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Rachel Bilson: Leopard Print Lovely

Rachel Bilson: Leopard Print Lovely

Rachel Bilson rocks a C&C California Cheetah Roll Up Shirt as she leaves a meeting in West Hollywood on Thursday (February 17).

The 29-year-old actress accessorized with a new studded Burberry bag!

Earlier in the week, Rachel made a stop at a medical building after running errands at Whole Foods in Santa Monica.

Rachel also stepped out for a night at Chateau Marmont on Friday to spend time with girlfriends!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson leaving a meeting in West Hollywood…

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rachel bilson leopard print meeting 01
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 02
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 03
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 04
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 05
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 06
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 07
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 08
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 09
rachel bilson leopard print meeting 10

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  • OMG

    she is so HOT. damn.

  • Lexy

    She does look very pretty. (:

  • Lake

    Ugh, her hair.

  • kitty

    loving the burberry bag :-)

  • Casey

    The black pants make her looks oh so hippy this is not a flattering look for her at all. Funny the only thing JJ can ever do is to promote her on what she is wearing or where she has been this truly proves a point that she there is nothing impressive about the woman to be any type of celebrity. She barely works, she goes to meeting and has a BFF husband get her parts or in hopes to land her jobs how desperate can a woman be.

  • lillybell05

    She is on the cover of C magazing with the caption ” How to Succeed in Hollywood without (looking like you’re) really trying.” I don’t want to be mean but she hasn’t really succeed to a point where she can give advice. The second thing is, she put out a line of “vintage-inspired” porcelain dinner ware. I feel that she doesn’t get who her fans are. I mean I don’t think her fans would go to the mall, get an outfit that was inspired by her and then go “let’s go up to the home depatment and buy her dishes.” She is no Martha.

  • Letisha Malcolm

    Poor Rachel

  • katie

    I wore an outfit similar to that on Monday with better shoes. I’m sure this outfit will be seen as the second coming because apparently, some women don’t know how to dress themselves and think this chick is a style genius. It’s not that hard people.

  • Seriously?

    Like her line of clothing (which were all stolen ideas from other designers and then discontinued) she modeled this line after the London line that was at Target last year. She can’t design…and it’s a shame that she’s stealing ideas from others. No respect for this so called style icon.

  • asim

    Nice saddlebags Rachel.

  • Tight Pants Make Her Look Bad

    Those saddlebags are the first thing you see. They really stick out like a big red banner on a crosstown bus. Then you notice that she has very short legs compared to the rest of her body. It’s freakish. Then you notice that she has no boobs and no chest, because the shirt (which does nothing for her) hangs on her like a flag on a post. Un.attractive. Then you notice the two-toned long dry hair and the big black sunglasses that make her look like a bug. Then you read that she’s coming out of a meeting (but now working) and carrying an oversized very expensive bag that is so large it looks like she could have her car parked in it. And probably costs as much.

    And finally you try to recall exactly what she’s famous for, and what she’s done to deserve being on JJ every single effing day, doing nothing. She’s a fashion design thief (blatantly stole a dress design from Sertsis that she attempted to pass off as her own) and a dinnerware design thief (her dinnerware line looks like bad Chrip Lenox) and a fake ‘fashionista’ who doesn’t even write her own Q&A column in Instyle and tries to give advice to corporate job seekers on how to dress (hasn’t held a job in corporate America in her whole life.) This girl is a total loser and failure. Without her family connections and her bff girlfriend who owes her for life for hooking her up with Josh Schwartz, she’d be serving coffee as Starbucks. And probably being fired.

  • Sheila


    There’s nothing wrong with being hippy. I’m hippy and I think I look fabulous. But I don’t think those are her hips.

  • Jeelo

    @Sheila: Yeah exactly. Hips are awesome but these are not hips. The sides of her thighs stick out. Gross.

  • fandango

    It’s one thing to have nice hips be it your big in the hips or not but she looks like she greased her body into those pants bc it is far from attractive. Skinny jeans on this girl is just pathetic

  • ATLQueen

    How old are you idiots anyway? Any WOMAN knows those are hips and she looks just fine. Ya’ll ain’t seen nasty hips if you think that’s gross. Babies…..

  • cheo

    This is a must read for all Rachel fans. Lainey Gossip sums it up best. Years ago Lainey was one of Rachel’s biggest fans. Not anymore.

    Celebitchy also wonders about Rachel’s so called “fame”

  • kosher

    RET@RDchel badly needs to go where the most over-exposed fameh0s go.

