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Zac Efron: Sweaty with Starbucks!

Zac Efron: Sweaty with Starbucks!

Zac Efron grabs a cup of Starbucks coffee while heading into the gym on Wednesday (February 16) in Inglewood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actor later left the gym wearing a shirt drenched with sweat. Looks like Zac hit the gym hard!

The night before, Zac checked out the opening night performance of the musical Rock of Ages at the Pantages Theatre. The show stars American Idol‘s Constantine Maroulis and features 80s rock music!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron hitting the gym…

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# 1
Proudofzacnessa @ 02/16/2011 at 8:24 pm

Zac…u wanna kill me?
:B !!!

# 2

I no longer find him attractive. This ‘buffness’ is too much now.

# 3

two questions
1. whats with the girly heart necklace he wore yesterday
2. also whats with the hair tyi hes been wearing ever since ”the split”

# 4

It’s so funny he’s very buff up top but his legs are still pretty tiny rofl. Zac is great to look at.

# 5
mykamicks @ 02/16/2011 at 8:28 pm

I miss this kind of routine & looks of him.. Despite of sweats, he is still gorgeous.

# 6

even with close LOL

# 7
silly people @ 02/16/2011 at 8:30 pm

he luks amazing agree with no.1 comment zac does wanna kill us..giggles!

# 8

1. You’d have to ask him obviously
2. It’s for a movie

# 9
silly people @ 02/16/2011 at 8:33 pm

wow some troll is marking our comments down lookout!

Bradley Bobst @ 02/16/2011 at 8:33 pm

Looking good Zac.

What kind of car is that he was driving in the photo? I see a v10 sticker on it.

New design @JColeNC “In The Morning” artwork here: @RocNation

CanadaGirl @ 02/16/2011 at 8:55 pm

My new crush. Like him now…. wasn’t liking him when he first hit the scene, but he’s looking beefy and manly. Nice.

@adiore: I’m loving the new buff Zac. He looks so hot! Its like he went from a boy to a man overnight.

Somebody knows how tall he is?

His legs are way to skinny for his upper body…not attractive at all!!!!

@Noli: he is 5’8 or 5’9 something

Good to see him sweat it out

Zac is soooo buff – i love it!!

I agree, he’s getting WAAAAYYY to big. It doesn’t look right on him. Ew.

i'm sick of Obsesseds-fans @ 02/16/2011 at 10:06 pm

@Noli: 5′ 10½” (1.79 m)

luv the way u lie @ 02/16/2011 at 10:08 pm

from the start it haters go away

why would he go to inglewood to a gym? trying to avoid the paps?

@Bretta he drives an Audi S6 sedan.

love him so sexy

If it bothers some of you so much, why do you click on the link to read the news???

team efron forever<3

love him<3

Wow. I would lick every drop of sweat off of his body. He is looking HAWT these days!

he keeps getting hotter!

I agree with adrianna If you don’t like him don’t click on his news. We think you guys r retraded. We think he looks super cute, so what ever.

zac-is-tard @ 02/16/2011 at 11:59 pm

he is a tool. go vanessa!

OMG, how can one man be so hot and sexy? I wish he was sweating on me. I wish we were sweating together. Oh yes.

ZacTheBigLetDown @ 02/17/2011 at 12:33 am

Zac is not 5’10 I am taller then him by a couple of inches and I am 5’10 unless he puts pumps on maybe he can borrow Tom Cruises shoes. Vanessa wisened up by leaving him his actions for the last six months show that he is not a man any woman should want you all are blinded by this chubster blue eyed boy in the end you will find out he led Vanessa on by going to NC acting like he cared Vanessa and Brittany clued you in why they are done because he was dipping his wick in other peoples koolaid probably a girl we have not yet heard of but I am sure we will soon Zac is not the perfect man he sells to the public behind clothes door his ego is big he thinks he is invincible because we fed into that good boy routine now he is showing us his true colors and who he really is for years we called Vanessa names said she was not good enough for him that he deserved better we Zac fans supported the wrong person the Disney Prince is really a frog and the Disney Princess was mistreated by us because we all thought Zac was the ideal man and boyfriend what a let down he turned out to be way to go Zac your star has fallen far keep downing the shots it will get you far ask your peers.

His upper area looks good now he just needs to work on his legs, guys tend to forget to work on their legs.

he’s actually about 5’6″ – I’ve stood next to him at an event and at 5’8″ towered over him

Zac is 23 now and he knows in order to be taken more seriously as an actor and play different roles he has to shed the whole HSM image and start looking more like a 23 year man and not a boy!

looking good!

