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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' with Martin Scorsese!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' with Martin Scorsese!

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star in The Wolf of Wall Street, an adaptation of Jordan Belfort‘s memoir of the same name, according to Variety.

The film will be directed by Martin Scorsese and will be the fifth collaboration between Leo and the Oscar-winning director.

The Wolf of Wall Street follows Belfort‘s “dramatic rise and fall on Wall Street, along with his hard-partying lifestyle and tumultuous personal life, which included a massive drug addiction.”

“After almost four years in development, I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to finally be working with Leo and Marty on this,” Belfort said. “They’re the ultimate Dream Team, and it was definitely worth the wait.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s new project?

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Credit: Dominique Charriau; Kiyoshi Ota; Photos: Getty
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  • Celia

    Sounds awesome. Leonardo gets the BEST roles.

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Im frist!!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Always 1 pics leo?

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Leo Handsome man in hollywood,lol =D

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Best actor !

  • hoover fan

    cool, glad they are working together again..i love Scorcese/Leo team…!!!

  • lucy

    this is good. i liked the other films these two have worked on together.

  • CanadaGirl

    Yeah, a Leo thread. Another biopic. Hmm… What is about Scorsese that Leo likes so much.
    What’s your favourite Leo/Scorsese film?
    - Shutter Island
    - The Departed
    - The Aviator
    - Gangs of New York
    I’m going with The Departed with Gangs in a very, very close second.

  • CanadaGirl
  • CanadaGirl

    “it” and ?
    Man, my grammar gets terrible after 10pm.

  • Schlonga-Donga-Ding-Dong

    Any new news on the dong front? haha. Ted’s latest hint was very informative. I mean, really, who else could it be. JT? No…he’s not even close to an Oscar. Levine? Not even resembling this guy. I really want Ted to snap from a nicotine and reveal all the sordid details!

  • Anon

    He is awesome…. actually, they are awesome !

  • 11th Hour
    I Knew that they’d have to add prosthetics to his face. I think a few of us said this. If anything this lends credence to my view that those few shots release where test photos. The makeup looks good. The shading really alters his nose.
    Our guy looks great, even in the awkward pants. LOL.

  • lederman

    again !!!!!i know why he will never have an oscar!!!!!

  • Adelaide

    I LOVE Leo and Marty. All the films they do together are amazing. I’m sure this one will be no exception.

  • Mrs. Archer

    I think it’s official that Leo will do The Devil in the White City (?). The story sounds very twisted and Leo plays the lead this will be a big departure for him.

  • hoover fan


    LOL, me too girl.. I hope he spills the beans and reveals for sure that it’s him…!!

  • hoover fan


    the Aviator is my favorite…shutter island and departed tie in second and gony 3rd. :)

  • queen schlong

    the update is, King Schlong is Leo. Cant be anybody else.

    Shafterella= Reese Witherspoon, dated John Mayer
    Super Duper Cooper=John Mayer
    Crescent Kumquat= Chase Crawford.
    King Schlong= Leonardo Di Caprio
    “equally yummy” girl in “high profile relationship flaunted all over the world” = Bar Refaeli

    And yes, we are glad their relationship “doesnt mean a thing” because she and her management are disgusting racist hogs.

    Decoded, this means that Leonardo DiCaprio cheats on Bar Refaeli all the time, which isnt really news, not to her and not to us. Just now it is in the open. This time it was with a “party” girl who also dated John Mayer, who is rumored to be into coprophilia and men. He’s very confused and gross, is Mr. Mayer. He dated a cocktail waitress model/actress wanna be named Scheana Marie Jancan (you can google her). There were tweets a month or two ago about Leo flirting with a hot cocktail waitress, brunette, model/actress wannabe at some club, this fits for me but could be someone else. So that’s my guess, yo. Maybe I’ll email Ted about iding party girl, that’s more interesting.

    Also, although it has been disputed, apparently there is a disease chain between her and Chace Crawford, who used to mess around with bar during the 2009 break-up- reportedly he has herpes although other sites say no. I hope not. This is why I dont got for
    threesomes or friends with bennies…….or random hookups.

