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Adam Lambert - Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

Adam Lambert - Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

Adam Lambert glams up the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer was nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his song “Whataya Want From Me,” but lost out to Bruno Mars.

On the red carpet, Adam talked about the sound for his upcoming album.

“I don’t have any idea what it will sound like yet,” Adam said. “I want it to be personal and honest. Less rhinestones, more leather. Very heartfelt.”

FYI: Adam is wearing Hellmuth beaded necklaces.

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Credit: Larry Busacca, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • funbunn40

    Adam brings back true Hollywood Glamour. He looked elegant, classy with an edge.He’s exquisitely handsome, wearing clothes like a high fashion model.He’s as charming and smart as he is good looking. I’m glad he was nominated, but surprised he wasnt asked to sing.Bruno Mars just doesn’t have the vocal power and breath control to do a rock song. He’s fine for a soulful ballad, but Adam would have blown that audience away with his perfectly pitched, well trained voice. He has the vocal ability to sing any genre from rock to opera with out any accompaniment , auto tuning,or tech. enhancement.He’s grammy worthy for vocal ability alone’ He dances as well as he sings, the whole package.Great job on summit panel also!

  • luisa

    He should have won!

  • OK…

    I’ll admit he looks sexy here : )

  • LaMontagne
  • Tony Scott

    The Grammy awards are a joke and a bad one at that. They are so fixed, just like the Oscars. We know Adam Lambert should have won and if not Adam, Michael Buble.

  • Deb

    Adam looked positively handsome, he was glowing. I am a little disappointed that he did not win, but I know we will see him on that grammy stage in the future performing , and accepting awards. It appeared that they had some sound problems. Katy Perry and others struggled, (even Babs), kept checking their sound equipment. The egg and the just born, or rebirth thing with Lady GaGa was just a little bizarre from the Red Carpet entrance to the performance, but then thats what we should expect from her, right? At least we got to see her face, I think, but not sure what the points on her shoulders were. I am remaining a devoted Adam Lambert fan.

  • Set Fire To The Rain

    Hey, we all know the deserving acts rarely win at the Grammy’s, it’s a popularity contest. The more radio play the better. That’s why ‘artists’ like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift win so often which I’m glad didn’t happen this year, for once. Bruno Mars was practically manufactured and dreamed up in a Grammy factory and was bound to win. I know Lambert’s a fan of his vocals but I can’t stand his songs, they’re so generic and corny! He’s one of those guys that sings about being being the good guy ‘why don’t you love me? I do everything for you! I’d die for youuuuu how could you leave meeeee’ when you just want him to go away LMFAO.

  • Sabienne, 22

    I was watching the Livestream from London…..wish they’d interviewed him a little longer…………he is so charming! :)

  • Gemma

    A man who looks as stunning as he sounds.

    What a joke that he lost in a VOCALS category to someone who sounds like a herd of elephants.

    I hope the comment about his next album means that he will be concentrating more on rock which is his strength.

  • Gemma

    So true that as a Jackson fan I had to copy, paste and re-post ……………… except for half of the last sentence as the Grammys are not voted for by the public.

    ” Michael Jackson is rolling over in his grave tonight and saying WTF???? He didn’t care if he lost to Adam Lambert, he would have gladly handed over the torch to him, but Mars? Are ya freaking kidding me? That annoying wailing goat? Tell me, how will he sing when his nose is plugged? Worst pick of the Grammy’s so far! They got it so wrong, guess it’s cuz our Grandmas voted!! “

  • melody Kramer

    Adam is in the league with the still great performances of Mick and Barbara.. Mick gave a lesson in what bringing the crowd to their feet meant. Only one artist of today, with that amount of talent and charisma and that is Adam Lambert. I just hope Adam sets the bar high with his vocals,so that future singers actually sing and actually have talent.. Let’s kiss the current radio under achievers good by. Either they change and put on talent on the air waves or those lazy DJs will be kissing their jobs good by… Better means of listening to music today.. Adam inspires……..

  • virginia

    My goodness! Adam looks gorgeous – SO SO HANDSOME!!!

    He’s a rock god!!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute


  • TTalk

    Adam couldn´t be more gorgeous! He´s the definition of BEAUTY!, and btw he should have won that Grammy. No way Bruno Mars is a better vocalist, not even in his wildest dreams. Adam is the best!

  • Mel44

    As someone already said above, there is no limit to this dude’s appeal. And his brains and talent are as sexy as anything else about him. He is ruthlessly delicious.

  • Lini

    He looks so good – would have looked even better holding a Grammy. He should have won, not the coke-head. What does Bruno Mars sing, anyway? I’ve only seen one article on the guy and that was about his coke bust.

  • Alurmira

    Congratulations to Adam for the Grammy Nomination. Doesn’t matter that he didn’t win, the champaign was popped the second they mentioned his name. I sincerely hope that he had a blast at the party and hope he got to meet Matthew Belamy (we all know how much he loves Muse), Jennifer Lopez and hope he got to meet up with all his girls such as Katty Perry, Gaga, and Kesha, etc. (actually not sure if Kesha was there last night though). Either way, congratulations to Adam and it was an absolute adoring pleasure to see him on the Red Carpet. He looked gorgeous and sexy as always! Just love that man : )

  • nina

    @Jaden: “Gramma’s voted for mars”! Child, you are way off. Haven’t you heard?! We “older” women LOVE Adam!!! Obviously you haven’t either been at or seen any performances of Adam’s. Us “Grammas” are out in full force supporting our BB Adam! Glad you’re an Adam supporter, but that comment was way off!!