@Bretta: this is Zac’s Audi S6 limousine

Looking good Zac. Love to see guys all buffed up.

in reality he is just a little prick who would just assume walk and piss on you ….. how do you think these people get where they are ? I’ve seen him out and about and he is a jack wagon

He’s cute facewise, but the super buff look is not for him – looks weird on his small frame.

Sweaty and sexy :D

even he is sweaty still look gorgeous!!!!

Clairedelune @ 02/17/2011 at 7:21 am

Midget in training. Not good.

@ZacTheBigLetDown: go f**k yourself @Tomahawk: get lost b*tch
@zac-is-tard: go to hell you and your sl*ty hudgens and btw you’re an asss

TEAM ZAC EFRON @ 02/17/2011 at 8:27 am

Hubba, hubba! I wish he’d do push ups on me! All man here.

silly people @ 02/17/2011 at 8:49 am

@Tomahawk: why don’t u go to hudgens thread and piss there? It will be worth it lol!

silly people @ 02/17/2011 at 8:51 am

@Tomahawk: why don’t u go to hudgens thread and piss there? It will be worth it lol!she doesn’t hav much fans left!

@melissa: leave the trolls and ******* alone they hate zac so much that they bother to come here and spread hatred here but we don’t even bother to see what VANESSA is doing..cause WE DON’T CARE ..don’t waste ur energy on them cause they don’t deserve it

@team zac:o! Come on who in the world cares abt that ****..zac u luk amazing@melissa agreed!

vanessa is a **** @ 02/17/2011 at 9:05 am

@silly people: LOL YEAH:p

@iii: EXACTLY:)
@silly people: agreed!^^

@team zac: YOU’RE RIGHT

PIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP @ 02/17/2011 at 9:12 am

goooooo efron :)))))))))))

nobody can take you down<3 i adore him he’s so cute

Haters Suck! @ 02/17/2011 at 9:22 am

Before you efron fans start acting all high and mighty I just came here to say stop sending Vanessa death threats and death wishes. I’ve seen a few of those latley from efron fans in Vanessa postss. It’s one thing to not like her but wishing she’s dead and sending her threats crosses the line. That’s all I came her to say don’t wanna start a fight or anything just stop with the death wishes.


PIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP @ 02/17/2011 at 9:34 am

@Haters Suck!: i hate hudgens but i agree

get back with vanessa u guys are made for each other

emma efron @ 02/17/2011 at 11:30 am

Buff makes him look hot!!!! He wants to be really buff & what’s wrong with that? I like it on him!!!! Working out is one of his favorite hobbies & it’s good for him. It’s doesn’t make him look fat.

I never found him attractive when he was orange and plastic with too much hair gel.

Nothing has changed.

I’m just surprised how fast he got ugly(er) and old.

@lol,: don’t come here then and pls don’t luk into the mirror and call urself!

If you are going to be taken seriously, then you need to learn how to write properly.
What do you mean by, “who would just assume walk and piss on you?” The phrase is “who would just as soon walk….”
How old are you, 10?
And, you don’t know Zac, so you don’t know what he’d rather do.

i dont like him so beefy.

hudgens sucks-.- @ 02/17/2011 at 1:57 pm

looking sexy zacy<3


@Zacthebigletdown (aka noonesfan): Again, your inability to use a period to end a sentence speaks volumes. Oh and btw from someone who really has been around Zac and Vanessa, he is 5’10″.

@Nicky: He does have an Audi S6, but it’s not a limo.

Stop the hate everyone.

WICKED WENCH @ 02/17/2011 at 3:03 pm

why shower? I’d gladly give him a tongue bath. He’s so hardcore these days (sigh…)

I think he should keep at least 10 of the 18pds he had to gain for the movie The Lucky One. The extra weight look doesn’t look bad on him at all. In fact, I think he was a little too waifish looking before. He looks all grown up now.

the body of man love it he is getting better with the age

the body of man love it he is getting better stop hating he is the man

i'm sick of Obsesseds-fans @ 02/17/2011 at 6:50 pm

OMG he’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
SEXY love him<3333333333333333

@Haters Suck! Sometimes you and I agree to disagree but today I totally agree with you and you are absolutely right. I love Zac and Vanessa, but regardless of that no one deserves to be talked about in that manner. Stop the hate people. Live in love.

Zac’s “friend” Teresa’s new movie I Am Number Four is expected to top the box office this weekend, despite being trashed by critics. I know I personally had no desire to see this until I heard that TP may be more than just friends with our boy Zac, now I’m gonna see it for sure!

