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Lady Gaga: Grammys Egg Arrival!

Lady Gaga: Grammys Egg Arrival!

Lady Gaga makes a grand entrance at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old pop star hit the red carpet in a giant egg carried by four guys!

Gaga is up for six awards tonight, including Album of the Year, Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals (for “Telephone” with Beyonce) and Best Dance Recording.

Gaga already picked up the award for Best Short Form Music Video for her smash hit “Bad Romance”!

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga at the 2011 Grammy Awards

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Jonna

    Is it just me that finds her so damn boring?

  • SynapseTM

    Quick! Someone abort it!

  • Sean

    This is her only in staying relevant now.

  • diva

    How is sitting in a damn dinosaur egg artistic? You look like a damn fool even when no one can see your face!

  • SJC

    She has the biggest ego in Hollywood. She is more annoying than anyone else I’ve seen. I wish they had dropped her on her head

  • ainslie x

    I know that it’s because her singles called born this way but this is just STUPID tbh! We can all act weird but she is just extreme! What a freak of nature (literally in her case). xxx

  • Nicole

    Gaga aaalways doing that kind of things… anyways! i don’t like her, it doesn’t mean that i hate her, I just do not waste my energy hating…

  • jay

    The Grammy’s have sunk to a new low!

  • Helen Flowers

    I love lady ga ga..she is a hoot!! You never know what she is gonna do thats for sure. She never cares what others think about her thats totally awesome. Ok the meat suit was a little odd or the lamp shade on her head..I dont know where she comes up with these things but she is definitly one that gets loads of attention

  • G.

    This is Nicola, Haus of Gaga: Gaga is in incubation. Tonight’s performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler. X

  • Eminem

    Can’t wait for her performance.

  • ELLE

    I love that she is so dramatic, camp, theatrical and over the top…

    I think probably if she didnt believe her own hype and was a little more humble and pretentious, people would have less of a problem with her….

  • Little Monster

    Amazing. Love it. Ur crazy gaga and that y I love u. Love the whole bein brought in in a womb NOT AN EGG. Pathhetic peope runnin her down! Geta life people. Its her money so she can spend it how ever the hell she likes… I for one love her and think she’s just totaly awsum

  • Helen Flowers

    Wow I’m reading some of the comments posted…You gotta live life to the fullest..Thats what Lady Ga Ga is doing ..Having FUN!!!!

  • Wes

    i love her but she went to far this year…

  • xxx

    Typical… now she will be all over EVERY magazine, twitter, gossip blogs, tv shows, probably even the nightly news. Anything for attention!!!

  • miapocca

    less rhinestones more leather…gotta love glambert!

  • jj

    She’s so far up her own ass it’s not even funny

  • diva

    OMG! I lol when I saw this

  • oy

    I hope it was a cage-free, free range egg or PETA is going to be all over this.

  • Laura-C

    Ever since she came out, she acts like she’s God’s gift to people. Her music is the MOST AMAZING THING ON EARTH, her ego is the size of Kayne West’s.

    How about she just leaves the creativity and how ‘awesome’ she thinks she is, in the music.

    In her case she needs to choose between the music and being an artist. Clearly she can’t do both. She’s not the first of her kind but she acts like it, her fans act like it.

    She’s like the only artist that has to be treated differently because of what she comes in, where does she sit? If at all? Oh wait. She’s LADY GAGA she doesn’t dream of being equal to anyone. She needs the chairs on either side of her to seat her ego.

    Next she’ll have aborted babies hanging from her dress but it’s okay, she’s just being artistic.

    What happened to prestige and grace at award shows, it’s a fashion show more than anything else. So sad how award shows sink for ratings.

    If you take away what she looks like and listen to the music, it’s nothing but worn out songs that we’ve all heard before. It’s like she’s making sure people wonder about her, those are the ones who buy her music. She’s going to be left with nothing. I hope.

  • oslec

    Effin hate this ridiculous shock-pop skank, PATHETIC! she is no god.

  • Candi

    She has her handlers tell everyone that she is in “incubation” until her performance. This is just so no one can interview her and ask her why she totally ripped off Madonna with BTW. Pathetic.

  • Ailith C~

    I honestly wonder what she will do next year..
    I mean really, how can you top an egg?!!
    But, knowing her, she’ll find something… xD

    I think she’s just hilarious

  • Ailith C~

    I honestly wonder what she will do next year..
    I mean really, how can you top an egg?!!
    But, knowing her, she’ll find something… xD

    I think she’s just hilarious

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    very interesting.

