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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Couple Up at Campo

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Couple Up at Campo

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibiran enjoy a date night at Campo Restaurant on Saturday (February 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The next day, the couple attended the Grammy Awards, where she was nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

LeAnn recently shared that she’s not stressing too much about their upcoming wedding.

“It’s kind of chill. We’re taking it as it comes and planning as it comes. It’s [going] well,” she told People.

“It’s an exciting year and a lot to handle, but I’ve got a good man at my side. So he’s helping! He really is the sweetest, most supportive man,” she added.

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  • lala

    Does she believe the crap she says? No one else does.

  • blair

    Leann lives with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy in a place called Denial.

  • Mia

    Leann, I loved you since your first song came out but lately since you’ve been with Eddie I almost start to believe that he is not a good influence on you. You are way too thin, oke maybe you think it looks good with your new chest but it doesn’t. Men want meat on bones.
    Hope he stays with you when your ”high fame” is over…… doubt it

  • Emma

    Lord, she is getting thinner and thinner. Obviously, being with Eddie has brought out her insecurities big time. He’s a douche and will be cheating on her before they finish saying their wedding vows.

  • jasmine

    The scarecrow and Mr Queen she loves to say how sweet and supportive he is well i doubt that he’s very supportive since he doesn’t have a dime to his name and he lives in her mansion where she pays every single bill and how sweet can he be when he cheated on his wife all the time even when she was pregnant and lied to the press, people and more importantly to his wife shut your trap leann and go back into your delusional snowglobe life. and your snarky face at the grammys when you didn’t know the camera were on you says it all about your character

  • carla

    She is SO hard on the eyes. Her squinty skinny face is PAINFUL to look at, yikes. Such an unnattractive woman, ugh her face is downright odd looking.

  • Leyla

    why is she so ugly?

  • hatecheaters23

    Brandi bought those shoes back in January, she once again is copying Brandi. Ridiculous.

  • Lauren

    Ew, how on earth does he have sex with that lizard-looking creature? He must close his eyes and think of her money.

  • ka-blamo


  • jillyro

    Her long skinny face and HUGE teeth, yucky, she looks like a horse. And Eddy is riding this pony to share her rich bank account only.

  • boston61

    He’s the one who abandoned his wife and kids. Not her.

  • Hmm

    You know you’re getting too thin win you start looking like a bobblehead doll.

  • Michaela

    Lainey Gossip said it best at her entertainment site:

    “Grammy Anorexic BitchFace: LeAnn Rimes
    Staying skinny won’t make him stay. But you will learn that the hard way.

    LeAnn Rimes doesn’t go anywhere these days without fiancé Eddie Cibrian. He doesn’t want to miss a moment out there either. After all, that’s why he upgraded right? And that’s why he’ll always be looking to climb. I don’t enjoy the game of psychologising from a distance but in this case, I wonder if that’s why she works out so hard. Because deep down she knows and she’s afraid.

    I suppose you get what’s coming though. In one form or another.

    And did you see the BitchFace? The BitchFace exploded all over my inbox soon as it happened. Many of you saw the BitchFace too, watching LeAnn watch Miranda Lambert, realising that, at 28, she’s over. This is the face of someone who knows she’s over.”

  • mokk


    The women always get blamed whatever happens in a break up of a relationship. Just look at Brangelina/Aniston.

  • Michaela

    Truer words were never spoken by an Entertainment Reporter about Leann & Eddie:

    “LeAnn Rimes doesn’t go anywhere these days without fiancé Eddie Cibrian. He doesn’t want to miss a moment out there either. ”

    HE’S ENJOYING ALL THE PERKS of her life. He’s in it for the free ride!

  • Michaela


    Angelina didn’t tweet 24/7 for months about how happy she was to break up a home. HUGE difference in obscure Leann Rimes and A-lister Angelina Jolie.

    Jolie doesn’t have a publicist but she’s so much smarter than arrogant Leann.

  • Bailey

    Did Racy take the time to Twitter Search Leann Rimes the other night? If she did she would see with her own batty eyes that there’s ALOT of people out there calling Leann Rimes a dirty homewrecker!

    But I digress. It was just ONE person with many established Twitter accounts. bwahahahaha

  • Monica

    Good lord! Leann is so damn skinny she makes a baloon jumpsuit look BIG on her scrawny self.

    Her fans better preach to her about her weight issues, it’s getting scarily out of control. Most of the public saw THAT the other night too juding by all their tweets on TWitter Search.

    Anorexia anyone?

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    So vapid

  • blair

    Leann & Eddie’s “relationship” is such a farce, but Leann is really working overtime to prove to everyone that it’s real.

  • alex

    She’s looking like Taylor Swift, all squinty.

  • alex

    She’s looking like Taylor Swift, all squinty.