WICKED WENCH @ 02/17/2011 at 9:09 pm

Can I just add I’d like to superglue my hands to his pectoral muscles? Thats their happy spot for sure. Hand heaven.

Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan @ 02/17/2011 at 9:44 pm


Susan If Zac and TP are more then friends that makes him a Cheating ******* with a Cold Heart He has Proven me Worng the last couple months Have Standed Up for him But Now enough is Enough I don’t care what Zac does anymore as long he stays the hell way from Vanessa

Zac You can Drink and go Clubbing all you want but someday you will look back and see what you have lost and then it will be to Late


How is he “cheating”? He’s single now. Him visiting Vanessa after breakup doesn’t mean they are back together.
It’s not like Zac happily dumped her. He obviously made effort to work things out, but it looks like they realized it wouldn’t work and he’s trying to move on.
Don’t judge him when you don’t know what really happened between them.

@WICKED WENCH: Who says this stuff? You are a disgusting piece of work. I can’t stand your comments. They’re the sign of a very sick, hateful, perverted person.

Ok, just wait a minute! If there is any licking of Zac going on, it’s going to be done by ME. So, you just back off, wench. Oh yeah. I want me some Zexy Zefron. Yummy.


Vanessa Hudgens's Biggest Fan @ 02/17/2011 at 10:39 pm


whatever Zac is cheating

Wow. Is it my imagination or is Zac metamorphosing into that douchebag Ryan Phillippe? Poor Zac, losing his mojo so quickly. And — LOL, the guy is no more than 5″8 max …probably 5″7 if we’re being perfectly honest without getting out our measuring sticks. It is what is…and Zac’s handlers will most likely make him wear lifts to compensate. Just wait folks…it’s coming. I sort of feel sorry for him…he has truly become the L.A. Hollywood stereotype. While doing press for his last flop, he spouted off a slew of comments that will be coming back to haunt him no doubt. I won’t waste time going into it…you only need to read his last Details interview to get somewhat of the gist. I always say: the f**ckery in L.A. will turn even the most well-intentioned into a sad chameleon AND SELL-OUT. Case-in-point. In any case, I’m abandoning ship…probably won’t be following him from here on out. His new unreleased movie doesn’t interest me…I’m not a Nicholas Sparks aficionado. The premise for the upcoming movie sounds completely over the top and ridiculous. Lastly, he’s become the very cliché he claimed not to be. I’m actually more interested in Vanessa Hudgens and hedging my bets on her. She seems to have more conjones in her left pinky than Efron has in his entire body including his nether regions. Indeed…I’m all over Sucker Punch. Zack Snyder is an absolute genius.

@SUSAN, Zac, is not seeing TP want i’vr read,about her she is not girlfriend material, she is only interested, in man who will further her career, and Zac does not need her, there hole lot classer actresses than that piece of trash, besides she lives in Autraila, not in california, she just comes in for work, and the only reason that movie makes money is because of Alex, and his girlfriend who is in Glee, not because of TP , also it came out hers pr people made this up to began with, and Zac is very close to his mother,his mother would put a stop tp this if it was true. she far from bringing home to mom. also Vanessa’s and Zac’s family are close, and they love Vanessa. Zac has taken Vanessa home with him,several times, his family went to see Vanessa perform in rent. Zac doesn’t have time to date right now, he is going back and forth from LA, to NY. He is working on his career,and thats the most important, thing in is life right now. want i understand she only good for on nite stand. want i read he is not seeing TP, and i don’t think he really wants to be seen with her, he wants his fans to support him,and if he’s seen with her, he will lewes alot of his fans. I was going to see the movie ., because of Alex and i like the girl in glee, but i will wait when it comes out on video.

@Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan: yiz have a really a big problem. why is he cheating? Zac and Nessa are not together anymore. You know absolutely nothing what happened between them. Look back the last two 2 years and look at the pictures where Zac was seen more than down and sad. Zac and Nessa had problems again and again the last 2 years. just for example: at the MTV Movie awards 2009 were no pictures of them together on the red carpet, because they had troubles. A few days later he was seen in Santa Monica, sad and hurt again the same was true for the Hangover premiere (here with red and swollen eyes because he wept before he was there) and so on, the list is very long. You should try to think what was the reason for that. It was not Zac, it was Nessa. She is a nice and pretty girl but she is no angel, verbally she can be very rude and violative. All these things were more than obvious.
You have absolutely no idea what’s going on.
Nessa and Zac decided to go separate ways. It was their common decision and all people around have to accept it. If you “biggest fan” of Nessa have nothing better to do than to write hurtful comments about Zac, do all people a favor and go. With your behavior you disappoint Nessa. She and Zac are friends not more and not less and you also have to accept that. She can do whatever she wants and Zac also. They are 2 independent personalities, with 2 lives and 2 careers.

