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Alex Pettyfer Interview - Exclusive!

Alex Pettyfer Interview - Exclusive!

Alex Pettyfer sits down with Just Jared for an exclusive interview at The Crosby Hotel in New York City on Monday (February 8).

The 20-year-old British actor chatted about his much-anticipated movie I Am Number Four (co-starring on- and off-screen girlfriend Dianna Agron and Aussie actress Teresa Palmer).

Click inside for‘s full interview with leading man Alex Pettyfer’s Exclusive Alex Pettyfer Interview

JJ: What was the experience like embodying a fictional character with super powers?
AP: It’s amazing. Every kid wants to have super powers and wants to run around and be a super hero. I didn’t feel any pressure to live up to anyone’s imagination because when you read a book, you think of how the character is in your head, whereas no one has read the book. At the time, everyone found out about the book because of us filming the film. So hopefully people would imagine me as the character as they read it. So it took off a lot of pressure.

JJ: Was the difference because it wasn’t a well-known superhero? As opposed to Captain America or Thor?
AP: Yeah, we are creating a character. He’s original, he starts off first hand. What we are doing now is the beginning of hopefully something.

JJ: What was your favorite scene to film?
AP: Probably jumping off a cliff backwards. I jumped off an 80 foot waterfall. Which is pretty cool. I had wires. Most people when you say “Oh, I had wires” – they think they do it all for you, but the only reason the wires are there are so to stop you from falling.

JJ: How many takes did that take?
AP: Six. I was very scared.

JJ: What was the difference from the first and sixth one, any more or less scared?
AP: I needed my head to be far from the rock. By the sixth one it was as far away from the rock.

JJ: What was your favorite prop from the film?
AP: Necklace. It was a symbol of who I was. It was the only alien thing I had on me. I still got a few of them.

JJ: What is the first word that pops in your head when I mention Tim Olyphant?
AP: Hitman.

JJ: Teresa Palmer?
AP: Energetic.

JJ: Dianna Agron?
AP: Classical.

JJ: Where are you going to be on opening day?
AP: Hiding in a shed.

JJ: Why? Shouldn’t you sneak in a movie theater and watch it?
AP: No. Absolutely not.

JJ: Favorite TV Shows apart from Curb Your Enthusiasm?
AP: Apart from Curb Your Enthusiasm, I loved Entourage – kind of coming to an end now. I loved Prison Break – also coming to an end. I don’t really have any other TV shows. Oh – I loved Inbetweeners. It’s U.K., but they’re making a U.S. version. You should get on that. I like Two and a Half Men.

JJ: Favorite music?
AP: I like Adele at the moment. Civil Twilight – their last one is moving. They’re American. Kind of like rock, but like classical rock. They’re really good. They sing “Letters From the Sky.” Really good song.

JJ: What is your favorite concert you’ve been to?
AP: The Police. In Hyde Park when I was about 9 years of age.

JJ: Dianna says you can sing.
AP: I can not sing. I went to karaoke last night and can not sing.

JJ: Go to karaoke song?
AP: [Oasis'] “Champagne Supernova.”

JJ: How many tattoos are you at now?
AP: Let me count. Seven.

JJ: What were the last three you got?
AP: Just on my wrist.

JJ: Would you get any removed?
AP: Yes. I didn’t think about it when I was a little younger.

JJ: What inspires you?
AP: Paul Newman. Because he is a humanitarian – and he’s classic. Men and Women love him.

JJ: What kind of humanitarian efforts are you into?
AP: My granddad always wanted to open an asthma clinic. So I wanted to do that. I want to help kids find what they want to do in life. Give them opportunities. Because a lot of kids don’t have the opportunity to find their path. A lot of them are kind of forced down a road they didn’t want to go down.

JJ: Favorite things to do in the United States that you can’t do in the U.K.?
AP: In-N-Out Burger. I love In-N-Out Burger. It’s my favorite. [I love the off-the-menu] double single and the weather is amazing over here. Over there, I miss the architecture in England.

JJ: Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day.
AP: I’ve never done anything on Valentine’s Day. Never. I’ve never done anything. I think it’s very commercial. I think it’s an excuse to bump prices and sell things.

JJ: What’s an ideal date for you?
AP: Disneyland. Because it’s closer to home. It’s very fun.

JJ: Best up and coming actor?
AP: Chloe Moretz or Mia Wasikowska

JJ: Favorite off-set memories from I Am Number Four?
AP: I went to a Pirates game. And they had lost 25 games in a row. And Tim turns around and I was being funny with him and said, “I bet you $100 that the Pirates will win.” And he went “Pfft – fine.” Pirates are down by 3 – and he said “$200″. So I said “Fine, $200″. It’s a tie, Pirates come back – last pitch, last ball, last batter – and the Pirates hit it right out the stadium and I won $200. What a fun day.

JJ: The Mortal Instrument books? What do you think about possibly playing the role?
AP: I love Mortal Instruments but I’m trying to think about what to do next.


Catch Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four, which hits theaters TOMORROW (February 18)!

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