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Leonardo DiCaprio: Dracula Producer?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Dracula Producer?

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a hat and long coat and gets into character for J. Edgar on Friday (February 11) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor chatted with director Clint Eastwood on set and got his makeup retouched in between takes.

The day before, Leo suited up in a tux while filming scenes with co-star Armie Hammer.

Leo‘s next project may have him stepping behind the camera.

His production company, Appian Way, is close to closing a deal for Harker, which centers around a Scotland Yard detective who is tracking Dracula, Deadline reports.

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114 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Dracula Producer?”

  1. 1
    jillyro Says:

    He is such a good actor. And he makes wonderful career choices, love all his movies.

  2. 2
    anon Says:

    I feel like this movie is gonna be good. Another hit for Leo.

    JJ Leo has at least like 9 movies in development!

  3. 3
    Sligo lambert ^__^ cute Says:

    Good actor

  4. 4
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!! Says:

    Leo soo Handsome! And look too yung =D

  5. 5
    jillyro Says:

    He is such a great actor. And he makes great career choices, love all his movies.

  6. 6
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!! Says:

    And good actor

  7. 7
    ellie' Says:

    Great actor..Love all his movies. and has great looks…

  8. 8
    yeah Says:

    a lot of people may not know that his production company is producing a ton of stuff.

    Good for him.

  9. 9
    ann Says:

    Gosh, more great photos of talented Leo, thanks Jared:)

  10. 10
    11th Hour Says:

    This is Leo overload, and I’m loving it. Again, the Leo-fans were on this info. way before it was posted.

  11. 11
    Prime Says:

    He is not only very very talented but a real man as well

  12. 12
    han Says:

    He’s super gorgeous and hot.

    Plus a babyface..

    love him

  13. 13
    mervyn Says:

    Just a “good” actor? He is ah-mazing

  14. 14
    SarahNL Says:

    the picture of him with Clint Eastwood is just.. wow!

  15. 15
    Shauna Says:

    Has anybody else noticed from the past few “J. Edgar” set posts that Leo is no longer sporting his beautiful blue eyes? I think he’s wearing brown colored contacts for the role, because from pictures I looked up of the real J. Edgar shows he has dark colored eyes. But even with or without his real beautiful eyes I’m pretty sure we all know Leo will absolutely kill this role! Wooo!

  16. 16
    Beta Says:



    he is wearing color contact lens.

  17. 17
    hoover fan Says:

    omg, I really hope this Dracula project pulls through, but I would also love to see him star in it… It probably won’t happen, but maybe he’ll change his mind and play the lead role…
    I actually like the brown contacts on him, his eyes are pretty no matter what color they are…it’s those thick eyebrows and eye shape…

  18. 18
    Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan Says:

    He is missing Bar, you can tell. Barleo wedding in 2011!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    … and clearly you are missing your meds again. Go and take them, idiot! Oh, and don`t ruing these threads by mentioning his dreadful girlfriend. Get lost already!

  20. 20
    scheana2 Says:

    ask him he would be like “bar who??” he’s never even mentioned her name in one interview. and the last thing on his mind now is his cheap piece.
    scheana marie jancan is the girl we are betting on as the one he was seeing behing bar’s back from the king ******* article. that is why i am scheana 2- i want to be next.

    leo would probably cheat on her with a hoover vaccuum cleaner if there werent so many hot females waiting around for him. poor bar, always the last to know. or she knows but doesnt care.

    remember, the # 1 lie in the world is “I love you” and the second is “I wont come in your mouth” how many times has she been told that????

    as for him “missing her” whhhhhhhhhhherreee do you see that? I just see him doing what reallly matters to him—doing her doesnt.

  21. 21
    scheana2 Says:

    we’re not even slightly scared they’re getting married any more. he cheats on her constantly and since itsher we dont feel bad. we feel he is doing the right thing and hope one of them will knock her out the box. the king ******* article as well as multiple first person posts killed that.

    go leo, go ! dump the rag bag!

  22. 22
    Schlonga-donga-ding-dong Says:

    The only thing that Leo and that low rent model are going to be doing in 2011 is breaking up. I smell a load of sh*t so you know the flies are buzzing in.

  23. 23
    Think Blue Says:

    He is really into the character
    such an awesome actor

  24. 24
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @ hoover girl – I actually don’t know if I saw Tomb Stone. I’ll have to look it up. He was/is an intense actor and he really takes his characters seriously.Did you see Wonderland? He’s amazing in it.

  25. 25
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan: Down -6 already. LOL.

  26. 26
    FYI Says:

    Just letting you know that old pictures are circulating as new. There are some old x17 scooter pics that are being passed off as being taken on Friday. I checked x17 and there are no Leo and …. pictures on there.

  27. 27
    ??? Says:

    Where did you see those photos? V Day is coming so I guess it wouldn`t be a surprise to see her around him but I haven`t seen scooter photos anywhere…

  28. 28
    boston61 Says:

    This is why I rent foreign films only.