Zac . . . you look very handsome that i can die right now

WICKED WENCH @ 02/18/2011 at 8:41 am

@lame: See ya! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

WICKED WENCH @ 02/18/2011 at 8:46 am

@maria: Sticks and stones may break my bones but Ad Hominem attacks won’t hurt me. I suggest you look up the literary devices “metaphor” and “hyperbole” as well as “tongue-in-cheek” and “poetic imagery.” You will need this information in my English class or you will flunk freshman year in college.
God help you if you should ever read Oscar Wilde or any of the great wits. So much would be lost on you.

@Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan:
No, he’s NOT cheating. You are a real idiot. How old are you? 8?

@lame – same goes for you.

WICKED WENCH @ 02/18/2011 at 8:49 am

@maria: Here’s a good website. Peruse it – if you’re going to critique me, you need to understand what I write:

WICKED WENCH @ 02/18/2011 at 8:59 am

@maria: PS: “Superglue my hands” – HYPERBOLE. “Hands…hand heaven” – SYNECDOCHE. All of it – metaphor for how sexy I find this man’s chest, since saying “he’s hot” is old and uncreative.

I can’t really take credit for this, because I stole it, but how about:
I’d bang him like a screen door in a hurricane.
Oh yeah.

NICKY, you don’t know yourself, if anyone is to blame Pr J. and Gina, who has wanying to break up with Vanessa for a long time i;ve been reading lately that is team are nasty and hardcore, and even times Zac didn’t know want was going on. I read a article in ALLURE, mag with Vanessa, the interviewer asked her about rumors og people in the background, that wanted them to part, she said she try’s not to listen to bad things, by the way the reason the were not on the red carpet together, is because there PR, people told them to do it to show they are indivuals, and have separate careers, bt the way the sat together inside and they were having a great time, i’ve read from people who knoe them the were always sweet and kind to each other, tou can see in their looks at each other how much they love each other, and Zac always hated to walk the red carpet by himselve , he always like to have Vanessa there with him, but his PR wanted him to leave hsm, behind to advance his career, so Vanessa remines them always of HSM also the separations of work,took a toll,and even Zac has said several times that Vanessa is the sweetest and very kind and gracious person he has ever known and she takes good care of him, he also said,once,that he couldn’t live with out her.By the way it’s there buisness you and anyone knows want is going on right noe , i do know Vanessa was asked twice about Zac, and she just laughed and smiled, and Zac did the same thing when he was at a play this week by him selve, right now they are working on there careers, and Vanessa and Zac are very loyal to each other, they will never talk to the press ever again, they always turn very thing against them.athey will always protect each other. and another thing this summer, she was the one supporting him at his movie, he said she always knows how to keep him calm, and he said she makes him very happy , very happy. so you are jumping to conclusions, you know nothing about, They still love each oher very much,you don’t stay in a relationship for 5 and half years if you weren’t happy with each other.

@BARBARA: Barbara i think you are right. Gina, would want him happy.he would do better with his job if he happy. right he look so like gina run his life not zac.i do belive that they are work it out becouse we know they love each away from vanessa not go to help.if zac do go out gina will my sure he go out with the one she tell him to.

I Love Zanessa … Zac is so cute <3
Awww … =) i think Zanessa exist because Zac and Vanessa are still perfect <3

emma efron @ 02/18/2011 at 12:08 pm

@lol,: He’s not old he’s 23 & 23 is very young, he’s still a young adult & 24 is still a young adult too. U are a young adult til u are in ur 30s.

emma efron @ 02/18/2011 at 12:12 pm

@Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan: He is not dating Teresa Palmer & u need to grow up. I’ve told u before he’s not dating her & he hasn’t been to clubs & ppl make those up to earn money, I’m done fighting w/u.

vanessa hudgens @ 02/18/2011 at 12:26 pm

i am a **** who just got a tacky tattoo..and i am crying in my pillows because zac my darling dumped me i don’t even have a career now u see my crap movie beastly is releasing for kids i think need to do a sex tape this time ..naked pics are so old now i hope that will help ..i m crying booooho!

