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'Just Go With It' Tops Bieber at Box Office

'Just Go With It' Tops Bieber at Box Office

Just Go With It just barely bested Justin Bieber: Never Say Never at this weekend’s box office.

The Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy brought in $31 million, leading the way and besting Bieber‘s film, which brought in $30.3 million, according to Variety.

Third place went to Gnomeo and Juliet, which had a solid start with $25.5 million in ticket sales.

Variety notes that Ed HelmsCedar Rapids also had a good start to its box office run, with $310,789 in ticket sales from 15 locations.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Dany

    Hell Yeah!!!

  • vanja

    haters,just go with it!

  • Laura

    Suck on that Bieber.

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  • sockpuppets alert!

    If there’s so many thumbs down for the “many, numerous positive” comments about JA, it means that it’s probably the same 1-2 persons posting these… Eh?

  • sockpuppets alert!

    A lot of thumbs up for Angie love comments, and a lot of thumbs down for the “many many” Jennifer fan”s”, then what does it mean logically?? That there is not that “many” Aniston fans, but just two or three sockpuppeteers, posting numerous “positive” comments on JA under numerous different names!

  • Cheery

    Well they’ve certainly been shoving it down people’s throats with ads EVERYWHERE.

    Though that 31 million probably doesn’t even cover all they’ve spent on promotion.

  • Impulse Magazine

    I think that this would be a good movie to see for children

  • Heee

    opening weekend:
    “Just Go With It”———- 31 million
    ” The Tourist” ————-17 million

  • sockpuppets alert!

    “sockpuppeting” is defined as “the act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or company.

  • justabitch

    Woohoo! Congrats Jen and Adam on your sucessful movie. It looks pretty funny, so I’ll have to see it.

  • W

    This wrinkly hag annoys me. I saw her on Chelsea lately and she is bow legged…makes you wonder how much she sleeps around.
    how does she even get work? she can’t act

  • Ally

    So “Never Say Never” bet “Just Go With It ”

    Fri, Feb. 11 – Sun, Feb. 13 Weekend Total

    Just Go With It $31,000,000 =$31,000,000

    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $30,260,000= $31,003,000

    So “Never Say Never” bet “Just Go With It “

  • kaykay

    Well good for Aniston.. another success based on a MALE comedian.

    NOW lets see if she can do it alone..

    That is the big test for her.. It has never happened before.. Take away…


    and what success has she had in a film on her own. Sandra has done it.. Drew, Amy, Katherine, Julia, Anne, Reese, Renee,

    All have made a successful film based on their name as the lead.. All but Aniston.. hmmm

    So congrats. Adam.. because we all know Aniston had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.. Now lets see how long it last.. I doubt it will be in the top three next week.. but who knows. PLUS Adam is hit or miss overseas.. and we know that Aniston does not have a big fanbase overseas at all.

    But the Jenny fans can celebrate. She rides to the top behind another man..


  • Liz

    @kaykay: Who cares?? Geez!

  • france

    congrats Jen and Adam! will watch this tomorrow, Valentine’s day!

  • JH108


    Wow, Jennifer Aniston can never win with you, can she? She doesn’t have man in her life, therefore she is pathetic. However, she only has success in movies because of leading men? Pick a freakin’ sexist argument and stick to it. The movie did well. Get over it.


    tomorrow and after tomorrow it will bring more probably because it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, very good start for the film

  • hale

    GO JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j

    Congratulations to Queen Jen Jen

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    Who sees this vapid nonsense!????? She may be in a #1 movie but no one gives her true big screen credit for anything. Another unimaginative “romantic comedy” witha ridiculous premise. The reviews are awful. She plays Rachel again. This is vapid and sexist and just plain awful. It will not be #1 next week and Oscar noms it will NEVER get. She needs to fire her Manager. Seriously.

  • Liz

    That’s a respectable man. Look at the way he holds her? Gentleman.

  • Halli

    Just barely beat out Justin Beibers movie. LOL
    Also, this movie is more of an Adam Sandler vehicle.

  • Jeannieb62


    So Adam Sandler isn’t allowed to market anymore than anyone else. Did you make the same complaint about all the marketing for “The Tourist”. I sure a h.ll of a lot of market for that even AFTER it was deemed a flop critically and by the box office. Paul Bettany said that he was “exhausted” after five months with that film and turned down “The Kings Speech”. I was exhausted after just seeing the MANY promotions.

  • dd

    @Heee: Just Go With It Opened at 3578 Theaters; The Tourist Opened at 2576 Theaters…. That explains the difference. No matter what, without Adam Sandler JWGI would have been a flopped. Angie is still the best and A-list actress.

  • jj = sock puppets and trolls

    thats all who comment on here now

  • bob

    just go cost 80 M
    don’t stay at the top for long
    wait and see

  • Julianne

    Heee @ Were both ladies are the lead not costarring
    Opening Weekend:
    The Switch: $8,436,713
    Salt: $36,011,243
    Domestic Total Gross:
    The Switch : $27,779,426
    Salt : $118,311,368
    The Switch: $49,779,426
    Salt: $293,502,218

    FYI “The Tourist” made Worldwide: $225,257,168

  • Jeannieb62

    I hit the thumbs down on your comment and it showed as thumbs up.