  29. 29
    FYI Says:

  30. 30
    FYI Says:

    Of course!! Valentine’s day. I should have guessed.

  31. 31
    ??? Says:

    Thanks for the link. I have never seen these photos before and they seem new to me. Leo`s hair is short and dark now you can see some dark hair sticking out of the helmet on the back. I think these are new but you cannot see him at all so probably that`s why x17 hasn`t posted them. V Day is here so I was 100% sure she was going to show up. No surprise there! For those who still believe in a coming break up… good luck keeping up the hope!

  32. 32
    FYI Says:

    I definitely don’t think that they are new. 1. He’s been on set. He can’t be scooting about in the afternoon and be on set too. 2. His hair doesn’t look that dark to me. scheana2 what do you think?

  33. 33
    ??? Says:

    Yeah, he was on the set on Friday but that doesn`t mean he was working all day.

  34. 34
    ??? Says:

    I mean why is it so unbelievable that she is or might be back in LA? It`s not like there is even a rumor about a break up or something. So why are you having a hard time with these photos? The sad truth is that they are together so you should have seen this coming.

  35. 35
    King Schlong fan Says:


    well to me it looks like you’re the one who’s making a big deal about it… for me personally, I”m more interested in knowing whether or not he is King ******* :))) cause if he is than it all makes sense now… I just can’t imagine a young (36 is still young) famous movie star being in a monogamous relationship with this cottage cheese fugly looking hag without having any fun on the side in all these years…he needs to have fun, I want to see the dirty/naughty side of our little Leo… it’s time for him to let his wild side out and have some real fun :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36
    Schlonga-donga-ding-dong Says:

    So many of the guesses still point to Leo. it’s one part that doesn’t seem to fit him but I Ted is always coy about Leo.

  37. 37
    Sure Says:

    Exclusive leonardo dicaprio and bar rafaeli on a scooter ride: Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Bar Rafaeli were cruising through Beverly Hills on his scooter, on Friday, February 11th, 2011.

  38. 38
    Adi? Says:

    @???: Unfortunately, I think the photos are new, but hey, why should we care, we have lots to look forward to with all his new projects.

  39. 39
    ??? Says:

    As soon as barfy is around Leo the barflies ( = sure ) show up here drooling over the sighting. Until then nothing. Not a comment on the Leo – only threads. They seem to care about him only when barfy is around. Pathetic!

  40. 40
    Fantomas Says:

    No matter when photos were taken, she raised the visor of her helmet to be sure that we recognize her… very funny. we have much more evil to recognize him in any case I can’t with this helmet there.

    Have you some news about Gatsby ?

  41. 41
    On-and-off-again Says:

    Here she is again, she needs publicity : apparently her contract with Bonita De Mas is broken, like with Passionnata, she thus has to find a new means win some silver and it’s not with Big Brother that she is going to succeed..

    Leo is fantastic on all these pics.

  42. 42
    ??? Says:

    What I don`t understand is that you keep focusing on her sluggish career or her need for publicity but does it really matter? Clearly it doesn`t matter to Leo. It`s pointless fixating on her because no matter how laughable her career is Leo is sticking with her. It`s time to realize that he doesn`t have the `hottest model` on his arms anymore because she is clearly losing her good jobs and her looks but he still wants to be with her. Why? Is it really just convenience?

  43. 43
    @38 Says:

    see maybe it`s just me but i`m getting to the point where i don`t even care about his movies anymore. i used to like him and i was always excited about his new movies and stuff but him being with barf made me see him so differently that even as an actor i don`t care about him that much. plus i think he lost his range and his characters and movies are the same.

  44. 44
    In the poor house Says:

    … and she was replaced with PAMELA ANDERSON for her Bonita De Mas campaign. Wow. It’s said that she “violated her contract” with Bonita. Wonder how. She doesn’t have Passionista anymore either? Most models don’t have two of the same type of campaigns. Would holding Passionista and Bonita be the conflict?

  45. 45
    Why Bar lost her contract Says:

    The brand Bonita de Mas in contract with Bar Rafaeli since three seasons preferred not to renew the contract and preferred to her … Pamela Anderson. The broadcast passage of Bar Rafaeli in the Israeli Big Brother would not so have pleased. Undoubtedly Bar Rafaeli which had this time makes the effort to make a commitment in an Israeli program – she whoconcocted a false marriage to avoid the military service, who would have declared that she preferred to live in New York and who made everything to avoid the photographers upon her arrival in Israel with Leonardo Di Caprio – took it for her rank.

  46. 46
    ??? Says:

    @44: So what? Is it going to change the fact that Leo wants to be with her? Clearly he is not with her for her `hot career`. Her older bikini photos and her relationship status keeps her somewhat relevant. It doesn`t seem to bother Leo. He is with her because – for some reason beyond my understanding – he wants to be with her. It doesn`t matter what`s going on with her contracts. Leo is lame to be with this airhead. So why are you drooling over him and these photos? If you cannot stand the fact that bar is his girlfriend than you problem is Leo and not bar.
    PS: No, I`m not bar or member of her PR team.

