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Bar Refaeli: Nordstrom Trip with a Friend

Bar Refaeli: Nordstrom Trip with a Friend

Bar Refaeli steps out on Wednesday (February 16) for a shopping trip at Nordstrom in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old Israeli model, who carried a Jimmy Choo bag, was joined by a friend carrying a tiny shopping bag from Victoria’s Secret!

Over the weekend, Bar hit the red carpet in Armani for the Grammy Awards!

It was announced last night that Bar‘s boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, will team up again with director Martin Scorsese on a new project called The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Credit: Beiny/True; Photos: WENN
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  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    I hear old man say nazy girl

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    It’s really?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Where it is going?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Where leonardo?

  • hahaha

    All of a sudden she is not covering her worn-out face? It seems in the US she is not bothered by the paparazzi!
    Note: An expensive designer bag is not going to give class to anyone! Look at the rest! What a joke!

  • …….

    suprized shes alive and walking considering the boinking leo must’ve gave overthe valentines weekend

  • hahaha

    PS: What does Leo and his new project with Scorsese has to do with this has-been/wannabe? If you don`t have anything interesting to say about her, Jared, why do you even bother posting about her?

  • kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!
  • carrie

    JUST WANT TO SAY ONE THING….i like her hoody..

  • BEAN

    Here comes the Bar hate. Someone needs to explain why everyone on this website hates her so much. She isn’t fat or ugly like people here say, clearly she is not and she is hardly sponging off Leo’s career, she is making her own.

  • @7

    First I read `supersized` instead of surprised. LOL! Don`t you think it would be more accurate in her case? Probably that`s all that she got from Leo on Monday… LOL!

  • riri

    apparently leo is the best lay in hollywood according to rumors….nice

  • Nicky

    Thank you, Jared for another set of completely unnecessary and boring photos of Refaeli. These new ones just proved what we already know that she is just blah, nothing exciting at all. There`s nothing new to her only her boyfriend keeps her somewhat relevant. I wonder why are you focusing so much on this famous girlfriend.

  • riri

    the video of her like punching that israeli pap in the face is HIIIIILARIOUS….i raped the reply button and played it over and over laughed EVERYTIME

  • here to say hello

    anyone else notice how YOUNG leo is looking lately like he lookes like he did back in 2003 hes actualy getting YOUNGER looking he looks like a man in his mid 20′s…its preety impressive considering all he did what lose a small bit of weight and tone up again! p.s his pecs in shutter island. A-MAZE-ING

  • here to say hello LOOK AT THE CUT AT HIS HIPS……sweet divine….what i wouldnt do

  • here to say hello

    saw pics of leo filming on v-day and they’v started putting on prostetics on his face like this massive chin and greying his hair slightly at the sides..nooooo :(

  • bieber fever

    is it just me or does this chick do anything but vacation and shop and go out at night.?she is not a big model.she doesnt do big modeling jobs.

  • An

    Leonardo does not deserve ordinary girl

  • WTF??

    Looks cheap, fat as ever (for a model…).

  • BEAN

    @WTF??: Wonder what you look like. How is she racist exactly?

  • hahaha

    @An: you are so right. The question is why is he sticking to a less than ordinary one?

  • lol

    She looks more like a Kindergarten teacher than a model, lmao.

    Calling a girl who is only even posted about either by shopping,vacationing or being leo’s tag along, does NOT = a model. Get this girl a new title already!

  • sly DAWG LEO AND BARFS ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP REVOLVES AROUND SEX…..u can tell even by this pic his hand is on her ASS not back but ass aka i want to have sex with u because thats all your good for

  • Leo

    this average stubby thing ain’t a model.

  • @13

    i heard that to big dingadong apparently, that alway helps ; ) didnt kate winslet say “the man knows what hes doing with his tounge”….reffering to kissing scenes i would assume, nothing sexyer than a guy whos a good kisser!! plusleo has realy nice lips so it all adds up

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    @20 Agree with yo An

  • mmm
  • @pics

    yummmm leo wears wife beaters….love guys who rock those

  • mailey

    she’s got great hair.
    i actually like Bar.
    but i like the nickname BARF, it’s funny.

  • blaaaaaaaaah
  • Nicky

    @32: Yes, can you imagine that not everyone has the same taste as you do? It must be a shocker to realize that people are different and not everyone agrees with you!
    JJ, sure she made it to the Grammy Awards ( who knows why was she there or why was she even invited ) and she made it to the worst dressed list! How funny is that? LOL!

  • blaaaaaaaaah this pic of leo with french bulldogs on his boxers cracks me up everytime, leat he has a sense of humor unlike barf


    Eh, i don’t like her.. but i read comments on here that say she’s FAT?! How is she fat?
    If you all think Bar is fat you need your head tested.

  • blaaaaaaaaah

    sorry meant to say @blaaaaaah….that my have caused some confusion i dont care about whatever her name is

  • @30
  • @30
  • truth

    LEO HAS A 10 INCH PENIS BAR HAS A 10 INCH BRAIN!!!!!!!!! somes them both up perfectly….

  • hggf

    @blaaaaaaaaah: not ugly, but seriously nothing special. Hence why she can hardly get any modeling work, lol…

  • yfd

    down syndrome face

  • fashioncrime

    @I Hate KATE BOSWH0RE: not fat as in regular fat but for a model which their main job is to wear clothes and make them look good, she is a chunky monkey. It’s why she looks best in bikini or lingerie. She doesn’t make clothes look good. She cheapens them. A good model can make cheap clothes look expensive. All her modeling shots wearing clothes look like some Wal Mart catalog.

  • @40

    shes like the biggest celeb in israel and gets lots of jobs there….how do i know, im isreali so dont know whee this ‘dosnt work’ ideas come from thats stupid

  • Notcool

    Jared why don’t you post about REAL models such as Claudia Schiffer,Helena Christensen,Elle MacPherson,Cindy Crawford,etc…more often??? they are always seen out and about and have actual legit modeling careers. (even retired and in their 40s they can get more work than 25 yr old barf, lol how pathetic ). They are all thinner and in better shape too.

  • @45

    Because they are not dating Leo. Apparently that`s barf`s only appeal and that`s enough to keep her on the map.
    @43: Seriously who cares about her career in Israel? We are in the US and here she is a `nobody in fashion industry`. The only thing she has is her boyfriend. I`m surprised that she is such a big celeb in Israel given the fact that she tries to get out of her responsibilities ( military service or paying taxes ) whenever she can. If I was from Israel I would be ashamed of her… But apparently that`s just me. Actually if I was Leo I would be ashamed of myself for being with someone like her. But apparently he is just fine with the last pick of the litter.

  • Neema

    I’m Arab woman and Arab woman never look like this, like hooker. She is flabby and ugly!

  • guest girl

    It seems like barfie has only one friend in LA. She is always with the same girl. They both look very unfriendly and b*tchy. Unattractive girls apparently attract each other. It’s just so unpleasant to look at them…

  • guest girl

    10 inch brain? You are VERY generous!


    @Neema: LOL! That’s cause Arab women are cover IN A BLACK TENT!!!! WTF!?!?

  • Mari

    Can we PLEASE leave out the ethnic comments? It’s really distasteful and most of us who dislike Bar aren’t cool with anti-semitic nonsense (or comments such as “Arab women never look like this, like hooker”). So drop it – - it’s stupid and ugly.

  • @48

    yes because having cameras in your face walking down the street isnt awkward at all they should be all smiles froliking across the street….and now your bashing her for having a close friend who she hangs out with WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT?!!! goes to show shes a good friend… people get more and more absurd by the day!