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Orlando Bloom: Car Repair with Dad!

Orlando Bloom: Car Repair with Dad!

Orlando Bloom takes his Audi car in for a repair at a service center on Wednesday (February 16) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor, who was joined by his dad Colin Stone, needed to get a light on his rearview mirror replaced.

The day before, Orly went biking with some of his buddies and over the weekend he went out with wife Miranda Kerr, who debuted her post baby body!

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom getting his car repaired…

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149 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Car Repair with Dad!”

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  1. 76
    OMG! Says:

    That last picture!!!!!!
    There’s just something in the way that he is looking at the camera……..
    *is ded*
    I’m going to go lie down now.

  2. 77
    Sweet! Says:

    Isn’t he adorable yawning. No sleep at night with a newborn in the house.

  3. 78
    Anon Says:

    Sighs and the other delphites are pathetic people that have no lives. You can clearly see Orlando and Miranda are in love and that the baby looks like Orlando and Miranda. Sighs grow the hell up and don’t come to this site with your stupid theories. You and the Delphi people are complete idiots. At ema you are right. The people on Delphi are never going to change their minds. It’s useless to argue with people like that.

  4. 79
    116 Says:

    Say what you will about the shippers, and in particular the “one” all the haters mock, when she’s wrong or makes a mistake about something she’s said, she generally admits it. The haters lost all credibility with me when they could never just concede they were wrong about anything, no matter how small or minor. Their reaction is always spin, spin, spin.

  5. 80
    LOL! Says:

    The latest delphi stupidity……
    They are now claiming that this was set-up by Miranda or her people to try to make everyone think that Orlando’s father was visiting, and that this was another lie, or “failure” on her part.
    Not that the pap or the reporter got the ID wrong. as they did when they called Therese ‘Samantha’, oh noooooooo. That would make too much sense, wouldn’t it.
    Let me ask the resident delphite…
    IF (BIG IF) Miranda was going to set this up, wouldn’t she have gotten a man who looks more like Colin? Or at least have arranged for him to never show a good view of his face?
    This man obviously doesn’t care that he is being photographed, why would any rational person think that he is pretending to be someone else?
    I know, rational thought has no place in the mind of a delphite, but this is just so unbelievably stupid.
    Even for them.
    And that’s saying a ton.

  6. 81
    @80 Says:

    You know for someone who’s nothing but a liar and a failure, Miranda has gotten pretty far in life. I think I’ll “have what she’s having” if it means I get a glamorous career, a gorgeous husband, and a beautiful baby in the process.

  7. 82
    @81 Says:

    Me too! And I suspect that one reason she provokes all this venomous hate in some people is because they’re upset that she is not a pathetic failure.

  8. 83
    sara Says:

    Photographers that have worked with her.
    Stylists that have worked with her.
    Make-up people that have worked with her.
    Dressers that have worked with her.
    Editors that have worked with her.
    Reporters who have worked with her.
    Etc., etc., etc.
    ALL sing her praises.
    She is successful in life, as well as in her career.
    She is reportedly kind, warm, gererous, altruistic and sweet. Orlando, one of the nicest people on the planet, loves her when he could have chosen almost any woman that he wanted. He married HER. He chose HER.
    We should all be such “failures”.

  9. 84
    LOL! Says:

    Oh, I forgot.
    They also said that this was a set up because how else would JJ know what was being repaired on the car?
    Let’s see….
    Ya think?

  10. 85
    aka Says:

    I hear that some of the delphites are flattered because us “trolls” read their communications. My dears, It’s because we literally find you unbelievably entertaining. And thanks for taking your time to read what we write also. I know it’s not nearly as imaginative as your creations, but then we haven’t your knack for spinning a yarn, figuratively speaking that is.

  11. 86
    @85 Says:

    Only a delphite could see people pointing and laughing at them and be flattered.
    Too d*mn funny.