  47. 47
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Do you think Leo will make an appearance at the Lakers game on the 22? I wonder if he built that into his Hoover contract? There are a slew of home games in March too. Personally, if I had to choose two, I’d see the Timberwolves and Mavericks games. Dirk Nowitzki… *sigh*

  48. 48
    ??? Says:

    * then your problem is ….

  49. 49
    dumppbarin11 Says:

    Psycho pitt face jolie gaga fan is down 14 now, lol.

    Bar is losing jobs left and right. No one wants her fug chubby stubby a**. She hasn’t looked good since 2006 lol. She keeps getting older,fatter,blonder,faker,cheaper.

  50. 50
    Sure Says:


    He had his most sucessfull year. Leo is doing great, and his new movie with Eastwood looks very promosing!! … you dont care about his movies, or about him.. but you are here??? … give me a break girl!! if you dont care it is really EASY! move on!!

  51. 51
    CanadaGirl Says:

  52. 52
    CanadaGirl Says:

    ztrip – Leonardo DiCaprio is here. He brought his own security. Good idea Beverly Hills has gotten ruff economy and all. #grammypartymoments
    9 hours ago

  53. 53
    guest girl Says:

    Well, unfortunately Leo still wants her sorry a**. That’s bad enough. I have to say I’m also losing interest in Leo as an actor thanks to her. No more spark or magic there anymore. :( He looks good on these new photos but I’m not excited about this new movie.

  54. 54
    Sure Says:

    @guest girl:

    hahaha sorry but losing interest in leo or his movies because of hir girl is so ridiculous! but … good for you!! next step… no participate / no read his post. Good luck!!

  55. 55
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hi, @guest girl:. :)

  56. 56
    guest girl Says:

    @sure: I don’t give a cr*p about your opinion or what you consider ridiculous! I mean you are a barfly! LOL! :). And I’m just gonna keep posting here for your sake since you’re nobody to tell me about the next step! :)))

  57. 57
    guest girl Says:

    Hi, CanadaGirl! Do you realize how funny is this? That whatever company rather chooses Pamela Anderson over her for their company. PAMELA ANDERSON!!??? Really? How ridiculously funny is that? She is like how old with several kids! LOL! Leo must be so proud of his little loser! Match made in heaven!

  58. 58
    scheana2 Says:

    I havent seen the pix and dont care to. I would believe they are recycled-they often are by team bar. All I can say is I dont care about her anymore, I know what she is and what she means to him. It will be over one day by itself and it will be interesting what he does then.

    I’ll check out the pix to see if they are recent later. Remember the Terry Emerson pix? They were shot in 2006 and sold as being like yesteday. Interesting she lost her contract to someone 17 years older.
    they also took the date off and lied about some of the ibiza pix.

    ??? what is your problem? What sick glee are you getting from trying to make us believe that he really stinking loves her? He doesnt! He’s not really capable of loving anyone but the face in the mirror..which is what I think you are saying.

    She doesnt matter! She’s not smart, she’s not likable. He likes her because she is easy and he can dominate her. Its not nice but it is what it is. he can “trust” her because he pulls the strings. I mean his cheating was just outed to the universe….and…..

    SHE’S BACK????????? I couldnt do it.

    I truly no longer care. I know she sucks, is mediocre at everything, but she will go the way of all things. I dont care !

    Remember last year with the whole fake proposal rumors and the fake engagement ring that she flashed on purpose?????? was THAT real??? i mean at that time they had me going a bit but no more.

    She’s a *** dumpster, being seen with him now doesnt change it.

  59. 59
    scheana2 Says:

    honestly, that could be anybody, it doesnt even look like him for example. i dont even recognize her ugly mug either, although it looks like her short legs. The agency, which is german,, i think, is saying its friday, but it could be any day.

    If it is, so what, barfie has lost the ability to upset me. its sad for him but he needs a regular—it makes the “sides” more fun and she’s there for the cameras….and yeah, she did make sure her face was out there but I cant really be sure its her.

    i kind of think the scooter is sort of lame. Get a real bike ! I know its electric and saves energy but…its still sort of lame !

  60. 60
    scheana2 Says:

    oh, and remember, he was supposed to sexting whitney port===at the time i was like, oh, yeah, she is hist type, tall, skinny, AND SHE HAS THE RIGHT HAIR COLOR. But look at her up on the right, what a dog face ! I mean she really shouldnt let that one out of the pound…ycuk….maybe she is flattened for space but yuck !

