bitch, SR can’t act, what loverly Jen said about EP compared with those phychos comments was totally NOTHING.