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Orlando Bloom: Car Repair with Dad!

Orlando Bloom: Car Repair with Dad!

Orlando Bloom takes his Audi car in for a repair at a service center on Wednesday (February 16) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor, who was joined by his dad Colin Stone, needed to get a light on his rearview mirror replaced.

The day before, Orly went biking with some of his buddies and over the weekend he went out with wife Miranda Kerr, who debuted her post baby body!

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom getting his car repaired…

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Photos: GSI Media, Fame Pictures
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149 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Car Repair with Dad!”

  1. 1
    Lena Says:

    Two Orlando posts in one day! I’m in heaven! Thanx Jared. You’re learning.

  2. 2
    YAY! Says:

    How can one man be so sexy, and yet so gosh darned adorable at the same time?
    I bet that Colin has really been enjoying is new grandson.

  3. 3
    Laura S Says:

    Long hair, short hair… blonde or black… he looks hot no matter what!! I wonder how parenthood is going for Miranda and himself? Anyway, all the best to them both =)

  4. 4
    Texas Says:

    He is so adorable when he is sleepy.

  5. 5
    Lena Says:

    Very well put!

  6. 6
    uh oh Says:

    How are the delphites going to explain Colin being there?
    i thought that they said that his family hated Miranda so much that they refused to visit.
    Or that since they knew that the baby that looks EXACTLY like Orlando wasn’t his (LOL), they refused to see the little guy.
    i guess that this means that the delphidiots were WRONG AGAIN!!!!
    Another day, another conspiracy theory shot down.
    Too darned funny.

  7. 7
    hmm Says:

    Can’t tell if that is really his dad, but Orlando is looking mighty fine!
    That last pic where he is looking tiredly at the camera is too cute for words.

  8. 8
    Lena Says:

    That’s his Dads back of the head I’ve seen him before. Orlando is the cutest sleepy guy ever. So love him!

  9. 9
    @6 Says:

    The delphites will have to lay low until they come up with a *cough* plausible excuse for Colin being in LA.
    You know. besides the logical reason that he is there VISITING HIS GRANDSON!
    Next thing you know they will be saying that Colin only came because O&M begged him to come to counteract the delphi info. You know. Cuz O&M read delphi for ideas (yes, the idiots at delphi actually believe that O&M read their posts. really. no kidding. yes, they are that crazy. really).

  10. 10
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Looks Old

  11. 11
    Alexandra Says:

    Love Orlando.

  12. 12
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Start Gay

  13. 13
    Sligo lambert ^__^ cute Says:

    What happen he?

  14. 14
    Mari Says:

    What is delphi???

  15. 15
    yes! Says:


  16. 16
    Love him! Says:

    He is too cute!! xx

  17. 17
    Love him! Says:

    He is too cute!! xx

  18. 18
    Lena Says:

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!:

    Why are you always posting all your non-relevant negative crap.

  19. 19
    As Says:

    I believe this man is not Orlando’s father, but of course, I am not sure.

  20. 20
    annie Says:

    love orlando,happy for him and miranda. cannot wait for the HOBBIT.

  21. 21
    Sighs4l Says:


    Given the quality of LA ‘journalism’, you’re right to be skeptical. They couldn’t tell the difference between Samantha Bloom and Dingho Mom. Could be Colin Stone. Or not.

    In any event, that last picture is making me all wibbly.

  22. 22
    Sighs4l Says:

    Just saw a pic showing the face of the guy. It’s not Colin Stone.
    Of course, try to find a correction. Anywhere.
    Some of you might still believe Sam was there…

  23. 23
    @sighs Says:

    Even if it was Colin, you delphidiots would still not believe that he was really there, so it goes both ways.
    But until you can prove that Orlando’s family has not seen the baby, you can’t say a thing.
    But when have you haters ever needed proof to form an opinion?
    No matter how vile?

  24. 24
    LOL! Says:

    Delphi hypocrisy example 17594629 (and counting)
    Delphites always laugh at a certain well known fan, claiming that she is way too old to be interested in the goings on of fandoms.
    Yet here we have an example of a delphite, a good ten years OLDER (or so) than the aforementioned fan.
    Why don’t they go on and on about HER age?
    What’s the difference?
    Not a darn thing.
    I, personally don’t find anything wrong, or abnormal for older fans to follow/appreciate/lust after Orlando, or any other celeb. I think that it’s great. What I find offensive is their CONSTANT hypocrisy.
    Can you explain this one away Sighs?
    What’s the difference?

  25. 25
    Sighs4l Says:

    Ok, I’ll play. But first – it’s NOT Colin Stone. Anyone want to take bets on when the correction comes out?

    1) You can’t prove a negative but Dingho Mother and brother there with proof. OB family? Not so much. It is interesting that the published ‘sightings’ of OB family have NOT been of OB’s family. Can I prove they have not been there? No. Just saying OBs family hasn’t been there. Wonder if OB and his ‘dad’ will make it to the tabs as proof of the happy families?

    2) Re: That older well-known fan. I cannot nor do I want to control the words of others but I believe most (underline MOST) of the time, she is being mocked for her stalker-ish tendencies. But I’ll shake my cane at anyone who picks on her solely for her age. And I do hope that she stays around. She does the stalking so I don’t have to.

  26. 26
    Sighs4l Says:


    Sorry, I phorgot. Here you go. It’ll be an eye-opener. But with a warning: It is NOT Dingho BS-phriendly. So if you’re a Dingho-phan, don’t bother. Stay on JJ for all your information about the happy phamily.

  27. 27
    @26 Says:

    Actually, we have had no photographic proof that I know of, that Miranda’s father, or her brother were in LA. Just her mother. But you believe that they were there, anyway.
    You can’t say it’s because Miranda said so, because you guys always call her a liar, and refuse to believe anything she says about Orlando.
    That would be hypocritical. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Isn’t that why you don’t believe that Orlando family is there? No pics?
    And again, you say that you don’t have any proof that his family has not been there. Yet you have decided that they have not, and hurl insults accordingly.
    So you admit that you do not use fact to form your opinions.
    Do we have that straight?

  28. 28
    @27 Says:

    It’s hardly “eye opening”.
    It’s laughable.
    It’s just a small group of bitter, pathetic fans who spend their days scanning the internet for information on Miranda. They most enjoy twisting things to suit their own sad agenda.
    It was formed by haters who were tired of posting on sites where people would disagree with their insane theories. They don’t allow any opposing views to temper their ranting. Those members who disagree are banned, or told to “shut the f**k up” (a direct quote, mind you).
    They lie and exaggerate so much that they have forgotten what is real, and what only exists in their own delusional minds. And they are the biggest hypocrites on the web.
    They have dwindled down to just a handful of people. They have gone so far over the edge of decency, that only the most hateful still post. The saner ones moved on long ago.

  29. 29
    Sighs4l Says:

    No, I think I’m safe in saying Dingho Dad wasn’t there. They’d have made sure to get him papped too. As for Dingho brother? Here you go, from January 8:
    Chef Matty is the one on the left.
    So do we have that as straight? Or as straight as anything can be around the Phamily Kerr?
    And you’re absolutely right; it’s a good rule of thumb to follow as far as this Show goes: No pics, didn’t happen.
    And BTW, Dingho gets called a Liar because, guess what? She IS a liar. Please don’t make me start on The Lies List…

  30. 30
    LOL! Says:

    Again, hypocrisy.
    They call her a stalker for searching the internet for any and all information on Miranda and/or Miranda. But the delphites are often the first ones to find news, or to post on these threads.
    How do you explain that?
    That must mean that they too, are on the web searching for info, right? What’s the difference?
    And as for the age question….
    I have often seen insults on delphi that laugh at her age, and I’ve never seen you step in to “shake your cane” at anyone.
    Have you just not been paying attention?

