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Teresa Palmer: Hot Topic Meet & Greet!

Teresa Palmer: Hot Topic Meet & Greet!

Teresa Palmer attends the I Am Number Four fan meet-and-greet at Hot Topic inside the Hollywood & Highland Center on Saturday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old Aussie actress was joined by her I Am Number Four co-stars Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer.

Teresa posed in a Julien Macdonald cream silk crepe mini skirt with black lace detail paired with a Preen jacket and a Current/Elliott tee. Teresa finished her look with Tabitha Simmons shoes and JewelMint jewelry!

I Am Number Four hits theaters next Friday (February 18)!

10+ pictures inside of Teresa Palmer at the Hot Topic fan meet-and-greet…

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teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 01
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 02
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 03
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 04
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 05
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 06
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 07
teresa palmer hot topic meet and greet 08
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Credit: Alexandra Wyman; Photos: Getty
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  • keira

    Teresa looks gorgeous, love the skirt.

    But wait for the childish Vanessa fans to make so ignorant and nasty comment about Teresa.

    They will ignore the fact she’s promoting her movie just like Alex and Dianna and call her a fame*****……..the reason of course is because dares to be friends with Zac Efron……weird.

  • Vicky

    I’m not going to say anything about this girl except what is undeniable… She loooooooves the attention that she’s getting, and, honey, you should thanks Zac Efron, the idiot who start the rumor and all the haters who, even if they do not want to, they give you this fame… Enjoy it, because it isn’t going to last so much.

  • Cheery

    Before all the negative comments come, why do people hate this chick so much? What am I missing?

  • lindy

    Love her shoes, very hot and I really like the pleated skirt, she always looks amazing. The Pucci dress she wore for the premiere was stunning, straight off the runway, very fashion forward.

  • Analeigh

    she’s a good actress and people shouldn’t be so judgmental about her when there was a ‘rumor’ she was with zac efron, so silly.

  • @3….cheery

    The ONLY people who hate her are very CHILDISH Vanessa Hudgens? fans.

    Their upset because Teresa Palmer was attending a press and media reception for HER new movie and Zac Efron dared to show up to support her and the movie.

    Eonline ran a story from a so-called unknown “source” that said that Zac and Teresa were seen kissing at a nightclub. There were no pictures or any other people that verified this story but of course the Vanessa fan went insane and bought the BS story hook, line and sinker.

    Tersesa has since denied the rumour, said their just friends and that she’s single but now whenever there’s a picture posted of Teresa, the Vanessa make very nasty and spiteful comments about her…’s all very childish, ignorant and most of all rather pathetic that these fans trash Teresa basically for no reason.

  • jane

    I like Teresa, she’s prettier than the other chick, but ultimately, I hope this movie does reeeeeeally poor in the box office, cause I hate Pettyfer’s guts! He’s such a megadouche!
    PS: didn’t know Teresa denied the Efron hook up; cool

  • @2…..vicky

    So I guess Alex and Dianna must love the attention too because their in the same photo!!!…..And when Vanessa’s new movie comes out and she promotes and poses for pictures it’s all because she loooooooves the attention as well……right????

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Im there

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Look at me look at me

  • Yas

    Surprised nobody’s mentioned Alex’s lack of facial expression in these photos… he looks run down and so over it all.

  • peggy


    I’m not a hater O’m a realist.

    Teresa had a reutation long before Efron – she’s a user and he was just next on her list. She can’t act and all the designer clothes on earth won’t chnge that.

    This my last respose in her threads when she stops getting hits JJ will let her go.

    Bye TP

  • usual trolls

    same ole trolls posting

  • Allie

    I’m a vanessa fan but Teresa’s been in some great films. But why is there a separate post for her – shouldn ‘t she just be in the Alex and Dianna one. No, because JJ knows she’ll get a load of comments at the moment.

    For the record, if Zac wants to hook up with anyone, i’m fine with it. i was never under the impression that ZV would last forever. However, she obviously wants the attention – the E Online article was obvioulsy planted by her team (complete with CV) and so was the Intouch article that tore Vanessa apart. If Zac had hooked up with someone like Anna Kendrick, I don’t think most fans (bar the insane ones) would have a problem with. What I have a problem with this PR stunt is, Zac “did it” with someone who has a film out the same day as Vanessa.

