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Kate Bosworth: Front Row for Calvin Klein Show!

Kate Bosworth: Front Row for Calvin Klein Show!

Kate Bosworth sits front row at the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show during New York Fashion Week on Thursday (February 17) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress was spotted leaving Los Angeles yesterday on a flight to NYC with her super stylist, Cher Coulter!

Kate also made a trip to a Beverly Hills salon earlier in the week.

FYI: Kate is carrying the new Derek Lam Ume bag.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Calvin Klein Collection show…

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kate bosworth calvin klein show 01
kate bosworth calvin klein show 02
kate bosworth calvin klein show 03
kate bosworth calvin klein show 04
kate bosworth calvin klein show 05
kate bosworth calvin klein show 06
kate bosworth calvin klein show 07
kate bosworth calvin klein show 08
kate bosworth calvin klein show 09
kate bosworth calvin klein show 10

Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • http://j cf10

    only in the second pic she looks good

  • lake86

    Did she get extensions? Her hair looks thicker

  • noitallnow I know why the people commenting on KB go off on this website.

    She really is featured here on a regular basis at least 4 out of 5 days a week …not doing anything.

    I don’t see Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Taraji, Whitney, Jennifer Carpenter or even Michael C Hall (the list goes on) NEARLY as much.

    Something is going on here. This woman’s every move is publicized
    all in an effort to generate buzz. Not buying it.

  • Nikki

    She finally decided to brush her hair and put on a little make-up…oh and she isn’t wearing those dreadful boots.

  • LisaM

    Um…So? Does she contribute anything to society and charity and LIFE?? NO!!
    So what’s the big damn deal about posting every move she makes?
    I’m looking forward to the next post of her wiping her ass in the bathroom Jared!!!

  • Brightside

    She’s still as waxy looking as ever! It’s unnatural how she always manages to look so unnatural. It doesn’t matter whether she dresses up, or whether she dresses down she still looks like a pod person’s wax effigy. I swear I would not be surprised if she had been the one to bust from Lady Gaga’s egg. It would have seemed so fitting somehow…the pod person emerging from her pod.

  • twisted

    She must be wearing a weave. Her hair looks normal.

  • icey

    I think her hair and makeup look nice here but she really has unfortunate legs.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • burnt bacon

    Wow, she’s gone from looking totally busted to looking like every other cookie cutter blonde in Hollywood. Well played, Kate. I guess.

  • Little French

    Why she always wears this kind of shoes, she doesn’t like her ankles ?
    I agreed she’s pretty in the second picture, but realy don’t like this dress (but where is her super stylist?…)

  • Sad but True

    Her legs give away how malnourished she is…Sad.


    Does super stylist Cher know about tailoring? That thing looks horrible on her. She’s not edgy enough to pull off those boots and for the most part it seems that the factory made a mistake with The Famewh*re 2000( factory release date). This model needs to be retired.

  • @LisaM:

    Um…So? Do you contribute anything to society and charity and LIFE?? NO!!
    So what’s the big damn deal about commenting every move she makes?
    I’m looking forward to your next comment, LisaM!!!

  • Bigz


  • LOLz

    at least the dress is in a good color.

  • vids

    Another paid post.

  • Tanter

    Her face looks totally off and her legs are scary-thin.

  • Frida

    She’s looking good in that dress, I like the colour! And lol Merrick, ankle boots are ‘edgy’ to you? Look around you, most people are wearing them.

  • American

    @: And you know this person doesn’t contribute anything because? They’re not a Kate Bosworth fan? Therefore, they’re incapable of making a charitable donation or doing anything with their life. Ok! Great logic.

    Seriously though, the bias has really gotten out of hand. This blog used to feature a lot more than the same 5 celebrities over and over again.

  • essence

    @Frida: The boots are great but they ruin the look.

  • bilyana

    not the biggest fan of her but she does look stunning here

  • lol

    She should be in Lady Gaga’s egg and stay in there.

  • Eresyn

    That’s the hair she would have if she’d be eating real food, and not starving/drugging herself…and what’s with the pose???? she tries to look cool and the only thing i see is that her head is too heavy and she’s about to fall off cuz of its weight…
    BTW Zoe Saldana looks just perfect there, but probably annoyed to be seating with KateHosworth…;)

  • Wilson

    @twisted: She suffers from early onset, female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • Head Tilt

    Stop it, already! She could be cute if she stood up straight and smiled but she keeps pulling these waifish poses that just make her look lopsided. Also, from the twitpic posted in comments on the previous KB post, I was excited for this dress because it looked like a really awesome bright red but seeing it’s orange is disappointing.

  • Bunnik*

    Kate Bosworth somehow manages to sit front row at the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show during New York Fashion Week on Thursday (February 17) in New York City, duh. Wearing a weird shade of beige.
    The 28-year old-actress was spotted leaving Los Angeles yesterday on a flight to NYC with her super mega ultra top tres stylist, Cher Coulter!
    Kate also made a trip to a Beverly Hills salon earlier in the week, but still looks about 38.
    10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Calvin Klein Collection show… you can see she had a good *sniff noise* time:
    Our favorite:

  • kitty

    she looks nice in the second photo! …but that’s it. she looks mashed/stoned/drunk/off her face in all the others. her arms are weird too in the main pic used on the left….like a fat persons. but skinny. no muscle whatsoever….weird.