  31. 31
    @30 Says:

    So the next time Miranda is reported seen fighting with Orlando, or flirting with someone, or dancing with someone else, it DIDN’T happen if there aren’t any pics, right?
    But that’s right, we forgot the rest of the delphidiot rule:
    Miranda and Orlando out with no pics = didn’t happen
    Miranda and Orlando out WITH pics = “set up”
    Miranda + someone else, no pics = gospel truth
    You lot are hypocrites. You can’t get around that one.

  32. 32
    Jesse Says:

    I don’t really care what people think. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t care what the people on delphi think or say. They won’t change my opinions of feelings. And for that matter, neither will the gals on OLove.
    But I do take offense to delphi’s latest line of insults.
    Them claiming that Orlando is not the father goes beyond any form of decency.
    If rumors like that spread, they can have far reaching effects on the baby, not just Orlando and Miranda. It’s almost child abuse to spread that particular lie.
    They really need to reign themselves in a bit.
    Think before they speak.
    It’s not an adult they will affect, but an innocent child.
    An innocent child who has his father’s eyes.

  33. 33
    Sighs4l Says:

    Interesting. So we’re done disputing facts regarding Dingho phuckery and you want to change the subject onto attacking Delphi?

    Just checking.

  34. 34
    @34 Says:

    Any time one of you comes here, you can’t ignore the delphi connection, and how it colors your every thought.
    If Miranda even mentions Orlando’s name, or says anything about their plans, you guys call it “phuckery” (such class acts).
    If that ‘well known fan’ came here, we would know that her posts were a bit skewed as well.
    The fact remains that you don’t know whether or not his family is, or has been there. You CAN’T know, you just assume. That’s the delphi in you. You can’t seem to help it.

  35. 35
    The real colin Stone Says:

    Can I ask a simple question?


    Also while I am here, I want to say we are very disappointed that Miranda could call her son after her ex boyfriend, and why Orlando hasn’t chosen a name for him? It isn’t right, but no doubt you shippers will think it is fine and dandy, when they split (which they will like any celebrity couple) what will you all say then?

    Love, Colin ***

  36. 36
    The real colin Stone Says:

    @34 please prove the HAVE been there.. according to you lot he is stalked by the paps yes? so how come nobody has papped Sonia, Sam, Colin etc? Only pear shaped mother therese and fat bro Matty have been- how come? Come on spill it! How has 24/7 stalked Orlando not been papped with his family…

  37. 37
    The real colin Stone Says:

    You shippers are the biggest hypocrites going, one minute he is stalked and in demand of the paps yet they dont have ONE pic of a family member leaving his house or being papped with Orli boy! You cant have it all ways.

    You think it is fine she calls the kid what SHE wants, the middle name being from her first sh@g ex boyfriend, Orlando doesnt choose ONE name that means something to him, if your partner (ha! as if you have one!) named your kid after his ex girlf would you like it?Doubt it very much, it is far from normal, but you keep telling yourselves it all is, where will you all be when Orlando is divorced from her and hardly seeing this baby? What REAL fans will still be standing by him?

  38. 38
    The real colin Stone Says:

    Seeing as orlando and miranda were “just hanging out” at the time she fell pregnant (and going by the dates they maybe weren’t even together at the time of conception, but never mind) why is it totally outside the realms of possibility? I personally think it probably his baby, but I cant know that 100%, plus the baby looks NOTHING like him, but it is too early to say, with a sloot like Miranda yes it is possible she was effing someone else the same time as Orlando, again you cannot be 100% sure, hell maybe even miranda cant be, and lets say it wasnt his, do you really think they would broadcast it anwyay?

    But I’m off, you lot will never see anything but your “fairytails”.

    Love, Colin xx

  39. 39
    @36 Says:

    You’re here disputing what “shippers” believe, then claim not to care?
    Nice try, idiot.

  40. 40
    @39 Says:

    Actually, the date of his delivery puts the conception date at when they were together in New York.
    Nice try.
    And it doesn’t look like him? What?
    That baby has Orlando’s eyes. Even a blind hater can’t deny that one.

  41. 41
    @36/37/38/39 sheesh Says:

    I’ll just bring this over from the other thread since I’m lazy, and sara said it much better than I could anyway…..
    “Christopher’s death had a huge impact on her life. She has stated that his death while so young caused her to appreciate life, and to live each day to it’s fullest.
    I think that she used his name because of how he taught her to appreciate every day, not because he was the love of her life, or anything like that.
    Orlando is sensitive enough to understand, and secure enough to not mind having his son carry Christopher’s name.
    Orlando is evidently much more secure and emotionally mature than many of his so called ‘fans’.
    They are acting like this is some sort of betrayal. That’s just stupid and shallow.
    If it doesn’t bother Orlando, why should it bother his ‘fans’?
    Besides, Christopher is a wonderful name.”

  42. 42
    Jesse Says:

    Someone was asking “what is delphi”?
    Take a look at ‘The Real Colin Stone”.
    That’s delphi, in every sense of the word. And what a fine example of the quality of women on that board she is, too.

  43. 43
    Sighs4l Says:

    And because you know the Dingho as well as I do, and because I’m just feeling this evol today:

    “Christopher’s death had a huge impact on her life. She has stated that his death while so young caused her to appreciate life, and to live each day to it’s fullest.

    Dingho lies. Proof to spare. So maybe she likes to tell that story.

    I think that she used his name because of how he taught her to appreciate every day, not because he was the love of her life, or anything like that.

    No he was not the love of her life. That would be the guy she cheated on to leech onto Orlando. Maybe you remember his name. Dingho certainly doesn’t.

    Orlando is sensitive enough to understand, and secure enough to not mind having his son carry Christopher’s name. Orlando is evidently much more secure and emotionally mature than many of his so called ‘fans’.

    Ok sure, I can buy into that. Or maybe he doesn’t give a royal rat’s ass what the son of the red-haired man is named.

    If it doesn’t bother Orlando, why should it bother his ‘fans’?

    Agreed. And why should it bother you?

    Besides, Christopher is a wonderful name.”

    Ah, there we are agreed.

  44. 44
    Sighs4l Says:


    Jesse, you’re sweet to care about the feelings of the cute baby. But perhaps the little one might be less traumatized in the future by what some anonymous people think of his parentage than he will be by the posters of his mother’s a**hole that are going to be uploaded and taped to his high school locker.

    That Dingho is a klass akt…

  45. 45
    @36 Says:

    As one of those who more or less agrees with the “stupid blind shippers,” I could care less what the haters think anymore. I used to get annoyed or frustrated with them and try to argue logic, but now I consider their little blogs and journals as fanfic, and look at them only if I’m interested in fantasy or a laugh.

    Their theories are pretty much on par with those of a Glenn Beck or the “birthers” in the US. So if you must notice them, then just consider their rants as a source of amusement. Anybody who spends that amount of their life obsessing over people who they claim are “crazy pathetic phuckers” are saying more about themselves than they ever could about their objects of hate.