    I’m not posting on bar threads any more, she and her team gross me out, cant take the lying anymore. Her assistant Adi had a meltdown
    last month (Ill find the post) and said he cheats on her all the time and that she (the assistant) cant stand what he does “to her as a woman.”. Such price fame. But I dont like Bar and I dont feel bad for her. I dont even dislike Leo for cheating on her, but I think HE SHOULD BE A MAN AND DUMP HER FOR REAL.

    Then he can ho with whomever he wants, I wont care ! He’s dated porn stars and was a frequent flyer at the Playboy Mansion according to a recent tell-all b y a bunny – let him do what he is going to do without playing a nice boy and hurting/endangering someone else.

    OK, next post will about the film. Want to see if I can get past the censors. maybe I do know more about her life than she does after all ! maybe we all do…I dont see a really bright candle there you know?

  • Bar that Gagging Fan

    My curiosity is piqued to see Naomi in costume. She’s beautiful and will be a nice contrast with Leo.
    I want to see little Leo babies. I don’t care for the marriage BS, but to be long term with someone sweet like Naomi. Can you imagine what he’ll be like with a kid? How the hell will he run like hell with a stroller?

  • queen schlong

    Anyway, as for the film, great idea. I am jealous. I dont want to be in films but I am jealous of Leo’s great career a lil bit. So much power to have !

    I love Casino, Goodfellas, and Cape Fear (mid career Scorcese) and can watch them over and over. I just saw Goodfellas again like a week ago. Stunning ensemble cast. I loved Raging Bull and Kundun was gorgeous.

    His version of Jesus was the only Christ I ever truly believed in…as a human being, full of doubts, self talking, and horny! Sitting around talking to a bush. I have to see it again. (I am a collapsed catholic) Scorcese can do no wrong. He and Leonardo have the same strong quality ethic and I cant wait to see this.

    I am not crazy about Gangs of New York only because I researched the subject and read a great deal about it before I saw the film, also, I have a problem with Taxi Driver, but I think that is personal. I’ve known creepy guys like him before.

    So from now only Leo only posts because you know who makes me ill, not from jealousy either but disgust at what her mother puts her up to and why.

    love his work, his pers, life is degoutant like french say.

  • Glamourous

    Hey @queen… I can’t reply to your name. I tested it with other names and they’re fine, You’re being censored…. again. You must have been a very bad girl on the last thread.
    I know exactly what you mean about not going on those threads. I don’t anymore. I won’t give her a hot, view, or comment count. I won’t contribute to her google search stats. Nothing. *snip*

  • queen schlong

    @Bar that Gagging Fan:

    You know what I think Leo will be like as a father?

    Awesome! Sorry, I am realistic and it will take some major changes for him to be ready to marry anyone. And I dont think he wants a out of wedlock baby. But he is loyal, has had the same friends since third grade, close to his family, and a child would be a “mini me” for him-he would spoil it rotten with love, attention, and anything material it wants or needs. He’s a big kid anyway, that would give him someone to play with. He would buy the world’s biggest sandbox and jump in.

    But can he get along with the mother and maintain that relationship?
    Eastwood had like six kids and was good/close to all of them even though he was hell to their mothers. It can happen.

    I think once he turns 40, and has finally won an Oscar or two he will be ready. This is me as a grown woman talking, someone who is extremely realistic about this kind of thing. That is what I really think.

    Especially if it is a girl ! And he’s older. Men who have little girls at an older age ive noticed go gaga for them….ive seen it. Especially if they are successful in their careers. Spoil them rotten, the sun rises and sets on their three year old ballet recital. It’s just a miracle to them, a rebirth, and men seem to think they have to “harden” little boys but spoil little girls. They just dont know what to do with little girl babies except buy them everything! And give them everything.

    Think he will be great dad but give him unti 40 and a real woman he does want to marry. He also needs to get an Oscar first.

    But he will also buy a machine gun or tank for the paparazzi…anybody who threatens or annoys or frightens his child will be in deep doo doo.

    Sorry for the book. That’s what I think,

  • 11th Hour

    I’m off. Have a good night @hoover fan: @Anon: @queen schlong. I hope we get some pictures tomorrow. I think that Naomi is finishing up in her last picture, so we won’t see her on set for a little bit, but one can only hope. Team Leo.