@WICKED WENCH: ignore @maria she is some saint or a crazy vanessa hud fan and a zac hater u can go read some other comments of her she always defends her darling vanessa and say bad things to people who say a word against v and can’t stand zac getting anY good comments the way understood ur metaphors!

hello bi:tches and disgusting haters goto mini kim k’s (vanessa) thread pls because thats where all trash is stored!

vanessa sucks! @ 02/18/2011 at 1:20 pm

@lame: hey lame as ur name suggests read v’s details cover how abt this i luv being hit by a 77 ys old michael cane **** and yeah doing supporting roles is a genius(sucker punch) and journey whatever..both movies likely to be bashed by critics and beastly is for kids ..and by the way even if sp became a hit emily browning will get all the credit for the crap movie bmd abt zac he doesn!t need publicity.. U disgusting ignorant fool!

@lame: yes dear it is ur imagination are u on drugs? Hallucinations! Lol and by d way zac u luk amazing ..very happy to see u ..thanx jj for posting

Beautiful Zac!

@ SUSAN, i read to day, about TP, and a crtiic saw her movie a couple weeks ago, peoplechoice, said stab me in the eyes if i ever watch any of her movies she is the worst actress i have ever seen. By the way all thost storys about Z

@ SUSAN, i read to day, about TP, and a crtiic saw her movie a couple weeks ago, peoplechoice, said stab me in the eyes if i ever watch any of her movies she is the worst actress i have ever seen. By the way all thost storys about Z

@ SUSAN. the people choice said Stab me in the eyes if i ever see TP movies, she is the worse actress he as never seen. by the way all those storysof her and Zac are not truth, her PR spread the rumors, Also there all kinds of people said they saw Vanessa lieve his hotel, they said she had dinner with him, this was before he left to come back to LA . i feel they are still seeing each other only in private,that way they don’t have to answer to any one. even this guy asked him if he was still dating Vanessa, he said yes, another time there was this young girl at the airport, who ask the same time he answer, the same..

I found these reviews of Teresa in I Am Number Four:

Orlando Sentinel: Palmer is also in THIS weekend’s big one, “I Am Number Four,” and she KILLS in it. Sexy/scary butt-kicking role and she makes the most of it. In appearance, the Aussie actress is like a more glamorous version of Kristen Stewart.

Cinema Blend: Teresa Palmer, who shows up late as the alien Number Six, makes for a great bad-girl black swan to [Dianna] Agron’s buttoned-up Sarah. An unexpected high point is Aussie actress Teresa Palmer (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Take Me Home Tonight) as Number Six, a witty, unflappable alien who becomes Number Four’s partner.

ScreenRant: For the boys, there is a second gorgeous blond female character — a hot girl who kicks mad “Mog” butt and straddles a motorcycle (yep). Six, played by the sizzling Teresa Palmer (Lorien either did not create unattractive people, or did not allow them survive their global Apocalypse), has been on the trail of Four and the “Mogs” in an attempt to bring the fight to the villains. Fortunately Six arrives just in time for the most exciting portion of the film, a genuinely well-construed and entertaining end action sequence…

So yeah….the movie isn’t well reviewed but Teresa is, and it’s also expected to be #1 this weekend….

here’s the whole article.

Tonight I heard a rumor that Zac Efron was inside a nightclub whooping it up with his friends. I heard it from 3 different people that he was there with a girl too. That’s enough to start rumors about him to fill a magazine up for two weeks! Was it true? Nope! You know why? Cuz, I caught him with two of his best guy friends skateboarding on the beach boardwalk near Venice!!! How can he be inside a nightclub if I am chasing him for miles down a boardwalk trying to get you all a picture? Ha Ha Ha.

It seems as if Zac is a normal guy who likes hanging out with his friends and keeping his nose clean (unlike other celebs) so people would rather start rumors about him to suit their needs. He seems to me to be a better class of up- and-coming celebrity in a city where we could use the next Leo Dicaprio or Tom Cruise.

I only took one picture tonight and blew it up so all you Zac Efron fans would know the truth. Zac is not out partying at the night clubs and picking up girls. He is getting chased by me.

WICKED WENCH @ 02/18/2011 at 8:10 pm

@lilly: LMAO. Love it! Never heard it before but I’m using it – I’ll credit you, of course. BTW – those picture of Zac with those 45 pound plates? My jaw broke hitting the floor. OMG – on behalf of the entire female population and all the gay men in the world, Thank-you Zac Efron for working out.

@ SUSAN, THE ORANDO SENTINAL are not taken serious , i read Roger Ebert, he never even mention her, her at all, he gave it 1 and half stars, and he only mention Alex and the girl from GLEE, he is oe your top critics abd l’ve seen a few more, even E only mention Alex and the girl from Glee, but he gave it B-, But the critic of People Choice, said she was the worst actress he ever seen, he will never go see any of her movies a can, that movie he’s talking about comes out the same day as Vanessa’s and Alex’s BEASTLY. i’M sorry aloy of people are turn off on her, because she sleeps around with any body, just to get ahead. By the way Gina is not Zac’s publist any more, he has a new one. who use to be J LO’S publist.

