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Teresa Palmer & Topher Grace: 'Don't You Want Me' Video!

Teresa Palmer & Topher Grace: 'Don't You Want Me' Video!

Check out Teresa Palmer, Topher Grace, and Anna Faris rocking out in Atomic Tom‘s “Don’t You Want Me” video.

The Take Me Home Tonight co-stars get silly and recreate classic ’80s scenes and characters, along with fellow cast member Dan Fogler and comedian Demetri Martin.

Synopsis for the film, out March 4: “An aimless college grad pursues his dream girl at a wild Labor Day weekend party. He, his twin sister, and their best friend struggle with their burgeoning adulthood over the course of the night.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Atomic Tom’s “Don’t You Want Me” video featuring the Take Me Home Tonight cast?

Atomic Tom – Don’t You Want Me
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  • Abbi

    Why on earth is jared repeatedly posting about her?!
    She doesn’t warrant the attention

  • misstrindade

    urgh! JJ could you stop posting thing about this w h o r e!!!! she f * c k i n g disgusts me! S L U T
    hate her,shouldn’t even comment on this!

  • misstrindade

    urgh! JJ could you stop posting thing about this w h o r e!!!! she f * c k i n g disgusts me! S L U T
    hate her,shouldn’t even comment on this!

  • em

    I think it is pretty clear, NO ONE her wants to hear anythng about her. She’s just going to get trashed. So please just do her and us all a favor and stop posting about her. Please. If i open JJ one more time to see her name… i’ll lose it.

  • em

    I think it’s clear NO ONE wants to know about her. Everyone is just gonna trash her. So do both her and all of us a favor and please stop posting about her. Please. If i open JJ one more time and see her, i swear i’ll lose it.
    I really have always respected this site, i can’t believe you are really gonna give her, her 15 minitues.

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    I remember the 80′s
    50+ woman was 30+ then….
    O/T a lonely old “Christian” (can be mean) woman, please come chat on the website owned by 50+ single lady. Warning can be a bit nasty, but just want popular, 50+ and fat. Please come chat….

  • hii

    Oh man, Anna completely own Palmer in that video, she was actually funny and had the guts to actually play different interesting characters, the only thing Palmer did was play characters that had very little clothes on and pretend that she is sexy, no, I love the other actors though, they were funny and did well, to bad Palmer had to ruin it, although, thankfully she really wasnät in it much.

  • OK

    This video is BEYOND stupid.

  • iiii

    the f u c k?!!?! anna faris is way more popular than this famewhooore! ANNA’S name should be on the title JJ!!!

  • Adam

    Topher Grace dumped her for the same reasons you guys comment on had a good laugh at this when I saw it in my twitter feed we all know in the industry what she is its to bad Zacs pr people hooked these two kids up Zacs acting career must be fading fast for them to do this and have him get rid of Vanessa when she actually is now getting attention even with people I know teeter totter effect one raises one falls Teresa always hooks up with the staff look at her movie trail and the people shes hooked up with that guy Chris is speaking the truth I ran in their circles Topher wisened up and broke it off with her this is a d list movie its not worth wasting your movie ticket money on save it for the redbox.

  • dumb, dumber and dumbest.

    Wow, you Vanessa fans are really beyond CHILDISH and IGNORANT.
    All these nasty comments about Teresa are ridiculous and over the top.
    You seem to forget that Teresa was at a Press and Media Reception for HER new movie, Zac was the one that went along to support her and see the movie.
    She has DENIED the rumours has said their “just friends, he was there to see me and support the movie” and she TWEETED “I am single and not dating anyone”…….the so called source that said they were kissing was just BS, it’s made up and not true.
    Grow up, move on and get over it.

  • Adam

    @dumb, dumber and dumbest.: he was at the party because Gina sent him there to congratulate her she is not only going to be his next arm candy but in his next movie Charlie Countryman glad Topher got away from her he knows she is a user.

  • Hmm…

    @dumb, dumber and dumbest.:

    I completely agree.
    Teresa is getting so much attention at the moment because she has a couple films coming out?!

  • @10….Adam

    Oh please, she had a relationship with Topher Grace in 2007 and two years later with Russel Brand.

    How is that ANY DIFFERENT from Zac hooking up with Vanessa during HSM????????

    It’s the same as Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron becoming a couple filming “I am number four” or so MANY other actors that meet on set and end up together. It happens all the time, your acting like Teresa is the first actress to ever to have a relationship with a another actor……talk about a double standard.