  • kosher

    Oh and looked out for those SWOLLEN saddlebags!

  • Blah

    Vintage inspired means she stole the ideas from old stuff she saw in an antique shop. Those bird salt and pepper shakers have been around in different colors since the 40s. Nice job on stealing the ideas Rachel!

  • lillybell05

    It’s sad her stuff just came out and its already on sale.

  • ooops she did it & sucks AGAIN
  • gina

    According to, Rachel’s movie Waiting for Forever has earned $ 23,900. after two weeks of release.
    The movie cost $ 5 million to make.

  • Take 2

    Ooops she did it & sucks AGAIN!!!

    The “original”…

    The “imitation”…

    Throw this little woman out of Hollywood already… ASAP!!!

  • Lady Purple

    @ ATLqueen,
    Got that right. Actually Rachel looks really thin and cute. Some green with envy. I mean it sounds quite obvious some are so jealous. Rachel looks CUTE!!! Love her outfit!

  • sheila

    Everytime there’s VALID criticism of Rachel Bilson, her fans parrot the usual “you’re just jealous” line. The other strategy they use is to direct their anger at the person who is criticizing Rachel, instead of the actual message itself.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What is “C” magazine?? If you want to see famous without really trying hire Joe Simpson or Kris Jenner!!! Their kids are making money hand over fist!!!
    Would InStyle not spring to send their FASHIONISTA to FASHION WEEK??

  • lexy hates bilson

    PS – Can’t we be JEALOUS of successful media whores – like the Kardashians?? Or successful actresses like Mila Kunis or Golden Globe Winner and hopefully Oscar-winner Natalie Portman?? Or Blake Lively?? Blake’s got a TV show and she’s been on the cover of some of the biggest fashion magazines and she’s got a kick @ss body and a lovely personality!!

  • Lexy

    @lexy hates bilson: STOP BRINGING NATALIE UP IN EVERY SINGLE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ATLQueen

    I think we all know why you all are jealous. There is no need to keep going there. Besides I think it pisses you and Lainey (whoever the freak she is. She isn’t credible for anything of worth) off that She is still doing something (probably more than you.) Somebody still likes her and I love how it pisses you off.

  • searlus

    Do check out her “1st attempt” of being a C.O.N. tw@t…
    And look at how she pose, roam & dressed up in some random West Hollywood coz y’ all know its her “own” version of NYC Fashion Week..

  • Brightside

    Why do her hips bulge so?
    I’m taking it that these are a pair of normal trousers and not some kind of traditional based jodhpur style. The top is nice but the oddly bulging trews just make the whole outfit look decidedly peculiar. Women shouldn’t have bulging thigh bits, it’s not a very attractive look.

  • emma

    Don’t you notice that actresses who get regular work and are at the top of the list when they’re casting young female roles make an effort to dress down when they’re out in public. Look at Kunis, Portman and Seyfried. They try to dress as simply as possible, nothing flashy, no designer bling, don’t want to call attention to themselves. And they don’t need to because they’re getting regular work as actresses.
    Now look at Rachel Bilson and how she dresses on a regular day. This is Rachel Bilson who can’t get an acting job unless it’s given to her by a relative, ex boyfriend, husband of the best friend, etc.

  • @lexyhatesbilson

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy, you have like serious issues. You say you’re not jealous of the girl, yet you have her last name in the name you’re using? We get you’re a Natalie Portman fan. If you love her so much, why are you never on her posts? You come and post on Rachel’s more than Natalies. I’m pretty sure the reason you dislike Rachel is because you want her boyfriend to be with Natalie. Sweetie, you need to get it into your head that Natalie and Hayden never dated. If they did it obviously didn’t work out. Hayden is with Rachel. Natalie is pregant and engaged. Time to move on don’t ya think?

  • @brightside

    @Brightside: Brightside, the girl has hips, a nice flat stomach and a booty. She’s got curves. Most guys like that in girls. What kind of person are you to judge somebody on their body. Some people have curves, some people are completely skinny with no form to their figure at all. It’s life, nobody is perfect. Rachel has a great body for her size.

  • SweeTalk

    I like Rachel, she’s so cute! ^ Definitely agree with the person above, she has a very nice body.

  • Brightside

    She has fat…and there is simply no reason or excuse to have areas of fat on your body. Especially when gym membership is not that expensive. She could work out and improve on her body. I do. It’s really not that hard. Too many women are far too lazy to look after their bodies properly and don’t give me cr*p about being too busy working. I often put in a 50 hour week and still find time to go to the gym. Diet and exercise will improve your body, your health, your mental outlook…it cures depression and the benefits are endless. There is no excuse not to improve on your figure via natural means in this day and age.