  12. 87
    Hey Sighs.. Says:

    You laugh about sockpuppets, when you delphidiots are the craziest sock around.
    Are you going to deny that you loons make fake facebook accounts just to post nasty things on Miranda’s pages?
    Fake accounts that never have a history or that are visible to everone?
    How you guys lie about problems with Kora, or pretend to take offense at certain photos, then whine when they are deleted?
    Are you going to explain that one?
    We’ll be waiting.

  13. 88
    LOL! Says:

    And the delphidiot hypocrisy hits just keep coming….
    Orlando and Miranda papped out in public = SET UP!!!!! SELLING OUT THEIR BABY!!!!
    Doutzen and hubby papped stolling in public while smiling at the cameras = awww what a beautiful couple, you can tell that they are great parents.
    Rag mentions what kind of baby carrier Orlando is wearing = WHORING OUT THE BABY FOR CASH!!!!!!!!!
    Doutzen sells out baby phyllon by personally thanking pram manufacturer by name in baby Phyllon’s twitter, then showing up in public pushing aforementioned pram = such a loving family
    Miranda seen wearing a loose maxi dress = WHAT IS SHE HIDING!! SHE MUST STILL BE FAT A WHOLE FIVE WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH!!!! WHAT A SLOB!!!!
    Doutzen covered head to toe in a heavy jacket and trousers = oh so beautiful and chic, she looks amazing!
    As we have said.
    They may be sociopathic, psychopathic and just plain stoopid, but at least they keep us entertained.

  14. 89
    HA! Says:

    How can the gals at delphi find the truth, when they can’t even find their own a**holes?

  15. 90
    LOL! Says:

    They create sock puppets for facebook, and for when they write into their on again, off again, patron saint of gossip hounds, Ted C.
    They ask questions on his site, then try to pretend that it wasn’t one of them who asked the question.
    This time they pretend to be an fan offended about them using Christopher’s name.
    But Ted sees nothing wrong with it. He said that it is a bit weird and creepy, but touching at the same time.
    And if someone as cold as Ted sees something as “touching”, that says a lot.
    So now the delphidiots are set to damage control.. Ted should be on the outs with them again. Whenever he proves them wrong (marriage, relationship, etc) they toss him out with the trash.
    But wait!
    All good delphites have learned to twist things to suit them, right?
    So Ted’s statement that “I feel. Orlando seems like the sensitive type, so I’m guessing it doesn’t affect him too much,” has been turned around to suit them. That what Ted REALLY meant was that ‘Orlando is sensitive, that’s why it DOES bother him’.
    Leave it to the delph-IDIOTS to get even direct quotes wrong.
    Oh, and BTW, there were some pics taken of Orlando at a parking garage yesterday.
    There may be dueling hypocritical statements coming from the delphi camp. Let’s see which one wins.
    Will it be”
    OMG!!! Another set up!!!
    Or since he is apparently alone (looking gorgeous), will be more along the lines of:
    See, he’s running away from her again!!!
    It should be entertaining either way.

  16. 91
    Mjforever Says:

    @ 90 LOL indeed the losers have lost it it’s funny witness their break down over the marriage and the pillow /that isn’t his/ trap baby .

  17. 92
    HA! Says:

    And now we have them complaining about her talking about something so “private” as the baby’s name.
    When not too long ago they claimed that she was “playing a game” by not immediately revealing his name to the world.
    This is just too good!

  18. 93
    Mike Says:

    You ******* are crazy, man. All y’all.

  19. 94
    HEY! Says:

    Where did Sigh-don’t-know-where-my-a**hole-is run off to?
    She never explained how she poops out the top of her jeans!
    We’re waiting for your explanation.
    After all, YOU are the one that challenged us and said:
    “But I cannot let the latest in the Lies of Dingho and Her Minions pass unchallenged. (Do y’all lie just to keep in practice?)”
    Then posted a pic of what anyone with a fourth grade education could tell you is NOT an a**hole.
    You called us all liars, but then provided proof that we were telling the truth.
    But once again, when faced with the truth, the delphite runs and hides.
    What’s wrong? Can’t you show a little bit of class and admit that you were wrong? That ALL of you were wrong?
    You also said:
    “Attack me. Attack Delphi. Try to change the subject. It doesn’t change the truth”
    You’re right. The truth cannot be changed. But you sure do a good job of hiding from it.

