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LeAnn Rimes - Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

LeAnn Rimes - Grammys 2011 Red Carpet

LeAnn Rimes glams up the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer sparkled in a gold v-neck gown by Reem Acra.

As for her Valentine’s Day plans with fiance Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn told TV Guide Network, “We have his boys so we are literally going to play Wii with some friends and eating pizza, which is better than anything we could be doing.”

On Friday, the couple hit the Grammy Gift Lounge together before LeAnn performed at the MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute to Barbra Streisand.

FYI: LeAnn completed her look with Ippolita earrings, Amrapali bracelets, and a Lucifer Vir Honestus ring.

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Credit: Kevin Mazur, Larry Busacca; Photos: Wire Image, Getty
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  • zaaaa

    eat much? nice boney chest

  • Lisa

    Dang, she starting to look anorexic. Gross?!

  • JEN

    Is Eddie controlling or something? She never did this to herself until she got with him.

    /srs question btw

  • Margo

    What is it about her? She never looks good. That dress looks like a bag. No waist or hips and the asymetrical shoulders look awkward. Why can’t she find a dress that wears well on her?

  • julie

    loved it when they told Eddie to move out of the way so they could get solo shots of leann yep thats his life from now on just a tag a long If he ever wants to be a man againn he better get out while he still can

  • Katie

    I see she chose to wear a sequin covered potato sack..YUCK ! Oh well , atleast her stretch mark covered boobs are hidden…again YUCK !


    Oh lighten up people! She looks great. She is very talented and I hope she wins. People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks. Move on!

  • Alice

    Yikes. Shockingly thin.

  • InTheIndustry

    Too skinny!!!

  • um…not that great

    that’s nothing. she looked really unhealthy on e news. like you can see bones sticking out of her chest area. she really getting scary thin.

  • Kay

    Why is she even relevant? She cheated on her husband with a guy who cheated on his wife simultaneously…awesome.

  • Stephanie

    LeAnn looks beautiful!! Her and Eddie were so cute on the red carpet! Love them! So sad she didn’t win – but awesome that she was nominated.

  • boston61

    Eat LeAnn!!!!!!!!!! Please.

  • John

    Leann used to be pretty…geez what happened?? Oh yeah, the monster came out hehe

  • Go Ask Alice

    Love them! I love her song, That House That Built Me.
    I like her style.
    IT was so cute when Blake stood up for her. I am so glad Miranda won .She has been getting more and more country awards too. I like Carrie Underwood, but she has won plenty. The Grammy is a big one.
    Best to Blake and Miranda on their wedding coming up.

    Ummmm,we are talking about MirandaLambert,right?

    Opps,well at least I am positng on something and somebody worth while..

  • hh

    OMG she is really skinny now, not good, not beautiful almost scary. Her face is so different

    Is she sick? I don’t like her but I’m worried. She look unhealthy

  • Lisa2

    It looks like a garbage bag. YUCK……She has a cute little body that can wear anything, why this???

  • qwertyuiop

    When you can count your bones,it is time to eat a lil more. Work out lil less.
    She has big head, big boobs on boney body-lollipop girl.

  • oohemgee

    she’s the ugliest of them all. she doesn’t belong there. she should parade in a racehorse show

  • loveleee


  • Shock

    Why is she even there?

  • miss kitty

    i hope she gets some help. she is clearly too thin.

  • Panty Snatcher


  • Kaylyn

    @#21-I have heard that comment many times, they do look similar! Love the look, Eddie looked good, made a lovely couple tonight.

  • Jamie

    Whoa! It looks like someone put Montgomery Burns in a gold lame’ dress. I’m sure she believes she’s sexy, but seriously…ewww. Just gross.

  • Helen

    Woah she is getting too thin

  • http://n/a This girl is lame

    She looks sickly. Its disturbing to watch someone try to have the body of eddie’s ex wife. I am convinced she is single white femaling brandy, which makes me wonder about what really happened in this affair. Why try to look like, to starve yourself down to look like the woman eddie supposedly left?? Unless he didn’t leave brandy and that it was brandy that kicked his ass out and it was either live alone or with a rich, young, and “naive” idiot and play her for all its worth. I was always under the impression eddie left brandy to be with leann, now I realize through leann’s twitter obsession, following every step brandy takes, getting boobs exactly like brandy, getting liposuction to have brandy’s model like body makes me believe that she never “won” eddie and she knows it.