  61. 61
    CanadaGirl Says:

    It is surprising, @guest girl:, because Pammy peaked in the 90s and, although not horrifically grotesque, is not at her physical best atm. Perhaps this will inspire Pam to concentrate on fitness and well-being. In truth, I’ve always admired her dedication to PETA. She’s never waffled on that commitment.
    Sounds interesting, but I don’t know if I like it for him (not that I am the deciding factor in his roles).
    I’m curious if “Brave New World” will get off the ground? It’s one of my favourite dystopian books, and I’ve never seen a movie of any kind on it. There was a made for TV a few years back, but I never saw it. Anyone in the know on this?
    Back to work (starting to hate my home office). *sigh*

  62. 62
    scheana2 Says:

    she’s ancient in glam girl terms. i mean, ancient. but i bet she fits the budget for this.

    bar and co is really good at loosing contracts, suing people and causing diplomatic incidents. maybe they just dont want her anymore….i guess because she was doing passionata which is also cheap european lingerie…..

  63. 63
    scheana2 Says:

    ???? = Adi. I am sure of it… 100% sure means bar told her assistant what her plans are. and yes she is bar pr. or bar herself.

    it doesnt matter even what leo likes, we dont like her or them togetgher. and it wont be forever, just let it flow.

    he may “like” her for some strange reasons, she fits h is physical type, she has to do what he wants, and he has paper on her (non disclosure so she is relatively safe and wont talk about his **** size or whatever) and she is always available….but we dont have to like her or acccept her and im not planning on ever doing that or letting up the heat. but i am not going to spend too much time on it either.

    even if he loved her for her “personality” which we have yet to see, or maybe her lack of…..we still wouldnt like her. we dont have to.

  64. 64
    Kit Says:


  65. 65
    hoover fan Says:

    personally I don’t really care whether or not he’s with Bar… because if he’s in fact this King ******* that Ted speaks of than at least I know he’s making the most of his bachelorhood… this is the time to enjoy your life. I get really annoyed with people who force themselves into these monogamous relationships when they’re clearly not ready for that and than they get married and end up cheating on their wives… I’ve seen it happen a million times with so many men. I just don’t believe in being tied down to one person, and I’m speaking mostly for men here, imo that is the time when they should be getting all of that out of their system. So that later on when they finally settle down they won’t have as much of that temptation to be with other women.. I honestly believe that’s why so many men cheat, cause they don’t enjoy when they’re still bachelors… I love Gerard Butler’s philosophy for that reason, he does what he wants, sleeps with whomever he want’s and he’s not going to waste his time on any women right now..he’s just having fun and doing his thang..another one is Ryan Gosling…he seems to be the same way too… that’s why I’ll be real happy if he’s in fact King *******, I think he should let loose and just be happy and enjoy his bachelorhood…this is the best time of our lives, when we’re in our 20′s and 30′s is the time to enjoy, than later we can worry about being good boys and girls LOL :)

  66. 66
    Fantomas Says:

    Replaced by pamela anderson ? I understand why they made this change: Pamela is internationally known and recognized, charismatic and I think estimated by a great majority….

    @ Kit : I don’t still recognize him for me it could be whoever…

    @Canadagirl : yes… Sounds interesting.

  67. 67
    DBSK Says:


  68. 68
    Kit Says:


    @ Kit : I don’t still recognize him for me it could be whoever…

    sure ! he is not Leo, is Casper the Friendly Ghost, so adorable!!

  69. 69
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @hoover fan: Exactly. Gerard gets a lot of attention from the ladies, and I think he has the right idea. I like that he’s straight forward with his lifestyle needs.
    I say live life. I don’t want to get serious either… I’m working too much the last year to concentrate on a bf, hence the “my last bf comment” in the last thread. Why do boys always want to drag you down the aisle when you are clear that’s no what you want? Am I that irresistible? LOL.
    Oh, yeah. Ryan Gosling is gorgeous. And his body is so fit…. the way that man fills out trousers should be illegal, but I’m glad that it’s not.

  70. 70
    scheana2 Says:

    hoover fan, how old are you? I’d say i understand it up to 25 but I would avoid the man like the plague. too many SERIOUS STDs out there. I get Gerald Butler. when you are riding high, enjoy the bennies. but he should get himself back in shape like for the 300e otherwise he is kind of unattractive.

    as for bar leo…who cares, you are right to a certain extent. she is the headliner, main girl or beard…but not the only one. the fact is she’s willing to put up with it because she has to in odrder to please momma and have her income stream…. life really would suck for her
    without him.

    yup, rightm they want pam for the same reason they wanted bar—international recognition. iats pure business. buy bar and you get the added benefit of being associated with some girl who’s constantly in paparazzi pictures around the world in the international media. buy a real pretty girl no one knows about and it just doesnt do the same thing. bar comes with a recognized brand without the price tag of a gisele-she’s a bragain and has to stick to leo like glue NO MATTER WHAT.

    Regardless of what else goes on between them or is between them there will always be an element of business between them. i am sorry to be so jaded but be real please !!!!!