  46. 46
    @44 Says:

    I once referred to an old boyfriend as “the love of my life”. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I really understood the true meaning of ‘love’. Now I realize that HE is the real love of my life, not the old boyfriend.
    BTW, it doesn’t bother me at all. Don’t know where you got the idea that her naming her son after an old friend bothered me. It’s the gigantic leaps of reason that some people take to twist it into something ugly that bothers me.

  47. 47
    @46 Says:

    I like the way you think.
    I just have trouble ignoring their stupidity when they take it off their own site.
    And I know that some fans are so insensed about some of the things they write that they feel that they have to talk about it here, but lif we ignore them, no one has to read their tripe.
    No one but members and a few curious ‘shippers’ read over there, so they are really harmless. Offensive, but harmless. Well, at least harmless to others. What they do to each other, however, is not healthy.

  48. 48
    @45 Says:

    That whole a**hole rant was pretty hilarious.
    A perfect example of delphidiocy.
    Those pics were taken from above, not below. It is impossible to see that ******* from above. That was a shadow in the cleft, you silly people. If that was her a**hole, she would be pooping out the top of her jeans. LOL!
    Maybe you guys should have paid better attention in anatomy class, huh?

  49. 49
    @48 Says:

    I understand what you’re saying. It was their blatant hypocrisy that used to get to me and the way they would state all these “facts” that were often proven wrong, but they would just ignore the proof and go on to the next outrageous theory. But then I realized, they’re not really hurting people who think differently. I’m sure Orlando doesn’t know they exist, and although they like to believe that Miranda hangs on their every word, I just really find it funny how easily they fall for imposters, (“cough” Gospel of Delphi “cough”). Regardless, let them play amongst themselves. It obviously gives them some sort of fulfillment.

  50. 50
    @50 Says:

    I like you. I really like you.

  51. 51
    sara Says:

    Can’t we just get back to admiring The Pretty?
    He looks gorgeous!

  52. 52
    Sighs4l Says:

    He IS gorgeous.

    But I cannot let the latest in the Lies of Dingho and Her Minions pass unchallenged. (Do y’all lie just to keep in practice?) Honestly, the truth is out there. So should you care to see Dingho A**hole, here you go.

    Attack me. Attack Delphi. Try to change the subject. It doesn’t change the truth: The Dingho Lies.All.The.Time.

    If any of you are interested, if any of you are weary of being lied to by The Dingho and Her Minions, if any of you are anything other than SockPuppet Central, come on over to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

  53. 53
    @52 Says:

    So stupid.
    Anatomy my dear, doesn’t lie.
    That is not her “a**hole”. Is YOUR “a**hole” in the middle of your cleft? No, it would be farther down, almost beneath the curve of her rear end. As someone else said….if that was her an*s, she would be pooping straight out, not down. That’s just not how mother nature designed us. Unless you want to call mother nature, science and anatomy all lies, too.
    And no thanks for the invite.
    Not even for a plate of chocolate chip cookies still warm from the oven, and a cold glass of milk would I consider visiting your sick site, much less join.

  54. 54
    Cuteness! Says:

    Sleepy OB = Cutie Pie OB!

  55. 55
    @52 Says:

    Well, you just supplied proof that you have a very vivid imagination.
    Lets try this.
    Lie down on your stomach, legs together.
    Now imagine that someone is looking straight down at your butt.
    Do you REALLY think that they can see your a**hole?
    The correct answer is ‘no’. They can’t see your a**hole unless you bend over and spread ‘em.
    This whole topic is unbelievably stupid.
    But thanks for supplying us proof that you delphites really are morons.

  56. 56
    LOL Says:

    OMG! Some of the people commenting on this site have lost their minds (Looks at you sighs41)! Too funny. I figured the marriage & baby would send some folks over the edge and it seems that over they indeed went! Best to ignore her. LOL

  57. 57
    LOL Says:

    OMG! Some of the people commenting on this site have lost their minds (Looks at you sighs41)! Too funny. I figured the marriage & baby would send some folks over the edge and it seems that over they indeed went! Best to ignore her. LOL

  58. 58
    jhay Says:

    the great one with the audi

  59. 59
    @52 Says:

    The truth is out there, but it sure as h*ll won’t be found at delphi.

  60. 60
    @52 Says:

    Well, I guess that Miranda’s “minions” have proved to be smarter that the resident delphite.
    Pretty bad when you don’t even know where your own a**hole is.
    Guess that the delphites are too used to spouting excrement from their mouths, that they just forget where it is supposed to come from, eh?

  61. 61
    Anon Says:

    Sighs 41 you need to shut up. You and the other Delphi morons are just proving how stupid and pathetic you are. At LOL it’s better to just ignore these stupid people on Delphi. They still can’t deal with the fact that he loves Miranda and they have a son together. Do you think Delphi will eventually run it’s course and disappear. To LOL sighs 41 is also on olove as well so sighs says one thing and then switches to Delphi. These delphites need to leave. Keep on proving them wrong Miranda. I wish Orlando and Miranda the best.

  62. 62
    Anon Says:

    Sighs 4l everyone knows it is orlando’s son. How can you and the other morons still keep saying it’s not his kid. What a cruel and heartless thing to say. you can clearly see that Flynn has orlando’s eyes and looks like him. You get to get a life. You are a moron and can’t see that they are happy with each other. You should shut the hell up you cakehole.

  63. 63
    @Sighs4l Says:

    We didn’t join Delphi when it wasn’t at its craziest, so I think you’re wasting your efforts there.
    Let’s forget for a moment all the conspiracy theories that don’t make sense, the insults towards a celebrity we like and so on. Let’s just focus on “history”:
    You said their relationship wouldn’t last and predicted their break up like ten times.
    You said they’d never get married.
    You said they’d never have a baby.
    You predicted the end of her contract with VS many times.
    You said she’d never make a cover for a decent magazine.
    You said she’d never work for a big name in fashion.
    Wrong about everything.
    Right now, the question is not why don’t we join your site, the question is how can you still be part of that site?

  64. 64
    @38 Says:

    The baby is strangely identical to Orlando. I say strangely because normally babies that small don’t look like anyone, but this baby’s eyes are an exact copy of Orlando’s.
    Since you’re here I have to ask as I’ve always wanted to know. Out of curiosity. Why are you so convinced that Miranda is a sl*t? And I really hope it’s not that some anon told some strange story on a gossip site or that she was photographed ONCE with the Kings Of Leon kid.

  65. 65
    Jayne Says:

    Orlandos looking good. More more i want more pics of him lol. And if orlandos family do or don’t not like miranda that i think will not stop them from seeing the baby.

  66. 66
    hmmm Says:

    When asked for proof, the delphite says that “you can’t prove a negative”.
    They please explain how you guys state as fact things that you can’t prove?
    You claim that Orlando’s family has not seen the baby. They you expound on that *cough* theory about why they haven’t seen him.
    From them not liking Miranda, to being upset at the “game” you claim that Orlando is playing, to the truly offensive “why see him since he isn’t a blood relative”.
    How can you post thread after thread on things that you only imagine, then wonder why people call you irrational?
    Please explain.

  67. 67
    @52 Says:

    Oh hell no.
    I visit there occasionally, but only for the LOLs.
    You guys, and your insane theories are often hilarious.
    You may be stupid, egotistical, narrow minded liars, but you are hilarious all the same.