Wow. Really? Why r u guys fighting over two people u don’t know and u guys think u know what happend when u guys don’t know jack **** on them. So all of u need to stop with this bullshit

Never in my life seen something like that
I’m sick of you or zac.
please come to Turkey.
I love you too.
Vanessa is very beautiful and a couple of

Video of Zac at Geisha House with guy friends last night. He looks so happy! Look for him tomorrow at NBA All-Star Game at Staples Center.

Do you have a link or some clue as to where this video is?

Golly jeez, Zac and Teresa screwed each other before going public.
They got together behind their partners’ back.
Remember how antsy Zac was during the premiere of Get Him to the Greek? Date night, my ass! He was skittish because Russell Brand is Teresa’s ex. He couldn’t wait to go inside the theater and leave his girlfriend’s side. You don’t act that way if you still into your girlfriend Zac! You should have dump Vanessa after that, but no, you string her along, ******** the both of them.
And when girlfriend found out and decided cut you totally off her life, you have the great idea of humiliating her with a very media PDA fest with your lovely cheating partner, complete with details and then making it look like your ex-gf was the first one to cheat too. What a nice scumbag man you are Zac!

@BARBARA: Barbara, don’t bother. She is going to gush over ANYONE else that Zac is associated with…ANYONE. Even someone like this, who hooks up with any male celeb who can further her career, and is probably one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. Talk about an average looking Hollywood starlet. Seriously, a dime-a-dozen. AND she can’t act. She’ll be cast as the blonde bimbo in B movies, and try and sleep her way to the top. No big surprise. It’s normal Hollywood behavior.

You are a f’ing idiot. You don’t know Zac. You have no idea what he does in his private life. Shut the F**k up and go away.

By the way Vanessa, Brittany, Laura, Zac,Rottman, Crawford, all went to the NBA, party at the same time, for sure Laura,and Crawford are dating, sure sounds to me like a coincidence ? are is it. this was Friday nite the boys weny out to dinner, then they went to the store, which is one of Vanessa favorite, and they all show up at the party @Tinker don’t believe very thing you read beause they are profing more and more, that TP and Zac, nothing of these two is true, they all ready proof, her movie he was never there, and they are saying that he was not at the party neither, and if your talking about intouch that storys were all made up, they also said they were togther on jan 25, he was in NC at the time all these mag intouch ok, Enquire, star, globe, and more makeup stories, and Zac said never believe want you read, i and Vanessa will tell the truth.

barbara and all zanessa’s fun
zanessa are over vanessa comfirm it and brittany and we didn’t saw them together since november so PLZ STOP SAYING THEY ARE TOGETHER AND THEY CAN’T LEAVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER AND BLAH BLAH BLHA YOU DON’T KNOW THAT AND NO ONE KNOW

@BARBARA: thank you barbara.we know they are together.i hope will see them togther soon but if not i know that they love each other.i belive if it was over zac would be date by now.and maybe vanessa to.@meryam there picture of them together jan went she was in nc.they are try to keep it low.

Meryam, KNOW ONE KNOWS FOR SURE IF THE ARE BROKEN UP FOR SURE. , and i saw on twitter a picture of three opf them on the red carpet, they were all dress up, there was all kinds of celebries were there, Vanessa was in a red dress, she looked beautiful, her is back to being long, Brittany used to date Ryan R. it shows they are going to show up at the same places , they sare the same friens, and frankly i think they are still dating, but behind closed doors just like the dated the first two years, know one knew they dated, i’VE READ SOME THINGS i’m not going to say, because i want them to have their privated time together.Oh yea i saw a picture of Zac and Vanessa skipping, Zac was skipping at the store the boys were at, which i read is one of Vanessa favorite stores, Vanessa was skipping the day she spending time with ZE, the paps thought were so cute, V & Z Are so much a like, i guess when you spend 5 yrs together, you have pick up each others habits. I know, Zac wrinkes his nose like Vanessa’s. All i said they were at the same party.

it amazes me ( sarcastic) how some of you people act like u know them or what happend between them, when you guys dont knoe **** about them. again no one knows what happend in them in nc or anywhere. so all of you just need to stop.

