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Marion Cotillard Joins 'Dark Knight Rises'

Marion Cotillard Joins 'Dark Knight Rises'

Marion Cotillard has been cast in The Dark Knight Rises, People reports.

No word yet on what character the 35-year-old French actress will be playing, but sources say she’ll start shooting the movie at London’s Elstree Studios in June before heading over to the Pittsburgh, L.A., and NYC sets.

Marion‘s latest project has her teaming up with her Inception director Christopher Nolan and co-stars Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Marion Cotillard joining The Dark Knight Rises?

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  • Anon

    Sequel to INCEPTION, anyone? LOL. Bad move, Nolan. You better do well to not make this like a sequel to the movie.

  • Adam

    Can there be a Christopher Nolan version of Poison Ivy? I know after playing Batman: Arkham Asylum that Poison Ivy can be really dark and so anti-humanity. How would Nolan do Ivy?

  • girl

    I KNEW IT! Nolan always works with actors he’s already worked before or something. Look at Cillian Murphy (Batman, Inception), Michael Caine (Batman, Prestige).

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L


  • Anna

    I like Anne, but Marion would be an amazing catwoman,but that role has already gone.I hope Nolan gives her a proper role and not just as Batmans love intrest (Like Katie Holmes). Marion is an amazing talent,dont waste it Nolan.

  • JC

    That sucks. She was the only part of Inception I didn’t like.

  • Lol

    Im 7

  • Ginny

    …so…she’s gonna go straight from the delivery room back to the sound stage? My co-workers (moms and dads) have been taking 8-12 weeks to bond with their newborns. oh well…Cest La Vie…
    (and her English sucks. Who wants to see THAT garbage onscreen?)

  • hell yeah!


  • hell yeah!

    Her english has improved since her Oscar winning, which by the way was really well deserved. And she seems a genuinely nice and sweet woman, so SHAME ON YOU HATERS

  • tricia

    But Chris Nolan can do no wrong in my eyes… yet. I have hope, I have hope!

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    I want to see she more cry and scream

  • J

    @Ginny: Ginny, the garbage is you. stupid hater.

    Marion Cotillard is an Oscar winner, very popular actress. Who are you, dickhead, to call this actress “garbage”?

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    A a a a a ah ahh eh eh aaaaaaa

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    Haa haa ha ha ha

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Hide hair

  • sockpuppet alert!

    # 6 7 and 8 the same retard posting her vile, loathsome hate under different names.

  • JC

    I hate to say it, but Nolan is slightly overrated. Don’t get me wrong I think he is one of the better directors out there, but Heath Ledger is the one who made Nolan look like a genius. It was his performance that made the Dark Knight what it was more than Nolan’s vision. I did enjoy Inception, and I’ve enjoyed most of Nolan’s films. The problem I have with his films is that they tend to drag, and I always find myself wanting him to pick up the pace. That was the case with Cotillard in Inception. For my money David Fincher is the director that can do no wrong.

  • fanofbatman

    it’s Inception n°2 not The Dark Knight Rises. this movie will be a flop. that will never be like the dark knight if only he take another actor like jeremy renner or kate winslet there will be a box office but with this actors no way. only christian bale, michael caine and morgan freeman were the best. too bad
    christopher nolan has made a bad choice. people will be lost now with the caracters it’s like to see inception 2. marion played the wife of the rich jacob now she will play the love interest of the rich bruce wayn. so f!king bad.

  • carl

    it’s INCEPTION N° 2 , Where is ellen and leo?????

  • Ismail

    She’s playing the daughter of Ras’Al’Gul .. The vilain of Batman Beggins.

  • sunbears1

    This movie already sounds crowded.

  • fanofbatman

    yeah heath ledger was the best joker. kate winslet who have never made a movie with him , will breng chritopher nolan succes too like heath ledger had and leonardo dicaprio. she is talented actress 10000000 times better than marion cotillard and no one has seen her yet in a vilain caracter. i want to see kate winslet nasty for the first time

  • Lily

    I don’t think Cotillard is a bad actress, but I haven’t been overly impressed so far, I mean of course she was amazing in La Môme (though to be honest the movie kind of sucked), she was good in Inception, but I wasn’t really floored by her acting in Public Enemies or Nine for that matter.
    She’s okay but there are way better actresses than her.
    And as to her oscar, sorry to burst your bubble but there are a few actors and actresses who got an oscar and didn’t really deserve it. Gwyneth Paltrow, anyone ?

  • dya

    it is not confirmed yet!!!!! she is on discussion that’s all and she is not only one, naomi watts, rachel weisz and Kate winlset are in discussion too. don’t forget that she is pregnant and she will due in May. the shooting of TDKR begin in May .

  • JC


    That’s interesting. I would also like to see Kate Winslet go against type and play a character she is never played before in another big budget mainstream movie. She would have been a very intriguing villain in this. Even Cate Blanchette branches out and plays against type in some movies.

  • ryan

    she will give birth in May and shooting in June????? it is too weird and for the training ??? ?????? thalia fight many times, she is acrobatic like catwoman and she is not fat. are you sure that marion will be in the movie because i doubt now

  • kevin

    it’s just a rumours, they didn’t confirmed yet like said dya.

  • Lily

    Naomi Watts would be great, I loved her in Eastern Promises, she was so amazing.

  • maddy

    Kate Winslet + Christian Bale = Best Chemistry Ever and Big Big Box Office

  • hihi

    @JC: Nolan’s movies and writing are SUPERB. Heath Ledger was an amazing actor, of course, and i’m a huge fan of his work but saying it was because of him that Nolan is considered a genius is bull shit! Ledger wasn’t there when Nolan was writing Inception. Or Prestige. Or even Dark Knight. And he wasn’t the one who directed these films brilliantly as well.