  68. 68
    @64 Says:

    The baby looks strangely like both Orlando and Miranda, in fact. Very similar eyes to Orlando, and a very similar mouth and cheeks/jaw to Miranda. In fact he doesn’t really look like a typical baby at all. Maybe the picture was PHOTOSHOPPED! Or he was GENETICALLY ENGINEERED! Or they’ve given him PLASTIC SURGERY!

    It’ll be interesting to see how he looks as he gets older.

    I want to have a rant at people who count days to try and establish parentage. I know this stuff because I suffered from infertility for a couple of years and had investigations and eventually IVF. Don’t they realise that conception and birth don’t happen on the dot? There’s a window of 3-7 days for conception and a big baby could be born anywhere from 37-40 weeks after egg release. And this is typical variation, not the ends of the range.

    Thus, if a “hypothetical couple” were together on the 10th or 11th April, and the gestation period was entirely normal, their baby could be born any time from 37-41 weeks later which gives a period from 25 December to 21st Jan.

    And if the baby was the result of a fling on 20th April, he would be born any time from 37-41 weeks later which gives a period from 4th Jan to 1st Feb.

    So EITHER scenario is entirely possible. So much for dates.

  69. 69
    @66 Says:

    “why see him since he isn’t a blood relative”
    I don’t know about them, but if I suspected my son/brother has had a baby that is not his, the FIRST thing I’d do is go to check by myself if he looks like him or not. Also, if my son/brother accepts a baby as his, so would I. Then again, that would be a normal reaction, you know?

  70. 70
    @36 Says:

    I don’t know, according to you lot Miranda’s family are obsessed with getting attention, right? How come they aren’t papped daily, from all the possible angles, with Orlando, Miranda and the baby? Come on spill it! Aren’t they conspiring to get attention 24/7?

  71. 71
    @62 Says:

    I remember that Sighs actually once tweeted that she thought the baby was Orlando’s, so I doubt even she accepts all of their nonsense.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. In order to agree with their theories, you would have to believe that Orlando was either a total fool or a complete fake. If either of those is true, how could you really care for or be interested in someone like that? How could you spend day after day searching the net for his pics or scanning them into your blog or writing endless posts about him? In their world he has no talent or career left, so that only leaves his looks, and many of them claim he has lost that. So what’s with their continued fascination with everything he says and does.

  72. 72
    @68 Says:

    Don’t forget their most hilarious theory – the baby that Miranda was breast feeding is not the same baby that Orlando was carrying in the park. Obviously, Miranda was never pregnant and never had a baby, or if she did (pick your conspiracy theory), it looks so unlike Orlando that they cannot possibly pass it off as his, so I guess they select a baby out of central casting to fit the photo op of the moment.

  73. 73
    Ema Says:

    I think it’s a total waste of time debating with the delphies. They are not really interested in reality and there is no “proof” that will ever make them change their minds. Anyone who looks at those pictures of Orlando hugging Miranda at Heathrow last July or kissing his son at that park in January and thinks that the smiles “don’t reach his eyes,” or that he doesn’t love them both, or that he’s so miserable that he’s about to walk off the Santa Monica pier, is in serious denial about either his feelings or his acting abilities.

  74. 74
    @52 Says:

    Do you also have some Kool-Aid to go with those cookies? LOL!

  75. 75
    Mary Says:

    What’s up with all the arguing – he’s looking gorgeous and happy these days, and that’s all that matters to me. At least until we see him back on the big screen again.

  76. 76
    OMG! Says:

    That last picture!!!!!!
    There’s just something in the way that he is looking at the camera……..
    *is ded*
    I’m going to go lie down now.

  77. 77
    Sweet! Says:

    Isn’t he adorable yawning. No sleep at night with a newborn in the house.

  78. 78
    Anon Says:

    Sighs and the other delphites are pathetic people that have no lives. You can clearly see Orlando and Miranda are in love and that the baby looks like Orlando and Miranda. Sighs grow the hell up and don’t come to this site with your stupid theories. You and the Delphi people are complete idiots. At ema you are right. The people on Delphi are never going to change their minds. It’s useless to argue with people like that.

  79. 79
    116 Says:

    Say what you will about the shippers, and in particular the “one” all the haters mock, when she’s wrong or makes a mistake about something she’s said, she generally admits it. The haters lost all credibility with me when they could never just concede they were wrong about anything, no matter how small or minor. Their reaction is always spin, spin, spin.

  80. 80
    LOL! Says:

    The latest delphi stupidity……
    They are now claiming that this was set-up by Miranda or her people to try to make everyone think that Orlando’s father was visiting, and that this was another lie, or “failure” on her part.
    Not that the pap or the reporter got the ID wrong. as they did when they called Therese ‘Samantha’, oh noooooooo. That would make too much sense, wouldn’t it.
    Let me ask the resident delphite…
    IF (BIG IF) Miranda was going to set this up, wouldn’t she have gotten a man who looks more like Colin? Or at least have arranged for him to never show a good view of his face?
    This man obviously doesn’t care that he is being photographed, why would any rational person think that he is pretending to be someone else?
    I know, rational thought has no place in the mind of a delphite, but this is just so unbelievably stupid.
    Even for them.
    And that’s saying a ton.

  81. 81
    @80 Says:

    You know for someone who’s nothing but a liar and a failure, Miranda has gotten pretty far in life. I think I’ll “have what she’s having” if it means I get a glamorous career, a gorgeous husband, and a beautiful baby in the process.

  82. 82
    @81 Says:

    Me too! And I suspect that one reason she provokes all this venomous hate in some people is because they’re upset that she is not a pathetic failure.

  83. 83
    sara Says:

    Photographers that have worked with her.
    Stylists that have worked with her.
    Make-up people that have worked with her.
    Dressers that have worked with her.
    Editors that have worked with her.
    Reporters who have worked with her.
    Etc., etc., etc.
    ALL sing her praises.
    She is successful in life, as well as in her career.
    She is reportedly kind, warm, gererous, altruistic and sweet. Orlando, one of the nicest people on the planet, loves her when he could have chosen almost any woman that he wanted. He married HER. He chose HER.
    We should all be such “failures”.

  84. 84
    LOL! Says:

    Oh, I forgot.
    They also said that this was a set up because how else would JJ know what was being repaired on the car?
    Let’s see….
    Ya think?

  85. 85
    aka Says:

    I hear that some of the delphites are flattered because us “trolls” read their communications. My dears, It’s because we literally find you unbelievably entertaining. And thanks for taking your time to read what we write also. I know it’s not nearly as imaginative as your creations, but then we haven’t your knack for spinning a yarn, figuratively speaking that is.

  86. 86
    @85 Says:

    Only a delphite could see people pointing and laughing at them and be flattered.
    Too d*mn funny.

  87. 87
    Hey Sighs.. Says:

    You laugh about sockpuppets, when you delphidiots are the craziest sock around.
    Are you going to deny that you loons make fake facebook accounts just to post nasty things on Miranda’s pages?
    Fake accounts that never have a history or that are visible to everone?
    How you guys lie about problems with Kora, or pretend to take offense at certain photos, then whine when they are deleted?
    Are you going to explain that one?
    We’ll be waiting.

