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Victoria Beckham Covers 'Allure' March 2011

Victoria Beckham Covers 'Allure' March 2011

Victoria Beckham turns up the heat on the cover of Allure magazine’s March 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 36-year-old fashionista had to share:

On her life at home: “Our house is a really happy house. There are kids running around and laughing and joking, I smile so much more than people would think. There’s nothing better than being in LA with my kids, cooking dinner with my husband and having a romantic night in, and I get an email, and Demi Moore, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively, or whoever it is, is doing the red carpet and wearing my dress.”

On Oprah wearing a dress from her collection: “I was so proud, I rang my mum.”

On being comfortable in her own skin: “For the first time, I feel like what you see is what you get. This is me: the more natural hair, the slightly more relaxed way of dressing. I feel really content personally and professionally. I’m not freaked out about getting older. I’m growing older with the most amazing man I’ve ever met – with my soul mate. Life’s great.”

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Photos: Michael Thompson for Allure
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  • daz

    you go girl!


  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    I see in cover creepy or crap

  • IcKe

    …she tries to look amorous… I`m royally amused …

  • Ashley

    She looks amazing!!!!!!! I love Victoria!!!
    she’s very nice

  • dee123

    Where can i buy this magazine in the UK…. please someone tell me…. oh btw the American legal system is corrupted :(….x

  • MangerBouger

    I don’t like or dislike her but I like the fact that she stood up for her man -her love (or the “beckam” brand, still have a small doubt about that) – while most of the other women (including myself) would have not forgiven him and hence left him.

    Marriage requires a lot of effort, especially when kids are involved.

  • MangerBouger

    I don’t like or dislike her but I like the fact that she stood up for her man -her love (or the “beckam” brand, still have a small doubt about that) – while most of the other women (including myself) would have not forgiven him and hence left him.

    Marriage requires a lot of effort, especially when kids are involved.

  • blitz

    WOW! She really looks nice. She really change! I cant even imagine she’s the same person back in 2007, you know bleach blond, fake boobs, orange, stick(well she’s still thin but not stick thin) . I like her more this way.

  • Thai

    Gosh, Im so tired of her lies… Go make a team with Celine Dion…

  • Second chance baby

    If two people are willing to give each other second chance..something beautiful may come their way in the end.

  • clara

    she looks good in the pic as well as the behind the scenes video cute accent too.

  • eth

    @#6 forgive him? how do you know he did not have to forgive her for something?

  • jen

    lol. She said in the vid “the only thing that change style wise is that she bought a pair of ugg boots but she don’t get photograph in them”.. She’s soo funny.

  • mate

    This woman has no personality. Now ‘this is me: the more natural hair, the slightly more relaxed way of dressing’. She’s just saying what it is trendy right now: the natural look. Now women dont like huge boobs like Pamela Anderson, for example.

  • claire

    I love the cover! She looks different in a good way.

  • slave

    She’s giving people what people want to see on her. Adorable!

  • gemma

    Best I’ve seen her imo.

  • no way

    she gets far too much encouragement for being so damn mediocre. he clothing line does not sell because she’s not a designer. period

  • MangerBouger

    @eth: I’ll go further in my explanation. Whomever had a bit on their side, it doesn’t matter. When you discover your partner has/had a love affaire, you must stifle any pride you may have to acknowledge that an aspect of your relationship went wrong, in order to forgive him/her.

    Whether it’s a man or a woman, it does’nt matter, I just admire the courage it takes to overcome this deception in order to keep their marriage running. I appreciate it even more when it’s a woman because I personally know that I wouldn’t forgive.

    PS: Moreover, in this case only David’s love affair was disclosed.

  • Jessica

    #18 doesn’t sell? are you kidding her clothing line are sold out even her ridiculously expensive bag sell like hot cakes. Whether she designs it or not I don’t care some of her dress are really pretty.

  • think

    @MangerBouger: These two wouldnt be together if it wasnt because of the money. Money, money, money

  • Jessica

    I think someone here who hates the beckham post comment in different names..hmmm

  • eth

    # 19 MangerBouger If he had a “love affair”, as I understand it, she has not YET discovered it from him!
    And just to add, a marriage breaks down for many reasons,not just because of infidelity ( which is what you are assuming here). I also think many men would have left a woman like her back in 2003 when she was with her hip-hop guru pursuing an already doomed career and spending invaluable time away in some dodgy company and surroundings.

  • LOL

    Wow, beautiful !!!
    better than jennifer !

  • jolly folly

    @no way:

    Are u joking? The majority of her $14,000 bags sold out within hours. Her fashion line is selling as fast as she can get it on the shelves.

  • Anastasia

    Another amazing cover of Victoria!She has evolved so much as aperson and i really admire her for that!Sure,she was part of the Spice Girls phenomenon and success but i am 100% sure that now she is 1000 times more happy than back then..She has a lovely family with David,they’re expecting their 4th baby and she is doing what’s she likes and what’s she does best,fashion!Good for her!

