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Jennifer Lopez - Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

Jennifer Lopez - Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

Jennifer Lopez shimmers on the red carpet as she arrives at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old singer and American Idol judge, who was joined by her husband Marc Anthony, wore a Emilio Pucci dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Cartier jewels, and a Goa crystal clutch by Daniel Swarovski.

On the red carpet, Jennifer shared what it was like to get back on the music scene.

“It’s been great because it was slow,” J.Lo shared. We didn’t rush anything [after having the twins]. It’s been a slow steady coming back into the public consciousness but it’s been great. It’s been awesome.”

FYI: Marc is wearing a Gucci made to order tuxedo and black leather lace ups.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez arriving at the 2011 Grammy Awards

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Credit: Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • BostonFan

    Ew! Why was this skin bleached, blond weave wearing, nose job getting, saggy butt old woman there? She has never won a Grammy and was never nominated for an Oscar. JLO and her Crackhead hubby are a joke in the industry.

  • boston61

    Why is this fraud there?

  • nels

    @BostonFan: if you don’t like her DO NOT comment!

  • GG

    Hey J-LO, your 41 year old mother… You look ridiculous in that dress,

  • boston61

    What has she ever done besides the Selena movie?? I do not like parasites. Jennifer is a parasite.

  • Happyvday

    @BostonFan, what are you talkin about, Jlo looks amazing!

    I <3 Just Jared, Alee’s Perspective & CC Loop

  • Why?

    They R so pathetic. Double failure.

  • lucy

    lord, i wish i looked that good in a mini

  • Yasmin

    Her hair looks awful, and the dress is so short I can practically see the uterus her kids emerged from. She should have done something more refined and classy; this look is too young for her.

  • to boston61

    Why is this fraud there?

    unlike you, Jennifer was invited to attend the Grammy’s. i know that upsets your day but people, and this i do know, in this industry like her. jennifer is kind, giving, generous, and treats all with respect. some attributes that you have never learned.

  • theresa

    @ nels
    if you read enough of the posts by boston61 you’ll discover that this is a vicious troll who doesn’t like anyone except him/herself.

  • theresa

    to boston61
    What has she ever done besides the Selena movie?? I do not like parasites. Jennifer is a parasite.
    Parasite? first time i’ve ever seen you describe yourself. please continue.

  • jane

    hate the hair..LOVE the shoes! the dress is pretty but not for her age..
    it’s hilarious that with these heals her husband is so much smaller than her!

  • E. Norma Stitz

    She showed up for the wrong show…..she would’ve won on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  • boston61

    Jennifer is 1 step above Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria. She is a very minor talent. Artistically her resume is paper thin. That’s a fact. She is famous for being famous. Like Kelly Osborne.

  • Marieme

    Deal lord is she ever going to grow up?! She looks ridiculous and there’s that stupid expression as always. Lame!

  • Debbie

    she has been nominated four times by the grammys.
    That is why she is there. You can tell you haters are about 12.

  • fergie


  • Dave

    Go JLO.

    What she sees in the guy i will never know. She way out of his league.

  • http://None NANCY

    Yes – Jlo is a kind, giving person to herself only!! What a low class fakerama she is and the cellulite is showing on those huge thighs of hers!! She has absolutely NO respect for anyone and always looks like a cheap trollop.

  • jen

    What gets to me is her face when striking a pose!!! That look and that mouth AAAARRRRGH!!! I’m soooo sure Marc has had enough of her. Anybody would. At least he can sing, but WHY IS SHE SOOO FAMOUS? – Now that’s got ME beat!!!

  • Lone ranger

    She looks just like a Goddess in that dress, grrrrr!

  • Bert

    J-LO is one gorgeous MILF, BTW who says women over 40 should dress conservative?, Specially if you look young, your skin is nicely tanned and firm like J-LO’s

  • http://justjared alf

    She looks great. Her dress should have been longer. I always thought that women over forty should not wear their hair this long.

  • Trish

    Simply beautiful What a beautiful lady awww

  • theresa

    your idiotic jealousy is getting really old. let’s see if we can’t break it down. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria are all beautiful, talented, successful women, both in business and in their personal lives. Both Kim and Eva have successful and popular shows on tv; which people are watching. they are both photographed on the red carpet wearing designer fashions with the who’s who of hollywood.