  88. 88
    LOL! Says:

    And the delphidiot hypocrisy hits just keep coming….
    Orlando and Miranda papped out in public = SET UP!!!!! SELLING OUT THEIR BABY!!!!
    Doutzen and hubby papped stolling in public while smiling at the cameras = awww what a beautiful couple, you can tell that they are great parents.
    Rag mentions what kind of baby carrier Orlando is wearing = WHORING OUT THE BABY FOR CASH!!!!!!!!!
    Doutzen sells out baby phyllon by personally thanking pram manufacturer by name in baby Phyllon’s twitter, then showing up in public pushing aforementioned pram = such a loving family
    Miranda seen wearing a loose maxi dress = WHAT IS SHE HIDING!! SHE MUST STILL BE FAT A WHOLE FIVE WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH!!!! WHAT A SLOB!!!!
    Doutzen covered head to toe in a heavy jacket and trousers = oh so beautiful and chic, she looks amazing!
    As we have said.
    They may be sociopathic, psychopathic and just plain stoopid, but at least they keep us entertained.

  89. 89
    HA! Says:

    How can the gals at delphi find the truth, when they can’t even find their own a**holes?

  90. 90
    LOL! Says:

    They create sock puppets for facebook, and for when they write into their on again, off again, patron saint of gossip hounds, Ted C.
    They ask questions on his site, then try to pretend that it wasn’t one of them who asked the question.
    This time they pretend to be an fan offended about them using Christopher’s name.
    But Ted sees nothing wrong with it. He said that it is a bit weird and creepy, but touching at the same time.
    And if someone as cold as Ted sees something as “touching”, that says a lot.
    So now the delphidiots are set to damage control.. Ted should be on the outs with them again. Whenever he proves them wrong (marriage, relationship, etc) they toss him out with the trash.
    But wait!
    All good delphites have learned to twist things to suit them, right?
    So Ted’s statement that “I feel. Orlando seems like the sensitive type, so I’m guessing it doesn’t affect him too much,” has been turned around to suit them. That what Ted REALLY meant was that ‘Orlando is sensitive, that’s why it DOES bother him’.
    Leave it to the delph-IDIOTS to get even direct quotes wrong.
    Oh, and BTW, there were some pics taken of Orlando at a parking garage yesterday.
    There may be dueling hypocritical statements coming from the delphi camp. Let’s see which one wins.
    Will it be”
    OMG!!! Another set up!!!
    Or since he is apparently alone (looking gorgeous), will be more along the lines of:
    See, he’s running away from her again!!!
    It should be entertaining either way.

  91. 91
    Mjforever Says:

    @ 90 LOL indeed the losers have lost it it’s funny witness their break down over the marriage and the pillow /that isn’t his/ trap baby .

  92. 92
    HA! Says:

    And now we have them complaining about her talking about something so “private” as the baby’s name.
    When not too long ago they claimed that she was “playing a game” by not immediately revealing his name to the world.
    This is just too good!

  93. 93
    Mike Says:

    You ******* are crazy, man. All y’all.

  94. 94
    HEY! Says:

    Where did Sigh-don’t-know-where-my-a**hole-is run off to?
    She never explained how she poops out the top of her jeans!
    We’re waiting for your explanation.
    After all, YOU are the one that challenged us and said:
    “But I cannot let the latest in the Lies of Dingho and Her Minions pass unchallenged. (Do y’all lie just to keep in practice?)”
    Then posted a pic of what anyone with a fourth grade education could tell you is NOT an a**hole.
    You called us all liars, but then provided proof that we were telling the truth.
    But once again, when faced with the truth, the delphite runs and hides.
    What’s wrong? Can’t you show a little bit of class and admit that you were wrong? That ALL of you were wrong?
    You also said:
    “Attack me. Attack Delphi. Try to change the subject. It doesn’t change the truth”
    You’re right. The truth cannot be changed. But you sure do a good job of hiding from it.

  95. 95
    @94 Says:

    They run from the truth like cockroaches run from the light.
    That’s why they are in denial about the wedding and the baby.
    They just can’t accept a truth that is visible to everyone else.
    Everyone has opinions, but having opionions with no truth is what makes then sound so irrational and ridiculous.

  96. 96
    awww Says:

    Doutzen finally found a designer that could appreciate her.
    She just walked for a designer specializing in designs for “voluptuous women”. AKA: Plus size!
    Poor Doutzen.
    Now if Miranda had gone back to work so soon after having the baby, the delphites would be screaming about her abandoning the baby, and how could she leave the baby to work, and how she must not care about the baby because she didn’t need to get back to work so soon, how could she take a baby that young on an airplane, etc., etc.
    Miranda has to take a bit longer to get back.
    You see, she walks for designers who DON’T normally dress fat women, so she actually has to LOOK like a runway model. Unlike Doutzen. Who is absolutely gorgeous, but much too heavy to walk a proper runway.

  97. 97
    @96 Says:

    Well unlike Miranda, Doutzen HAS to get back to work. Whether she wants to or not. She’s the breadwinner in her house. Sunnery (sp?) can’t bring in that much money.
    Orlando’s residuals bring in so much that neither he, nor Miranda ever need to work again.
    But Orlando will be on the big screen soon, and Miranda will get back eventually. It’s just that unlike Doutzen, she can get back to work when she WANTS to, not when she HAS to.
    Must be nice.

  98. 98
    flynn orlando Says:

    It is weird to name your son after late boyfriend. I don’t think it is fair- not only to your husband but to your child as well. How can you celebrate life with the name of the late boyfriend??? Keeping him alive by thinking of him every day ??? Enjoying the life remembering that he died? It is weird. I don’t understand. I would understand the celebration of love and life with your alive husband’s name- Flynn could be Flynn Orlando, right. Orlando seems like a good husband and father. How will Miranda explain to her son one day this decision- did he love(d) Christopher more then Orlando? Can you tell this to your son, even if it is true? Orlando must love her very much to accept this name. It doesn’t seem that he doesn’t care for the Flynn and that it is all the same for him, on the contrary. It is strange if Orlando’s parents and sister didn’t visit their first grandson –nephew. I wonder did they ever meet Miranda’s parents. Miranda and Orlando are married and have son and it is possible that her and his families never met. I know that celebrities world is not like our world, but still it is strange if it is the fact.

  99. 99
    @98 Says:

    So any child that carries the name of a family member that has passed away can’t celebrate life, only remember the dead?
    That’s what you are saying.
    And if they had named the child after a dead relative, does that mean that they love the relative more than the spouse?
    No, that’s just stupid.
    This has been discussed to death, and onlt because you delphites won’t let it drop. You have run out of things to complain about, and are now making up scandals. Also in your discussions, you have ceased calling Christopher her “dead boyfriend”, but have started calling him her “dead f**k”. How horrible is that? Did you forget that they were only 16 when they were together? But what does that matter in your rush to insult her, right?
    BTW, he carries Orlando’s name….Bloom, in case you forgot.
    And again (proving yourself a delphite) you still believe that Orlando’s family has not visited the baby, and you have made up stories and reasons to suit you.
    As people said to Sighs, if you can’t prove a negative”, you can’t state it as fact.
    But when did that ever stop a delphite?

  100. 100
    ...... Says:

    Someone over there compared naming a child after a dead ex-boyfriend with necrophilia…in case someone had any doubt about how f**ked up they are.

  101. 101
    @100 Says:

    That’s a whole new level of insanity.
    They are sick human beings.
    Ae you more rational delphites proud of your site now?
    Did you stand up and say that is going too far?
    Didn’t think so.