  • grow up

    no could convince me to watch inception…. it was for pre-teens, fans of a boy actor.

  • LMAO – sorry OT
  • JC

    @hihi: I understand. I’m just saying that as my own personal opinion I feel like Nolan drags out his stories, and he is lacking in character development. In Inception I didn’t know why I was supposed to even care about the DiCaprio character or his wife. I wouldn’t go as far as to describe him as superb. To me Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson are superb writer/directors. As far as character driven dialog goes those guys are two of the best. Fully developed characters that are layered. They couldn’t pull off some of the sequences Nolan pulls off though. Visually, Nolan is superb.

  • immature

    Probably playing Talia Al Ghul.

  • batman

    right with jc, we want to see something of unique and different with the same actors of the dark knight and new actors that christopher nolan have never worked before. we know that christopher is genius,his scripts are amazing but the people see the perfomance too and that’s what the movie could work or not . christopher think about box office too i’am pretty sure about that but it’s not with cast of inception that the movie could work. it’s like to see the same film with same caracters and don’t forget that inception was in cinema only last year so it’s not so far from TDKR who will be in cinema on summer 2012 .
    i saw that tom hardy and JLG are already in the cast which i think it’s bad idea and now i saw t that he is including marion cotillard too in the movie!!!! .this is worst ever!!!!!! even if i think marion is wonderful actress. i would not surprised that people call the TDKR, Inception 2.
    he should change his cast seriously. anne hathaway it’s ok. she is new in the cast and people want to know her and want discover catwoman. about the box office the DK won because of Heath ledger, christian bale’s and aaron ‘s perfomance and in Inception because of leonardo dicaprio and ellen peage’s perfomance that’s all. all these performance were new except christian bale who was in batman begins but you see when you are discovering new face with actors who have never worked with chris you are curious and want to see the movie and that make work and won many money
    sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i mean.

  • ryan

    thalia is physical acrobatic girl, are you sure that after her baby will due she will know to fight, jump and do all acrobatic things that thalia does???? for that, you should do training for 3 month to be like her. all actors who make an action movie doing training for 2 or 3 months and maybe more. marion is pregnant so i dont’ think that she will be ready for the role

  • tania

    i think rachel weisz would be a wonderful thalia, she is beautiful and very acrobatic girl, i saw her on the mommy returns and i can guarantee you that she is the best fghter.

  • Anastasia

    Talking about a mega cast!Wow.that film is going to be great!I am really curious to see the final resultwith all these actors together.

  • Athenais

    I think she was pregnant ?

  • Michelle

    Great actress who brings quality to every part she plays. However I thought she was due to give birth in the summer?

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute


  • camille

    I must admit she’s a good actress but since she’s got her Oscar, here in France she tends to get more and more boastful and disagreeable towards “common” people. One of my mum’s friends has worked with her and said Cotillard was not nice at all.

  • Tanya

    I don’t think that she’s all that great an actress. I saw her in A Good Year, Public Enemies and Inception. I wasn’t impressed. Nolan is getting boring with his casting always using the same actors, but just putting them in different movies. He needs to expand his horizons more.

  • Ginny

    @sockpuppet alert!:
    Seriously. Are you delusional enough to believe that only one person dislikes her? As for her being a “great Oscar winning acress”, her win was for a French film, right? She barely spoke in Inception. Her English still sucks.
    At least Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme had the bal*s to admit that they really had no clue what they were saying in their first English films, but both of them stepped up to get a handle on the language since “faking it ’til you make it” will only be tolerated to a certain point.
    She makes me want to hurl.

  • NoName


  • yara

    Seems like the entire inception cast is in the dark knight rises! .. no complaints though:)

  • yara

    Seems like the entire inception cast is in the dark knight rises! .. no complaints though:)

  • lil’

    I think she really improved her english, but accents are kind of hard to get. (I’m fluent but no matter how hard I try to have an english or american accent everybody’s always like “awwwwwwwww your accent’s so cute” => very upsetting.)
    The only american movie I’ve seen her in was Inception. And I wasn’t shocked by her accent. But again, she didn’t speak that much for that part.
    That’s not the problem. I really do think she is overrated. And for La Vie en Rose she’s good of course but everybody playing that part would have won. I mean the biopic stuff, the make up, the aging, all that drama. The moment I saw the movie I said to myself : not bad, not amazing but totally award material.
    Anyway, Marion is not bad but not as great of an actress as people thinks she is. In Les Petits Mouchoirs she almost sucks (especially in the end)
    But that being said I am extremely happy she made it in Hollywood. That’s very good for French Cinema.

  • Katertot

    @hell yeah!:

    Marion Cotillard is a phenomenal actress. Her performance in La Vie En Rose was one of the best I’ve seen in recent years, and I thought she was the best part of Inception. I predict that she’ll be playing Talia al Ghul. She’d be absolutely perfect for it, and her accent would work for that character. I can easily envision her calling Batman her beloved (for those of you actually familiar with the comics). And having both Selina Kyle and Talia al Ghul would be a very interesting plotline as both women have been love interests and villains.

    I’m tired of hearing the hate for foreign actors/accents. Talia al Ghul has an accent, so I’d be happy to see her as Talia.

    Also, the majority of directors use the same actors repeatedly. Spielberg, Shamalan, Ron Howard, Hitchcock. Stop complaining about the casting!

    Everyone loves the Nolan Batman movies Just trust him on this. He made two phenomenal ones already.