  • blair

    She is scary looking and looks way older than she is.

  • Speak Now

    It’s easy to judge others when one doesn’t take a look at their own life.

  • julie

    She looks like she is over 40. the poor thing just can’t do any thing right. she needs serious help She desperately needs to have some talks with a therapist if EC really loved her he would have an intervention before she wastes away to nothing and his paycheck is gone

  • Jack

    In her interviews, she is so full of herself that it’s disgusting. Sucks to be her, even with money. Keep getting thinner and thinner!

  • joann

    @Shock: @Kay:

    She is relevant, because she is a talented, hardworking musician. NOt because of her private life.

  • joann


    She was nominated, that’s why she was there,.

  • hatecheaters23

    @This girl is lame: He didn’t leave Brandi, Brandi kicked him out. He was quite content in his marriage. As long as he could keep cheating, he wasn’t going anywhere. Brandi knew he would never stop, so she had to do what she needed to do. Leann knows he is only with her because she did whatever she needed to to get him. It wasn’t because he really wanted to be with her.

  • blair

    @Jack….I totally agree. She was yelling at Chris Harrison on the TVGC red carpet, telling him that “you guys get everything wrong!” and she was going on and on, what a self-centered creature she is.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @hatecheaters23 SO true ! Brandi kicked his pathetic a** to the curb! Good for Brandi for not putting up with that crap. Now he is iguana face’s problem. But looks like she has another type problem. She is WASTING away! Does she REALLY think she looks good looking all emaciated? I highly doubt that EC thinks that is attractive. And does’nt the camera ADD 10lbs? If this theory is true, then Iguana Face needs some serious help. She is mental, that’s why she is ‘Single White Femaling’ Brandi. Brandi is naturally thin, but healthy looking. Iguana Face at the Grammy’s looks like the Oscar Statue!

    Oscar Statue:

    Iguana Face:

    Oscar Statue looks better, and HEALTHIER ! Iguana Face, just go away already. Everything you touch turns to s**t! You have no friends, no fans, no talent, no style, and most of all, NO morals !!

  • J

    She needs to eat. Looks horrible.

  • iguana face

    Brandi is so Gwen Rocks its sad!!! So bitter get on with your life!!!HaHA

  • iguana face

    Im def not Leann!! I have the same thing with my now husbands Ex!!! Get over it B*****>

  • iguana face

    She does need to eat!!!

  • blahblah

    She is seriously too skinny. What happened to her? I hope someone gets her help.

  • KWarner

    She looks so glamorous! I always thought she was cute but she really looks beautiful. She and her boyfriend made a cute couple, they really looked nice together.

  • KWarner

    @loveleee: I thought she looked like Blake Lively too! I had to look twice.

  • Josie

    She wants to be Brandi SO BAD.

  • KWarner

    @Josie: Who is Brandi?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @KWarner Brandi is the mother of Eddies children . The one Leann wants to be the mother of.and isn’t. Brandi tweeted how Leann is overstepping her boundaries again. Too bad Eddie is not MAN enough to step up to the plate and stop all this BS> Leanns not their MOTHER and Leann needs to be put in her place.

  • Jenn

    To be honest i am not a big fan of Leann she used to look cute long time ago but now she lost too much weight and you are right anorexic , i hate this dress on her it just hangs , no curves nothing her chest its to flat , love supposed to make you look beautiful and glowi but she looks ugly now Leann gain some weight girl your face its to bony and because of that your mouth looks to big and your teeth too…

  • Jenn

    I am not a big fan of Leann but before she lost all this weight she was cute when i saw her on E for the Grammy’s she looked awful i couldn’t keep my eyes of her mouth and teeth they were out there , ever since she got with Eddie she just looks ugly could it be that Karma got to her , you now what comes around goes around …

  • Where is Gwen

    ?????Where r u????? Gwenny Poo???

  • Cindy

    Bobble head, chicklet teeth and HUGE nostrils!