    Jennifer can do whatever she wants without checking for your approval. You don’t like her, she doesn’t benefit from you so why care for your career management advice. Worry about your own career. Jennifer was the best thing in that movie. I loved it and your mean spirited comments won’t change the praise she’s getting, the recognition for her comedic timing nor whole lot of fun she had joining the Adam Sandler Happy Madison gang for a hell of a good time.

  • sockpuppet alert!

    @jj = sock puppets and trolls:

    There’s that simonette A, the maniacal fan of Katie Holmes (and of Jennifer Aniston) and spiteful and vile hater of all other actresses (the successful ones) the same age range, Simonette is trashing them viciously under tens of different nicks, agreeing with herself…

    This woman have been banned from many celebrity forums and blogs, as from IMDb, where she had more than 150 sockpuppet accounts banned by IMDb administrators. She now hangs only on JJ.


  • Jeannieb62

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan:
    You obviously did not see the movie. However, even the critics who bashed the film (as they most always do with Sandler films) consistently said that Jennifer was he best thing in the film…and used words like “shining” “genius comic timing”. I saw it and I agree….and I will bet anything that Adam knows it too. Of course, this means nothing to you as you obviously have a hate on for Jen but you are biased so your opinion means nothing…not to the film producers who are going “ching ching” all the way to the bank.

  • Chelsea

    Wonderful news.
    Best of luck in the coming weeks to JGWI

  • Jeannieb62

    You are wrong. No matter how many theatres you use, it can’t force people to buy tickets. So goes the lessons Hollywood is learning concerning indies that are making money and highbudgets that are killing them. If the Tourist had legs, then it would have picked up steam and made it’s money after critical reviews and buzz from the movie goers….think “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” “Slumdog Milliionaire”. The Tourist has had time now and it is a flop critically and by the box office. And just so you know, even the critics who do not like Adam Sandler comedy and his films, consistently praised Jen.

  • sassy

    we’ve watched Just Go With It Movie yesterday, Sat 02122011 and the cinema was full and it was rocking because it was so funny….congrats to Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman, Brooke Decker and those kids that played as Jennifer’s kids, they were so good :):) we really LOL and it’s money’s worth! Just Go With It – Rocks!!!
    Best Birthday presents for Jennifer Aniston – we love you Jen!!
    We were impressed with Nicole Kidman – she was oh so funny too! Overall all rating: A MUST SEE MOVIE :)
    Angelina Jolie looks very OLD and she is only what? 35 looks like 55 years old :):)


    Produced by

    * Jennifer Aniston
    *Produced by

    * Jennifer Aniston
    * Nathan Kahane
    * Kristen Hahn
    * Albert Berger
    * Ron Yerxa

    The Switch: Budget $19 million[1]
    Gross revenue $49,779,426 [2]

    very good turnover, for a production of Jen

  • Candi

    When are people gonna admit that it was an ensemble cast? If JA lovers are gonna boast about something, then how about you point out a successful film of hers where she was the lead? It annoys that people are calling it “her” film. It was Adam Sandler’s film.
    I guess JA is deciding to stick with comedy since she couldnt land the Bond girl role she so desperately wanted.
    I wonder if lots of pedophiles went and saw the movie. It had kids in it and JA did pose semi-naked with a teddy bear to promote it.

  • someone

    I figured the haters would say it was Jens fault if it flopped, and if it topped the charts it was all because of Adam Sandler….she gets no props at all for the movie..but AJs the Tourist didn’t even make production costs until it was out for 3 months…but thats okay! laughable!

  • Candi

    why do JA fans always bring up looks? are you that superficial? JA has tons of money, has had no kids, can afford the best trainers, diet pills, personal chefs, ciggies, plastic surgery, etc.
    maybe AJ looks tired cuz she is so busy taking care of her family and her philanthropy. has that even run across your mind?
    regardless, does saying JA looks better make you feel better? does it give you hope that BP will go back to her? Seriously, broaden your critical thinking skills and get off of the superficial.
    BP left and chose AJ. end of story.
    and if you wanna be catty about it- has JA EVER been named sexist woman alive? dont think so. she is an average-looking woman that has made the most of what she was given genetically. most people hate her cuz she manipulates the media.

  • Aiden

    Saw “Just Go With It”. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, especially because of the two leads’ impeccable charm. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are always guaranteed fun to watch in the theaters. The Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews cameos didn’t hurt either.

  • karmaback

    Wow.. so sensitive..

    the truth is the truth.

    She has NEVER opened a film. you can thumb me down until dooms day. And that is still the truth.

    But hey live in lalala land.

    I laugh because you fools act as if this 42 year old woman is a child. And God forbid someone not like her.. and they are branded. Well I am speaking the truth..

    So as I said. Bravo Aniston for your success behind another MAN.


    I look at Emma Stone and other YOUNGER less established comedians.. She carried her film on her own. So see that is the comparison. Aniston has NEVER done it.. IF I am wrong.. please provide the evidence..