    Saying that, I hope I am Number 4 does really well. It looks great and Teresa’s character looks great.

  • lu


    Where are her shoes from???

  • Michelle

    They all look great <3 I’m a fan of all three of them and I can’t wait for the movie. I think Teresa looks beautiful and all the haters should just back off.

  • :)

    Damn again, I’ve never seen this girl on this site before ever, now she has a new post everytime I come here. I guess f**king efron while his girl is away really has it’s advantages. Do you honestly believe if that story never happend she’d be getting this much attention. I bet you’ll see her and efron get it on again when Vanessa starts promoting her movies.

  • @14….allie

    Teresa was there to promote her movie, just like her co-stars Topher Grace and Anna Fariss, so how in the world is that a publicity stunt.

    The fact that you think Zac was at the reception because of some big conspiracy to somehow damage Vanessa’s movie when it comes out is just sad……not to mention you must have a really low opinion of Zac Efron.

    Did you ever think Zac was there simply because he’s friends with Teresa, Topher and Anna???

  • misstrindade

    S L U T! She’s ugly,untalented and just wants attention! DIE TERESA, DIE

  • @17….:)

    Oh please, Teresa has been on this site plenty of times.

    By your comments maybe you’re not SMART enough understand the fact that Teresa is promoting her new movie “I am number four” just like Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron……And as for your other crude comment, well that says more about you!!!

  • Allie

    Well, why did zac say that he had not seen the movie but was at the after-party for the screening whereas Teresa said that he had seen the movie.

    I think Teresa’s really beautiful and I do have a low opinion of Zac at the moment. I think they felt a few reports of them hooking up would help them both. Zac’s PR obviously wants Zac to appear as a single/ladies man, Teresa needs the PR – she has a movie out in which she plays a significant part, has a much interesting part than Dianna Agron, but nobody was really giving Teresa much attention because of the Alex/Dianna incident. Suddenly a few reports of her with Zac Efron and she’s getting the attention. She definetly would not be getting solo posts of her on JJ before the Zac thing

    All said, I’m really looking forward to her in IAN4. This is the year of girls kicking butt and it starts with Number Six.

  • @19…..misstrindade

    Vanessa must be so proud of having you as her fan…..scary and weird!

  • :)

    @#6, 18, and 20
    nice how he could be there for his “friends”. God knows he was never there for Vanessa. One more thing, Teresa didn’t deny anything. All she said was that they were “friends” and not dating. She never denied that they weren’t making out and kissing. It’s called a One Night Stand while Vanessa was in NC. More then likley wasn’t supposed to get in the media. Again I’ll bet you efron and Teresa get it on again and announce their a couple while Vanessas promoting her movies.

  • @21….Allie

    I really do think that Zac is friends with Teresa and nothing more. There was a photo a while back of Zac with a group of Aussie girls at a restaurant and Teresa is friends with them, they all know each other.

    When Teresa said he’s there to see the movie I just think she ment generally as in showing support, not literally watching the movie.

    As for the PR, Teresa was always going to get publicity for this movie, a lot of critics are already saying she’s the breakout star of the film because she plays the warrior alien role.

    I just think Vanessa fans are making a much bigger deal out of this whole rumour than everybody else. The media had already moved on after a day, it’s the fans that have turned into some big conspiracy theory not the media.

  • peggy

    One last thought on this:

    If Gina Hoffman and his management team spent as much time on Zac’s acting career as she does obsessing over Zac’s sex life his career would be in a better position.

    It seems his entire team spends all its time on projecting Zac’s sex life and clearly very little on his career ergo his recent movies.

    And Now JJ does there bidding – funny you would think he and Jill would support a fellow asian (Vanessa) but some people don’t like to see their own get ahead – crab mentality.

    Well they got him PR and it backfired on him but the houchie du jour got publicity but for the same behavior she’s had all along.

  • @23…..:)

    Well that’s your opinion, but I find it hard to believe that in that whole nightclub there was only ONE so-called unknown “source” that saw them kissing and not one other person could verify that story.

    Of course we’ll have to wait and see what happens but I think there just friends, nothing more.

  • say what?

