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Rachel Bilson: Market & Medical Building Stop

Rachel Bilson: Market & Medical Building Stop

Rachel Bilson arrives at a medical building on Tuesday (February 15) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Before stopping by the office, the 29-year-old went grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods.

Last week, Rachel enjoyed a night out at Chateau Marmont with a gal pal.

Rachel can next be seen on the small screen for the CW pilot Hart of Dixie, which will reunite her with The O.C. Josh Schwartz!

FYI: Rachel is carrying a Burberry bag.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson stopping by medical building…

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rachel bilson whole foods run 01
rachel bilson whole foods run 02
rachel bilson whole foods run 03
rachel bilson whole foods run 04
rachel bilson whole foods run 05
rachel bilson whole foods run 06
rachel bilson whole foods run 07
rachel bilson whole foods run 08
rachel bilson whole foods run 09
rachel bilson whole foods run 10
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  • lexy hates bilson

    Why isn’t she at Fashion Week?? Too busy pretending to be preggers or getting her blood work for a marriage license?? Rachel there ARE doctors in NY!!

  • homeless rachel

    this b itch needs a job + she’s a dumba ss

  • Where’s Hayden?d

    Looks like she had a wonderful Valentine day! What a lovely lonely face!

    Nobody cares about here JJ. We want Hayden, fat, ugly, skinny or not! We want hayden not this girl.

    Her pilot? well looks like that Swartz has a obsession with her. He should have marry her instead of her best friend. That’s all sick.

    Where’s the ring rachel, show it to us.


  • katrina

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Why do you guys always say she’s pretending to be pregnant? She has spoken before about her sinus problems and she goes to the doctor for that. A woman can go to the doctor for other reasons other than pregnancy.

  • @katrina

    LOL I know right?? Lexy and the others are the ones starting the pregancy rumours, there was ONE time she was rumoured to be pregnant but it was just because she had a sinus problems. Rachel is lovely so leave her alone.

  • JC

    How can she be pregnant? It would require her caring about someone more than herself. It would never work. She’ll be 50 and still be daddy’s little princess striking out when she is gifted television pilots by her connection. It would also require getting knocked up by a gay dude.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Last time she was at the doc she & her mom were purposely carrying international travel information…so if you’re right and she has sinus problems that still doesn’t answer the question… why isn’t the “fashionista” isn’t at FASHION week??
    BTW Rachel experts (who know her medical history)…Where are her brothers?? She was talking about them on George Lopez and Chelsea?? Why are there no pics of them with her?? She pimps out those little girls for publicity!

  • fandango


    FYI you don’t need blood work anymore for marriage they stopped that eons ago. I think her mom might work in this building again not sure she isn’t the biggest fish in the sea for the media to care about her. RB has her agent pay enough to have her followed when she needs the exposure.

  • katrina

    @lexy hates bilson:

    She didn’t go to fashion week last February either. Anything else?

  • Probably Getting Drug Test

    Oh please, I can’t believe this dimwitted shopaholic loser who happens to have great familial connections in the industry and a producer who’s obsessed with her, is getting another job in a pilot that’s guaranteed to suck, because she. can’t. act. period. Not that it matters whether she passes her drug test or not. Josh Schwartz will make sure she gets her job, that she never had to competitively audition for, it was just handed to her, because he’s got some kind of perverted crush on her. And where’s Hayden? We know that they’re very subtlely promoting their relationship by having choreographed papparazzi photo-ops on the same day in the same city (where Hayden doesn’t live and has no reason to be in) and neither can droping hints (and more) about how they’re ‘back together’. Look for wedding announcements any day, probably just when her pilot is supposed to air (if it doesn’t get shelved).

  • Yellow

    @Lexy, jw, this may sound like a weird question, but did you watch the OC/were a fan of it? I was one of the first Bilson haters, couldn’t stand the girl when everyone thought she was “SO CUTE!” I really have no problems with any other celebrities (not that she can be classified as one) but Rachel. I don’t hate on anyone else but her. She annoys me shitless…but I actually found her tolerable during the first 2 seasons of the OC. I think when she broke up with Brody (probably bc, being the social climber that she is, was trying to make it with Zach Braf) my hate intensified. Just curious lol.