    Bet you can’t. @Jeannieb62:

  • denise

    I can’t understand while people come on and debate on who has the biggest flops and who made more money. Let me start by saying that this wasn’t an Aniston film. She couldn’t carry one alone if she was giving away tickets. So lets get the truth out first.
    And for all those idiots who come on and pit her agaisnt Angie in every way I really feel sorry for you. For the fans of this lady you aren’t doing her any favors. She will never measure up. Jen is Jen and Angie is Angie. You people have even gotten into her head and make her live this fake life and it really is sad. Angie isn’t competing with her it’s the fans.
    She and probably you have some false sense of belief that she has done well and beaten AJ. At what? A movie opening that will die out and fizzle out in two weeks or less and not do more than 40 mil overseas. She will NEVER be the international STAR Angelina is PERIOD. Angie has worked hard and became loved overseas becuse of her humanitarian efforts.
    She is as superficial and stupid as her fans. She evidently needs help and so do many of you. Both of these women have millions of dollars and have no desire for each other. If there is any competition between the two I truly believe it is one sided.
    This is the way she stays in the limelight and that what she desires.
    She will forever live her life regretful and grudgeful. Angelina goes on with her life and probably feels sorry for the idiot because she continues to try to start trouble for her. But all in all it’s a shame that she can’t find herself and go with her life and find her a MAN. For God’s sake somebody take her!

  • Kacey

    - was guilted into going to ‘Just Go With It ‘ by a friend and I actually enjoyed the film

  • ahhhhhh

    bitter comments by JP fans:~~~pure pleasure~~~~

  • Gwen

    Yay! Finally! I can totally hear all those Rachel Green fans’ sigh of relief as Ms. JenJen leads the way to top the box office…because God knows how disappointed they would be if she bowed out to a teen movie and a kid movie. Real competition there! But oh wait, it’s just not Jen…it’s Adam, Nicole, and that super hot swimsuit model…not to mention that crazy Heidi chic.

  • Candi

    acting requires more than different names and clothing. JA always has the same voice, same hair, same mannerisms, etc. that is why people say all of her roles are the same. i am sure each role was written differently, but her overall demeanor never changes. voice, hair, physical movements, facial expressions- always the same!

  • JD

    Congrats to Sandler! He’s awesome!

  • Geez!

    No one is bitter because your mediocre Aniston had to have a male lead in order to be noticed. Hell, she promoted this movie like a prostiture on the street turning tricks for crack!!

    You ANiston fans are always trying to compare Rachel to Angelina Jolie and you can’t. There is no comparison to a talented movie star who is at the top her craft and plus a great mother, writer, director, and humanitarian while she does it, to Rachel Green a lackluster actress who only knows how to do one thing over and over and over and over again because she’s too insecure or stupid to try anything different.

    Also this movie had no competition this week and next week will be barely #3 or 4 on the box office list. It will not have box office appeal overseas because Europe unlike most Americans don’t like dumbed down movies. So, to compare Angie’s two movies from last year to this one note, mediocre performance is very laughable! Especially when Angelina had Salt on her shoulders which was a first for any female actress as a female “take no prisoners” action star and not a male lead or interest and it made over $290 million worldwide and The Tourist might not have appealed much to most Americans because it was too sophisticated and not stupid is still counting it’s tally with over $225 million worldwide and counting!

    Angelfina Jolie is a movie star and big name directors, writers, and Sony will always bank on her to bring the big $$$$$$. Ask Amy Paschal of Sony who she will invest or have writers create a movie for! Angelina or that other person! Your answer is Angelina baby.

    Aniston is nothing more than leftover scraps that pays the utilities and will be thrown in the trash eventually, wait and see. So Aniston fans enjoy your lackluster performances from your bland Aniston because it is all you have to look forward to from such a vapid actress, who main talent is trying to convince you she has the best body in HW but not the most talented.


    bwahahaha!, the haters, will have, nightmares that night.
    houououou!!!! JEN? BOX OFFICE? N°1? , NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • norman

    JA fans- celebrate as much as you can now! enjoy it while it lasts, cuz the movie offers are slowing down for JA. time will tell. watch and see.

    oh, and comparing the two (Bitter Betty to AJ) is only making you look pathetic like your idol. wait until the final BO results are in when the movie closes- that is when you will see the real results.

    put JA in a dramatic/action lead role with no leading man- and then you will see her limited talent.

    and btw- BP aint coming back. BP deserves a medal for staying with her as long as he did.

  • longtimelurker

    @#6 &10
    This Should Be Repeated:

    sockpuppets alert! @ 02/13/2011 at 2:40 pm
    A lot of thumbs up for Angie love comments, and a lot of thumbs down for the “many many” Jennifer fan”s”, then what does it mean logically?? That there is not that “many” Aniston fans, but just two or three sockpuppeteers, posting numerous “positive” comments on JA under numerous different names!
    Jen cannot open a movie on her OWN, plus more bad review’s for the 45yoa HasBeen- HER TIME IS ALMOST UP!!