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Miranda Kerr Debuts Post-Baby Body

Miranda Kerr Debuts Post-Baby Body

Miranda Kerr shows off her post-baby body on Saturday (February 12) in Los Angeles as she steps out in public for the first time since giving birth.

The 27-year-old Aussie model was joined by hubby Orlando Bloom and their newborn son, Flynn!

Orly carried Flynn in an Ergo baby carrier strapped to himself as Miranda chatted with her fellow Victoria’s Secret model and mom Alessandra Ambrosio.

Flynn is so precious and Miranda looks amazing!!

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and baby Flynn out in Los Angeles…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn step out 10

Photos: Famepictures
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  • Kirsten

    What a beautiful and happy family. Flynn is adorable. I wish them the best.

  • no one

    cute. #3

  • rsm

    these photos were from almost a week ago! way to stay on top of things jared…. boo hoo!

  • Lena

    I just found out on Miranda’s Facebook page that little Flynn Christopher was named after her first boyfriend Flynn Christopher who died in a car crash when Miranda was 17. Orlando must really love her and be secure in their love to agree to that. It’s really sort of uncool of her i think. What do you guys think?

  • BEAN

    She looks exactly the same before she was pregnant! Doubt I’ll be so lucky.

  • Endrid

    Wow Jared. Kate crosses the street and it’s an immediate post. Orlando is out with his beautiful family and you post it almost a week later. I guess Orlando will have to start marketing cheap ugly jewelry for you to buy for you to give him priority. Way douchey, Jared

  • greta

    Late to the party again, Jared. These pictures appeared on other sites days ago.

  • Frida

    Gorgeous family!

  • @5

    I believe her first boyfriend was called Christopher, not Flynn Christopher. She’s only given their son his name as a middle name.

    It does seem slightly creepy when I think about it, like a Hitchcock plot. It would be OK if it was any other sort of friend.

    It seems a bit odd to me that Orlando has apparently not contributed a middle name from his family, because his mother said he was going to. But he bought his house with money from the “Kit Stone” trust so the name Christopher might be important to him as well.

  • Lena


    Thanks. I guess I thought Flynn was included with the Christopher. I understood Flynn was going to have 4 names so maybe Orlando contributed to him name to. Orlando’s full name is ‘Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

  • Lena

    Thanks. I guess I thought Flynn was included with the Christopher. I understood Flynn was going to have 4 names so maybe Orlando contributed to Flynn’s name to. Orlando’s full name is ‘Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful family..

  • hobie83

    I love a man secure enough in his masculinity to carry a baby pouch on this stomach. Makes me go “awww”

  • Jayne

    I think it’s nice that orlandos doing this with hes son.

  • Just Joanie

    Miranda said she knew Orlando would be a wonderful dad someday and it appears she was right. Gawd, he’s so adorable holding Flynn in the baby pouch while giving Miranda some free time to visit with her friends. Looks like he’s a wonderful husband as well.

  • ben

    Does anyone know what kind of sunglasses orlando is wearing???

  • Adorable!

    My new favourite celebrity family!

    Orlando is awesome with the baby carrier. I so agree with you hobie83!


  • LBL

    Can you say cute?

    Orlando and baby Flynn!

  • sara

    Christopher’s death had a huge impact on her life. She has stated that his death while so young caused her to appreciate life, and to live each day to it’s fullest.
    I think that she used his name because of how he taught her to appreciate every day, not because he was the love of her life, or anything like that.
    Orlando is sensitive enough to understand, and secure enough to not mind having his son carry Christopher’s name.
    Orlando is evidently much more secure and emotionally mature than many of his so called ‘fans’.
    They are acting like this is some sort of betrayal. That’s just stupid and shallow.
    If it doesn’t bother Orlando, why should it bother his ‘fans’?
    Besides, Christopher is a wonderful name.

  • yes!

    There she is!
    She looks gorgeous!

  • yes!

    There she is!
    She looks gorgeous!
    And Orlando looks so cute with his baby!
    Flynn definitely has his eyes!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Hahahahaha cute baby

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Where miranda ?

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!

    Baby want mama miranda

  • Lena


    I understand now. You are right. I love those Blooms!

  • reba

    ‘First public appearance’? I doubt it. I’m sure she’s been out of the house since giving birth! Could you imagine staying cooped up inside for over a month? I think they ‘alerted’ the paps, finally, when she was feeling photographically ready for it. Either way, she looks happy and healthy:)++

  • Mike

    I didn’t think it was possible but she is even uglier now than she was before she went out and got herself knocked up. I wonder who the real father is. Poor, stupid Orlando.