  • Endrid

    Zoe Saldana and Kerry Washington look gorgeous! Why are they not headling this post? Zoe was in Star Trek and Avatar for goodness sake! Kate, Blue Crush. You do the math as they say.

  • ann

    We all know Jared has a paying relationship with Kate Bosworth and her publicist. Kate Bosworths stylist Cher Coulter regularly refers to on twitter!



    Moron, do you understand what edgy means? The stinky ankle boots she always wears are more suited to her blandness. Those black leather EDGY platform ankle boots needs someone with pizazz like Zoe, Kerry, Angelina, Adam Lambert, Betty White, Ben Franklin, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, The Three Stooges, Bozo the Clown, etc….Most anyone living or dead with personality could pull off those boots. Bosbore can’t, her blandness is so underwhelming.

  • Frida

    @MERRICK: Yes, I do know what ‘edgy’ means and I see absolutely nothing edgy about those boots. Black leather platform boots, EDGY? No honey.

  • milk

    good leave your hair like that, it hides your cheek implants



    I seriously doubt you have a clue. Undoubtedly you probably think she’s a fashion icon. Point is not all ankle boots are the same, even if many people wear them. Bosbore cannot pull off those boots any more than she pulled off the black leather dress. She lacks personality for that look.

  • Interesting

    The women around her don’t looked to thrilled at their seating placement. But they’re probably just jealous of her since she pulls off the orage potato sack look so well and is it just me or can anyone else see the tiny bumps around her lips…but she’s a natural girl. RIIIGHTTTTT!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    One of the oldest 28 year old chicks I have ever seen I would think she is 40 if I didn’t know better .

  • elisha

    demi moore is 45 and looks fabulous compared to KB..I wouldn’t throw that 40 number around so much!!!!

  • PhX

    Hottest girl in New York, for sure, Damn!

  • Who cares…..

    oh Lordi…come on ..who cares..what she wearing, which seat she is seating.., she should sit last seat …DO NOT CROSS your LEGS.Skinny legs again.Paid paid gossip .How could someone can pay a media to promote an image gossip website..?just KB.

  • Rojo


    Yes, it’s reached it’s expiration date. By YEARS.

  • I don’t understand why ?

    @Frida: well they may be edgy, but they look horrible with that dress and those bony legs. I actually like the color orange on her, and her hair is cute. However once again she dons some damn boots.



    She really reminds me sometimes of the fembot in this movie:

  • okay

    good grief they have the damn tackymint promo right under the pics. Can you be just a little less obvious? ughhh



    They had to do something to involve Junkmint. Neither she nor Cher are bold enough to try to mention Junkmint in conjunction with CK. Notice this is the only designer show she seems to have been invited to. Seems like Chanel, Givenchy, Prada, Gucci, Versace and the top tier are no longer sending invites to the ZLister.

  • where’s alex??and pals

    so alex showed up last year with his FAMEWHORE to the CK show with the bjorn’s what happened to alex this year??? alex was a no show in NY. so kate had to resort in attending NY with SUPER CRAP SYLIST CHER.
    Alex we know you are still seeing your LITTLE bit on the side, stop playing silly games pretending your working??, we have seen you out and about more times then you are filming?? and why is kate not hanging all over alex’s close pal Lisa larsson in NY just like last year????????
    oh coachella is coming up what have alex and kate got planned. and when is there next planned sweden pap fest visit LOL LOL LOL

  • Who cares…..

    Pay attention I just noticed ,she is looking all the time to the JJ camera.
    SHE WENT TO CALVIN CLAIN SHOW instead to let other reporter take her pic ( talent actress does that)and PAY ATTENTION to the show only..she looks to the JJ camera…how skinny she is.

  • JEN

    You actually have to work to be able to afford their clothes Kate. Oh wait that’s right, designers love to give you free s hit to hang off your emaciated body. Isn’t that why you keep yourself looking like a skipper doll, so you can get all the free designer s hit you can?

    Love the weave btw, makes your head look ten pounds heavier. A bigger brighter potato sack might help your body, but you should probably make it ankle length just to be on the safe side.

  • Kate why so red in the face?

    I quess we all know why Kate’s face was red in the face that time we saw her with Alex at the whole foods market ” CHEMICAL PEEL???? Then, she visits the salon to get a weave and touch up her her roots sooo high maintenance! Now we know why she did all that to show up for fashion week in NYC perhaps she even hopes to have a fling with her ex James R, who she pathetically went looking for around the time she and Alex first started hooking up and when the rumors she had a fling with Gwyn’s husband Chris Martin. RUN James, Kate is back in town, she’ll start saying again “has anyone seen James I miss him …..poor me”

  • rebeca

    Love the dress!!
    she looks good!