    SPRING IS IN THE AIR AT LAST I AM SO HAPPY ! I’m one of those folkds with seasonal affective disorder…i get high off a nice spring day and blue with the gray days…i should move to key west like i have long wanted too.

    pam is a sex symbol but she is long in the tooth…. she is someone who has to be shellacked with makeup too, but that makes no difference between the two of them….

    pam also likes dysfunctional bad boys…or who told you to marry tommy lee for chrissakes?or kid rock.

  71. 71
    scheana2 Says:

    am i wrong or is isomeone playing the back-browser and vote thing agian??? because those scores dont seem right to me. anywho, we had a whole week of nice and now we get ewwwwwwwwwww

  72. 72
    scheana2 Says:


    who cares ! go back to israel pudding face !

  73. 73
    scheana2 Says:

    hoover fan, you are entitled to whatever you want just be up front with it so us strict monogamists can stay the hell away from it, OK? just play with those who feel the same.

    adi, really, you are much too smart to be wasting your time doing this crap, with your english skills cant you get a better job in tel aviv, i mean really???

    canada girl, i can live without a man but its so much easier for me with one…someone to take the sick cat to the vet and do the trash and so forth, you know??/ keep the bed warm. pay half the rent. etc.

  74. 74
    scheana2 Says:

    one more thing before I turn on pandora to a nice mellow sunday station and get to work.

    the outfit is too big but he looks cute. actually he kind of looks like charlie brown in it….. big round face.

    i had a good time reading steve schirippa (bobby bacala on the sopranos) book about goombas…i found it on the street not normally the kind of thing i would buy but its about his father who was a bookmaker for the mob and him being a maitre d in vegas…he was actually really cute as a young man before he blew up. BUt i liked his character in sopranos, the only one “without a goomar” as janice said— not to argue monogamy, chacun a son gout, but i thought his character – and from the boook, he himself, is likeable. he married a mexican woman, quite happily, so he is not a racist like bar.

  75. 75
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Me to, doll. Me too. Flurries forme today, but will be in the + next week.
    Actually, don’t care if the pics are Leo (they are obviously). I’m here for him and to discuss his career with interesting and informed people who share ideas, etc. We all decided long ago we don’t support her career – I won’t buy any products associated with her, so she’s a moot point.
    What I find annoying @scheana2: is that moron Kaz/Slig. It’s figured out that it’s being thumbed down and has figured out how to get plus numbers. I only wish it could figure out English as quickly as resenting the PC.

  76. 76
    hoover fan Says:


    LOL, you are so right Canada girl, we’re totally on the same wavelength.. :) … I can’t deal with being tied down and I want to enjoy my life and be free to do what I please. I can worry about being responsible and a good little wifey some day further down the road if I choose to, but for now I’m just not there yet. I need my space and my freedom. I get smothered easily when I feel my freedom is at stake, i can’t deal with restraints and with rules of monogamous relationships. I should have been a man. and yes, I think men/women like Gerard Butler definitely have the right idea. He’s going to do what he wants when he wants and no one is going to tell him otherwise… that’s the way to do it…. I think there is no better position than to be a successful, attractive, single male in this world… they have it the best… I love Cameron Diaz for that reason too, but for us women we can’t get away with what men can unfortunately… but I really don’t care, label me what you want, I’m still going to do what I want when I want as well :)

  77. 77
    hoover fan Says:


    i’m old enough to know that for some people it’s not a good idea to get into monogamous relationships in your 20s especially… that is the time to enjoy your life and have fun… not be tied down to one person. It’s different for everyone, but I am talking mostly for men here, I just don’t think it’s a good idea for them, because that’s what leads to infidelity once they get married. Being monogamous works for you I can see that, but for me I don’t sleep around with different men if that’s what you’re thinking… I just enjoy being single and keeping my options open… I don’t want to be stuck with one person right now, it’s just my own personal preference… Like canada girl, I need my space… Some people enjoy being with someone all the time, others like myself don’t necessarily like that constant companionship… I enjoy being alone and having the freedom to come and go as I please… and I admire people that can do that and not be afraid of what people will think like Gerard and Gosling.. and for the females Cameron seems to be like that and I see nothing wrong with it…I think it’s wonderful and smart.

  78. 78
    scheana2 Says:

    you know what Jamie Lee Burke (new orleans mystery writer) calls the FBI?


    so I guess leo is showing his dedication.

    hoover fan, DO YOU !

    It’s just that in my 20s i woul dhave hit you in the head with you own severed limb! No I am kidding. do you what you want but be up front so
    mono’s like us dont get screwed. the thing is that monos have to have to guts to say it too and keep to it

    and leo lies his little white behind off when he says he is…..

    and I am happy !

    i’m listening to the blue station onf pandora–one thing I am glad that I live in the era of free internet music….i cant stand wading through on air radion looking for something good….

    im making earrings and mellowing out…

    canada where do you live in CA again???

    i’m opening a store on etsy…a few of you i want tos end the link when its ready…i want to figure out a way to do that anonymously….

    a few days ago someone posted they got to see leo’s house and “heard him and his friend having fun in the house” I didnt want to be obviously obsessional and ask if it was female…..heh heh heh hehe

    if I was bar i would wire tap that house….

    what i want to know is how kaz and slig know when these posts are going up not even i watch so slavishly.