  • jaeger

    @ Rachel can next be seen on the small screen for the CW pilot Hart of Dixie?!
    - A Ghost Of Angeles VERSION 2.waiting to happen,…
    And Greenblatt has PASSED on the Josh Schwartz/WBTV supernatural drama Ghost Angeles starring Rachel Bilson.

  • pregnant?

    she actually does look like she’s pregnant in this picture

  • Jax

    Oh please. She’s wearing an overcoat, you can’t even see her middle section. I too am one of the original “haters” of this talentless little nobody. Ever since Last Kiss. Hated that movie, just awful. And Jumper? OMG, please. And what is up with that mop on her head? I don’t think this chick owns a hairbrush.

  • whizbang

    Poor ole’ Josh Schwartz; he still keep on looking & digging for some gold (& still cant find any) in BilPOOO’s closet of rottening garbage!

  • crapshack

    @#1 – Why isn’t she at Fashion Week???
    CrapChel’s “Small-Time” connections could only get her just a little somewhere. They probably realized that if they could invite the likes Kim Kardashian &/or Snooki of Jersey Shore, they could bring in more money & attention (they’re even at the “Grammy’s” – imagined that?!) than getting stuck w/ this bland azz & irrelevant movie & TV actress REJECT.

  • Amused

    It’s extremely amusing to watch the haters here having such a hard time over Rachel Bilson getting a pilot and then bragging about hating her.

  • crapshack

    Yah she’s just getting a pilot (that would bomb anyway) ONLY due to her connection/s & NOT becoz of even a bit of earned/legit hard work & so-called talent. Thats really AMUSING.

  • Brightside

    That is the face of depression. She looks sullen and angry. Not like her really…she usually puts on a smile for the paps. So what’s up, Rachel, why the long face?
    I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

  • amaranth

    Poor & gullible CW!
    She just goes back to TV coz simply her ultimate dream of being a movie actress is tragically an “epic fail”.
    But if there’s even a bit of chance that she would become a “TV (lead) actress”, it should peaked out already when OC’s female lead, Mischa Barton left the show and she became officially now its lead actress but it didn’t happened at all coz said show got an abrupt cancellation due to poor ratings.

  • amaranth

    @ Market & Medical Building Stop
    When can she ever stops at some “acting school” – my waiting always turns out in vain…

    @ That is the face of depression….
    Coz she really wants to have a movie career & not just doing some small TV career… or she’s just contemplating her new & “no-sweat” job now like I’m Rachel BIlson, portraying now on TV as DR. QUACK QUACK – lol!

  • Lake

    IMO, Hayden needs to step away from this mess. That’s what this is, a mess. She’s out there all over the place talking about fashion, when in fact she doesn’t know crap about fashion, that’s evident with her stealing designs. Then she goes out every day looking like a bag lady. They have nothing to do with each other, what’s the point? He’s a loser that’s in this for the booty. Period. But she’s too dumb to know what’s going on.

  • maya

    @homeless rachel: and you you need a therateut or a doctor

  • drewlard

    SHE could just get work due to connections…
    SHE could just get attention due to paparazzi & tabloid blogs….
    Such & truly a “living parasite”.

  • bev

    An open question to OC fans:

    Don’t you think there is something legitimately weird about Rachel’s relationship with Josh Schwartz? They remain very close, the character of Seth who was obssesed with Summer is largely based on Josh, Josh is married to her best friend and he repeatedly tries to cast her in his shows when she barely gets work anywhere else. Nobody wants to hire her but Josh wants her all the time.
    And Rachel Bilson as a doctor from New York?? Really now.
    A dozen other actresses would be better suited for the part. Josh has tried to cast Rachel in three of his pilots. This is the first one that is actually getting produced but of course there is no guarantee at this point that it will become a series.

  • Kaz girl 2

    Why do you keep posting about this girl???? All she ever does is go around shopping. I’ve never even seen her act before?????

  • pork chops

    who is she and what does she do again ?