  • jillyro

    She looks good on the cover because it’s a profile shot. She should always take profile pics as it makes her piggy-like nose look SO SO MUCH better! Victoria does not look as good head-on. She looks good in the other pic too, the hair, clothes, ect. all looks good, just not the pig-nose. OMG, it’s horrid, with all that $ you would think she would have fixed that. One of her sons got her horrid nose too (middle one I think?), somehow it looks better on a male (while they are young anyway).

  • mailey

    she is a lucky woman to have her family and be in love with her husband.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Love Her

  • carla

    Like her but must agree that her nose is not her best feature, maybe because her nostrils are huge. But she’s still pretty in her own way and very fashionable.

  • Frida

    She’s come such a long way, she’s really talanted as a designer and her family is super cute. We may not see her smiling a lot but I have a feeling she’s totally different behind closed doors, documentaries have definitely revealed some of that fun side of her.

  • MangerBouger

    @eth: I tend to think that you’re really dumb now, since you don’t seem to understand any of my earlier posts, lol.
    I’m just admiring the fact that she stayed (like I said in my first post: we still have doubts on her real motivations).
    Nonetheless, cheating is the conclusion of an unhappy relationship. When someone cheats in the couple, both of them have ultimately lead the situation to that point of non-return. But it is always harder for the deceived husband/wife to recognise their responsibilities. And I admire the fact that she overcome that deception to keep her marriage going. That’s what I meant. Nothing less.

    PS: He cheated on her with her assistant (or his?) … not once, but often. Period. Don’t know her cheating habbits since I’m fan of the football player and not the singer…

  • eth

    I think you are the dumb one. You obviously do not even know what you are talking about in your posts. (Your PS is laughable). You are just regurgitating what you have read on tabloid/gossip sites.

    And as for you being a fan of his, I don’t think he (or she) needs your support. Your posts are hardly even relevant to the topic or what is quoted from the magazine.

    It seems to me you are desperate to stir up something and battling with your OWN issues and misery! Perhaps you need to look elsewhere for answers.

  • jimmyjo

    I’d like to believe that they are as happy as she makes them sound, but I do think David did cheat on her. But like many women married to a powerful/rich/successful man (and in this case, they are more of a brand together), she turns a blind eye. Plus they seem dedicated to their family, so also likely why she stays too. Being Mrs. Beckham is likely more important than a fling on the side to her because she knows she is the mother to his children. I hear many European women (France, Italy), “pretend” they don’t know about the cheating because to them, being the mother to the man’s children trumps all the other women. They say where there is smoke there is fire and David has had smoke around him quite a few times during their marriage!!

  • kjhkjh

    @jimmyjo: +1

  • MangerBouger

    @eth: You’re right.
    PS: Indeed, I have my OWN issues.

  • http://j cf10


  • Abby

    Love Victoria! She’s such a goofy, adorable woman :)

  • janef

    Did David ever cheat on his wife?- Only 1 man know the truth and that’s David, Victoria only knows what her husband tells her. We can go on and speculate about their marriage but we really don’t know what happens behind closed doors. They been married almost 12 years, and for someone as famous as them I think they’ve done good. Their kids seem normal and are kept from the spotlight. I didn’t even know she’s got 3 kids up until they moved to America.

  • Jane

    Woah she NEVER Looked more stunning, i will buy this magazine (which i dont usually) just because of Beckham, she is a true Style Icon, love it!

  • ah

    Some of you so-cslled fans of either one of them who are so disgustingly obsessed and possessed by the same old same old stories of yesteryears need to move on. Constantly dragging up the same thing over and over only invites and perpetuates the same cycle cycle of tabloid media hate.

    I agree with #40Janef. It is not like you know exactly the state of their relatioship over the years and what happens behind closed doors.

    Victoria is doing enough in her professional life. Focus on that and stop obsessing over what has become irrelevant tabloid stories. Leave that to the haters! When you choose to talk the same tabloid gossip (when not even the tabloids themselves are talking about it!), you are the ones then giving her bad press! Furthermore, it makes you more of a gossipmonger and fixated stalker and really no different from the haters and the tabloids!

  • ah


    If she pretends to not know about this cheating as you state and turns a blind eye becasue of this brand they have together then she is totally complicit and she consciously chooses to deceive the public. She thrives on her marriage to David and this brand. When she says she is “happy and she has the most amazing man she has ever met her soul mate” , undressing in lifts with him in the soft porn images of them advertising together etc etc, she CONSTANTLY uses that to sell herself in the media and to the public for power, profit, fame and career. It is hardly then a case of David cheating on her but her using every means possible to get what she wants – the power, money endless fame career and all cost and any cost!!

  • Naira Chobanyan

    I like Victoria.She is a great woman and a great person.I like her style and all what she does….BECKHAMS TOGETHER FOREVER!!!

  • justine

    I don’t think Victoria Beckham cares what I think really but I wish her well and I am glad their marriage has lasted. They have three young children and a new baby soon. Good Luck to them.

  • stoberry

    4 me.. she has cute nose..