  • boston61

    LeAnn is 100% in love. She is feeling the feeling we all dream about. I don’t fault her because I don’t think she can control how she feels. I’m nervous for her because I don’t trust him. He is ridiculously good looking and I think he is very aware of it.

  • emma

    this made me think of that “will and grace” episode where karen walker’s friend/enemy (that midget gay guy who was always fighting with karen) , had a date with jack and jack didn’t want to sleep with him so karen says ” honey just lay there and think of handbags” haha

    i just watched her grammy cliip, and how eddy has replaced dean in the back up dancer role. good for deane for claiming his life back and being in the starring role of (chef) where every should be, and not leann’s chauffeur. any significant other of leanns will always be the background dancer, cause she’ll never let them have the spotlight. You could tell the guy doing the interviewing couldn’t stand her! and eddy seemed a little embarrassed and leann seem 3 sheets to the wind! She’s so obnoxious about how she brags about all her accomplishments (snowboarding, manstealing, golf, boxing, and yes, even out doing brandi in the modeling dept, now that leann is skinny and half a foot taller, (finally realized why she’s copying brandi) She is narcissistically competitive…she’s got the ” anything you can do, i can do better” psychosis syndrome. Her personality is gross (conceited people are not like by anybody, even their own lovers!!!)

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @hatecheaters23 I THOUGHT those shoes looked familiar! Brandi DOES have those shoes and were bought a couple of months ago. Again, Brandi, get a restraining order STAT against this gross anorexic iguana! She needs mental help. You can see that physically since she is literally wasting away before our eyes and by her ‘Single White femaling’ Brandi. Insecure is not even a word to describe Iguana Face.

  • Speak Now

    Yet people think Jolie is a saint… got to love double standards.

  • emma

    can anyone embed the grammy clip with her and eddy on here? i’m not sure how to do that, but you it’s hilarious how she just loves talking about herself. You could tell she’s had a few, and is loose lipped. The poor interviewer has to interview many more people and she’s going on and on about her bruised knee which givesyou a glimpse into her self imortance status. profile shots are not her best feature and the egg on her knee she was talking about suddenly moved from her knee to her head. Did anyone else think she looked like the egg lady gaga popped out of?

  • blair

    @emma….the interview with Chris Harrison was hilarious. Apparently he and Eddie are golf buddies (well what else does Eddie have going on?) and Leann starts mouthing off about how “all you guys (media) get everything wrong”…bet Eddie like that. then she goes into her “I, me, my” babbling (like everyone cares).

  • fabinthesouth

    ok HATERS….admit it, she looks AMAZING !!!! My bet is Brandi is posting all these mean spirited comments because photogs dont get pics of her looking even close to FAB as Leanne…lol

  • fabinthesouth

    ok HATERS….admit it, she looks AMAZING !!!! My bet is Brandi is posting all these mean spirited comments because photogs dont get pics of her looking even close to FAB as Leanne…lol

  • emma

    no i am not brandi, and don’t even live in LA. Leann is not prettier than brandi, and considering brandi is like 10 years older than leann, the two shouldn’t even be competing, but how else would you describe the obvious single white femaling or copycating leann is doing off of brandi. The excessive weight loss and plastic surgery, the very high heels to make her seem modelish (bahaha), the too quick of a maternal relationship with the young boys, the style copying (pink scarf, shoes, posing), etc…the list goes on and on. Hotness doesn’t always keep a man, but in leann’s case (leann seems to think so. What lean doesn’t know is that it’s not hotness that attracts eddie…it’s hot money!!

  • Talkin bout it

    So now Leann is copying Eddie’s ex wife because she has lost weight, gotten fake boobs and wears high heeled shoes? How self-centered can his ex-wife be. I mean really, I guess almost every woman in southern California is copying the ex wife too, right? I agree with the above poster, you cannot really compare Leann and the ex-wife because of the age difference.

  • laughin about it

    @Talkin bout it:

    But everyone knows it’s out of leann’s character to have gotten a boob job, and when was she ever this skinny, (never before),. So, yeah women in la have a knack for artificiality, but leann never really fit in that group till someone started to make her feel insecure enough to join the plastic wive’s club. And i hate to say this but even though brandi is ten yrs older, leann looked older than brandi in that grammys video, and excessive weight loss adds age. She lost a lot of the natural elasticity in her face which added 10+ years on her face.


    Leann reminds me of those little girls from that reality show ” Toddlers and Tiaras” where those girls are already bitches at a tender age of 3 or 5. Leann struck me as one of those kids who’s mother was the typical “stage mother” , and would drag her to beauty contests and talent shows and while her mother was combing and hairspraying leann’s hair would tell her how she was going to win cause she was the best.

