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Daniel Craig: Valentine's Day at The Box with Rachel Weisz!

Daniel Craig: Valentine's Day at The Box with Rachel Weisz!

Daniel Craig spends the evening at NYC hotspot The Box on Monday (February 14).

The 42-year-old English actor spent his Valentine’s Day evening partying with friends and his Dream House co-star Rachel Weisz!

“They were adorable,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that the two were “making out and dancing all night.”

Daniel was spotted leaving Los Angeles on a flight to NYC over the weekend.

It was recently announced that ER alum Goran Visnjic will star as Dragan Armansky in in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo alongside Daniel and Rooney Mara!

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151 Responses to “Daniel Craig: Valentine's Day at The Box with Rachel Weisz!”

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  1. 101
    Amy Says:

    to 88 NY POST – independent source
    Craig told The Post’s Lachlan Cartwright that he’s a big Sisters fan, and when the band played their hit “Take Your Mama,” Craig and Weisz started dancing intimately and then passionately kissed. To keep away onlookers, 007 had his own personal protection — a burly security guard who kept watch over his table.
    Thank you for the new info!!
    Dancing & kissing – both sides were deeply in earnest, passionate!!!!!

  2. 102
    susan Says:

    to all who disagree@ 02/16/2011 at 7:53 pm

    are you so dense that you understand nothing? Daniel is a very private man who wants to spend time alone with Rachel without the rest of the world watching. by the way, where do you get the idea that Daniel and Rachel have to provide photographs of them together in order to prove to you that their relationship is real.

  3. 103
    201 Says:

    ‘Red Undies Photo’

    Just so glad the likes of the British Tabloid Daily Mail if they had it, didnt print it, otherwise the Brits would have been very bemused, especially if you look close at the waistband and see they were made by the Gents Underwear Manufacturer ‘Bonds’.

    I felt really embarrassed for him just looking at it, i think the Security people at LAX airport were having ‘a lend of him’ in front of the camera.

  4. 104
    Amy Says:

    to susan
    Yes, also NY POST’s reporter Lachlan Cartwright stated that he saw them doing so. It is better/important that the source is not anonymity.

  5. 105
    lol Says:

    rachel is the best publicity he can get after this horrible last year with his visit to venice beach and the whole world thinking hes gay^^
    after hes settled with her we will have sightings of him again in random gay bars maybe with hugh jackman or elton john:D

  6. 106
    to 106 Says:

    noomi, why did you come back?

  7. 107
    The teleglaph UK Says:

    James Bond star Daniel Craig takes no chances with Rachel Weisz
    Daniel Craig employs a bodyguard to protect him and his girlfriend Rachel Weisz at a party in New York.
    By Tim Walker 6:28AM GMT 17 Feb 2011
    Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig have kept a relatively low profile since Mandrake disclosed last November that the James Bond star had broken off his engagement to the American Satsuki Mitchell, a producer.

    This week, however, Craig and Weisz attended a party in New York at which the Scissor Sisters performed.

    Big, beefy Craig, 42, who has taken on all-comers as 007, put safety first, however. He had his own bodyguard to protect him and the actress, 40.

  8. 108
    lol Says:

    don’t get me wrong. they are perfect together, both are kind of ugly moles with weak personalities. thats why they both get not much approval in business. even an oscar didn’t made her part of it. and dan was always shy and wierd. mumbles through the oscars always moody, can’t get anywhere withouth his gf. poor aronofsky wonders himself that he got replaced with such a dully little hunk.

  9. 109
    to 109 Says:

    the only “wierd” thing here is your spelling! LOL

  10. 110
    to 109 Says:

    The only ‘wierd’ thing here is your spelling.

  11. 111
    to 107 Says:

    Because the haters are upset and desperate when Daniel is with Rachel. I am sure they will go mad in March.

  12. 112
    Fio Says:

    Hi, Mendel
    “You know that cat looks as if it has just got the cream – or eaten its owner’s food…”
    Yeah, the cat is smiling with content :)
    And I’m sure Rachel is pleased with his “work”. lol
    Daniel is a so private man, and yet…

    to Amy
    Exactly!! And I danced to “Take Your Mama Out” cuz I heard that Daniel was a fan of the Scissor Sisters. But, unfortunately there was no one around!! lol

  13. 113
    Fio Says:

    BTW Daniel still is in NY? :)

    Daniel Craig Cast Request for Valentine

    In honor of Valentine’s Day here in the States (do you celebrate Valentine’s where you are?), it’s only appropriate to put out some evil, nefarious and spiteful offers to play the ‘bad guy’ in ‘Mortal Instruments’.

    What a beautiful coincidence that I am in love with Daniel Craig! He would ROCK the Valentine persona and I dare say, tempt me to swoon the villain. Yikes! Who is Daniel Craig?

