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Rachel Bilson Covers 'California Style' Magazine

Rachel Bilson Covers 'California Style' Magazine

Rachel Bilson adorns the cover of California Style magazine.

Here is what the 29-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her sense of style: “To stick with fashion, that would be a little bit more predictable. But there’s no one in my demographic, or really any ‘celebrity’ who has a similar aesthetic as me, who’s doing home or tabletop design. I’m sort of obsessed with dishes. I’m always cooking and baking at home, and I hate going out. I’d love to do bedding, too.”

On her relationship with Hayden Christensen: “Without saying anything too specific, I can tell you that things are really positive right now. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

On working with Josh Schwartz again: “Josh knows me so well. I mean, he’s married to my best friend. We’re all very close. He knows how I deliver a line. He knows that I can be, you know, funny. It’s much harder to be funny than it is to act in a drama. But I’m up for it.”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • goat

    she is so pretty! reminds me of natalie portman!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She want drink alot of bleach

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    And good for her health

  • Thai

    1. Photoshop as always. They turned her into Kate Beckinsale.
    2. I fail to understand her relevance.

  • ace11

    does she still hate Mischa Barton?

  • sarah

    On working with Josh Schwartz again:

    Josh knows me so well! He’s married to my best friend!
    And he’s the only one willing to give me a job!
    My best friend threatened to divorce him if he doesn’t cast me in his pilot!

  • annie

    i donnot like her but i think she looks real nice here. love hayden.

  • sarah

    On her sense of style:

    There’s no one in my demographic, or really any ‘celebrity’ who has a similar aesthetic as me. Well except for that Thai designer whose clothes I plagiarized.
    I’m always cooking and baking at home and I hate going out, unless there are paparazzi outside. Then I go out. I also tip them off when I go shopping, which is practically all the time. Before leaving the house, I put on new clothes that my designer friends give me to promote and then I pretend I’m annoyed with the photographers taking pictures of me.

  • sarah

    On her relationship with Hayden Christensen: “Without saying anything too specific, I can tell you that things are really positive right now. We’ll just have to see how it goes. And if nothing is going on with our careers, we’ll pretend to be engaged once again, just so that the press will write about us.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Will be zero

  • Trish

    That makes me laugh. “Things are really positive right now.” That could mean that they can stand to in the same room with each other without throwing up. Once again she says something that means absolutely nothing. She’ll say anything to keep her two fans coming back for more.

  • Lady Purple

    She is so pretty! I really wish the best for her. Good luck hit Natalie Portman’s way and I think it is now Rachel’s turn and it will happen for her and I do wish her and Hayden the best and things work out for them. They are a cute couple.

  • yucky

    I don’t understand why some people are famous.Like Bilson

  • @Lady Purple

    Please she is never even in the same league as Natalie Portman, Kate Winselt or any other actress of A list status. Rachel won’t get a turn b/.c she just doesn’t have talent bottom line. As for her situation with Christensen or one should say arrangement with him I guess it will play out like it did last year. He went to Brazil said glowing things about her and then a few weeks later ditched each other. With Bilson I trust her even less when she speaks as she is incoherent.

  • The Truth

    Things are not postive and hayden is still leaving her like he do. And there is nothing posive about their relationship at all. Its still the same. Don’t know why jared put her up here anyway. its suppose to be about hayden and his movie not about her. That if promise to give her part in a movie that would do the trick for her.@goat: You’re kidding right ? natalie is more talented than her and is up for an oscar award. She is not. This this thing about what she said about hayden is not serious with them are she would have said it. She could have said that they was just being friends for now.Cause that’s What she’s saying.Her status is she is still single and Until she meet up ith another guy. Rchel alreay know how its going. She just want nobody to know its going back alreay. And she still using josh and his wife. She suppose to have moved on without their help. And moved on from hayden too. She’still using him when he comes to la .@Lady Purple: Its not going to work as long as they be apart like that. Its still the same.Next time jared put haydnen instead are rachel. Its suppose to been his day. when she say it like that nothing is going on with them.

  • mailey

    she looks kind of strange in that photo. like too skinny and her expression is weird.

  • dani

    Not talented.

  • Sheila

    I’m really glad things are positive for them right now. But I don’t think they’ll last.