  102. 102
    He's so hot! Says:

    Funny observation: Miranda’s brother responded to a comment someone left on FB about benzyl alcohol causing cancer and is found in Kora products. He said there’s more benzyl alcohol in a cup of tea. Now these great researchers who find all kinds of “proof” to support their conspiracy theories couldn’t find anything about it being found in tea. In 1.5 seconds I googled it and got Wikipedia which listed tea as containing it.

    Those liars would never admit that their house of cards is falling down around them. The “proof ” is getting crazier than ever! I really can’t believe that they let Miranda and Orlando get under their skin so much. So very sad to live such a bitter, pitiful existence.

  103. 103
    @102 Says:

    Those are the same idiots that ran into ingredients with names that had more than one syllable and IMMEDIATELY blasted her for using chemicals, instead of being natural.
    They just didn’t count on people looking up those “dangerous chemicals and corrosives!!!!!!!!!!!”.
    Turns out that the “corrosive” is the same acid in venegar. And the other chemicals ocurred naturally in things like cocoa butter.
    They fell flat on their faces with that one…..again.
    Reminds me of the hoax a while back about so many products having the dangerous ingredient of dihydrogen monoxide, the world’s most powerful corrosive. After people calmed down they realized that it was just another term for H2O…..water.
    Guess that thedelphidiots figured that people had forgotten how they were OWNED the last time that they brought this stuff up.
    Guess not, huh?
    Care for some tea?

  104. 104
    wow Says:

    Now they are calling a 16 year old boy, who died way too young in a tragic accident her “dead f**k buddy”.
    Have they no shame?
    Have they lost ALL sense of decency?
    That is just too much.
    Wonder how they would feel is someone referred to a lost love one of theirs like that?
    Forget that.
    They have no loved ones to lose, so I guess that they are safe from that bit of Karma.
    Anyone who is a member of that site sould be ashamed of themselves.

  105. 105
    Get a life Says:

    I jumped online to see pictures of my father with Orlando and sure enough there he is for the world to see. My parents just had a fantastic 10 days with the new parents and baby flynn and I wish i had of just looked at the pictures and logged off this site but for some stupid reason i started reading all these comments about Miranda, Orlando and my brother Christopher.

    None of you know the pain that our family and Miranda went thru when the accident happened and since then Miranda has been a big part of our family. My parents love her like a daughter and treated her like one for the best part of 12 years.

    It’s unbelievable how some people can twist such an innocent thing like the naming of a child into the name calling that i have read here and the other site. Seriously what is the world coming to. I thought people would have had a life of there own where they would be thinking of a name to call there own newborn not spewing venom towards a couple that they have no contact with and know very little about.

    I think some of you lot should have a good hard look at yourselves. Its no wonder the world is in such moral decay if this is how you view life.

  106. 106
    @105 Says:

    I don’t know if you really are who you say you are, but I applaud your post. You perfectly expressed our feelings toward the heartless way that this has been twisted by a VERY small group of hateful, bitter women.
    And if you ARE who you say you are, I’m so sorry for your loss.
    God bless you and your family.

  107. 107
    Sighs4l Says:

    Sorry but I’m calling bullsh*t without some (any) proof. You Dingho phans/relatives/sockpuppets may well believe it and think highly of the Dingho for being so wonderful as evidenced by this testament from Christopher’s ‘sister’ but since we do know that Dingho Lies.All.The.Time, (and yes you know it too; you just won’t talk about it)I won’t be swallowing this without a little more proof.
    Oh and congrats to Dingho for FINALLY getting her Whora swill eco-certified what? a year AFTER she lied and said it was certified?

  108. 108
    @107 Says:

    Well, well, well.
    Sighs-don’t-know-where-my-own-a**hole-is graces us once again with her oh so ridiculous prescence.
    Still without apologizing for calling us liars about the so called a**hole photos. Did you not check your anatomy books?
    Oh, never mind.
    It’s not like a delphite would ever admit to being wrong. Even if we have PROOF (actual proof, not made up delphi lies) that they were.
    But back to the subject at hand……
    The only person who responded to the ‘sister’ questioned her authenticity, too, did they not? Or have you lost your reading comprehension skills, along with what little sense of humanity that you once posessed?
    And didn’t Miranda always say that they were “applying for certification”. not that they were certified?
    I imagine that it takes time to be certified since EcoCert investigates not only the final processing, but each ingredient along the way. They investigate the natural ingredients literally from the farm to the store shelf.
    Products that have been well reviewed, and now have organic certification can’t really be called “swill”, now can they? By any rational person that is.
    But I guess you hateful, delusional liars will continue to call it that. Since that seems to make you feel better about your own pathetic existance.

  109. 109
    @107 Says:

    Actually the ones who won’t talk about the ‘Dingho lies’ are you and only you. You won’t talk about it to people who might question you, that is.

  110. 110
    Christopher Middlebrook Says:

    Hey sibling, thanks for saying what you did!

    I managed to get online via St.Peter’s laptop, so here I am, I have a few things I want to say:

    It is really cool that she named the baby after me, but I think she needs to move on, we were just kids, if I had have lived I wouldn’t have married her, she had too many big ambitions for her modeling, it would never have worked, also I have found my soul mate up here anyway, oh and Miranda how come you are a Buddhist? God exists you know, he is a cool guy, also I could never have stayed with Miranda either, her showing her body to the world, well, I just couldn’t have stood for that. She also has turned into another Miranda, not the one I knew all those years ago.

    Anyway, I just want to be left out of all this ****, I’m not a celebrity so let me rest in peace huh Miranda! If you really can’t get over me see someone about it, you have to move on, poor Orlando, still seeing as I can also see the future from up here, at least his next wife will be calling their baby after him, and your next husband Miranda is going to be a lot older than you, and a fellow Aussie, all’s well that ends well!

  111. 111
    @29 Says:

    And just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any lower, you prove me wrong. Again. That’s rather sickening. But you’re only a troll, whose obviously mentally unstable, and so there’s not much to say. It’s not funny, pathetic, or sad anymore. It’s just… it’s just… a lost cause.

  112. 112
    Christopher Middlebrook Says:

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  113. 113
    @lol and lol'ers Says:

    At what point are any of you going to realize that Just Jared’s IS NOT the home of the Miranda Kerr Fan Club??? It’s a gossip site.

    Secondly, if I wanted to know what was going on at Delphi I’d go over there myself. Why do you peeps care so passionately about their board. They’re doing exactly what they set out to do. We all get that they don’t like the relationship with Orlando and Miranda. Leave them to it, don’t constantly bring it over here. Let them stay in their own playground. If you and your pals would quit whining about them maybe they’d stop wanking on you.

    And don’t put the Delphi sticker on posters just because they disagree with your POV. There are Orlando Bloom fans who don’t like his taste in women but still like to read his news. You’re making it impossible for us to do so here at JJ’s. Let it go.

  114. 114
    Tre Octobre Says:

    Why doesn’t everyone just agree to disagree and get on? So stupid. Orlando is married to her, it probably won’t last-THE END, is all this bickering worth it? Shippers and haters alike, so effing ridiculous, call a truc’e and move on, you are all as bad as each other.

  115. 115
    @113 Says:


    I think the EXACT same, I don’t care who orlando is sticking his coq into, I just like to read about HIM seeing as though HE is the one I am a fan of, can’t you keep this pathetic drama fandom wars off this place? It is so immature, you lot are forever bringing Delphi up on here, WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW, I would read there if I gave a ****- I don’t, so keep it off these boards, selfish bityches!

