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Jennifer Lopez: Venus Razors TV Spot!

Jennifer Lopez: Venus Razors TV Spot!

Jennifer Lopez shows off her long legs in this new commercial for Gillette Venus razors.

The 41-year-old entertainer was named a global ambassador for the brand earlier this year! Jennifer also recorded her own version of “Venus” – and you can hear a sample of it in the ad below.

“Every woman has an inner goddess – a feeling of confidence and strength, an inner sparkle, and an outer fabulous!” Jennifer says in the ad.

Jennifer Lopez – Gillette Venus Razors Commercial
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  • Dave

    That is what you call sexy (She stinks).

    A little racist/ hater like you wouldn’t know that haha!

  • Lupe

    Eww she’s got chunky short legs xD

  • She stinks!

    LOL! How sickening is this! JHO continues to tell her lies – showing her with her ‘kids’ (acting like she cares about them), singing (hehe) into a microphone, attempting to dance, and walking down a red carpet, as if someone gives a crap about her! She as also ruined another classic song with her shrill screeching. How long before she is the face of kotex or summers eve douche?

    Step aside old woman, and let the younger, talented and way more beautiful girls pass by. Your time is over! Its not 1999 anymore! Its time this untalented trash got taken to the dump!

  • She stinks!

    @Dave: Nah, its what I would call vomit inducing.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ugh!! Let’s see more of a beautiful and TALENTED Latina like Sofia Vergara and Selma Hayek. Not this loser!!

  • Macie

    >>>Its time this untalented trash got taken to the dump!>>>>


  • Alexandra

    She has such skinny calves and chunky thighs. Her legs are out of balance. She looks just kind of fat in this commercial. Her extensions/wigs look better on this commercial than on AI.

  • Roxy

    Jennifer looks better than that tranny looking Sofia Vegara. Have you seen her without makeup recently and in a bathing suit with all the lipo on her stomach. She looks terrible. Then, there’s the midget with the million stretch marks on her boobs Salma Hayek. Salma’s face is so square and manly.

  • She Has No Class

    Old, haggard, has-been tries too hard. Skin bleached, nose jobbed, blond weave flying through the air makes her look beyond desperate.

  • Ben Quack Quack

    Anything not to stay at home with those hideous twins of hers.

  • Really??????????????


  • Jenny

    Sofia Vegara does look like a tranny,.

  • Mickey Blue Eyes

    I use to laugh at her but that is too easy, now I just feel sorrow and pity for her.

  • Janice

    I’m just glad that Jennifer didn’t wear her Cousin It wig. She looks pretty good. She never been a great beauty, but she is attractive. Now, talentwise she is extremely average or below average.

  • CanadaGirl

    Beautiful woman, but are we expected to believe that a razor would ever touch Lopez’s leg? LOL That’s laughable.

  • WOW!!

    Soo many haters on here……thats whats sad…not JLO……..she looks great and beautiful and if you dont like her….STOP LOOKING HER UP HATERS…..especially that she stinks….LOSER!!

  • Mikee25

    Even I can’t get on the J-LO love train. She has reached a new low. She is pathetic. I am embarassed for her.

  • little star


  • sem

    Her legs are nothing special, they are skinny at the bottom and chunky at the thigh. Many actresses have much better legs, why would they choose her?

  • Denise

    I see cellulite in the freeze frame picture of the video. She does have skinny calves and huge thighs. They shot her in a lot of soft light to make her look younger. On regular pictures you can see wrinkles in her face. Her figure is so average looking. She just looks wide. She has no talent to speak of.

  • lalila

    i wouldn’t call it long legs though…
    long high heels maybe :)

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Dance more and more

  • beatriz

    i love her legs <3

  • Desiree

    Like I posted before, J Ho needs to stop copying Mariah Carey and the media needs to stop publishing it as if it has never been done before! J Ho has always been a scrap scraper, now she has resorted to copying everyone else to get by in the industry. Mariah was Venus’ first pick; “Mariah Carey was our hands-down choice for the first Venus ‘Celebrity Legs of a Goddess’ title,” said Peter Clay, Vice President Premium Systems, Gillette Global Grooming. I’ll bet J Ho got jealous, and competitive, and sought Venus out for this deal. :) Psh! She’s already stolen two of Mariah’s songs, and dated her ex-husband! Diggin’ through dirty laundry again J Ho?? :)




    Sorry but too many haters out there! JLO at 41 looks AWESOME! and she does exercise and eat healthy its not about surgery!! I think her Venus commercial is the best and as far as America Idol judge she is the only Judge of the three that can express herself wonderfully and make sense and give great feedback to the contestants.
    So for those of you who have nothing else better to do but criticize look in the mirror first and ask yourself this question: “how good do I look?”
    and PS the Venus commercial is not about the razor touching her legs or not…u gotta get the message…

  • Not a hater

    The really sad thing is how you pathetic losers come on here and ream out anyone who is talented and beautiful. You fat slobs are probably sitting in your mothers’ basements eating chips off your hairy chests with nothing better to do than insult a couple of little children. GET A LIFE.

  • KathyDee

    and you people call yourselves human beings??? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Never before have I ever read such hateful garbage. Jealousy is a weakness people!