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Brad Pitt: The Man In Black Break

Brad Pitt: The Man In Black Break

Brad Pitt dons head-to-toe black as he steps out to make a quick phone call on Thursday (February 10) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor was also joined outside by a good friend.

Yesterday, Brad posed for photos with fans as he took another break outside an office building in Los Angeles.

Brad‘s back in town after reportedly overseeing a renovation project for the home that he and Angelina Jolie share in France.

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brad pitt phone call cigarette 02
brad pitt phone call cigarette 04
brad pitt phone call cigarette 05
brad pitt phone call cigarette 07

Credit: Ben Dome; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    I hate this gay

  • Cheery

    Jared, think you could insert “cancer stick” into the post one more time?

  • Monica


  • laverdadduele

    “Cancer Stick”, thank you for getting the message across, Jared. Why would people hurt their bodies with the deadly smoke is beyond me.

  • An

    Brad so ugly

  • Lurker

    The family still is in LA. Looking great Brad.

  • Lara

    Can’t wait to see the whole family in NOLA. Must be so much to organise before they leave. Wishing them health and happiness.

  • Naomi

    why has he been looking stressed out lately?phone calls,smoking alot,looking like a homeless guy outside that building. what’s he doing there in that building anyway?haven’t seen angelina and him lately. are they ok?

  • Sam23

    Brad didn’t posed for photos with fans Yesterday those photos where he posed with fans happen a week to two weeks ago get it righ Jared .

  • lurker aka angel

    WTF jared what do you mean?? am really not feeling how you focus on brads smoking so much come on chill out
    brad is looking good as usual

  • lurker aka angel

    dude looking for next week star mag cover(losers never learn)
    the man is outside an office building working on his next movie
    nothing whine about hen am sure you miss angie sorry beeyotch you will not see her
    as for jared always late with pictures and am not liking your snarky comments al all
    when did talking on a cell phone become a stress indicator??
    dumb fuc*s never cease to amaze

  • commentator

    JJ, thank you for the public anouncement against smoking. You smoke, this is the jerk you become.

  • lurker aka angel

    read at grotto that Cogans Trade might start filming 20 february not sure about it other sites say march 4

  • busted

    Well If Jared is going to make statements he better caption all his post on other celebrities that are smoking the same exact way.

    I don’t like the smoking, but he is not doing anything to anyone but himself. Seriously that title is a bit much.

    I don’t think we fans should support this thread. We can post on others..

  • omg

    Brad is in LA. There was a riot at twitter. Students at University of Missouri tweeted Brad was at the Uni campus with Oprah. hahaha

  • busted

    I don’t see him smoking in any of the pics.. WHERE are they Jared.

  • Mizzou Student Body

    No, Brad Pitt is at Mizzou!

  • Q

    He has to get it together already.
    This whole thing is not going to work for him and the kids.
    Having parents sleeping around with different partners is not good for kids mental health.
    He has to just announce the separation and he can breathe after it.
    Tomorrow is good to make the call!
    Does he now live there?

  • Tina

    The man is in top fine form. He is so sexy.

  • lurker aka angel

    poor boo boo you trolls lack imagination
    he he he he he seems like the lack of new pics bothers
    you people more than fans why not scream the same thing at other celeb threads who are hardly seen with their partners??
    i hope mama angie is MIA more so you guys can go crazier

  • well

    Brad was at the studio, doing rehearsal for Cogan’s Trade.

  • beverlyhills

    the mom is a CRACK HO and the dad is on the fast path to LUNG CANCER. I can see how much they love their kids.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    He is so hot. Love him. Can’t wait until NOLA.

  • 411


    Maybe he’s worried about his drunken X wife, after all–Brad Pitt is a good man. He knows that Jennifer will never, ever be half the woman he has at home. He knows that Jennifer isn’t mother material, oh how, does he know. He counts his blessings everyday for the cackling Godless Circle and Jen’s constant put-downs in public. Thank God for the dead-ends in our lives and the blessings that we don’t know yet, Brad is an example to us all that we can find ours too.