  • ATLQueen


    So to inform you boo but fat don’t do that. And if your think shes fat Beyonce must be HUGE to you.

  • @brightside

    @Brightside: LMAO!!! Omg are you serious? If you think Rachel is fat you have HUGE issues! You guys usually always come on here and say she’s too skinny, now she’s fat? WOW. You can not like her all you want, but to call her fat is just stupid. You wonder why we say you guys are jealous of her. I mean really? LOL, I seriously can’t stop laughing at what you just said!!!!!!!!!

  • devaney

    Sheesh even the DVD Land wouldnt make a profit of on that cr@ap – shame…

    Hilary Duff is quite chunky but got NO saddlebags
    Just face it that Bilson got saddlebags as much as she got a bubble brain.

  • @brightside
  • OMG!


    I find it ironic that someone like Lainey who makes a living gossiping and thinks so highly of her own opinion day after day after day would have the nerve to judge anyone’s worth.

    Hot fudge!!! I think I’ve got it! Lainey and Brightside are the same person!

    Both thinking they’re perfect and superior to all.

  • devaney

    And looked out for some “petite” who dont have “it” (saddlebags) too LOL

  • Page1

    @@brightside: She doesnt have curves. No boobs OR butt. She had saddlebags.

  • Pippa

    @Take 2:

    LOL Please tell me you are not saying that Rachel copied that Lenox pattern. Aside from there being a bird featured and a blue color the designs and colors are very different. The Lenox is bone china and a little more Asian inspired. Rachel’s is a more casual stoneware and perhaps a little more European in design.

    The Lenox design is centered around the bird on a branch theme with bright teal blue, red and brown added while Rachel’s is centered around a wild rose, vine design in softer blue, purple and black and beautiful sculpted rose plates as well. The sparrow only appears on the salad plate. The rest of Rachel’s design focuses on the peacock.

    Two very different place setting designs. Would be very pretty in a Coastal or Shabby Chic setting or to add a soft contrast to a contemporary room.

  • dee

    Congratulations Rachel. Your movie Waiting for Forever remains at 6% at Rotten Tomatoes, with 15 NEGATIVE reviews and 1 POSITIVE one. Woohoo.

    So are you going to send one set of your Edie Rose Dinnerware line, now ON SALE, to the lone critic who liked your movie??

  • lexy hates bilson

    ATL Queen – just b/c you’ve got the hots for Hayden don’t presume we all do. Again, there’s nothing Rachel has or does that I would be jealous of. I’m actually successful at my career b/c I’ve got talent and work hard at it. If I want to be jealous of faux celebs then I’lll go with the Kardashians – not only are the girls all beautiful but as I’m sure you’ve read they pulled in $65M…and actually I give them more credit than I’d give Rachel b/c they do work their butts off – even the ones still in school!!! Or Victoria Beckham…not only is she beautiful but her man is talented and adores her and isn’t afraid to admit it…check out that story about how David stopped in the middle of traffic to help out a stalled car…and Victoria & he have a lovely family and manage their careers and to be hands-on parents!!

  • Think again


    Be serious the only difference between what Bratchel is pushing and Lexon is the bird and the quality of the dish ware. Yes one is china the other is copy of this piece. Lenox stands behind its name and Bilson hides behind various ideas copied from others. Then Macys is pushing this on a sales discount rack item just to get it off the shelves. Besides Bilson didn’t come out and promote this either only via magazine article. She has proven she isn’t Chanel or Victoria Beckham who has more flair in fashion then Batchel has, And she isn’t Martha Stewart either. It’s like buying a Rolex off the street vender in NYC you want the name and pay for cheap for the ripoff.


    Laniey might not be the greatest person with comments but she makes bigger money then Bilson does. Helllooo it’s her job to critique what is her option you don’t have to agree with it. CTV and Canada loves the lady so reason she has a blog site now. And FYI Laniey used to adore Rachel now she can’t stand her guess reasons are she is a fake celebrity.

  • rayden

    Lainey used to adore Rachel when she was with Adam, now that she’s with Hayden, not anymore, I wonder why….

  • maya

    OMG i wonder why poeple use to hate rachel she’s adorable so modest and shiny
    keep posting bad comts about her she really doesn’t care about u

  • annie

    love hayden