  20. 95
    @94 Says:

    They run from the truth like cockroaches run from the light.
    That’s why they are in denial about the wedding and the baby.
    They just can’t accept a truth that is visible to everyone else.
    Everyone has opinions, but having opionions with no truth is what makes then sound so irrational and ridiculous.

  21. 96
    awww Says:

    Doutzen finally found a designer that could appreciate her.
    She just walked for a designer specializing in designs for “voluptuous women”. AKA: Plus size!
    Poor Doutzen.
    Now if Miranda had gone back to work so soon after having the baby, the delphites would be screaming about her abandoning the baby, and how could she leave the baby to work, and how she must not care about the baby because she didn’t need to get back to work so soon, how could she take a baby that young on an airplane, etc., etc.
    Miranda has to take a bit longer to get back.
    You see, she walks for designers who DON’T normally dress fat women, so she actually has to LOOK like a runway model. Unlike Doutzen. Who is absolutely gorgeous, but much too heavy to walk a proper runway.

  22. 97
    @96 Says:

    Well unlike Miranda, Doutzen HAS to get back to work. Whether she wants to or not. She’s the breadwinner in her house. Sunnery (sp?) can’t bring in that much money.
    Orlando’s residuals bring in so much that neither he, nor Miranda ever need to work again.
    But Orlando will be on the big screen soon, and Miranda will get back eventually. It’s just that unlike Doutzen, she can get back to work when she WANTS to, not when she HAS to.
    Must be nice.

  23. 98
    flynn orlando Says:

    It is weird to name your son after late boyfriend. I don’t think it is fair- not only to your husband but to your child as well. How can you celebrate life with the name of the late boyfriend??? Keeping him alive by thinking of him every day ??? Enjoying the life remembering that he died? It is weird. I don’t understand. I would understand the celebration of love and life with your alive husband’s name- Flynn could be Flynn Orlando, right. Orlando seems like a good husband and father. How will Miranda explain to her son one day this decision- did he love(d) Christopher more then Orlando? Can you tell this to your son, even if it is true? Orlando must love her very much to accept this name. It doesn’t seem that he doesn’t care for the Flynn and that it is all the same for him, on the contrary. It is strange if Orlando’s parents and sister didn’t visit their first grandson –nephew. I wonder did they ever meet Miranda’s parents. Miranda and Orlando are married and have son and it is possible that her and his families never met. I know that celebrities world is not like our world, but still it is strange if it is the fact.

  24. 99
    @98 Says:

    So any child that carries the name of a family member that has passed away can’t celebrate life, only remember the dead?
    That’s what you are saying.
    And if they had named the child after a dead relative, does that mean that they love the relative more than the spouse?
    No, that’s just stupid.
    This has been discussed to death, and onlt because you delphites won’t let it drop. You have run out of things to complain about, and are now making up scandals. Also in your discussions, you have ceased calling Christopher her “dead boyfriend”, but have started calling him her “dead f**k”. How horrible is that? Did you forget that they were only 16 when they were together? But what does that matter in your rush to insult her, right?
    BTW, he carries Orlando’s name….Bloom, in case you forgot.
    And again (proving yourself a delphite) you still believe that Orlando’s family has not visited the baby, and you have made up stories and reasons to suit you.
    As people said to Sighs, if you can’t prove a negative”, you can’t state it as fact.
    But when did that ever stop a delphite?

  25. 100
    ...... Says:

    Someone over there compared naming a child after a dead ex-boyfriend with necrophilia…in case someone had any doubt about how f**ked up they are.

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