  • lexy hates bilson

    But she’s a “fashionista” she supposedly writes a column in a “fashion” magazine. Makes no sense this STAR isn’t at this big event – I mean she’s always saying she loves NY and NY IS a fashion mecca!!! Look at all the events going on these days…why isn’t she at ANY of them?? I mean SNOOKI was at the Grammy’s!!!
    She was close to signing a deal with her other 2 pilots with Josh but they fell through. Perhaps the CW owes Josh a favor so she’ll get this job then we viewers can not watch and the show can get cancelled.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • fitzroy

    In the last 3 yrs or so, this Little Mutt is just doing acting “odd” jobs (either a 1 week movie filming or a 3-5 mins. TV guest segment) that’s why she keeps on knocking Josh S. door for any acting job opening after her on & off bff/fiancé & JJ (her media pimp) failed to do so. And one could really assume that its really so hard for her to get hired coz JS took about 3 years (w/ 2 TV pilots & 2 stations quick refusal) right before JS would booked her for a regular job.
    And w/ this so called “F-a-r-t Of Dixie being materialized; that goes to show that her personal & close-door meetings w/ him (instead of honing her acting skills 1st) had paid up already while just doing her daily photo-ops & opening-the-envelope gigs on the outer side.
    All “Easy-Does-It” isn’t it?!

  • 34ER

    love her. but I don’t like her hair with bangs

  • cheo

    Remember when Lainey Gossip was one of Rachel’s biggest fans?
    Read her old gushing comments about Rachel if you want a refresher.

    Now she’s one of Miss Bilson’s biggest critics. Lainey gets it exactly correct when she describes what is wrong with Rachel and the way she’s held up as some kind of fashionista slash home furnishings expert.

    Rachel lovers, the ones who claim that those who criticize her are merely jealous, please read.

  • Casey


    Thanks Cheo after reading this seems that Bilson did the copycat thing again with dishes..DAMN when will this chic ever learn feel sorry for the ppl that did invest in them. Oh well Laniey hit all the key points on RB I so see now why she clings to Christensen other celebrity men more or less don’t want her.

  • gilmorie

    I’m loving “celebitchy” as well…
    “Bilson is full of herself. What does she do exactly and when was the last time we saw her in anything? Like there’s no shame in not getting work as an actress and trying to promote yourself, but she gets papped in a disproportionate amount to her level of fame”.

  • fandango

    @ Gilmorie

    I checked out Lexon Chrip and sure as hell looks exactly like RB’s ed ie rose line..only difference is she used a different bird but yeap a copy. When will these big companies learn not to trust this woman she is not original in anything she does. She is an over promoted Malibu Skipper doll.

  • look again

    Rachel did not copy the design of her dishes from anything, they are relatively simple. You either like them or you don’t. Many dishes are similar in theme, if you look at china patterns like I am for a wedding, you see many similar patterns in different name brands.

  • cheo
  • fandango


    Chirp dinnerware line by Lenox is the same style as Rb’s line she is pimping out via this designer name she likes to use. Laniey was correct she isn’t original in anything. The only difference here is RB used a different bird is all..

  • gina

    According to, Rachel’s movie Waiting for Forever has earned $ 23,900. after two weeks of release.
    The movie cost $ 5 million to make.

  • Look Again Needs Glasses

    The dinnerware is clearly plagerized. This is the Sertsis dress she stole all over again. The only difference between her stolen design dress and the original Sertsis dress is the color and the location of the stud trim. In this case its different bird but unquestionably the same basic design as the Lenox. Okay she won’t get sued but the public disgrace of stealing another’s design and changing it only enough not to go to jail not once but twice means its over for Bilson as a ‘designer.’ Why buy the overpriced plaguerized Macy’s line from the design thief when you can get the real thing from Lenox, which has a name in the industry, and did it better? Maybe the same vain cheap low-rent people who buy Chinese-made Chanel or Coach or Dolce-Gabbana knock-offs from sleazy dealers because they’re looking for respectability and status. In Bilson’s case she’s barely done anything in her so-called career and owes every job she ever had to family connections and a tv producer who’s obsessed with her. I feel bad for Jill Schwartz who was Bilson’s bff and married to the obsessed producer and who is being used as an excuse for the two of them to feed off each other in a negative way. She deserves a husband who loves HER and isn’t obsessed with another person and a best girlfriend who doesn’t use her to promote her own selfish interests.

    And Bilson should be allowed to design anything for public sale ever again.