By the way alot of people think the edit they film, because the part of Brittany, wasn’t quite right, several months Extra edit a intervirew of Ashley, because ashley and Brittany would say things about there friends, in first place, and Vanessa did not say it herself, always the interviewer, says now you are single, and Vanessa and Zac are going to seen more with there friends, so they are going to protect each other, there are going to be ninja’s, from now on. they want to keep there private life private. There was another interview with Britany that she said she was single, and she was spending time with her friends, never said any one was single. I don’t expected Zac to be at Vanessa’s priemeres, because thy don’t want the media to think there together. they know they support each other. They are going to be very busy the next three months, so its easyer this way so the media stops asking them about each other.By the way she was asked twice about Zac and she laugh both times, if you have just broken up she would of said they are not together anymore. and Zac was asked the same thing, he smile, and a grinn on his face.

@Deb: Jared gives me grief when I try to post a link so I’ll just say the video of Zac at Geisha House with his guy friends is on hollywood tv. It’s also linked on zefron dot com, go to forums, Photos, Zanessa thread, about 12 hours ago.

@Deb there this one of him leavn

@BARBARA: omg u re talking so right i read some other post of u and it is the exactly,like i think so u re right of everything what u say i finaly found some one who just have same opinion like me,and i always will say dont belive everything what ull read till u dont hear it from them selfs or see pics or videos and the break up it is not confirmed they just want to keep it in privacy, and plus they still love each other and there is too many sighting that all the time they are together, so ill just wait and see, but i think theat we ll see em soon and well see em will laugh about all this stupid rumors.

@BARBARA: i think you are right.zac will be in ny on 3march to finsh his movie i think.i do belive that they want time to be together with out report. i do understand that.i think thye want to speed as much time together befor they get real bus.and that they want to keep it low.i think here freind are help them to.

emma efron @ 02/20/2011 at 5:16 pm

i don’t talk to Zac on Tagged he is a fake after all & i believe Zac when he says he doesn’t have social networks

@BARBARA: If the nightclub visit was after the party then this just proves that they have indeed split and that Zac could’nt wait to get away from being in the same place as Vanessa, no wonder he’s smiling like a idiot when he get’s out of the car only to get straight back in, bet he could’nt wait to get inside and start grinding against whoever was waiting for him inside.

And of course he was back in his favourite place a nightclub it’s become his first home.

And of course he won’t be at her preimers he’s conveintly working, I don’t beleive he ever had any intentions of showing up for them even if he was’nt working and they were together. After all the support and compliments she gave him and how proud she was of him when she attended 17 Again and CSC premiers, but can he be bothered to return the favour of course not, while Vanessa’s busy promoting he’ll be hooking up with whatever bity of skirt he can find in a nightclub.

I hope that Vanessa and Alex do a bit of clubbing and have some dinners out together, becuase efron sure as hell won’t miss her while she’s away, so I say you go for it V and have a blast with Alex.

@FLORENCE, You don’t know want you are talking about, first Zac is going to be NY, the first of march filming the NYE, movie the same time Vanessa is going to promote her movie in NY. she, is going to be on Reg, and Kelly show life, MTV, and the letterman show. also Vanessa did have dinner with Zac in his hotel on Valintines day, before he came back to LA. he has never been dating anyone, including Tressa, they have already prove that was a lie, He’s been hanging with his friends, and so has Vanessa, she is not dating anyone also, all these slites are making up storys about the both of them, i believe they are still seeing each other in private,they wanted to be known about there work not there relationship, they want that for themselves, and know one else, the reason he was happy is he was going to see Vanessa at the same private party.,you need to stop all this obsession of Zac. He has been working two jobs at the same time and working out, and being with his and Vanessa’s friends, they share the same friends, You need to stop all these lies, cause if you don’t you are going to catch up with you, and you are goiing be in big trouble, even a law suit.

FLORENCE , Zac did not go to the nite club after it was before, the party, and they went to eat sushie. yes it is a nite club, but it is a restarant that serves sushie. all this happen on Friday nite. Vanessa went to a birthday sat.nite, he was seen in sudio city, doing nothing wrong.

@Deb go here. tell you more about zac //

How do you know that Z & V had dinner together on Valentine’s Day?

@Deb: cuz there was a twitter sighting that they were at same hotel share room and had private dinner.and omg why everyone is still beliving in this stupid rumors, did u all heard confirmation of them?no so just stop all of u dont belive everything what media will write, zanessa just want to have privacy.

