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Irina Shayk's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Unveiled

Irina Shayk's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Unveiled

Irina Shayk heats up the cover of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which was revealed Monday on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The 25-year-old Russia model, who’s dating soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, wore a Sauvage by Elizabeth Southwood bikini with an Ettika bracelet while posing for photographer Bjorn Iooss on the beaches in Hawaii and the Philippines.

“There were 10 models there to do [Letterman's] Top 10 List, and nobody knows until the last minute who the cover will be,” Irina said. “And then I saw it, and I couldn’t believe it.”

Also featured in SI’s 2011 Swimsuit Issue, currently on newsstands: last year’s cover girl Brooklyn Decker, Chrissy Teigen, and Anne V.

FYI: Irina is the magazine’s first Russian cover model and is making her fifth appearance in the annual issue!

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Credit: Bjorn Iooss/Sports Illustrated
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  • Ashley


  • Party One

    2009 Bar – Leonardo DiCaprio’s squeeze
    2010 Brooklyn – Andy Roddick’s
    2011 Irina – Cristiano Ronaldo’s

  • Party One

    Celebrity squeeze of the Year!

    2012 Anne V – Adam Levine’s squeeze
    2013 Chrissy Teigen – John Legend’s

  • marilyn

    She is perfect! I knew she was going to make it big

  • pj

    @Party One: I noticed that too! SI just really likes to promote the semi-popular girlfriends of international superstars. Just like Brooklyn and Bar, Irina is definitely going to be more famous now.

  • Party One

    Wanna see who is f***ed by Celebrities….
    Seriously, SI credibility ended in 2008 with Marisa Miller’s cover, and the past *real* supermodels!

  • Cheery

    I need to hit the treadmill…

  • T Pain

    I need breast implants, a tan, grown 6″, become foreign, then I’d be smoking hot like her!

  • http://dlwater donna

    Wow these stars collect em’ like they used to collect hot wheels cars! hahahaha

  • KK

    Anne V. is so sad she didn’t get the cover, looks like Adam has no pull!

  • shayk’s shakey cake

    I agree, these semi popular girlfriend covers cheapify the covers and the reputation of the magazine. Soon it will be like the cover of the Hustler or so. Don’t get me wrong, Irina is extremely beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, even if she is pretty much cookie-cutter pretty, rather generic. But her pose looks cheap, and wh*rish, no?

  • Shannon


    he shot his mouth off to ryan seacrest how his ‘girl’ was getting the cover…ryan tweeted it instantly….also heard adam tweeted at SI themselves telling them to have her be the cover model. the difference about what @party one listed is that some of these couplings actually fit together; he? not so much. he thought being all up in her events was gonna make them take notice; guess not. maybe next time he should keep his fat mouth closed and think before he tweets and let her get her title based on who she is and all that she’s done and not because she’s with him.

  • KK

    @Shannon: HA!!!!!!!! Did he really? What a friggin toolbox. That guy is a douchelord.

  • Shannon


    yeah he sure did and ryan couldn’t have tweeted about what he said fast enough…he also was tweeting about how awesome it was being at all the SI events that were representing for the super bowl; comparing himself to jerry macquire or something like that. i think his tweet to si was something like ‘i think anne v should get the 2011 swimsuit cover’.

    what also must be stinging big time is that she won’t be the first; since she too is from russia. have you seen any of his recent interviews at all? always putting his little gloat bits in on how he’s always wanted to be with a super model, etc, etc, how it’s always been his dream to get one.

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Hows New bob??

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Nice Body hehehee hee

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    I love her ,,
    i dont know how is she, lol

  • Curriye ostrower

    This fashion type cover demand to’s nice to me.

  • Ves

    Oh it’s not just that she is Ronaldo’s girl..she actually is gorgeous. Who is prettier than Irina after all ?

  • Alex

    Great job with the photoshopping SI. Now go get me a real model. Because this isn’t going to do it for me.

  • Zoe Moon

    Wow, what a stunning looking woman. Wish my breasts looked hers. Incredible job SI, you did it again.

  • Zoe Moon

    Wow, what a stunning looking woman. Wish my breasts looked like hers. Incredible job SI, you did it again.

  • Armando


  • Armando


  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Why? shes good

  • mafia

    Whats with all these celeb girlfriends?? There are prettier models than her out there! She’s too big to my taste

  • Sophia

    It ends when they put Beyonce on the cover.

  • unknown

    SI got it right for the first time in a long time. That is exactly what a swim suit model is suppose to look like. She doesnt have to fake curves unlike Anne V or Hilary. Just perfection. And as far as celebrities supporting their girlfriends. Well I just think some of them to shut up and not sell themselves just because they are with a so called supermodel that belongs on the run way and not in SI! It can only hurt a models career worse than help. Besides does John Legend pimp his girlfriend out? Think not! He supports, but I am not going there about a certain pop star and his so called girlfriend. Or as I call them lets call the paps so we can be noticed! Because if anyone remembers White Snake back in the 80′s when the lead singer kept putting his model girlfriend, which if I remember correctly, isnt that like bad luck anyway. But he did exactly what Adam Levine is doing, and it eventually ruined her career as well as the bands. And isnt kind of strange that everywhere its just them, when there is suppose to be affiliated with his band? Can you say band break up and solo career around the corner. Never known a band thats been nominated to not have just one memeber. Not necessarily all of the band but just the two of them. Anywho, congrats to Irina, she is beautiful and very natural with the camera and very sexy. Go girl!

