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Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: 'Stoker' Stars?

Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth: 'Stoker' Stars?

Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are both in talks to join the mystery-drama Stoker, the L.A. Times reports.

The film, written by Wentworth Miller and helmed by South Korean filmmaker Chan Wook-Park, centers around a girl and her mother who are visited by a mysterious uncle after India’s father dies.

Nicole would play the mother with Colin as the uncle and Mia Wasikowska as the girl, India Stoker.

Colin has also signed on to star in the Joel and Ethan Coen-scripted remake of Gambit with Cameron Diaz.

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  • gina


    They are too dumb to figure that out lily.

    Haters this is a adult board, y’all just run back to your E! hell hole with your mommy mod , and talk to yourself like ya been doing for 5 years.
    Your lies ain’t going to cut it around here. So unless you want to make bigger fools of yourself than you already have…….Beat it!

  • cocoa lux

    Damnnn Wentworth, the big names just keep rolling for this project. Well done to him. The guy is not just a pretty face you know . I would’ve preferred Jodie Foster but I’m not going to lie, Kidman was great in Rabbit Hole so fair play to her, and Colin Firth. Exciting times for them.

  • boston61


    Not HER hair. She purchased it. I most likely came from a poor asian girl.

  • waverly


    How’s it down in Studio City, Stasia !!!!

  • irene olson

    Just saw the movie “Just Go For It” and the only bright star in the movie was Nicole Kidman. Nicole has impeccable timing for comedy. Jennifer Aniston just does not have it and Adam Sandler was Adam Sandler. Nicole was gorgeous; her body is WHOA!

  • waverly

    irene good to hear! The family will be going sometime in the next week to see it. We like Jen and Nicole!

  • sheis

    Keith loves that his wife works. Maybe you should find a man who wants his woman at home? Keith isn’t that man.

  • wtf

    having trouble posting must be those blinding shiney foreheads, can’t see to type.

  • all

    What a bunch of brainless jerks here!
    And again, Skewer Mistress posting under many names!

  • Rayneebrooke


    I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark (NOT!) and say that Nicole has Keith/Keith has Nicole is what makes your blood boil more.

  • Winter’s Bone

    @Eve: I never said anything about Diane Lane or Meryl Streep. And I already knew that Kidman injured her arm and Jodie Foster got the role in Panic Room after that. Thank God for that, otherwise it would have just been Nicole being weak as hell the entire movie “help me! help me” in that annoying soft baby voice of hers. When I said she’s not a real actress, I’m not talking about her taking off her clothes. I’m talking about her botoxing her face to death, plumping her lips up to the point where if I see her in a movie playing a regular mom, it’s a problem for me because no one is going to believe she’s just a regular mom when she looks like a hollywood victim.

    And Jodie Foster, Diane Lane, and Meryl Streep are more real onscreen in their acting than she is. Not everyone has to like Nicole. And I don’t give a crap who she was married to. If I think she’s an overrated, hack actress who messed up her face due to her vanity, then that’s my opinion.

  • Not buying it

    Injured her arm? Wrong. Just go away with the skeptic crapola. All you care about is that she’s with Keith.

  • Blancmange

    .I am happy for Wentworth though. Great to see a GAY actor-turned-writer having success! :)

  • Blancmange

    These fangirls lol. They can’t handle the truth. Psychos~

  • Blancmange

    I thought Wentworth’s BOYFRIEND might have played the uncle. Oh well!

  • sheis

    @Winter’s Bone:

    Eve, you give a crap who she married. There’s no other reason why you would hate a stranger enough to spend so much negative energy complaining about her. Not only are you delusional, you think the rest of the world is stupid. Your motives are crystal clear to anyone who reads your crap under whatever name you choose. Keith loves Nicole and everything about her. He loves her appearance. He loves that she works. He loves her height. He understands her reasons for not having her two adopted children with her. Nothing you say will ever change that. So, if wasting your time for no productive reason is okay with you – fine.

  • Lucy

    Two great artists. Oh the possibilities!

  • Miyako


    Of course they care who she married, otherwise any normal person would skip over anything in the media about an actress they don’t care for. You wouldn’t search for any & all articles about Nicole, and negative comments you can post on E from all your multiple user names on Dlisted. The constant slams to Nicole’s appearance are another dead giveaway. If it was just that you thought she was a terrible actress, that would be where your comments were focused. Not the case, because it’s the whole KUNK love story that’s been under their skin & won’t go away, so making fun of them like junior high girls is their sick routine.

  • Miyako

    Try this on for size haters…

    Keith Urban just won *another* GRAMMY for Male Country Vocal Performance! So much for that worthless rant of how his career is over…BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    He’ll also be performing a tribute to Dolly Parton, along with John Mayer & Norah Jones.

    What excuse will the haters come up with now for why Keith WON and why he’s asked to perform?? That deserves another BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • miller

    This must have Sue’s eyes popping out of her head! 4th Grammy win! Oh yeah and Just Go With It has topped the box office. Nicole will be in the front row watching Keith perform tonight. Now that’s a seat Sue wished she had!

  • bobby

    Well that is good news.

    Can’t wait to watch the performance.

    The Urbans have it ALL going on!

  • dani

    Ohmigod. Did you all see Kidman yet at the Grammys? What a stunning dress. Can’t wait for Keith to perform.

  • Jimmy W.

    Why do I sense , rolling on the floor,
    pulling their own hair out,
    screaming vulgar hate words ,
    and hating every minute of the Grammys on E! for a week and now they can’t even watch .. Sure!

    But they can post on the JW thread to pretend Keith didnt win this big honor today ! Poor Jimmy he gets used and abused by everyone and especially the idiots.

    Sorry Tara, you have to write up a whole new blog entry now. The one you have in waiting won’t work now!


  • miller


    Nicole in Jean Paul Gauthier. Stunning.

    Meanwhile the skeptics are arguing over incorrect information from 5 years ago. BAHAHAHAHA!

  • all


    Yet another name, SKEWER MISTRESS, aka Miller aka aka aka akaka kaka