    Long live the Jolie-Pitts!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    beverlyhills @ 02/17/2011 at 5:10 pm

    And you are a moron. What’s the matter? Didn’t get any love from your crack head parents. Stop using someone else name. Get your own you chicken S.H.I.T.

  • t.m.delafonda

    The trolls are flipping their lids and acting like they aren’t RIGHT NOW looking for nicotine-flavored body spray.


    Don’t be such a PU$$Y Jared. Can’t believe you changed the title. Who are you afraid of? Is someone holding your cojones hostage?


    These pictures are awefully similar to something?ROTFLMAO The pictures are very similar to Anguila’s pics when he was ending it with J Aniston. What’s up Brad? Who is the mistress this time?Many secret phone calls lately,huh?

  • 411

    JJ has been posting days old pics and calling it yesterday? WTF?

  • beverlyhills


  • busted

    Jared thanks for playing fair.

    I for one am against smoking.. but Brad is not the ONLY person in Hollywood that smokes. If you finger one person with that heading then you have to do it to everyone. PLUS smoking is not illegal.

    We have seen others doing far worst. The hags are here pointing the finger at Brad.. well they better get ready. too many others that smoke too.

    Not sure when the movie starts officially filming. Conflicting reports.. Monday is a Holiday for some people. So maybe they actually start in March.. Or Brad could be filming some things now..

    Does anyone recognize the bald guy with Brad. He looks VERY familiar..

  • beverlyhills


  • busted

    I’m sticking with this thread.. we need to thumb down the lone troll that is posting under all these multiple names.


  • awwww

    He looks mighty hot.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Thanks JJ.

  • 411

    FYI, if you drink diet soda or even regular cola…48% risk for stroke goes up for diet and caramel coloring in cola or other foods, risk of cancer.
    Obesity = #1 killler…put down that Twinkie, trolls.

  • lurker aka angel

    wash your dirty mouth hen why so angry?? maniston is a drunk and a well known druggie,brad is no sheen relax hen

  • beverlyhills

    diet soda is for fatties

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    beverlyhills @ 02/17/2011 at 5:26 pm

    I know the real Bev wouldn’t say the nasty things about the JP family. ONLY hater like you do.

  • lurker aka angel

    thanks jared as for the name stealing trolls get your own names please

  • 411

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    I agree. Beverlyhills would never do such a thing. Some people might not care for her or others at the other site, but I’m grateful to have all pics and news from all JP fans. Silly to bash other fans.

  • beverlyhills

    Yes Aniston is a drunk that’s why her face is bloated. That doesn’t make Pitt any less of an idiot for smoking or others idiots from shooting up.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    411 @ 02/17/2011 at 5:35 pm

    Yup, whether we agree or disagree with other fans we all have to respect each other. We are all JP fans. .

  • Power to the people

    I love smoking. Glad everyone here is sticking up for the right to do so. I pay taxes. It’s my lungs. Who cares if others don’t agree. God bless the Jolie Pitts. Thanks Jared for taking our side. Smokers unite. I’m tired of getting picked on.

  • popsugar
    Brad Pitt Takes a Sexy Break From Studio Time

    Brad Pitt was spotted hanging around outside of an LA studio today. He took a similar smoke break last week, though this time he had a pal and a phone call to keep himself busy. Brad’s been rocking the all-black look lately, as he also donned leather during a recent trip out of town. He swapped his bad boy style for a suit at the SAG Awards, and hopefully we’ll see more of his red carpet hotness when he starts promoting The Tree of Life ahead of its Spring release.

  • lurker aka angel

    bye ladies

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    beverlyhills @ 02/17/2011 at 5:38 pm

    Brad can do whatever he wants. You are an idiot for being here. Go spend your time somewhere else.

  • Passing Through

    # 409 OceanView @ 02/16/2011 at 10:42 pm
    Oceanview -
    If you’re lurking – I’m just now seeing your message from last night. I’ll have to respond to your message at the other site tonight because I don’t have the link on my work computer.

  • busty guesty

    I don’t see what the problem is. It used to be glamorous when celebrities smoked. When did it change? Smoking is cool and not everyone that smokes get cancer. Leave this poor guy alone. Smoking is not bad for you. There is much worse things he could be doing. Plus he’s not doing it around his kids.