  • queen schlong


    I dont care about “giving her stuff” its just so gross over there and IT NEVER STOPS. It makes me sick and also it makes me a bad person..or feel like one to comment on it. So the hell with it. Leo only from now on, i have a feeling she wont be around forever. and what’s going on TO her aint nice either. She’s getting used too, you know, BIG TIME.

  • hoover fan


    that’s smart, i should do the same…

  • queen schlong

    PS the last good one was that Tzipi accused me of being “Neema” – a muslim woman she tangled with early in Just Jared…Tzipi offended her by saying Arab women are ugly….then she accused me of being 200+ pounds and having a moustache and being easily mistaken for a man.
    (just proves point about that family right?) Lie down with dogs come up with fleas. Dont wrestle with pigs, the pig likes it and you both get dirty.

    what really pissed me off was she said I made comments against jews and christians…which I very strongly dont believe in.

    OK enough of their ish.

  • hoover fan

    @11th Hour:

    good night :)

  • queen schlong

    agreed, I like Naomi, but like most actresses and most women Leo’s age they have already found somebody they can love and trust – she’s with Liev Schreiber. He can handle a real relaysh. Anyone Leo’s own age is likely to be with someone else already. Gisele is, Cam Diaz is, Halle Berry is, Charlize probably is. Or they have kids or are adopting. Gisele does.

    Do you realize he’s started with a dirty blond 20 year old model, three time ina row now? He has to realize his own pattern aint zactly working anymore either. bar aint kristen zang, there is no innocence there. Kristen, Gisele, and Bar, all 20 when he started with them.Hope to god the next wont be the same because he really will look like an old lecher then. Like James Woods with one of his “starlets.”

  • queen schlong

    Anyhow, Leonardo, if you are listening, YES THE FILM WILL BE GREAT.

    You always are boo !

    Marty you are an American master of the cinematic art…….. Leo we love you…just make an effort on the personal front ok? So much to give you have!

  • hoover fan

    @queen schlong

    it’s true, the reply button doesn’t work on your posts for some reason… btw, don’t let those two self-talking idiots get to you… believe me, I got mad too cause they were trying to insult somebody about being over 200 pounds (as if Bar isn’t packing some extra weight herself)and yet they act like ms. over-rated wanna be model is such perfection…when she’s clearly not… I’m more than happy to point out all her imperfections since they clearly love to point out those of others… it’s only fair :)

  • hoover fan

    @Bar that Gagging Fan:

    now Naomi is definitely wifey material… she would be perfect if she wasn’t already married… and she’s naturally beautiful… nothing fake about her whatsoever.

  • queen schlong

    @hoover fan:

    Both Adi and Tzipi are fat ugly and overweight. But I dont want to diss adi I would like her if she wasnt on the wrong side of this. But Bar’s mother became the hideous person she was on the inside on the outside, sorry, its true, and she is well over 200, I can tell. Tall, and fat. We could post pictures but Tzipi really looks like nasty, disapproving, selfish, unpleasant person, and she has a hell of a schnook nose. why not do something about that? They both live vicariously through bar…i bet adi doesnt have a man and that tzipi is really upset about loosing her looks and trying to relive her glory days through her daughter,,,which is selfish and sick.

  • queen schlong
  • queen schlong
  • yayyyy

    sounds glamorous. cant wait to watch it!!

  • An

    His gorgeoeus best actor ever!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute


  • dr brown

    @CanadaGirl: Hi there. Hope you are well.
    I am happy with this news. I love Dicaprio/Scorsese and liked the book. Am also rooting for Devil in the White City. Quite a story and thus a great role. Scorsese is meant to shoot silence next with shoot date for wolf to be revealed at Cannes 2011.

  • dr brown

    @CanadaGirl: Favourite Scorsese/Dicaprio films? It’s hard to rank them but …
    - Shutter Island (I love all the little nods to Marty’s fav films, film makers etc and Leo’s performance is stunning.
    - The Aviator (I’ve always had a soft spot for this. I find people with extremes e.g. genius, demons etc fascinating)
    - The Departed (Leo is on fire here)
    - Gangs of New York (I’m Irish so this touches on a story that was waiting to be told so kudos to Marty for going there. It’s also a very good book. Never liked the casting of Diaz in this film though. Really like Cameron she is nice, fun, lively etc but not enough heat, depth or that little something extra ‘behind the eyes’ for the character. Just my opinion.