  • MiMi

    SI is a joke, the only reason she is on the cover is her soccer bf!!! thats all..

    and lmao at her breasts, so photoshopped!! she is flat, normally, totally flat!!!
    and I agree, if you wanted a cover girl with huge boobs why didnt you choose Brooklyn again or Kate Upton, seriously, what a joke!!!

    Cristiano Ronaldo is such a career boost..lmao!!

    I miss Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell!!

    it seems to be eay to get the cover when you are dating a famous athlete/actor ….

    cant wait for her interviwe tonight!! she always makes a fool of herself!!

    and I saw her wearing fur!!! seriously!!!!

  • Sayer

    Has anyone noticed SI gives its covers to girls who have famous boyfriends– Brooklyn Decker, Bar Rafaeli and now this butt ugly version of Adriana Lima.

  • Sayer

    Another Russian gold digger strikes again.

  • Zzz

    Totally like adriana lima

  • Shannon


    bet he’s feeling rather idiotic. what’s funny is how he was all up in ryan’s face or whatever it was claiming that it was his ‘lady’ that was taking the cover. none of these women had their men running to a computer to tweet to get si’s attention to give them the cover. as i posted earlier, ole anne must be crushed, no matter how much she may be congratulating irina, that she’s not the first russian to grace that cover.

  • Ehm

    Give her a break! I don’t care whose girlfriend she is, she’s smoking hot and I wish I looked like that in a bikini. She’s beautiful.

  • bhdf

    people in a world where no one cares about models anymore if dating a semi celeb (because her boyfriend is not even famous in America; We don’t care about Soccer, lol) then I don’t see the problem. Cindy Crawford married Richard Gere,Naomi Campbell dated Mike Tyson in the 80s and Robert Deniro in the 90s,Linda Evangelista dated Bryan Adams,Christie Brinkley (SI covermodel and icon) married and had a child with Billy Joel,Stephanie Seymour dated Axl Rose,Iman is married to David Bowie,Heidi Klum is married to Seal. um the list goes on. PLease come up with a not so lame excuse. Models who do crochet all night long and date business men will never be modeling icons or very famous. In fact that’s all the models did during the Supermodel era of the 90′s. Their celebrity romances were just as big as their modeling careers, hence why they became as famous as rockstars. Models are lame and boring today, that’s why no one cares about them anymore and they arent very famous. GO IRINAAAAA> she is SO HOT. Besides look at Bar Refaeli she is hardly very famous or known or has a successful modeling career, lol. and she dates someone 10 millions times bigger than Irina’s boyfriend. So no a celeb bf does not always = model career.

  • catchit

    what the f* I never even heard about her boyfriend until I googled her last night, lol. I didn’t know who he was. You guys had me thinking she was dating George Clooney or something.

  • RichieRich

    Way prettier than Adriana. She has a better more curvy feminine body and nice smile and unbloated face.

  • alex

    @Armando: That’s what it comes down to hookers

  • alex

    I never met a russian girl who wasn’t a whore it’s not their fault though they are raised to be sluts it’s their culture

  • Cameron

    Hottest covermodel in YEARSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bar or Brooklyn ain’t got nothin on this chick!

  • muwh

    congrats Irina! your haters have just tripled.

  • Ni


  • Freddy

    Soccer is one of the least popular sports in America. We only care about Football (I guess its called “American football” elsewhere)Basketball and Baseball. All other sports are secondary and not popular, as well as their athletes. Tennis maybe but even then it only has a small fanbase. Mike the Situation is more famous here than Irina’s boyfriend. sorry don’t know how to spell his name…

  • danielik25

    Models and sport stars together forever …

  • irrelevant

    Jessica White dates Sean Penn. Anne V dates the guy from Maroon 5. where are their covers? their boyfriends are FAAAAR more famous than Irina’s.

  • Smackeroo

    Chrissy Teigen dates John Legend.

  • Souless

    Well I think her bf can thank her as well, because this is the most I’ve also heard him being mentioned , lol. It goes both ways. He is certainly benefiting from all this right now as well. It’s all about the SI covermodel who is being talked about therefore his name is going to get more out there now.

  • Freddy


    umm why did I get down-rated? lol It’s true. Soccer is not popular here.Come to America, hardly one red blooded American sports fanatic cares/knows about it. wtf???

  • Giuseppe Bunone

    J’ai envie sort avec toi

  • om

    Plastic surgery junky, another fully loaded fake.