    So I guess if either Zac or Vanessa meets someone else while making a movie and end up going out together, you’ll be saying the same things about them right????

  • Hmm…

    Argh comment error. I mean dont people realise thats shes getting so much attention because of her work! She has two films coming out.

  • Fauve

    I do not care to see any of her movies if all she can do is bounce around a bikini I will go watch Carmen Electra at least she is pretty <3

  • Adam

    @@10….Adam: difference in her and Vanessa her reputation in Hollywood is pretty good one guy shes been with for years and Teresas slept with 11 guys i know thats like comparing apples and oranges Zac showed his lack of respect for Vanessa and Vanessa still keeps her head on her shoulders you must be a Teresa or Zac fan try living around these people you only know what you read Teresas a gold digger she tried to hit on couple of Tophers friends she is still after Russel and he is married if you want that as your role model go for it see you on the stripper pole dont hate Vanessa because she values herself and her relationships more

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …the video is actually entertaining. i liked it. ahahahahahaha …fcuk it, it was coool!

  • @12….Adam

    Do you really think Gina who I’m guessing is a publicist FORCED Zac to attend or maybe it’s just a simple case that he’s friends with Teresa and the other actors and went along to show support and nothing more.

    How is she a user? Teresa already had a very successful career well BEFORE she met Zac. December Boys with Daniel Radcliff, Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler, The Sorcerers Apprentice with Nicolas Cage and now I am number four with Alex Pettyfer. Steven Speilberg cast her in Number four because she’s talented, beautiful and a good actress.

    To say she’s a user and call her nasty names just because Zac Efron attended her movie reception is just childish and ignorant.

  • No np

    Really JJ?

  • nicole kate

    I love topher grace!! I’m so glad he’s finally going to be in more films..ive loved him since that 70s show!!

  • say what?

    The onlu people not showing respect are people spreading unfounded rumors.

  • :)

    Two posts in one day?It seems jj has decided who’s side he’s on. I guess being zac’s “friend” is really paying off i posted this earlier but I think its worth repeating. So she has a one night stand and f**ks efron behind his girls back and all of a sudden she’s everwhere. Funny how that works. I guess that’s what they call sleeping your way into the spotlight.
    @dumb, dumber, dumbest
    if you really believe that then I got a nice bridge I’d like to sell you really cheap

  • @17….Adam

    “still after Russell”…..Wow, talk about delusional. She had a 3 month relationship with him nearly 3 years ago…..grow up.

    And btw I’m not a Zac fan at all, I happen to like Teresa as an actress and in her interviews she comes across as very sweet and funny I just think it’s so low that you’re trashing Teresa for no other reason than because she’s friends with Zac.

  • say what?

    I’ll never understand why people want to be so vicious. There is no evidence at all that Zac and this young girl are any more than aquantences.

    She is in town promoting movies and he is/was in town attending events.
    Vanessa is still filming so who knows what she is doing?

    I dont know any of these people, but feel so bad especially for Teresa, that strangers are spreading all these awful stories while she has work to do

  • get a grip…

    I can only imagine what it’s going to be like for the girl that eventally does become Zac’s new girlfriend??? The crazy Vanessa fans will go insane, all Teresa did was talk to the guy and now her fans are carrying like she murdered someone……scary, childish and ignorant!

  • peggy


    Countrymen has no director and no production date and has not been cast so saying she’s in it is a bit premature.

    But if she is it will save time since it will be the biggest flop of Zac’s career the fact she is in it will keep me and so many others from going anywhere near it.

    Ans maybe if we take a JJ vacation he’ll get no one cares about this famewhore

  • @25….say what?

    Yeah, I agree. Teresa doesn’t all the spite, could you imagine what they would feel like if someone did the same thing and trashed Vanessa? I can only put it down to the fact maybe their very young and immature.

  • RA

    @get a grip
    Vanessa had to deal with crap for 5 years for dating efron from his fans and the media and all she did was care about him. Why should Teresa be any different? And is talking what they’re calling it these days? I thought it was called being a ho.

  • @27….peggy

    How in the world is she a fame*****??? That must mean that all other actors in Hollywood are fame****** too.

    All Teresa is doing is making movies, attending the premiere and promoting her films just like EVERY OTHER ACTOR.

    Your obsession with Zac and Vanessa goes beyond being a fan when you start trashing an actress you’ve never met and don’t know all because she is friends with Zac, it’s weird and scary.