    All fantastic films. Can’t wait for more. :-)

    Take care.

  • CanadaGirl

    Another day done at my job that I am starting to despise. I’m tired. I need a vacation. Hey @queen, how about I leave Ontario and head to see you? I am in serious need of a change of scenery. (Just kidding… I’ll just stalk you on JJ ;)
    I poked around a bit and I didn’t find any new Hoover pictures. Leo can’t be doing too much filming if she’s is in LA. We have to expect to see more of her since she’s losing contracts left, right, and centre.
    @queen Her mom is very sour looking. I contrast her with Leo’s mom and there’s no comparison; she’s fit and active andlooking darn good while doing it.

  • CanadaGirl

    @dr brown: Hiya. It’s funny that the movie that I liked the most is at the bottom of your list and vice versa. I still liked shutter Island. The cast was excellent and I enjoyed it as a movement away from material that LD hasn’t done before, but…. The Departed is still one of my favourites.
    One part I like and when I watch it will reverse and watch again is when he gets shot in the head. LOL. Not that I in any way want this to happen in real life, it’s just that he does it SO WELL. I look at it and think, Yes… if a person were to be shot for real, it would look like that. Contrast it with Matt Damon’s at the end and I’m thinking it’s a good thing Damon is pretty because that was some comedy right there. Not quite the reaction I’m supposed to have.

  • 11th Hour

    Not sure if this was posted on her thread, but I guess she lost Rampage too.

  • hoover fan


    hey CG I’m with you…I’m beat… I need a vaca too…I’ve always wanted to go to Canada though…so i rather head in your direction lol I went to toronto as a kid but haven’t been back since… any recommendations? I know Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling live there; have you ever seen those two in person? I love those two, I just find them to be very cool and down to earth … I imagine it must be a really beautiful place to live since a lot of stars who are from there tend to stay there… Alanis Morisette stayed there for a long time and I believe Hayden Christensen still lives there and Ryan Reynolds also stayed in his hometown for a while after becoming famous… It must be really lovely for these folks to want to stay there and not live in the warmth of LA..:)

    btw girls, twice today I’ve seen pics of Matt Damon and thought it was Leo.. LOL I keep thinking it’s him but than I look closer and it’s Matt. I don’t really think they look that much alike but at a quick glance they can look alike sometimes.

  • please

    @CanadaGirl: Mine is definitely The Departed, that is the first film of his I’d seen since Titanic,didn’t realize what a wonderful actor he is, have now seen every movie he has ever done, including Don’s Plum and Total Eclipse, wonderful actor, can’t wait for The Wolf of Wall Street, want to see him as a more sinister character! will the person who constantly has to bring up ‘her’ on Leo threads please stop, we know how you feel, yor obsession is bordering on scary

  • ann

    @11th Hour

    Thanks for more Edgar set pix :)

    Can you explain to me what you and Ann mean by test photos ?

  • CanadaGirl

    @hoover fan: You’re a west coast gal. Nice. I think you should just head up to Vancouver. It’s truly a beautiful amalgamation of urban and natural landscapes.
    I really like T.O. too. It’s a clean, safe, and friendly city. My criticism of it tho’ is that city planners should not allowed building at the water front to preserve the community’s enjoyment. The WHOLE waterfront isn’t eaten up but it certainly isn’t like Chicago that did excellent waterfront planning!
    I haven’t seen either Ryan or Rachel. I see a number of celebs but not A-list like Ryan.

  • CanadaGirl

    @please: I’ve wanted to see Don’s plum. Is it online anywhere handy? My fav. on-line movie sire was seized by the FBI so it’s no longer up and running. Lol

  • 11th Hour

    @ann: Test shots are pictures/film that tests various lighting, costumes, backdrop, etc. to determine how it’ll appear on film.

  • Fantomas

    What a fantastic news !!!!!! Another very big movie in perspective …… someone knows when the shooting is going to begin, I read that the release of the movie was planned for 2012, I find it amazing … anyway we shall know about it more in Cannes.
    Thanks for the pics :)