@biki: to believe a twitter sighting is gorgeous … people who always say that just want attention, because they think they are something special because of that … I personally don’t know Zac but a friend of me knows Zac, Nessa, Ashley and some of their other friends. You should ask her, she knows the answers …

It would be better for all of you when you would ask the people who really know them.
I know a nice sentence from Zac: only my friends and family know my life.
I know some of these amazing twitter sightings. If I would believe all of them then Zac is able to be on 5 places at the same time. I didn’t know that he can split himself

@Nicky: i didnt say that i belive on everythin what ill read i just said that there are too many other sightings that are true that they so them all the time together,and cuz i didnt heard confirmation of them i am not beliving everything migh just they want privacy and taking things slow, and where i can find u re friend and ask her for the answers? i mean lol does she got twitter give me link and why u didnt asked u re friend and now u would tell us here what is going on,first i dont belive that u got friend who knows em.

Whether they are seeing each other on the DL or on a break, whatever, I think they have their reasons for wanting it that way. This may all just be an agreement to spend more time away from each other, and not be joined at the hip. They never wanted to be about their relationship. With Vanessa’s movies coming out this year, and whatever he has planned other than NYE, they both have career events coming up, and they both want it to be about THAT. In interviews, they always end up talking about each other somehow, and being apart would hopefully keep the focus on their films and projects. Both are at a very important crossroad; she has her first adult movies coming out, and he needs to move on and develop that adult audience with better projects. The transition for young actors into this realm is very difficult, especially for a teen heartthrob. They may both have felt they needed to be apart right now to help this process.

Whatever the reason, they felt they needed to be apart, especially publicly. What they do privately, is their business. I wish people would understand, this is NOT a bad thing. Whatever the future holds, is whatever THEY think is best. It could be apart OR back together at some point.

I just wish people would stop arguing. We all believe what we want to believe. Florence believes Zac is a DB, and she will twist what she reads to show that. Biki and Barbara want to believe they are still seeing each other, so they will maybe read between the lines for signs they are. We are all entitled to believe what we want, and honestly, we really won’t change each other’s minds.

thanks for that @ go sox i just wish them the Best of everything.

Oh, so you believe a twitter sighting? Really? Like someone on twitter actually knows that they shared a hotel room. And, you believe someone on twitter, but you tell us not to believe what the media writes? Are you kidding me?

Anyway, I wasn’t asking you. I was replying to Barbara.

@Deb: did u read before go on my post and ull see that i just said that is twitter siighting i didnt say that i belive, might is false but it was only twitter sighting ok? i didnt say that i belive and dont argue whit me ok? cuz i didnt done to u nothing wrong i just only said that is sighting and miight it is wrong i didnt belived i am not belivin on media and sightings.but u all just shut up cuz i will not explain my self a milion times that THE BRAK UP IT IS NOT CONFIRED. did u heard of them that they said they broke up no so just stop,zanessa dont care of what media will wrote and they just want privacy and they are just taking things slow or how do u know maybe they are all the time together but are sayin to madia just like we know to be, but they are still together cuz they want privacy not all the time paparazzi take pics of is just cuz they are busy now and might seen in when they have free time, so i didnt said that i belive at media and sightings. but just ill wait and see but i think that soon or when they finish whit all this busy stuffs when we ll see pics of them all of when we are fighting of nothing of just media blow our minds and want to play whit us we ll all laugh abot our fighting and and say we were so stupit that we were doing that. so ill just wait and see.

First of all, I was responding to a post by Barbara, so you should not have butted in. I asked HER how she knew that they had dinner together. Unless you know Barbara, then you have no business answering for her and saying that it was because there was a twitter sighting. Maybe she has some other source.

Second of all, until you learn how to use punctuation, how to spell, and how to use grammar correctly, just don’t reply to any of my posts. It hurts my head when I try to decipher what you are trying to say.

(And for your info, it has been confirmed that they are taking a break.)

@Deb: You know what first i am from France and i am trying so hard to learn good English, i know more to talk than to write i have an A+ in school of English class and i think that u some how understand what i am saying and second there was just taking break not break up like for ever because they just want privacy, they are busy, and i said just wait and we’ll see, but i still think that this is just stupid rumor and it is all false and soon we’ll see them together so i’ll just wait, and plus i am sorry but i just saw twitter sighting too that they were seen in NY so i didn’t said that i believe, might it is false.i don’t want to argue whit u, lets just wait and see what will happens, cuz i just think that they took a break cuz of their filming they are busy but might still seeing in privacy, and some how u got me what i said now.

By the way there was several sitings, and also they were together at the party on friday there is a written they were enjoyinf Kanye, and said they were dancing together along with Demi Moore and her husdband and this site is on the up and up. and Vanessa was at the game last nite also.

@BARBARA: i am so gald that you let know.i come here just to what you have say. did read karen to went you post on here.keep up

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