    I think leann’s mom created this competitive personality which is also probably the source of her pain. She views life as a contest. It’s an either win or lose situation which must leave leann in a constant state of horrific panic and fear. She doesn’t see life as a journey to experience , regardless of the phony stuff that she rants about. You could see that fear in leann’s eyes…it’s always there. Who’s going to take her place, who’s going to steal her thunder, her man, her number 1 status. She is obsessively worried about these things which is why she’s so neruotic about her looks and star status. One of her friends tweeted ” leann should have won”. See, what i mean? she has attracted people just like her mother as her peers. when other’s lose, they don’t have their friends tweeting things like that which make them look like sore losers? Why shouldn’t Miranda Lamberts have won? This was her time. I wouldn’t be surprised if leann starts swf’ing Miranda Lamberts. Oh, just rememered it was Lacy Schwimmer that posted that on twitter that leann should have won.! Well sorry leann, but you didn’t win…did you????

  • Marieme

    Is it possible this fugster is getting uglier? Dropping weight like an anorexic, getting implants…What next! She’s a tragic embarrassment.

  • where’s leann?


    That’s exactly right..” what’s next?” Everytime leann comes up with something that will make headlines, eventually it gets stale and she gets edited out of the picture and onto the cutting room floor. That’s why she’s constantly using the shock factor to get her name in the press to stay relevant. Fake boobs, drastic weight loss, a bold and provocative song like”crazy women” that she knows will anger a lot of people and be a slap in the face to the ex-wife, etc… She’s addicted to the fame(famewhore) like the kardashians are and will make headlines at all cost…even their self-respect. Don’t worry , after the anorexic phase doesn’t draw headlines anymore, she’ll pull another trick from her bag of tricks.! But let her know that you have noticed the weightloss by ignoring her. She’s gotten so skinny, you can’t even see her …right? (wink)

  • Jackie

    What a psychotic parasitic relationship!

  • Monica

    @Talkin bout it:

    Actually, I think you CAN compare Leann & Brandi because they’re what, 10 yrs difference. My god, Brandi is much prettier 10 yrs older. Poor, poor Leann. It’s not going to be pretty, 10 more years on THAT face. She so thin she look hard as it is.

  • Teresa

    WHY would Leann wear a pink scarf around her neck JUST like Brandi’s which was widely printed in pics? Leann wears it a few weeks later.

    She dyes her hair, same color & cut.

    She wears the exact same pair of shoes that Brandi posted on Facebook pictures. Leann wears her shoes 2 weeks later.

    Do you see a pattern? It’s SO weird that they’re the EXACT same items, always Leann wearing them a week or two later. There’s having the same tastes in some things, then there’s just WHACK actions from Leann.

  • Brianna

    What I find MOST disturbing of all, as a fan of Leann’s is her DRASTIC weight loss. She is seriously bordering on an anorexic look. What’s happening to make it do this?

    Is Eddie pushing her to waste away? Is she worried he likes really skinny women? SOMETHING is up. And it’s not Leann’s weight.

  • iguana

    Brandi stop trying to drive the train!!! It will crash!! It always does for crazy chicks like Leann…

  • Brianna



    ALL HAIL..she’s opened her Twitter back up!

    She wants Brandi to openly see her tweets about singing at Brandi’s son’s school.

  • Brianna

    I have a question. Didnt Leann JUST fly back in town last night to be in the arms of the man she loves?

    Wow already back on Twitter tweeting away. Don’t they like to spend quality time with each other? Does Eddie egg her on to sit on the couch and tweet constantly while he steps outside to get a breath of fresh air?

    You would think she’d want to spend all the time she could wrapped around her sweets. Or eating to gain a lb.

  • julie

    eddie is a complete idiot to put his kids in that womans home guess he doesn’t have any place else to go but I would live at my parents home before I allowed them to be exposed to someone who has a histronic personality disorder. when she was on the red carpet with EC and Chris Harrison EC and Chris were not allowed to talk without her butting in what is wrong with EC any man who truly loved and care about their kids would run as fast as they could to get away from her REMEMBER EDDIE HOW YOU SAID SHE WAS STALKING YOU WERE YOU LYING THEN OR NOW

  • Racy

    This has to be the biggest bunch of AHs I have ever seen. Give them a week and they can repeat themselves 40 times at least. Sad fact is they don’t care how this story ends – they just try to outdo each other in stupidity. Thing is, they wouldn’t know if the sun came up in the West tomorrow – dumb s****. Now saying LeAnn is copying Brandi in what she wears, etc.. Why would LeAnn copy her? All that Brandi can do is not helping her so why copy it? I will return sooner or later to see how much more stupid you can get. You folk never let me down when it comes to a good laugh.

  • !

    Racy you are as crazy as Leann.

  • Wonderin in Wisconsin

    Did Gwen get shut down???? Quite funny she is not around to post 50 million repeats about her idol LeAnn.