  • Jasmine

    Maybe it’s harder to be funny for her because she has a boring personality that doesn’t belong on any magazine cover, or blog for that matter…

  • Photoshopped

    That photo is so photoshopped it doesn’t even look like her or like any human being. She has a slender waist but it’s not a 15″ waist like the photo shows. She also has A-nearly-B catagory boobs and not D’s which is what the picture shows. And she generally has dark shadows under her eyes, fine lines and zits all the time on her forehead and chin. We’ve seen it in pictures on this site all the time. All that has been airbrushed/photoshopped out.

    And yes things are positive with Hayden, meaning that he told her to stop pimping out his name and whatever their relationship is every other day in the gossips, and he won’t sue her for fraud or breach of contract. Yes, it’s a contract and not any kind of emotional connection, because they’re rarely together and when they are he looks like he’s trying not to vomit.

    Her films are poorly reviewed, her fashion advice is tired nonense and ridiculous from someone who walks around WeHo every day looking like an advertisement for saddlebags, zits and overprocessed hair. Her new line of dishes is nauseating and looks very much like something an 11 year old girl would do who was bored in homeroom. She seriously needs to marry an orthodontist and be on the Real Housewives of Bevery Hills.

  • echos.

    Anyone noticed the title: “How to Succeed in Hollywood Without (Looking Like You’re) Really Trying”? It made me laugh because yeah this bitch really, TOTALLY succeeded. Succeeded in becoming probably the most hated “actress” (along with bosworth) on JJ and numerous other sites because she’s a dumbass and had her PR people pimp her out. And she’ll succeed when her “medical drama” bombs. I still can’t believe Josh Schwartz casted her as doctor. Wtf was he on when he decided that?

  • lala

    wow…i think she’s loving herself a little too much. being funny is much harder than acting in a drama?! there’s a difference between delivering a joke and BEING a joke.

  • Brightside

    She really needs to be a stay-at-home housewife…cooking, baking, bedding…it’s clear that this is her real role in life. She’s cr*p as an actress, cr*p as a fashionsta and pretty much cr*p at every thing else but I can see her being truly talented as a stay-at-housewife looking after the husband, cooking, baking, polishing his shoes and asking him about his day at work while burbling on about the bargains in the Mall. She’d be fcuking perfect at it….some women are destined for success and others to be owned by a man. Rachel is one of the latter.


    @21 -ECHOS.

    as the saying goes she gets on her knees and aims to please,
    that is how she does it.

  • SweeTalk

    Rachel is SO lovely!!! So happy her and Hayden are doing well. Very cute couple!

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! This pic isn’t just photoshopped it’s BADLY photoshopped! It looks like they stuck her head on someone else’s body!! And they definately created that smirk and those boobs!
    So what Rachel is saying is that out of ALL the casting directors only Josh Schwartz can see her “talent” – all those auditions she goes on and not ONE other casting agent can see her talent??
    Also funny the idea that she cooks and bakes?? If she loves those things why not come out with a line of cookware & bakeware like Rachel Ray or Paula Dean?? Why come out with dishes?? I guess she thinks that if she puts her Lil Dom’s and other take out on a plate and heats it up – it’s called cooking and baking!!! LMAO!!

  • SweeTalk

    All the thumbs down on the good comments just shows how much people can’t handle the truth.

  • observer

    where is den?
    no strength to endure stupid statements of this b….
    as about lexy, she cant understand difference between respect & envy.

  • @ observer

    He had a picture taken in LA getting into someones car yesterday (not bilsons) wearing some Elmo T-shirt made him look like some high schooler..

  • LOLZ

    He was getting into Tove’s car (or out – whichever). LOL that was a horrible sweater and T-Shirt (it was grover not elmo btw). He looked so drugged up…poor guy. What he has to endure to be close to that retarded gf of his. LMAO

  • kiki

    Wow! That’s some serious photoshopping. It doesn’t look anything like her. That is so not her body. WTH? And, when has she ever been dressed like that? Ummm, never? So fake. So sad.

  • @30

    Sorry Gover my bad I don’t watch SS so hard to know all the characters..but I agree on the look..

  • observer

    All of us want to take care of him+this stinker…
    He has a great selection)).
    May be noteworthy?

  • Whatamess

    I am disgusted by the breed of “celebrities” that pop up every other day. This woman, though attractive, is a non-entity and it’s unfair that there are truly gifted, brilliant actors out there who could blow us away on screen, and this is the one they choose to focus on.

  • allie

    @ observer The photo with Hayden wearing the Grover T shirt is on, he is getting out of Tove’s car in front of Rachel’s house, so things must be positive enough for him to be staying with her now. You can tell it is her house because of the Edison Security sign in the photo with Hayden. The same Edison security sign is in the photo of Rachel in the Chelsea Lately thread in front of her house in the coral outfit she wore that day. You asked where he was, apparently he is with her.