  • @29…..RA

    Yes according to People magazine and others all they did was talk, only one, I repeat one so-called unknown “source” said they were kissing.

    Yet we have three denials from Teresa, a direct quote she gave to 411, a video interview with mtv and she tweeted “I am single, I’m not dating anyone”

    I feel sorry for any actress or girl that has anything to do with Zac in the future. Vanessa fans now have a reputation for being over the top, nasty and spiteful, she must be so proud!!!

  • amy

    so true! these vanessa fans are going crazy. teresa palmer is awesome in real life, leave the poor girl alone! i feel sorry for zac, anyone who dates him will have to deal with all this crap…

  • RA

    Hey Teresa or any other girl can have the douche bag. Vanessa will find someone one day that actually cares about her and won’t mess around behind her back. Yes I believe that’s what happend, deal with it. And I say again why was it ok for Vanessa to take abuse for the past 5 years but when it happens to this girl people call foul?

  • Adam

    @@12….Adam: You got to be kidding me? Those movies were all flops you are clueless all of them were flops I am four mighrt be her 1st sucess not because ofher but Dianna and Alex she was in not even worth an Oscar or even a Kids Choice Award I have known about her for 4 years through my friends she tried to use and shes famous for what she does on her back not for hr acting skills I do not even care about Zac he is spinless to cut Vanessa out I never even thought much of Vanessa until I met her in December the girl was a wreck but she still kept her dignity shes much prettier in person then Teresa she is fake come back in a month when jj posts their relationship thats why jj is putting up these articles even he knows they are a item use your brain not your groins and moans for Teresa

  • Adam

    @@25….say what?: The Zac friends have put down Vanessa for years what is the difference? The reason people are mad at Teresa is because she has a reputation for sleeping around sleeping with either the stars, directors, or stuntman she is to be in his new movie go sign up for imdbpro see for yourself its common knowledge in Hollywood I see you are Teresa + Zac fans I am friends with many young Hollywood people again I never met Vanessa until December she does not deserve to be cheated on or embarassed because he used to be the Justin Bieber a ho is a ho and Teresa is by reputation one you can call her a nice girl but she is a nice girl in the sack you are just her suckers Zac he knows his movies will flop he shouldve stuck with Vanessa or found someone with her sensibility thats like trading a ferrari for a golf cart

  • M

    Topher rocks, I love this song and the way this is filmed, director must be a pro

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Look at she eh eh eh eh

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!


  • r

    [bold] and beautiful![/bold]

  • just wondering

    @Adam: So are you suggesting the PR here is putting her out there as much as they can, so that Zac’s new GF isn’t a nobody, talentless, famewh**re that we know she is? That’s pretty twisted. And let’s just say, I think Hudgens is much better off without him. And the oh-so-private Zac deserves all the negative attention he’ll now get sleeping and clubbing around Hollywood.

  • deem

    can someone PLEASE tell me whats going on? why is everyone hating to theresa?

  • just wondering

    @deem: Cause the rumor is, she hooked up with Efron, who seemed to be working things out with his long time GF. That’s why.

  • deem

    @just wondering: so everyone is basically exaggerating?

    Nice ya’ll.

  • J. Ryan Roberts

    Wow I love how people talk about this girl as if they know her. And I don’t care if you do live in LA and hear gossip about her you still don’t actually know anything about her so give it up. It’s rather pathetic.

    The movie looks like it’s going to be great and this video was awesome. I showed it to my mom who actually remembers the 80′s and she laughed her ass off.

  • J. Ryan Roberts

    Secondly how is her getting attention for being in two movies that haven’t premiered yet (Take Me Home Tonight & I Am Number 4) any different then Alex Pettyfer getting major media attention before either of his movies (Beastly & I Am Number 4) have premiered in the United States. I don’t see you tearing him apart but really you guys tend to tear down any hot new girl in the industry.

  • Linus

    @Adam: if you know everyone so well you would know that Vanessa is the one who cheated……

  • tvcon

    Can anyone guess who invited Topher to the Purple Magazine Party last night? OLIVIA MUNN. This would be an interesting pair if they started dating.

  • tvcon

    BTW is Topher living in NYC or he in LA now?

  • krys

    tvcon, he has a place in both ny and la

  • tvcon

    man they are promoting the heck out of this movie aren’t they? i just saw their itnerary. boston tomorrow, college station, atlanta, irvine. man those alot of miles in a week.