  79. 79
    hoover fan Says:


    I’m not a cheater, and I’m more than upfront in my personal life… I have nothing to hide. I apologize if it came off as if I endorse cheating… it’s quite the opposite. I think people who want to have fun should stay single and just be with whomever they choose rather than having to sneak around. It’s just not worth the effort imo… I don’t endorse cheating, but I do understand why Leo is doing it if he is in fact doing it… I can’t imagine being in his shoes and staying monogamous, especially with Bar… she’s just plain boring and blah in every way to me.. And she’s not even hot in the looks department at all. I actually never found her to be pretty, not even back in 2006 when she looked so much better… and I don’t like her body, or her saggy boobs, it’s not attractive… the ideal body to me are toned slim figures like Cheryl Cole, Elisabetta Canalis and Jennifer Aniston…. I still can’t believe she gets modeling jobs, but like you say, I am sure it has a lot to do with her connection to Leo…for me that’s obvious.

  80. 80
    scheana2 Says:

    hoover fan, are you a guy? because we dont get many men and its interesting to hear their perspective on barfie.

    what else do you think of th is relationship as a man…what do you
    think is the glue that holds em together??? gonna go check out the love on x17, they are usually worse than us.

  81. 81
    scheana2 Says:

    i went to xonline and left some love. she looks miz. and not because of the paps either…she is laughing stock in LA now….its all out of the bag for her. no one will ever take this seriously again. its a mean joke.

    go an leave some love ! its on the first page, just scroll down and then its unmoderated. fun fun fun fun !

  82. 82
    scheana2 Says:

    oh, you know, brooklyn decker has really big hooters. and they look real too, not like bar’s. maybe that is why she is in the number one film this week and well, barfie isnt. and why brook is married to andy roddick, and well, barfie is getting playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeedddd.

    how can that girl stand all this ish ???

    back to work…

  83. 83
    hoover fan Says:


    no, i’m a girl, but i guess you’re right. I can sound like a guy sometimes I suppose ;)

    btw, I think most women have this weird attraction to the bad boys, whether we like to admit it or not. Men who are players and hard to tame are incredibly sexy…. and I think that’s why a lot of the Leo fans on here keep saying that they want him to cheat on Bar, cause deep down the bad boys are a turn on… We don’t openly like to admit it, but i find it to be true.. I hope I’m not offending anyone, but it’s just something to think about ;)

  84. 84
    scheana2 Says:

    yes, we do, or at least some of us have that issue. it depends on our relationships with our fathers usually. we like them and hate them at the same time.

    i KNOW Leo is a bad boy, it comes from his family as well. Generally I dont believe 5 cent psychoanalysis but his is obvious—he’s attacted to women exactly like his mother physically, except “modelly” same color hair, foreign, etc, and he has no remembrance whatsoever of being in a nuclear family with his dad. a man to him is distant and doesnt commit- supposedly the reason irmy and george broke up was infidelity. but then george lived with and married someone else…
    hence leo’s statement “I wont marry someone unless i have lived with them for like 10 years” – he unconsciously plans to follow in dad’s footsteps.

    also, i dont think he wants to revisit the psychic wounds of his childhood- being left by his dad, and to have his own kid and then revisit those wounds again by leaving his own child is too risky. Dig?

    It becomes obvious over time. the only way for him to change is to take a leap of faith (i’m guessing around 40?) and just try… may work out afterall. i see him changing a great deal with the birth of a child. also, after an academy, which is why i hope he doesnt win one still wit barfie. i also dont think udner any circumstance she is the one, somehow. just not an equal. i think she is good as a pass time and she knows it but doesnt want to admit it. the real woman is out there.

    we do love bad boys…..we love the hunt and chase as much as men do. honestly ! its exciting. We are not supposed to and guys dont like to be chased…..but we do. i do ! i just chose a non bad boy because i feel the pursuit makes my life to emotioanlly up and down and is a waste of my time…..

    i also think he is hip to her games and her ****** family as well. that is why he only went to israel once and then took four years to go again—and then stayed in a hotel. he doesnt need to take her seriously and doesnt.

    its like henry hill said in goodfellas (love that scorcese film) “all I had to do is tell Susan I loved her once in a while…..”

    he does cheat on bar. she’s broken up with him before about it but mom and her agent sent her back. she knows. she doesnt care. its all about the money, aint a damn thing funny. there are repeated first person posts about this all over the internet. which i believe. this is not the woman he is going to marry, and I think he will some day.

    I’m as jaded as the rest of you, perhaps even worse, but that is what my personal experience tellls me.

