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Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Forget You' Grammy Performance with Cee Lo Green!

Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Forget You' Grammy Performance with Cee Lo Green!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo Green perform his hit song “Forget You” at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The two were joined by The Muppets and at one point Gwyneth got on the grand piano!

FYI: Gwyneth is wearing one of a kind ring by Dana Rebecca Designs and fuschia feather earrings with diamonds and pink tourmalines by Wilfredo Rosado.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo Green’s Grammy performance?

Gwyneth Paltrow & Cee Lo Green – “Forget You” at 2011 Grammy Awards
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86 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Forget You' Grammy Performance with Cee Lo Green!”

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  1. 51
    bebe Says:

    I think she can sing but can’t dance. I can’t see any big deal about this. Her voice is not better than Nicole Kidman or Marion Cotillard and her dancing skill is not half as good as Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson.

  2. 52
    Audrey Says:

    It was so GREAT!

  3. 53
    Jennifer Says:

    Gwyneth seemed to be showing off, but without the talent to back it up. I’m not sure wearing super high heels on a piano and not falling off while doing something resembling dancing and singing counts as “talent.” Why was she up there?? Yes, I know she did the song on Glee, but this is the Grammy’s people. She was out of her depth.

  4. 54
    Coldplay Is King Says:

    Gwyneth can sing and she can act her butt off. I love their duo although the song was censored and that took the edge off an edgy song.

  5. 55
    Josh Folds Says:

    Cee Lo, on the other hand, took center stage as a rainbow colored Gay Pride Turkey! Or shall we say Cee Down-Lo?

  6. 56
    Aline Says:


  7. 57
    carrienae Says:

    I thought the performance was great!!!! Cee-lo has always been awesome and alive on stage. For Gwyneth, not bad at all!!!

  8. 58
    Gina Says:

    I bet my right foot that this was THE lamest and most ridiculous performance of the YEAR. And it’s only February, I’m aware of that.

    so Cee Lo is a drag queen? I sure didnt see that coming.

    Paltrow was decent when she covered that song on Glee (but I guess she’s proved that ANYBODY on Glee can look like they can sing). She was disastrous but clearly didnt realize it, or she wouldnt have climbed so akwardly on top of that piano for the grand finale. Dear God, I thought.

    and Muppets. Do I need to say more?

    What sucks it’s that i really liked this song. Now when I hear it I wont be able to get that image with all those feathers out of my head.

  9. 59
    King Africa Says:

    What’s that disguise???

  10. 60
    LaChelle Says:

    it was 2 sweet I loved it & I loved Cee-lo outfit so BRIGHT you def. have to understand him to understand why he dress and do the things he do.. GOOD JOB YOU 2

  11. 61
    yeahyeahiam Says:

    Come on, people. She was awful!!!! It pissed me off ‘cuz I love Cee Lo and that song and was all set to have some fun…then she comes stumbling out. WHY??? WTF?? She was so stiff, and fake it just ruined the whole thing. Even the muppets were blushing in embarrassment for her. Forget performing Gwynnie. You’re even more stilted and lifeless singing then you are when you phone in your “acting”.

  12. 62
    patrick Says:

    I’d rather hear cats drowning than listen to her, as for her humping the piano I guess since she’s not getting it from her London boy she has to get it where she can.

  13. 63
    Mick Rogers Says:

    Omg it was the best performance of the night, stop taking it so sereous GP haters, it was meant to be off beat hence muppets and Cee Los outfit, Gwen u look great in those high heals, don’t know how u can move in them love the pink feather earings, I love the rawness of the whole show 10 outa 10

  14. 64
    Captin Planit Says:

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. At least the award show had enough decency to put together a performance that was entertaining and a little ridiculous. I’d rather watch this than John Mayer and Norah Jones lazily butcher one of Dolly Parton’s best songs that was covered much more capably by somebody who probably has more respect for Dolly than those three goons. I swear, people need fire puppets and magic tricks to be impressed these days.

  15. 65
    Jokergurl Says:

    What is with the PAUSES on YOUTUBE!!????
    Cee Lo Green is just fun, and yes he can really sing, Gwyneth looks a little awkward dancing, but her singing voice isn’t too bad. They should have got Nicole Kidman if they wanted an actor who sings bit. Love the puppets!

  16. 66
    anon2 Says:

    I like this song a lot and was disappointed to hear Gwyneth would sing a duet with CeeLo at the Grammys. I don’t like Gwyneth as a singer or actress (ok some of her roles were not bad) but she seems like a very nice person and I don’t get all the hate over her. It does bother me that she is doing all these songs at very high profile award shows when she is not a legitimate singer. Perhaps if she wants to become a singer she should start at the bottom like everyone else. Just because your husband is a singer and your best friends are singer/rappers does not mean you can just break out in song at the Grammys or the Country Music Awards when you feel like it.

  17. 67
    petula Says:

    That was very difficult to watch. Gwyneth stick to acting but even that is getting hard to watch:(

  18. 68
    G Says:

    I loved it, truly loved it. Funny thing is, I had never heard this song till last nights awards. Its like when Afroman was nominated for Because I was High. But this was better. The peacock outfit and muppets made it fun, like going to see George Clinton in concert. And GP, the voice was ok, but I think it was more to just add a little something to the performance with a couple argueing instead of just a solo act. I dedicated it to my now ex a couple of hours later, the uncensored version of course.

  19. 69
    allie-oop Says:

    I think I cringed from the moment girlfriend white-knuckled it down the stairs (in 6 INCH HEELS?) until the perforance ended with her awkwardly standing on top of the piano trying to dance….. without actually moving her body (I’ve seen corpses bend easier than that)! Someone needs to break it to GOOP that singing should be limited to shower time only, and a mother of two has no right to be rolling around on top of a piano in hot pink earrings (too many hot yoga classes with Madonna?). Whatever movie career sister had left is slowly disappearing one flat note at a time (“I dunno dog?”).
    The parrot costume? The puppets? ….. I did’t get it! Btw CLG, Mia Farrow called and wants her Great Gatsby hat back!
    Terrible. Terrible.

  20. 70
    D∆∂∂y Says:

    she can’t dance and has a flat farrting butt.
    she also has a fug face – tranny like.
    i had to turn the channel bc I was so embarrassed for the whoel thing.
    please go away and stick to acting. fool.

  21. 71
    RBR Says:

    She can’t sing. I liked her outfit but her performance was amateur. I wish she’d go away and stop trying to be a singer.

  22. 72
    pascaline Says:

    Gwyneth … How to say … I like her look !
    On the other hand her personality version spiteful tongue and small plague a little less and let us not speak about its performance…

  23. 73
    ed Says:

    i thought she was great and together they were super

  24. 74
    Dan Says:

    GP was gorgeous, she nailed it and I would love to hear her sing more

  25. 75
    Jones Says:

    Loved their performance! CeeLo and GP were clearly having fun.

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