  116. 116
    Pablo Says:

    He is so horrid! His child looks downs!

  117. 117
    Pablo Says:

    Amanda, his wife have downs syndrome also?

  118. 118
    @l108 Says:

    You said:

    “And didn’t Miranda always say that they were “applying for certification”. not that they were certified?”

    I read her FB all the time. She actually did write that Kora was certified. Later she changed it and wrote that they were in the process after it was brought up that Eco-cert had denied any knowledge of Kora. It’s all documented on some blog if you want to look.

    So yes, she did erroneously state they were already certified. As for now being fully certified, I believe that Kora has the commitment letter but the process hasn’t been completed yet,. In Miranda’s words on the FB blog ” we have received our licence for Organic certification from our audit. This is such wonderful news. It has been a very long process but we are excited to say that our products are slowly but surely becoming certified.”

    Slowly but surely becoming certified makes me think there’s still some steps to go as none of the specific products were mentioned in the certificate. Give it some time, the line is only a year and a half old.

  119. 119
    @118 Says:

    Yes that is correct, the screencaps of her actually saying it was already certified is on that blog, so there is 100% proof of that, lets be honest here.

    And I agree, can we stop using Jared as a fandom battle ground, we are lucky that Jared lets us comment here, lets not take advantage and use it just to fight with one another, can’t 2011 just be about agreeing to disagree and not picking fights with one another?

  120. 120
    LOL!!! Says:

    Thgis is PRICELESS!!!!
    Catch a delphite in a lie, and they come running over to this site that they “never stoop to visit” to try to cover their a$$es.
    Simple points….
    No, not everyone who doesn’t like Miranda is a delphite, but when they post here using the EXACT SAME INSULTS that they sling around on their board, they WILL be pointed out.
    And if they kept those vulgar insults on their board, we wouldn’t respond to them.
    They bring their insults here, we will bring over evidence of their absolute hypocrisy.
    And yes, we know that this is not a “fan board”, but it also is NOT delphi. Which is EXACTLY why we won’t let you post your irrational theories without responding.
    And LOL @118
    PERFECT example of a delphite….
    They claim to be “sick of reading about her”, they claim that certain fans “stalk” her on the internet, yet here this idiot clearly brags that she reads Miranda’s facebook “all the time”.
    Oh, and about Eco-Cert denying any knowledge of Kora, did you get that “PROOF” (LOL) from the same delphite that swore that she had PROOF (LOL) that BES on twitter, and Gospel of delphi were both Miranda?
    We all know how accuaret that PROOF was .
    This is hilarious!

  121. 121
    @118 Says:

    Actually it is a long process to get certified.
    Long, detailed and quite difficult.
    Which is why there are relatively few cosmetic lines that go through all of the trouble and expense of certification.
    You can call yourself ‘organic’ without being ‘certified organic’.
    Most lines don’t bother with the difference.

  122. 122
    @l120 Says:

    You’re wrong. And there’s no need to be insulting. I’m just posting what I know. The fact that Miranda mis-spoke doesn’t require you to resort to insults to diffuse the fact that she told a fib. She jumped the gun, she corrected herself and she and her readers have all moved on. Except you.

  123. 123
    liz Says:

    Oh, and about Eco-Cert denying any knowledge of Kora, did you get that “PROOF” (LOL) from the same delphite that swore that she had PROOF (LOL) that BES on twitter, and Gospel of delphi were both Miranda?

    The proof that ecocert denied knowledge of kora is on the miranda and her kerrazy lies blog- THE SCREENCAPS ARE THERE OF MIRANDA’S WORDS AND EMAILS from ecocert. but of course its easy to pretend it isnt there, right hmmm??? deluded phucktard

  124. 124
    @123 Says:

    Ugh, you were sounding relatively reasonable till you came out with those last two words.

  125. 125
    Sighs4l Says:

    So of course Dingho phans have to attack and obfuscate rather than simply say, yeah, Dingho lied(again), got caught (again), backtracked (again), and tried to do damage repair (again).
    Dingho and phans are practiced in trying to rewrite history. Not successful, just practiced.

  126. 126
    @123 Says:

    Sure, and the idiot that posted the ‘proof’ had no reason to fabricate those e-mails, right?
    Like they fabricated the evidence about BES and Gospel?
    You delphites sure are gullible when ut suits you, eh?
    Funny, seems like YOU haven’t moved on either.
    And @sighs….
    No, that’s the delphite strategy when cornered.
    We simply proved that you are a liar, and you are avoiding answering the charges.

  127. 127
    @126 Says:

    Since Miranda went to the trouble of publishing a photo of Ecocert coming to visit them, that does suggest they had never put the process in motion until then, and she was aware that questions were being asked about it. It wasn’t just KerrazyLies was it? There was also an Australian journalist poking around.

    The odd thing is that apparently there was no problem with getting the certificate, so the products were apparently always up to scratch.

  128. 128
    some things are certain Says:

    It is certain that Orlando was not in Audi service with his father Colin Stone. Who was with Orlando?

  129. 129
    @127 Says:

    No, publishing the photo just meant that that is when the inspector was in their facility. She was just understandably excited to be nearing the final stages of certification.
    There is a long processof paperwork to be finished before the inspector is actually ‘physically’ there. So if he was on site, most of the paperwork was complete.
    But you are right about the speed once he finished his inspection. That means that there wasn’t much, if anything to correct, and that they had done everything that they were supposed to do.

  130. 130
    Wanda Rizzuto Says:


    So I just have to ask, why are you reading my tweets? I know you *say* it’s because you like laughing at my crazy conspiricy theories, but I mostly tweet about politics and chat with friends. I rarely tweet about OB or MK. Is there some reason why you have a problem with that? (Anyone in the world is welcome to see for themselves.) How did you even know I had a Twitter account in the first place? I don’t exactly advertise it. Did you search me out? I’m really interested to know the answer.

  131. 131
    @130 Says:

    never mind…just saw the @aka

  132. 132
    He's so hot! Says:

    Sighs, you are unbelievably obsessed with all of this as are all your crazy friends who spend so much time ranting about this, reading her facebook, reading other peoples pro Orlando/Miranda LJ communities, commenting on blogs, etc. Why the constant attack on them? I don’t understand why you and your friends don’t move on? It’s quite scary how obsessed with Miranda you are. You might want to see someone about that.

  133. 133
    @l129 Says:

    Is it true that only 3 of her products actually passed the certification process? Is that why she didn’t show the actual certs? 3 out of what, 13 products? And one of them not even on the market yet? That’s got to be very disappointing for the brand and for Miranda. That’s why the process went so fast, the majority of the line failed to pass the organic standards set by Ecocert.

  134. 134
    @133 Says:

    That’s possible, depending on the ingredients. From what I’ve heard, anything with a sunscreen won’t pass certification, no matter what. Or maybe the farms that grom the noni use non organic pesticides, or something like that.
    But I have not seen the list yet, so I really don’t know.
    Where did you see it?

  135. 135
    @133 Says:

    I thought that what they received was the license for organic certification. The “certificate of commitment”.
    She even stated that the products were “slowly but surely becoming certified”, not that they were all certified as of yet. To me that implies an ongoing process.
    Maybe there were only three initially, but there are more to come.
    I’m interested in where you saw that list, too.
    I try to buy organic whenever I can. And if Miranda’s products are certified, they may be worth the shipping costs.