  85. 85
    hoover fan Says:


    I’m glad you agree with me Scheana2.. and yes, eventually I will be like you and most likely settle down with someone safe, but for now I don’t want to feel safe. I want someone who keeps me on my toes and that is the biggest turn on for me… . I will have plenty of time for playing it safe once I get older, but for now I just want to enjoy my freedom and be happy ;)

  86. 86
    scheana2 Says:

    i was never like you, i always wanted and really needed a supportive bf—but more power to you if that is what you want ! I just wish mr. dicaprio had higher expectations and better taste. sorry bar freaks, she just doesnt have it, everything she does from modelling to trying to act to even having a twitter account is just lame and second rate—not even, morelike third to fifthr ate for me.

    his message to women seems to be, as long as you have a nice ass and can “model” nothing else matters but his cheating to me shows different—he doesnt want to be serious until after the first Oscar. and he shows it by ******** around constantly. when it comes to marriage and kids he will pick differently, someone who can really bear his seed and make it better….

    you also have to realize, he grew up in hollywood and was auditioning from childhood. that is a super looks conscious environment..he got roles because of his beauty, or got beaten out because there were other cute blonde kids. they even wanted mcconaughey for titanic (retch) so that is why the models….they are someone he can relate to.think he would have gotten titanic if he was fat and ugly, ahem, no.

    but there are beautiful women who are more than just a nice piece of ass and he knows it. when it comes down to really making some kind of permanent choice it wont be bar. she screws up to much, and he is SUPER image conscious.

    why does he “want” to be with her now? its not because of her strong points–its because of what she isnt and what she lacks. that’s why this relationship has always pissed me off. she doesnt have enough backbone to stand on her own or do something on her own so she takes abuse. and he’s not in his 20s!

    i think a lot of it could be legal to. he made her sign a non-disclosure somewhere along the line and he doesnt fear her talking. it’s easy, and as perez hilton said about leo, he takes anything that is free. anything he can get from the schwag table and anything from the vag table. there is nothing about her to truly love. according to his friends, she is a shrew, and according to israel she is a golddigger and a ho.

    if you think WE’RE on to her…i’d bet he is even MORE AWARE. even said it in rolling stone.

    but, I also bet when he sees the negative posting about her, he sees it just as a testament to his masculinity and attractiveness and charisma===we want to get with him, so we hate her. I dont realistically or even fantastically want to get with him, but i bet that is how he sees our posts—its been that way for a while. women hate his gf’s because they like him. must be how he sees it…and he surfs above it all. bar is a good beard anyway. she should be sold by RONCO along with the Vegematic because she is so useful.

  87. 87
    scheana2 Says:

    I would guess that he goes along with barfie because of business reasons and being counselled to by PR…he probably thinks she’s lucky and she is because she gets millions out of the deal….so he doesnt feel bad looking around for and at others. why shouldnt he enjoy them to? It is like part of his paycheck, the perks. Yucky, but true.

    so he was at a grammy party yesterday without barfie…predictable. she doesnt go to anything important, she’s too embarrassing. launch party for a soft drink? Check. Awards show, NAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

  88. 88
    scheana2 Says:

    thread be dying…wonder if jared will post the scooter pix…then again you cant really see him. I dont know if he is peering around the corner or dodging paps.

    get a real bike, leo, ducati or davidson or whatever….come on give in get a hog, the scooter is lame.

  89. 89
    @sheana2 Says:

    “according to his friends, she is a shrew”

    How do you know of this?? Do his friends really not like her? That would be a surprise to hear since they have been together for so long. i would be surprised that they would not tell him to find someone else or that they think she is hot so they are ok with her.

  90. 90
    @87 Says:

    How do you know he was at that party without her? Just because the tweet didn`t mention her it doesn`t mean she wasn`t there. Wouldn`t be the first time. Plus #89 is right. I hate to admit but after all this time I assume his family and friends would have told him already if they hated her or they were against her/them. For a while they might not say anything assuming this thing between them should run its course but all these years thinking `she is a shrew`? I don`t think so…

  91. 91
    curious Says:

    I’m just curious, do they live together or what?Or Are these just conjugal visits?I mean if they have been together this long,they should be playing house by now,don’t you think?I mean if its really serious.

    BTW,I’ve been so loving the Leo fest on here.

  92. 92
    On-and-off-again Says:

    @90 : his family and friends would never have told him if they hated her ou were against her : he is rich, powerful, and his circle of acquaintances does not want to offend him because they have too much to lose, they prefer to kiss his a**..
    @curious : these are simple conjugal visits but you’re “they should be playing house by now if it’s really serious.” They spend a lot of time travelling with friends (never alone) and a lot of time separated: she returns very regularly to Israel while he has only a thing to do so that she don’t have to: to marry her or at least to find her a job in the USA but even that he doesn’t make it.

  93. 93
    tinkerbell Says:

    I got moderated here, so my answers are on the new bar post.

    yes, kev con is on her all the time dissing her so are others that seem to be in the know here and on lipstick alley…they called her a racist way before all that came out and they were right so I believe it.