    Jennifer is not only successful in her career but she is also married to a very successful man in the business. she has two beautiful children. like Kim and Eva, Jennifer and Marc are photographed on the red carpet among the hollywood elite.

    now, let’s look at you shall we? tell us, what do you have. a successful career, wonderful husband, lots of money? the answer, obviously, is no. why else would you be behaving like a vicious jealous troll.

  • to nancy

    oh dear! another jealous person. what’s the matter; do you have an inferiority complex. you angry at what she has and you don’t. jennifer is a dancer, idiot. as a result she has some of the best legs/thighs in the business. that’s why she looks so good in anything she wears. as for respect, jennifer does have respect for people but i promise she would have none for you. but you don’t have to worry, Jennifer would never give a fool like you the time of day.

  • http://None NANCY

    @#29 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA she’s still a cheap tramp!!!

  • http://None TO #29

    – she’s still a cheap tramp!!

  • sun

    OMG, why is jeniffer hair so flat on top ?? LOL! And is it so necessary that they put on this extra height on their shoes so that they tower on their husband? really, do they really want their husband look ugly and ridiculas beside them? I need to be really stupid and airhead to do that!

  • Helen

    She is everywhere these days, even on the Venus tv ads… Not a big fan of these extensions, they are too long and not layered. They wight her hair down too much.

  • dd

    Thank god she didn’t sing .

  • http://none Mayleen Biegel

    her husband is really ugly. it fits to her low-class level.
    nothing but the truth.. hahahahaha!

  • mikee25

    Jlo looks amazing!!!! Not sure why people hate soo much on her. I also don’t understand why people think that you can’t be beautiful and sexy at 40. A bunch of hateful ageists that come on this site…….I am just turned 30 and the sexiest women in my eyes are the late 30′and 40′s wowen in hollywood (especially JLO)…Sexy MAMA!! LOVE HER

  • NJ

    F#ing Gorgeous!

  • as

    This is the Grammy not the Razzie!

  • Inaru

    Fabulous..except for the hair. Her legs are amazing, i agree the dress is too short but this is the Grammys,she is in the entertainmente business so it’s juts different..Tina Turner wore mini skirts into her 60′s and she looked amazing. Rock the mini JLo you’ve got the legs.

  • ShoSho

    WooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW she look amazing

  • David

    She look sexy ummmmmmmm

  • TR

    David @ 02/14/2011 at 7:18 am

    Yeah she look sexy enough



  • Ellenor

    Marc Anthony looked stoned out of his mind. He grimaced at the camera and then his eyes rolled back in his head a little. Jennifer had to help his drunk ass on and off the stage. …

  • josh78

    she’s gorgeous !, the dress is short but with a beautiful body like her why not?? and stop judging people about their age it’s stupid!

  • kl

    She was there because of her ugly troll husband, he was invited not her.She probably begged to present with him
    How awkward was their presentation.Jlo looked fed up with him because he was all coked up.He was belligerent in the interviews .They’re both LOSERS!

  • RGM


    Hey GG, you’re a jokeā€¦ You look ridiculous not knowing the difference between your and you’re. Stop hating on my homegirl and go learn some grammar.

  • Chemberly


  • sea

    Wonderful skin

  • She stinks!

    Here she goes again! Sneering and looking angry at the camera in a short dress in a desperate attempt to be sexy and relevant. The dress is too short, but HOs like her often wear short skirts to attract men that she can service and further her pathetic career. She is untalented 2 o’clock slop. Step aside you old relic, the world has evolved past your endless diva antics and all of your lies and BS.

    I wonder if they sell that dress at Kohls? Did she buy it there?

    Again, out on the town, and ignoring the kids. Next we’ll see her of the cover of Parenting magazine, talking about what a great mother she thinks she is, but we all know the truth. I look forward to the children’s celebrity tell all. She’ll make Joan Crawford look like a saint.

  • Jokergurl

    The hair is a bit much, and NO that’s not her hair, she’s doesn’t have the height for that mini, Charlize Theron could pull this off JLo no.

  • Soul Singer

    JLo looks like FYAH!