  136. 136
    @133 Says:

    This is a direct quote from Miranda, taken from her Kora blog concerning the organic certification:

    “HI Guys,

    Just thought I would share this with you as we have received our licence for Organic certification from our audit. This is such wonderful news. It has been a very long process but we are excited to say that our products are slowly but surely becoming certified.

    Love Miranda and The KORA Organics Team ***

    See that? “slowly but surely becoming certified”

    I thought that I would point that out since your favorite bunch of liars on that hateful blog of obsessed cretins love to twist her words.
    They are already claiming that she said that all of her products are certified. Now who are they calling a liar?????
    I guess that reading comprehension is not their strong suit, eh?
    Or, as always, they ignore the facts because they just get in the way of their hate filled diatribes.

  137. 137
    He's so hot! Says:

    Thanks for posting the quote from Kora. It’s nice to have the truth and since it didn’t fit their version they just lie to make it so.

  138. 138
    @136 Says:

    There’s a little problem with your spin on this.

    You see, on Sept. 27, 2010, about 5 months ago, Miranda herself posted this on her FB page in response to a question: “Yes sweetheart we are Certified Organic.***

    She couldn’t be any more plain than that. Then on October 14 on the same FB page she again responded: “Hey Arabella Kora Organics is Certified Organic so it will not hurt your skin…..”

    Both of these statements are well before Kora even began the process, well before the audit with Ecocert, and the intent to deceive her customers is there for all to see. No twisting of words necessary. Miranda lied. Go read it for yourself on her FB page.

  139. 139
    $138 Says:

    Hmmmm, that’s funny.
    To give you the benefit of a doubt, I actually went back to those days to check your info.
    I could not find any such statement on either day, on either one of Miranda’s pages.
    Did I miss it?
    Or are you just making it up?

  140. 140
    @138 Says:

    I don’t habe time to check your information, but unless she states that it is certified on the product packaging, in advertisements, or on the Kora web page, she is not “deceiving” her customers.
    Her products are advertised as organic, not certified organic.
    But you sure know a lot about Miranda.
    Must be hard for someone who is so “sick of hearing about her and her obsessed fans” to keep such a close eye on the girl. Closer even than her fans.
    And you lot call another certain fan “obsessed”?
    That’s rich.

  141. 141
    @140 Says:

    Um, have to disagree there. IF she states they are Certified Organic to a customer, knowing that it’s not true, then she is deceiving them.

    Yet her intent is not to pass off inferior goods that aren’t organic at all, because some of the products at least do qualify for certification.

    And it’s not to use certification as a selling point without undergoing the tedious and costly (?) process of certification, because the official product description doesn’t claim to be certified.

    It seems unlikely that it’s their promotional policy for her to say the products are certified on Facebook and then remove the posts before anyone can prove it. It would only produce a few extra sales and be quite risky. Even the customers she sold to might notice there’s nothing about certification on the packaging and demand their money back.

    If she’s doing it then it doesn’t really make sense. She ought to realise that if she’s using a Facebook presence to promote the products, she needs to know all about them and have good answers to questions like that.

  142. 142
    @141 Says:

    That would be deceptive, but it doesn’t sound like she intended to deceive anyone. She seemed to have misspoken on a brief facebook answer,, then deleted it because she knew that it was incorrect. It’s not like she continued to repeat the incorrect information.
    But there’s no proof either way, so I’m willing to give her the benefit of a doubt.
    Especially since some of her products have met the high standards of certification.
    And yes, I imagine that it is quite expensive to be certified.
    I work in a field where we are required by law to be inpected every year. We pay nearly two thousand dollars for each inspection. Not counting the extra man hours required to keep all records and quality tests up to date and accurate.
    If she doesn’t have to be certified, the fact that she is willing to absorb the expense of inspections, tells me that she is determined to meet high quality standards for her products.

  143. 143
    @142 Says:

    Ecocert must have thought she was deceiving customers on her business FB when they sent a cease and desist letter to Kora. You see, she was claiming she was Ecocert Certiied Organic when in reality she hadn’t even begun any processes with them.

    That’s a pretty clear indication that she was dishonest in her dealings with customers/potential customers who visited her Kora Organics FB page. Mis-speak once, maybe, but doing it twice indicates a pattern of deception.

  144. 144
    @143 Says:

    That’s interesting.
    Do you have proof of this?

  145. 145
    @143 Says:

    Why would Ecocert make it public that they’d sent a cease and desist letter? Wouldn’t that be a legal matter and thus privileged?

    Actually, what do you mean by “cease and desist letter”? The use of specific legal terminology suggests a formal letter that is part of the legal process.

    But do you mean the kind of letter that photo agencies send to fansites, an informal warning basically, saying that you may not be aware that our photos are copyright but they are, so you must pay for them or remove them and if you don’t we will have to take legal action?

    If they sent a letter of that type, that doesn’t imply they thought she had malicious intent, just that they wanted her to stop.

    You say that she claimed Kora was Ecocert Certified Organic but in the two quotes given at No. 138, she doesn’t include the word Ecocert. Thus your statement implies a level of intent to deceive which her quoted statements don’t. You don’t seem to be entirely objective, and I think it’s important to be objective when accusing someone of deception.

  146. 146
    uh-oh Says:

    #145 is expecting a logical answer from a delphite.
    Their brains can’t process logic.
    This may get ugly.

  147. 147
    @145 Says:

    “Thus your statement implies a level of intent to deceive which her quoted statements don’t”
    They specialize in twisting statements to suit their agenda.
    Direct quotes just get in their way.
    “You don’t seem to be entirely objective”
    That has to be the understatemant of the century.
    But this is what they do.
    They make up stories, or twist half truths to condemn a total stranger who has done nothing to them. Well, nothing but have the nerve to marry Orlando, and to bear his child. How dare she!!!
    They formed a forum, and a few hateful blogs so that they could insult and lie about her to their hearts content. You see, that’s the only way that they can make themselves feel better about their own lives. By trying to tear down others.
    The only ones allowed to comment on their sites are people who agree absolutely with their insane theories. Dissent and/or free speech is not permitted on their sites. Disagree, and you will be told to “shut the f**k up”. Then they whine about other sites not allowing THEM to say whatever they want. Just another example of their hypocrisy.
    They only come here to fling insults, hoping to be seen by more than the (very) few people that read their board. Then, as has been proved in several of the recent threads, when faced with ACTUAL TRUTH, they run and hide.
    They can only exist in their hate filled little world. No questions that they can’t answer. No one to question their sanity.
    They spent every waking moment searching the internet for something to twist. Miranda OWNS them. Their lives revolve around her.
    Pretty sad, isn’t it.

  148. 148
    @147 Says:

    My favorite fake blog is the fake Kate one.
    The idiot pretends that she is Kate, with all of this super secrect, insider information, then makes the mistake of posting in US time, while Kate is in Europe.
    And we are supposed to believe that the real Kate is as OBSESSED with Miranda as much as the delphidiots.
    It’s a laugh a minute.
    The only person that posts on her blog is the same sad little tin-hat that fell for fake Orlando. The tinnie that just can’t let the fantasy of Vig-Orlie die. Of course, she will believe anyone that supports her delusions, no matter how obviously fake.

  149. 149
    .. Says:

    @some things are certain:

    Its Christopher’s father

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