    The only people obsessing about Zac’s supposed
    sex life are Vanessa’s fans-

    I dont want to dislike Vanessa because from what Ive seen in the media she seems like a nice girl with some talent-but she has attracted such vile fans one wonders why

    I will stay out of her threads and hope not to see furthers trashing of other actors in THEIR threads on her be behalf so that my opinon of her doesnt become more tarnished because of her fans

    Perception is everything.

  • ohlala

    teresa is the junior leann rimes. wait and see.

  • the truth from Teresa

    Teresa is on twitter tez_palmer and she’s been talking to a person called Zanessaberry who tweeted her to deny the Zac rumour as he’s getting a lot of hate and Teresa tweeted back “already have, he is just a friend”

  • ohlala

    teresa denied only the part that she is dating idiot zac but she never denied hooking up with the scumbag of hsm.

  • Jodi

    A friend of mine went yesterday to this signing and she said that Teresa was very nice and Dianna really sweet , but Alex don’t even said Hello just signed her poster and looks like the rumors are true he is an arrogant boy.

  • Allie

    Oh, I don’t doubt that they are likely friends – it was more probably a “I’ll scratch your back, you do mines. Zac and Teresa’s PR were both getting something out of it – it just blew up more than they thought and Teresa’s PR went further than they should have with the Intouch article demeaning vanessa and her CV on another one. I think the fact that she’ll be the breakout star of IAN4 is a reason for the PR – it’s being seen as a Alex and Dianna movie – no-one bar movie blogs, were talking about her.

    But yeah, Zac’s team should concentrate on getting him to audition for supporting roles – its not going to get him more “guy” roles being seen out hooking it up with every single white female.

  • TINna

    f*cking Bi*ch!!!!! no one knew her befor Efron to all of her F…. Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Val

    @Allie: what single white females has hooked up with? None that i have seen

  • teresa@tramp

    zac is a dumb@$$. this girl looks 10 years older than her age. she is a $lu+…

  • NoOnesFan

    I am not a die hard Vanessa fan but I would do her yes I am a guy I was a Zac Efron fan until he changed I have met Zac Efron many times in Los Angeles and up until he filmed The Lucky One he was a nice guy since he came back from there he has been at my club Eden a few times ordering drinks like there is no tomorrow partying with his bros and when we work at a club we cannot just whip out our cell fone and take pics we can get fired and not everyone makes the money that Zac makes and we need our $$$ Teresa shes been in my bar shes what we call a clothes hanger alwasy hanging on some well known guy think hes the only one lol dont know if they ever hooked up but they did dance here and he danced with other girls to and he danced with Vanessa and they were heavy on the pda here Vanessa seems like a nice young girl I think you all are being very hard on her she is not the one going to single guys after parties from what I seen she just works and hangs with her buddies seen her at my gym a few times to and I think her mom looks like a older version of her Alex is a putz I agree on that but I think you all needs to back off Vanessa I seen some Zac fans talk about it at the pizza parlor I was in they were bashing her to feeling like Zac betrayed them why is everyone taking it out on Vanessa when she has not even been around either one of them its a pr stunt pr does this all the time she is having her movie come out same day as Vanessas and they wanted to hurt her backfired on them people were making fun of Zac at my club saying he made a jack out of himself I am a guy I used to like Zac but the partying and trying to get media attention and letting that girl speak for him shows what hes about slam me if you want but your golden boy its not so golden you will be let down like I was and again I was a Zac Efron fan I prefer men over women make fun if you want you all are a bunch of bullies putting Vanessa down for something someone else says and not what she can control im now no ones fan but my own

  • lisa

    @NoOnesFan: good to know that EDEN spews bullshit to the blogs. This should help these kids, you desperately need to come to your club to get publicity, make the easy decision to find another place to hang out.

  • peggy

    @say what?:

    Because there are a lot of girls out there who think Zac is for them. Then we have the entitled white women who are outraged he’s with a mixed race woman, that’s why V gets so much hate.

    And even if TP is a climb to the top sleep around its okay with them because she is white.

  • NoOnesFan

    @lisa: Lisa who cares they will still come because its a no camera policy I know one of you children would comment I was expressing my own views again I am not your fan or anyones fan buy my own

  • bella

    Go follow @trashteresa now!