    There was one post she got a six month warning to mind her ps and qs or he was going on with out her…..and then she turned “tame as a puppy/”

    believe me, she and her monster mommy would had like 8 million pictures of them in israel and on CNN 24/7 if he hadnt put his foot down about being used for paparazzi by her…and thus being associated with her crap. there just havent been a lot of pix of them together because she is not allowed to call the paps in anymore….

    she was outed by someone who works at her agency for this….

    oh well. it doesnt matter, we know she s u c k s but he deserves it because he is not willing to get with someone who is not low maintenance and wants something real with him. An equal who can stand on her own feet without him econonomically. her life really would blow without the money she gets from humming him. sorry, but true. been true since hollywood started y’all.

  94. 94
    chelsea's back Says:

    scheana, you were cracking me up on Bar’s thread… and I love how her one fan was talking to herself again.. this place is crazy i is the Chelsea Handler twin at her

  95. 95
    hoover fan Says:

    oh this has been a fun day on JJ… I hope you’re right Scheana.. Like you said, if she’s been his beard for his naughty ways, than I’m happy for him. I think that if you got the juice than you need to make the most of it…life is too short to hold back…live it to the max baby!!!! :)))

  96. 96
    tinkerbell Says:

    Chelsea Handler is cuter and has actually done something for herself…the picture she posted when it was rumored she was dating 50 Cent was hysterical….

  97. 97
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Well, it was a good run while it lasted. I’ll see you on the next exclusively Leo thread.

  98. 98
    CanadaGirl Says:

    A few new Hoover pics (a few we’ve already seen):

  99. 99
    curious Says:

    Thanks for that info,and that’s what I thought.

  100. 100
    ann Says:

    Great some new pix from today’s filming

  101. 101
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Thanks, @ann:. Hmm… Leo’s chin seems fuller – lighting or prosthetic?

  102. 102
    zzz Says:


    a lot of makeup. prosthetic.

  103. 103
    CanadaGirl Says:


  104. 104
    ann Says:


    Agree it looks like combination of makeup and prosthetic.


    Thanks for funny video :)

  105. 105
    ann Says:


    yes slowly but surely we shall see your favorite ‘potato head’ appear before our eyes :)

  106. 106
    Fantomas Says:

    I read that is it true ? Christopher Nolan would plan to manage Leonardo DiCaprio in a biopeak dedicated to Howard Hugues. This one would be adapted by the biography written by Michael Drosnin, and would become attached in the shadiest years of the character already screened by Scorsese and interpreted by… DiCaprio. Nolan had in fact a project of movie about Hugues for years, but he was abandoned after the launch of Martin Scorsese’s movie.

    Some news about gatsby ?

  107. 107
    King S Says:

    One more clue that points to Leo in the King ******* `mystery`. I wonder if he is going to show up at the Academy Awards since Inception is nominated…
    `Awards season has got me thinking: Are we more likely to find King ******* at the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s?

    Dear Smooch Sender:
    Well, you sure didn’t see him Sunday night, and chances are, you’ll see him at the Academy Awards. Even though Oscar’s never been very kind to King, and this fact has long bugged him.`

  108. 108
    ann Says:


    Re: Hughes and Nolan. I’ve only seen rumors that Nolan might do the Hughes film next.

    Nolan, himself, has made no statement , so I would wait for a more definite confirmation .

    And , for sure, I’ve seen no comment from Leo’s camp that he would be involved in the project if it does happen.

    Re: Gatsby I’ve only read that it is due to start filming in June.I hope that is accurate date.

  109. 109
    Fantomas Says:

    @ ann : Thanks :)

  110. 110
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @King S: Now that does hint at Leo. Hmm.. that Ted is a tricky one. I still think he’s being very cautious about revealing too much information.
    Here’s a little Naomi info. She looks great and she seems like a great mom.

  111. 111
    CanadaGirl Says:
    (CanadaGirl goes it alone *snoff* LOL)

  112. 112
    hoover fan Says:


    @King S:

    okay that sounds like him to me too… and I really can’t think of anyone else that fits all these hints… it can’t be Justin Timberlake cause he’s never dated any tall models… didn’t Ted say something about tall leggy girls? not that Bar is “leggy”, but you know what I mean :)lol he’s known for hooking up with the tall models so I think it’s him… I really can’t think of anyone else..

  113. 113
    hoover fan Says:


    thanks for the Naomi info… I love her, and her kids are so cute..

  114. 114
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hi, @hoover fan:. I agree that it’s not JT. Many of the clues do not fit him.
    I do wonder if not getting an Oscar does bother Leo. I don’t think it should – chase is better than catching. He creates indelible work that has a lasting impact. That’s better than any Oscar.
    Some of the Oscars given out are in complete left field and undeserving – Helen Hunt in “As Good As it Gets”… I think the title suits her abilities, but it was an insipid performance.

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