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Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: 'Stoker' Stars?

Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: 'Stoker' Stars?

Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are both in talks to join the mystery-drama Stoker, the L.A. Times reports.

The film, written by Wentworth Miller and helmed by South Korean filmmaker Chan Wook-Park, centers around a girl and her mother who are visited by a mysterious uncle after India’s father dies.

Nicole would play the mother with Colin as the uncle and Mia Wasikowska as the girl, India Stoker.

Colin has also signed on to star in the Joel and Ethan Coen-scripted remake of Gambit with Cameron Diaz.

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  • Cannot wait!

    Let’s hope Colin and Nicole both sign on the dotted line. Love these two talented actors!

  • ATwilightKiss

    Love Colin Firth! I’m so happy for him and all the wonderful projects coming his way! :)

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    eh eh eh eh ha lol lA

  • ZeldaH

    Let’s see, sexy Nicole and yummy Colin? Yes please! They are great in thrillers.

  • zac fan

    nicole kid d best!!

  • zac fan

    hey i wrote nicole kidman!

  • zac fan

    hey i wrote nicole kidman! !

  • MangerBouger

    Wow first script and Colin might sign to play in it ?!! Damn Went !

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    I dont like they

  • moh123

    wow really good combination of great stars*-*

  • Hopeful

    Negotiations? I hope they sign the contract. I want to watch them in this film of Wentworth Miller. All have proved their worth and we will be rewarded with their performances. Thanks JJ.


    Wonderful news..Nicole does have a way with spooky scrips- and Colin is always perfect in what ever he does. Hope they both sign.

  • all

    Nicole, didn’t you just say you were “taking a COMPLETE break from work” to “totally focus on all things family only”?? For “six months” … that surely includes being in “talks” and then prepping long before filming begins, even if it is “this Spring”.

  • Bella

    Great news, two talented actors will play together, i hope they both sign the contract.

  • sicksister

    oh this is super news! thanx jj!

    kudos to dear wenty! he’s such a brilliant man…

  • BB

    @all: I’d also like to know when she is taking time off for her family, and she did say it would be for six months. Not seeing it. Not impressed by her at all. Poor baby.

  • dani

    All and BB

    I don’t believe this is slated to film until late spring and if it follows the usual filming schedule–it will probably be a six week shoot.

    Most women return to work six weeks after having a baby. Nicole and Keith both have family that helps out, nannies etc. and she brings the kids to the set.

    I say go for it Nicole.

  • little my

    yay Nicole and Collin!

  • all


    if it films next spring, there is LOTS of work/talks etc on and around it now thru to cameras rolling; even non-film people know that. Her statement about ‘totally completely focussing only on family for the next 6 months’, (with already the awards’ season sucking out a big chunk of that), is her usual pile of BS! Add to that prep for SBOY now thru to Fall. Once again, Nicole, stop treating your audience with such little respect, thank-you. Do what you like, but be honest!

  • ellie’

    Love Nicole & Colin….

  • bobby


    Well that was nice of you . Giving your permision and all LMAO

  • dani


    Name me one actor/actress who has sacrificed award season appearances for their family. I can’t think of one. That includes Sandra Bullock who had a newborn.

    First off, her appearances for awards season take no more than an hour to six hours here and there. To not appear would probably be the death of her career in terms of the bigwigs giving her the respect she has earned.

    Secondly, she seems to spend more time at home than many of the actors out there. Having worked as crew on documentaries and a few indies, I can tell you filming is basically a few moments on camera followed by many hours of down time. This is what people don’t understand. She may have a day where she films 8 hours, but most days she will most likely be in front of the camera far far less which means she has plenty of time for her kids. However, she has to be there in case a retake is needed or the director changes his mind.

    People once had an article on Mary Tyler Moore surrounded by her needlepoint pillows that she had done while filming the Mary Tyler Moore show. There must have been at least a hundred. This probably equated to at least 30 minutes or so per square inch if the holes were small. Think about it. Each pillow is at least 12×12 (meaning 144 square inches or 16×16. To finish that many pillows means there was a lot of down time.

    Yes Nicole tends to say I’m going to focus on family, but is this any different from Bullock going from meeting to meeting without Louis? Or any other A list actress that states this? No it is not. They wouldn’t be A list without the drive and ambition to get them there. Look at TomKat–they always talk about how important family is, yet they have dragged Suri from set to set and seem to be apart quite frequently for weeks at a time. Yet I don’t see people criticizing them for being apart, for working etc.

    There seems to be such hatred against Nicole for doing and saying basically the same things every other actor in Hollywood does and says.

    Just sayin’.

  • boston61

    Nicole ruins every movie she is in.

  • bobby


    Well that is an intelligent remark. Do you like being looked at as stupid?

  • bobby

    The 53rd annual Grammy awards ceremony begins Sunday 8 p.m. ET.

    Another chance to see Keith and Nicole!

    WTG for this wonderful happy time in their lives. They have it all!

  • http://www. V

    Oh Colin Firth, you are just flawless.

  • bobby


    We ” get that” Dani.