  • Carey

    Do you know how many ppl own that security system and it’s one thing to be all cocky on who’s car he is in or where is was at, Do you know for sure that it was Tove’s car the man changes car’s like he does woman. Or that his being in LA has everything to do with Rachel and nothing else. I’m glad your around JJ to tell ppl these things. Also it looked like he was getting into the car and not out of it.

  • observer

    On that pic he is… I no words to say…unpleasant, repulsive. but if pic on DH, the fact has official status.

  • dee

    Congratulations Rachel. Your movie Waiting for Forever remains at 6% at Rotten Tomatoes, with 15 NEGATIVE reviews and 1 POSITIVE one. Woohoo.
    It cost $ 5 million to make and so far has made less than $30,000. Double woohoo.

    So are you going to send one set of your Edie Rose Dinnerware line, now ON SALE, to the lone critic who liked your movie??

  • j

    rachel bilson get out of your own ass. stop doing worthless shit and then talking yourself up for it..

  • Brightside

    Yes, but that one lone ‘positive’ critic was from Boxoffice Magazine, published by the National Association of Theatre Owners, and they want to put bums on seats so they’ll give even the cr*ppiest films a good review in the hope that some idiot will pay money to see it. You can bet that wasn’t the journalist’s private opinion. His private opinion was ‘God, I have to find something positive to say about this pile of cr*p so people will actually come and see it. I don’t get paid enough for this!’

  • crapshack

    Presenting Crapchel’s REAL “flat & sagged” tits plus her homely face – bow…

  • Brightside

    Dear God! She’s only 29 so WTF happened to her mammary muscles? I’m 6 years older and hardly have any sag yet! Saddlebags and saggy breasts, a wrinkled neck and mottled skin and she’s only 29! Thandie Newton is older than her, her skin is gorgeous and her breasts don’t sag. Rachel Bilson was obviously born with a rapid ageing gene…imagine what she’s going to look like in 10 years time…

    Sh*t…we already know…

    and it’s bad!

  • crapshack

    Wow so “timing” for that so-called “positive” news along w/ some photo-ops are spreading now on tabloids (where else!) when Haydamn’s small budgeted & no-buzz movie is being shown today on its 1st opening weekend in just ONE theater… just 1 theater w/ a 10M budget huh?!
    Tsk… seems “bad luck” is the one who’s really spreading a lot in this tragic case.

  • crapshack
  • fandango

    It’s only in 1 theater in NY as well I don’t expect this to make any real money it did a run on cable guess that is where it made some money from. Didn’t interest me anyway so no biggie my way for HC this wouldn’t be good news he has nothing else coming out and not working so I guess he is in the same boat as RB.

  • searlus

    Manakin’s (supposed-to-be) golden & ingenuous years crop up during Star Wars and right after his stint ended there; “mocking, loathing & cursing” by almost everyone in the biz are just an everyday occurrence to him; be it in his professional &/or personal life. Must have been something to do w/ the fungus-type of company that he usually keeps & the lame attitude that he chose to embrace.
    Poor Manakin, no, strike that, just serves him awfully right!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It does look like his best work is behind him. I’m not sure if it’s all Rachel’s fault though…the company he keeps – includes his agents and managers who don’t get him any good work or give him any good advice.
    I can’t get over this bad photoshop job — she needs to hire Joe Simpson or Kris Jenner – they could at least help her make a few bucks on these lame PR stunts. Heck Joe might actually get Rachel in a Macy’s commercial pimping her crappy dishes!!!

  • Letisha Malcolm

    @ace11: Because Rachel is Jealous of Mischa Barton

  • Letisha Malcolm

    Fake, Fake, Fake that not her boobs she has flat chest

  • The Truth

    @allie: Rachel don’t have all those houses and you don’t know where he was at. Her house is not on a street like that.He was not going to her house. Maybe a acting gig. That’s all you think he do is be with her. She’s saying that she is not really in a relationship with him at all.He could be trying to get an acting gig there.She didn’t say anything about being in a good place. yes someone drive him to the store last week. @Carey: And he is not there to be with her. There are other that he could be doing besides being with her there. Don’t you all he could be seeing other people too there.Rachel is not the only girl he know there.She was not her house. she was at studio outside. Why make up things for her.Rachel is not hayden’s gf anymore. Get use to that aready!