  • Carol

    We luuuuuvvvvvvvvv you Adam!!!!!!!!! You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juliette

    Adam did deserve to win!
    He can sing and entertain better than anyone I know.
    He is so fresh. Adam listens to what Madonna told you
    “Keep your eyes on the prize”
    We need you! The music industry needs you!
    We need something beautiful and different.
    You are it! You looked so gorgeous last night.

  • scc

    ok I heard bruno sing live and he wasnt that good, he won for best vocals over adam…ok then. Adam looked great.


    Honey, now that you know how hot Adam is, jump on the train we’ve been riding for 2 years, it is a thrill a minute. Adam is not only an incredibly talented guy, but generous, funny, and interesting. I think we’re going to have to tie him down to get working on that next album.. leather, indeed., but I’m sure we’ll get a rhinestone glued on here and there.
    Who else sings like this with just a guitar and a mic? Yet turns into this at the drop of a lazer?

  • Jenn

    This man is just utterly GORGEOUS!! He is sexy, charming and hot!! Just wish he would have won because his voice is remarkable. If he had performed I think the the Grammy voters would have seen what I mean… no comparison.

  • bangbang

    I’m not gonna hate on Bruno because I have one of his songs (The Other Side) on itunes.

    Adam looked gorgeous. :)

  • Carol

    Go, Adam. Bring on more leather, baby! Bruno??? WTH??? So hot – can’t believe he didn’t win – so far out ahead of the pack!?!?! Love U, Adam Lambert!

  • Jokergurl

    He looks HOT, he has the best hair, he SHOULD have WON!

  • lili

    keep trying Adam. I love you and support you always!! =D

  • Leigh

    @funbunn40: Love your post. You stated it correctly – Lambert’s classy, elegant, and a feast for the eyes and ears. He seems happy so I’m hoping he’s pleased with how things are turning out. I know so many articles said he should have won. His reputation as a great performer and fine man (with a great sense of humor) must be gaining ground among TPTB in the industry. Will follow his career and hope that the success he so evidently deserves will be his very soon.

  • Krista

    Adam is still being punished but the fact is he is still the best.

  • Tully

    So handsome, so talented, a voice beyond compare. Looking forward to his new cd.

  • Wendy

    I like Bruno Mars but no way should he have beat Adam. Rediculous.

  • tess4ADAM

    @Jenn … I’m thinking that maybe that’s why ADAM wasn’t asked to perform … How could they award Mars with the Grammy & then have him perform on the same stage as ADAM? Or any of the other ‘winners’ for that matter … maybe they couldn’t find anyone to follow ADAM … I sure wouldn’t want to if it were me!!

  • peggy

    I am a grandma and I will have to say the best dressed and best looking man on the Grammys is Adam Lambert….When he dresses up for an award show he is really classy….nothing sloppy about his clothes….Beautiful……
    Elvis was always classy also and I love it when Adam looks like he did at the grammys……

  • Jermaine

    He should keep this look..

  • Jermaine

    btw..I’ve noticed he looks a lot better with a bit of a tan like here..

  • senyan

    adam is hot al the time !

  • http: AdamlishousLambert

    Adam Lambert is so hot like always. He’s A real man cause’ he wears nail polish. Real men aren’t afraid to. LOL He’s the strongest guy I know he’s strong for admiting he’s gay. Alot of guys are afraid too. ( If they were.) Luv Ya Adam keep up the sexyness. By the way you’re a god of hotness/sexyness. Cheers!!! ( for Adam)

  • عاشق ادام

    هرکی به ادام
    جایزه گرمی و نداد .اقعا بیسلیفه است و یکی باید خوابوند زیره گوشش

  • peggy

    Adam is the most stunning man on the face of this earth….None other at the grammys could even look as great as Adam….Wonderful

  • Emmybehave

    He got robbed!! But I didn’t expect him to win because of showbiz politics. Maybe he should do a remake of Britney Spears “You want a piece of me” He looks amazing and is gracious as always.

  • woosh

    To think he won a Grammy. That pretty much proves the grammy’s are not based in anything serious. And I think Beyonce has more grammys than the Beatles. And Britney spears has only 1, but Lady Gaga who is a flamboyant fake and remixes Madonna tunes, has 3. Oh, I think Gaga is good sometimes, but other times she is so gimmicky. They might as well throw darts and select random numbers to see who will get the next grammy. And before you thumb this down, think about it. I’m right. That said, I voted for Adam, but he was not grammy worthy even if he had the best voice on idol. He went way down hill afterwards as well. I know I will get thumbs down, but I’m right. I know it! The Grammy’s are hype. Look at record sales instead.

  • Tanya

    Adam is unique singer! It is bad mistake, that Adam didn’t win=(

  • Tanya

    Он*) заслуживает победы! Адам самый талантливый, неповторимый и трудолюбивый певец ХХI века!!!

  • SiennaBaybbeee

    dear adam lambert;
    you look like punk/elvis/michael jackson/sparkly/bad boy.i likeee itt(: too bad we’re 16 years apart -.-

  • nargise mfarge

    i love you adam lambert i like adam ilove ilove iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu adam lambert

  • AtomicKitten

    I can’t believe Bruno Mars won. This is so stupid. This is dumb. Agh, I´m so angry right now. I’ve never liked Bruno Mars, but now I kinda hate him (poor Bruno, it’s not his fault, but I don’t really care).