    Well known as James Bond: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I would list more, but the IMDb page just kept scrolling and scrolling and…he’s done a TON of STUFF in the movie industry! And to beat you to the punch: YES, I KNOW HE’S BRITISH!!! *sips tea*

    This man is very hawt stuff to me, and an undeniably talented actor. So, I guess what I’m saying is:

    Daniel Craig…will you be my Valentine? *blush*

  14. 114
    Fio Says:

    Megszólalt Daniel Craig titokzatos magyar partnere
    (Google Translation)
    Daniel Craig spoke mysterious Hungarian partner
    2011th February 17 07:45
    Ballet dancer-designed commercial counselor work, and now Russian spy in upcoming movie AVH – to reveal the secret.
    “I stood on tiptoe, and I said, I will not cry” – she says her first big megmérettetéséről Monika Toth, who will partner Daniel Craig in the upcoming VH-movie. Monica a little girl at all wanted to be a ballet dancer. Took four and a grandmother by the hand, and the Ballet elcipelte felvételijére. The lower age limit was six years old, but an exception is made to him, seeing the little girl’s determination pipiskedő. Somehow it is now so Monial: never give acting has not previously addressed, but the filmmakers chose him Okszana, the ruthless Russian spy role, more than one hundred candidates. And still did not have to stand on tiptoe.
    The 30-year-old woman szatyrokkal felpakolva, shivering in the Buda Castle Quarter macskakövein meeting will come. “I come from work, I work in a commercial counselor in the Nordic States embassy, as well as being a family business can also lead to where you have allergies, asthma, respiratory problems, dealing with therapy for children and adults” – says Monika, and are engaged in – the movie – ZIM 12 collector car, which was brought to us for the sake of taking photographs of the veteran film producer, also known járműgyűjtőként, dr. Sandor Bitter.
    The Beregszasz Monika Toth was born in a tender to the selected movie, a talented but unknown young, “fresh faces” looking. He was considered one of the most honest of the candidates, and it does not incidental, nor that speaks seven languages fluently, including Russian, which is a very important role Okszana expectation.
    “My grandfather taught me when I was four years in Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, literacy, school is in Russian, Ukrainian and English is also taught seventh grade I got my intermediate English language proficiency exam. I went to continuous learning in a contest won scholarships abroad, so my parents and I also had time to get used to the shorter or longer absences, and did not cause big break when the university moved to Budapest because of my studies “- says Monika.
    Monika and for listening to it is likely that the fans do not have to wait long love letters. Maybe that’s why no harm to clarify: in nine years, since the age of three pair know each other. “We were in Croatia, a joint vacation, and only once was this moment … When you feel that all will be different from now. True, his mother is also a signal that was three years old that I was the only girl who did not want to beat “- smiling at Monica, who is the AVH-film is not” the new James Bond, Daniel Craig would have liked due to charm included, but rather out of conviction.
    “At last a political no frills, authentic mirror is made from this era, and I wanted to be part of such a creation. The film wants to paint this picture of contemporary éráról, teaching character, true characters, real and compelling circumstances. I really appreciate the opportunity to take part in it “- says Monika, who has personal ties to the former Soviet Union szülöttjeként also feel for the film. “I was sure I knew what kind of washing powder when people receive their salaries, could not prosper without connections. Approach gives the other man, if you live through something, of course, not the 50s in Hungary the horror of thinking, but the very mentality, and to what impact this has had on ordinary people. ”
    The authors intended that it will be just one of the most important film of the AVH is: neutral be seen how it affected the system of the apolitical, ordinary people trying to live their lives, and not incidentally also show the human side of the murderers. Okszana this character is perhaps the best example of his career, everyone wade Soviet NKVD-s rest tisztnőként not kill either, but we see him defenseless woman, human wreck, who is home alone in the tomb of his grief.
    Mónika Tóth days to start filming the first scenes Oszter Alexander, who is Defense Minister Mihaly Farkas into the film. Daniel Craig in the role of a hangman will see more scenes with Monica. The film is scheduled to hit theaters October 2012.

  15. 115
    to 115 Says:

    “Unfortunately I can not tell you that there has been a request, but what is certain is that Daniel does not take part in this film, the information is wrong – Borsa Symons said”

  16. 116
    Fio Says:

    to 116
    Yeah, I know. I posted that article before :)
    But look at the date…2011th February 17 07:45
    I just posted the update article.

  17. 117
    Fio Says:

    This is my post :)
    Fio @ 02/07/2011 at 10:07 am +22

    Gosh, the information was wrong? Daniel doesn’t take part in Hungarian film…? Agh, I’m disappointed…

    Mégsem lesz James Bondból Rajk László?
    There seems to be a difference in outlook between them!! Monica is possessed with the idea that can co-star with Daniel. Anyway I hope Daniel doesn’t get involved in trouble.

  18. 118
    PunkGirl Says:
    They say Babs fell in love with Daniel and pushed on him to take James Bond. Wondering, how he would do if Babs was not stubborn and didnt get him into franchise 007? Where he would be now?
    He was mainly actor playing in the UK and had some smaller opportunities in American productions next to Lara Croft and got a smaller part in Road to Perdition. Would he get film offers like C&A, Dream House and Dragon Tattoo if he was no James Bond?
    When they say C&A so they mainly hint at that he is James Bond who plays a Cowboy, James Bond who plays with Rachel Weisz, James Bond who got a part of Mikael Blomkvist. He is typecast and producers give him parts because he is more known thanks to Bond and they expect that his mark 007 can help to their movies like Dream House or C&A.
    If he was no James Bond so very probably….

  19. 119
    to Gina Says:

    link, please.

  20. 120
    to Gina Says:

    You contradict yourself big time! By mentioning his upcoming movies in different genres he’s far from being typcasted. Take a Czech/English dictionary before posting such nonsense.

  21. 121
    Why March? Says:

    @to 107:

    Why would people go mad in March?

  22. 122
    to 119 Says:

    What a ridiculous assumption…..
    Every “famous” actor has a role which made him famous……
    btw I would prefer Daniel making small movies and I hope he will go back to his roots when he’s done with Bond and Blomkvist.

  23. 123
    to 122 Says:

    Dream House reshoots are scheduled for March

  24. 124
    Me Says:

    @to 122:
    Oh Yay!!! Lucky Me he will be in Toronto. Not that it matters.

  25. 125
    DanRachel in NY Says:

    Filling their faces at Moonstruck

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