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LeAnn Rimes: Grammy Gift Lounge with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Grammy Gift Lounge with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian drop by the Grammy Gift Lounge on Friday (February 11) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

LeAnn, 28, is nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her song “Swingin’” at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards!

Later in the evening, LeAnn glammed up the red carpet at the MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute to Barbra Streisand.

LeAnn was one of the handful of stars who hit the stage and performed at the gala.

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Credit: Matthew Simmons; Photos: Wire Image
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  • blair

    Eddie probably had his pockets full of free stuff since he doesn’t have a job.

  • blair

    Grab all the free stuff, Eddie….you don’t have a job!

  • Becky

    Homewrecker says what?

  • cristina

    grinch face and famewhore.they make me sick

  • bb

    He’s really good looking, but OMFG, she is hideous. It looks like she lost even MORE weight and OD’d on Botox. Disgusting.

  • lisali

    Wow, shes really got skinny. I wonder if Eddie is making her insecure??? I do like her outfit though.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Hayyy u go go drink juice in your home go back

  • Shock

    Her eyes look slittier than usual! Fire the make-up artist!

  • Josie

    All this time Ed’s been with LeAnn and he STILL doesn’t look happy! And as far as LeAnn, you got a boob job, now do something with those horse teeth…new veneers, STAT!!!!

  • Melissa

    they must of needed a female to fill in the gap of nominiees because there is no way she has a shot of winning this.

  • jillyro

    Her face so unnattractive. She is so squinty and weird looking, it’s actually painful to look at her (sound odd, but true for me). And her hair looks limp, flat and greasy here. Ugh, so ugh.

  • Kikino

    @jillyro: I can’t agree more with you!!!

  • Sandra


  • lucy

    they are both so ugly…inside and out…

  • linda linda

    that looks like the same scarf Brandi had on the other day at lunch with Cedric. Hmmmmm

  • Wtf!?

    Yikes….seriously Leann? You’ve lost yourself…in more ways than one.

  • Speak Now

    All the haters should post their picture IMO.

  • Moon’

    Sorry but she’s ugly!

  • Jane

    I’m so happy for those two. And by ‘happy’ I mean I can’t wait to see the wh*res he’s banging on the side. No one is gonna have any sympathy for you then Leanne.

  • jasmine

    the more surgery she has the worse she looks she looks so plastic and her legs should be kept hidden. she also is a person that has that big vein running down the center of her forehead EC has it too ugly both of them and they should go into HER mansion and stay forever no careers left for either one OH WHAT TANGLED WEBS WE WEAVE WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO DECIEVe think she was trying out her wedding dress

  • charityisme

    she probably told Eddie before then went into the room to stuff as much stuff in his pockets as he could and then go into the mens room and grab as much toilet paper as he could get down his pants beside his chastity belt

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @Blair…SO true. EC is grabbing all the free stuff he can! he’s such a scrounge!
    @Melissa…ONLY reason she was nominated for that HORRIBLE song is the writer of the song swingin is on the grammy board!! If she wins, let the bigger backlash begin. She will NEVER win though. Esp who she is up against. If I were the other nominees, I would be insulted that her name was next to mine! She does’nt deserve s**t !
    @linda linda….hmmmmmm, good point ! OF COURSE she is wearing the SAME scarf that Brandi was wearing when she was out with Cedric. She is Single White Femaling Brandi. Hey Iguana Face…get your own style! No matter how hard you try to look like Brandi, you just make yourself look more and more desperate.
    @Speak Now, I think a pic of a cockroach will be A LOT better looking than an anorexic Iguana named Leeann !

  • hh

    she really is looking skinnier, doesn’t look good

  • JEN


  • Bailey

    WOW, she will be skin and bones soon. Very sad. She used to be pleasantly fit looking. Now she’s skeletal fit.

    Eddie’s eye are becoming so squinty. I don’t think he’s that good looking lately. And the pink scarf just like Brandi’s. WHAT”S UP WITH THAT? It’s like she’s copying Brandi as a game. Very weird and it’s getting weirder by the day.

  • Speak Now

    Well, the haters should focus on their own flaws instead of being hateful.

  • HKL

    OMG@ She is single-white femaling Brandi! She must have some serious mental issues going on.

  • Racy

    I have been a long-time fan of LeAnn but it looks like her T page has turned into a little clique of friends that dominate the whold thing. What’s happened?

  • lilith

    omg! she’s wearing the same scarf brandi wore with cediric! maybe she really is swf’ing brandi. brandi should be flattered.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    Anorexic Iguana is without a doubt ‘Single White Femaling’ Brandi! Here are two links… one of iguana face a couple of days ago and the other of BG a couple of weeks ago.

    Iguana Face…


    If I were Brandi, I would get a restraining order NOW. Iguana Face is mental and belongs in the looney bin !

  • Sorry

    I really don’t like to be mean but she is one very ugly girl. Those teeth need their own zipcode.

  • AnnieBowl.

    Beautiful photos

    Keep the LeAnn/Eddie coverage coming, Just Jared

    Luv ya Jared for following LEANN RIMES!!!

  • gwennie sucks limones

    Woohoooo——sing it LR

  • Deevee

    She’s so plain.

  • Mags

    The irony LeAnn, you calling Brandi plastic looking:

    Well Brandi warned you LeAnn that you’d be next, and right she was LOL!

  • blair

    leann is trying to be Brandi but at the end of the day she is still horsey leann no matter what she does.

  • Michaela

    Leann ASU called, she wants you to callllllll her, she’s in SO much pain.
    Leann call ASU she needs to speak to you.

    Leann, pick up the phone! ASU NEEDS you NOW!!!!!

  • Speak Now

    If people support a troll like gwen, it just shows they are as immature as gwen. People should be glad they aren’t like gwen, lol.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @speak now…. I think a lot of people are glad they are’nt like YOU. Anyone who supports a home wrecking anorexic looking iguana is just as bad as she is. Gwen posts nothing but the TRUTH. Hey, maybey iguana face should try that sometime. As the old saying goes…the truth shall set you free…

  • Josie

    Another poster said she doesn’t like to be mean but LeAnn is just ugly. I have to agree. And she’s 28??? Wow. She looks more like 36 to 40. Certainly not 28.
    And for some mental reason she wants to be Brandi. The woman is sick. She seriously needs help.
    Well, LeAnn hold on a little while longer, because Ed will leave you just as he left Brandi.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    I just thought of something. It’s pretty obvious Leann is trying to become BG. But what she is REALLY turning into is an iguana ! Hence the name I’ve so lovingly given her… Anorexic Iguana Face.

    Exhibit A : Iguana Face Leann

    Exhibit B: an Iguana

    I do have to say, the REAL Iguana is still WAY better looking !