  • lil’monstarr

    holy shit ya’ll is some bad ass haters suck me and gaga’s dick cuz all of u r fat ass holes sittin at home while ur mama is makin some pizza bagels fo ya lazy ass’s and yea im not mad so watever u say after tis comment wont affect meh so eat it
    ps: ima free bitch baby

  • diva

    @Ailith C~:

    How bout a coffin!

  • mervyn

    THIS WOMAN NEED A DOCTOR…WTF is she thinking??

  • Pinkrose

    And to think I hated Madonna for being an ATTENTION WHORE!!!

  • me

    What a crazy…

  • Candi

    this can only end bad.. hasn’t she seen Spinal Tap?
    she’s a total copycat. pathetic.


  • Mandy

    I’m sick of this attention seeking thing. She is trying way too hard. The problem is, most of her songs are pretty catchy. So why does she do all this crap? Her music doesn’t need this kind of attention in order to sell. She’s really embarassing herself.
    And I don’t get this whole “Born This Way” thing. In all her interviews, she acts like she has always dressed like this, she’s always been different, she’s always acted crazy. But I went to her performances before she was famous (and when I was a diehard fan), and she was NOTHING like this. She is as fake as they come.

  • ????

    She is nothing but a freak side show at the circus. Talentless and has to pull sh!t like this to get people to notice her. Grammys have reached a whole new level letting this cr@p happen……the gutter. The Grammys used to be a class act show that I really looked forward to watching. Grammys won’t get my Nielson tonight.

  • abby

    she’s a famewh0re. :/ Who would do it? She’s not in the right mind

  • zacdy

    mother monster is coming out of her shelves…lols

  • naynay

    what the helllll lady gaga was thinking lol

  • Alicia

    What a desperate, pathetic attentionwh0re. I guess when you’ve very little talent this is the depths you must sink to.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    AMAZING! Once again, she does something NO ONE else thought of. Watch them all follow and copy. lol

  • Truth

    People praise this woman, call her revolutionary and an artist. But I really think she’s just batshit crazy. Honestly her music is the same, overly autotuned crap we hear all the time on the radio. She has to hide behind flashy numbers and silly outfits simply because she’s too insecure to expose her true self. The only thing special about Lady GaGa is her ability to look like a fool 24/7.

  • ihateph

    she’s trying to say SHE WAS BORN a fukin retard.

  • Corey

    The egg part is actually really cool. I love the way it looks and it is well designed but the guys are ugly and I hate men in dresses. Especially butch guys. It would of been cooler to have all girls or fem boys carrying her. And god what is up with that guys arms. They couldn’t find a “slave” with defined arm muscles. I was hoping she would change it up a bit but this way over the top shit gets boring after awhile.

  • ihateph

    @JC: I was at that concert & most YT videos clearly show she wasn’t trying to say she’s jesus or god like, like all the non M fans assume. she sang the song on the cross while a screen above her had numbers climbing on a digital counter . near the end the song LIVE TO TELL the # stops @ 12,000,000. Then the screen flashes { 12mil children orphaned by aids in africa}. then flashes again { 20 mil will be orphaned by 2010}. then flashes { without out help they will die before age 2} then the religious sayings flash {for i was hungry and you gave me food}, then, {I was naked and you gave me cloths} { iwas sick and you took care of me} { and god replied} { “whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers you did it to me} matthew 25:35, it was all to bring attention to the epidemic in africa NOT egotistical in anyway shape or form. a lot of what she does is misunderstood and she does give a fuk.

  • Lalalove


  • Hahahahaha

    Wow, why is everyone hating on gaga when she’s done doing her thing? I dont like her music personally but she’s a badass entertainer. You don’t like it get out of celebrity lives, nosy asses

  • Krisda

    Stunning. Beautiful as always.

  • wow

    wow lady gaga is a dumbass. was she using an oxygen mask in that egg? ahahahah what a bitch.

  • http://Atheist97 raven

    it mite b wrong 2 think this way but i was sorta hopen they dropped her and she splattered like and egg. her new album is called Born This Way so i think she is tryn 2 tell us without actually sayn it that she is completely insane, begging 4 attention, and is a f**kin alien. i hope she nevr has children cuz they will nevr make it in this world

  • http://SparkOfInsanity lizzie


  • http://N/A endlesslover

    lady gaga is not original herself. she has been ripping off madonna, grace jones, roisin murphy, bjork and cher. here’s some proof