    The idiots just have to find something to “pout “and “stomp ” their feet about , every time Nicole get mentioned about anything.

    They just make fools of themselves !

  • Jennifer

    I read somewhere that wentworth wrote Stoker with a part for himself in mind. Guess that didn’t work out for him.

  • Kat

    Jennifer, false rumor. Last July he told Movieline, “As soon as I was done with both scripts, I really just wanted to hand them off to someone else and say, “See you at the premiere,” then show up and get my big bucket of popcorn and watch someone else’s interpretation of what I’ve laid out on the page.”

  • Jennifer

    @Kat: That would be one way of dealing with it !

  • luxegirl

    Stoker is in fifth place on the Black List of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood.

  • Jordyn

    It’s such a wonderful opportunity for two great actors to work together. Too good to pass up. Hope it works out!

  • boston61

    When Nicole talks in that breathy little baby voice (this is acting?) it makes my skin crawl and my blood boil.

  • Frozoid

    What happened to her face? Is that a wax dummy from Madame Tussaud’s?

  • Johann

    Stoker is so unoriginal.

  • Winter’s Bone

    Jodie Foster was supposed to play the role Kidman is playing but unlike Kidman who will put role after role before her family, Foster won’t make films back to back and she’s already making Carnage and Elysium so she had to drop out. Pity because she’s a real actress. Nicole Kidman ruins any film she’s in because she doesn’t look or act real, so it takes me out of the story.

  • ross

    Jodie is a real actress, so disappointing she had to drop out.

  • ube

    @Frozoid: ROFL

  • Eve

    @Winter’s Bone:

    So now it’s Jodie Foster instead of Diane Lane or Meryl Streep. You people are ridiculous. If you actually saw some of their movies would wouldn’t be propping them up every time to try and bash Nicole. Meryl’s a “real” actress who doesn’t do sex scenes or nudity. Have you guys seen Silkwood or Plenty? Have you seen Big Town or Unfaithful?

    Here’s another truth for you. Nicole blew out her knee on Moulin Rouge which pushed back the start date of Panic Room. After about 3 weeks of filming Panic Room Nicole hurt her other knee. Jodie Foster stepped up because she got injured on Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. She already had one child and then discovered she was pregnant again. She still did Panic Room which is a very very physical film. Nicole made a cameo as her husband’s new wife on the phone.

    Jodie has a career and kids. She did step back her production company but Nicole’s is just herself and one other person. They’ve both forged her own path. The only difference is Jodie will never marry a man the haters want to be with. Grow up ladies!

    Colin is great, Nicole is great. I hope they decide to do the film. They are both so talented.

  • Jokergurl

    I love her hair like that, Nicole and Colin Firth in the same movie? Sounds like a good night at the movies, these two actors are very talented.

  • bell

    What a horrible photo of Firth. He manages to look like Liberace.

  • Dancer

    Great casting! I love them both. This movie won’t be made in the next 6 months for those of you harassing Nicole for wanting to work for a living. (shakes head) Hello? The 60′s called and they want their attitude about women back.

  • theresa

    all@ 02/12/2011 at 10:44 am

    a brain dead squirrel on life support has more intelligence than you do. Nicole said she was taking 6 months off from filming not from talking to people. she is very good at multi-tasking which is something you obviously have to look up. now be a good troll and stop trying to run her life.

  • theresa

    boston61 @ 02/12/2011 at 2:23 pm

    tell me, is there anyone you like other than yourself? you don’t like Nicole that’s ok. i doubt that someone as nice, generous, and as kind as she is would want anything to do with a vicious troll like yourself. as for acting, well idiot, Nicole could end up winning the oscar for best actress again. tell me, how many awards for anything have you won?

  • Winter’s Bone

    where do you get the idea that you opinion means anything?

  • Katie

    Her hair looks great here !!!

  • Blancmange

    No thanks! I won’t watch this movie if these two are in it. They are both beyond boring. :(

  • Blancmange

    I am happy for Wentworth though. Great to see a GAY actor-turned-writer having success! :)

  • Eve

    The harder they try the more the skeptics step it and ruin their own argument. So Winter’s Bone…a kid goes looking for her drug dealing father. Blue Valentine…the breakup of a marriage with adult language and heavy sexual content. Nothing wrong with that unless you’re a skeptic. Problem is Mimosa, who play Morality Monitor, goes spouting off on what movies and actresses are deserving without seeing any of them first/

    Blue Valentine, in Mimosa’s words, is “so wonderful”. Guess what Mimosa, Michelle Williams is filmed on the toilet, something you screamed was porn when Nicole Kidman did it in Eyes Wide Shut. Shower scene, oral s.ex scene in Blue Valentine too.

    Mimosa is beyond help. She’s a hypocrite, an idiot, and a liar. She can’t even be honest about how long she’s been a Keith fan. Let’s hope she’s full of crap that she wants foster kids in her home because of Jimmy Wayne. Women over 50 who post on message boards that a baby they’ve never had any contact with is mentally challenged and has birth defects because they hate the mother is deeply deeply disturbed.

  • Lily

    I doubt that it will happen in 2011. Earliest, 2012 spring.