  • @29

    Well, well, well.
    Where have you been?
    We’ve been waiting for the delphite on duty to show up!
    “real father”
    Gee, since the baby OBVIOUSLY (to anyone with a brain) has Orlando’s eyes, it would take someone pretty deluded to believe that he isn’t the father.
    But ‘Deluded’ is every delphite’s middle name.
    They all share a name, actually….
    Miss Pathetic Deluded Loser.

  • Jokergurl

    Lovely family, they will make it last I can just tell.

  • Lol

    I’m sad the son not blue eye

  • Robert

    Pretty models

  • Ann

    Miranda most beautiful mom

  • Liz

    Flynn like All muma just like dad eyes

  • Xtina

    Cute family

  • @29

    Doesn’t it suck that Flynn actually looks a lot like Orlando? Sorry that Flynn didn’t come out with blue eyes, or darker skin and such, I’m sure that would’ve been very sickly entertaining for you, messing with a newborns life.

  • sally

    Brown eyes are more dominat than blue, so it would be unusual if Flynn had blue eyes.

  • @32

    Not me.
    Orlando has big, gorgeous, soulful dark eyes, with long, thick lashes that any woman would kill for.
    Flynn is going to be a heartbreaker.
    Just like his daddy.
    If they have a girl, then she could have Miranda’s blue eyes. But any additional boys need to have daddy’s dark eyes and incredible lashes.
    Whether or not any of their babies have blue eyes depends on if any of Orlando’s extended blood relatives have blue eyes. He could carry the recessive gene for blue eyes. It all depends on the genetic crapshoot that is DNA.

  • mailey

    i like her blazer.

  • Melody

    Awww, I’m pleased that there’s finally a picture of Baby Flynn where his face can actually be seen…he looks like Orlando!! My only gripe about these photos is, I wish Orlando would take the sunglasses off….we can’t see his eyes! And as somebody else above said, he has beautiful eyes most women would kill for.

  • flynn orlando

    It is weird to name your son after late boyfriend. I don’t think it is fair- not only to your husband but to your child as well. How can you celebrate life with the name of the late boyfriend??? Keeping him alive by thinking of him every day ??? Enjoying the life remembering that he died? It is weird. I don’t understand. I would understand the celebration of love and life with your alive husband’s name- Flynn could be Flynn Orlando, right. Orlando seems like a good husband and father. How will Miranda explain to her son one day this decision- did he love(d) Christopher more then Orlando? Can you tell this to your son, even if it is true? Orlando must love her very much to accept this name. It doesn’t seem that he doesn’t care for the Flynn and that it is all the same for him, on the contrary. BTW, do anyone know about Orlando’s mother and sister- did they visit the little one yet?

  • @41

    Since you posted on this thread as well, I’ll just bring over my answer..
    So any child that carries the name of a family member that has passed away can’t celebrate life, only remember the dead?
    That’s what you are saying.
    And if they had named the child after a dead relative, does that mean that they love the relative more than the spouse?
    No, that’s just stupid.
    This has been discussed to death, and onlt because you delphites won’t let it drop. You have run out of things to complain about, and are now making up scandals. Also in your discussions, you have ceased calling Christopher her “dead boyfriend”, but have started calling him her “dead f**k”. How horrible is that? Did you forget that they were only 16 when they were together? But what does that matter in your rush to insult her, right?
    BTW, he carries Orlando’s name….Bloom, in case you forgot.
    And again (proving yourself a delphite) you still believe that Orlando’s family has not visited the baby, and you have made up stories and reasons to suit you.
    As people said to Sighs, if you “can’t prove a negative”, you can’t state it as fact.
    But when did that ever stop a delphite?

  • http://twitter kymjones

    That is Miranda choice to name their son after her first boyfriend

  • http://DorisWestreet DorisWestreet

    I think Orlando sensitive and gentleman enough to understand what Miranda thinking..It’s just to remember,and appreciate..I don’t think Orlando will mind about the name,he cares about what Miranda feels!He loves Miranda enough to let her memorise her ex boyfriend..Beside that, I’m a huge fan of Orlando, he’s amazing..Their baby is so cute, hope he has Orlando handsome face and his sexy body shape of course!! All the best for you little boy! To Orlando and Miranda, wish you guys happy forever!!

  • http://DorisWestreet DorisWestreet

    @Just Joanie: Huge support to you !