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Elisabetta Canalis: Not Having Kids with George Clooney

Elisabetta Canalis: Not Having Kids with George Clooney

Elisabetta Canalis rocks three different dresses during the 61st Sanremo Song Festival on Friday (February 18) at the Ariston Theatre in San Remo, Italy.

The 32-year-old Italian actress hit the stage with Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez and chatted with Robert De Niro, who was promoting his new romantic comedy Manuale d’amore 3.

Elisabetta recently opened up about her relationship with George Clooney and revealed she doesn’t plan on having any kids with the 49-year-old actor.

“[Getting pregnant has] never been an objective for me. My maternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs,” she told the Italian edition of Cosmopolitan (via People).

10+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis at the Sanremo Song Festival…

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Credit: Daniele Venturelli; Photos: Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • follower

    But if he says : ** I want kids ** she will fly in a split second and get preggers.Tsk tsk tsk..anything to please your meal ticket !!!!

  • Kats

    Ok I’m really not saying this to be mean, but I’m shocked at how bad she looks! She looks better when shedoes her own hair and makeup. What did they do to her? She looks like she lost weight and way too much makeup is making her look much older. She has a great body and these clothes are doing nothing for her.

  • Joe

    Looks like a man.

  • Dasha

    Not want to be mean but she looks like a man!!


    Pic number 5 EWWWW MAN

  • mary`

    doesn’t this girl know that if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut george will end the relationship. it’s happened before.

  • Anna

    Vai Elisabetta! Bella e brava :)

  • Jane

    I have so much respect for any woman who is confident enough to say to the world who expects us all to Be moms, “no, motherhood is not for me, and that is fine”, LOVE IT!

  • Jones

    Totally agree with Jane (post #8). Kudos to Elisabetta for being secure enough with herself to say “I’m completely satisfied without the need to have children.” She rocks in my opinion. Women who say, “I want to be a mom,” when they really don’t, but know that’s the expected response, only help to move women backward, not forward. It’s the 21st century. The sooner women feel secure enough to truly embrace their own choices, the better off we’ll all be.

  • Anonymous

    Wed Feb 9 2011
    Sources close to George Clooney announced today that back in early December, he ended a publicity agreement he had with Elisabetta Canalis. The agreement had lasted for nearly a year and a half, with the two having attended numerous events together during that time.
    A friend of the actor said that the end of Clooney’s agreement with Canalis had been coming for a long time, and that ultimately, it was Canalis’s dishonesty that pushed things well past the breaking point. “George is basically an honest person. When he entered into this agreement with Canalis, he saw it only as a publicity tool. He never planned to talk about the relationship, since in reality there never was a relationship other than in a business sense. Canalis took things to a level George never expected, talking about the relationship in interviews as if it were real. Her lies gradually escalated to the point of even lying about George’s beloved father. George never anticipated or intended for anyone to be hurt due to his publicity arrangement with Canalis, but he now realizes that people he cares about were hurt. George feels terrible that his friends and loved ones have been affected by what was supposed to be a simple arrangement of making public appearances together.”
    Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who has been rumored to have had a hand in setting up Clooney’s publicity contract with Canalis, could not be reached for comment.

  • Anonymous

    It’s news to NO ONE that George does not want kids with Skanknalis. And no one believes this is Skanknalis’s decision. Once again we see the control theme in this press release, as we’ve seen in her past press releases. I guess the idea is to try to make the public think she has any kind of control or influence over Clooney, when the fact is she has no control or influence over him.
    Another thing I noticed with this latest press release is that she’s trying hard to sell herself as his “girlfriend,” saying that she’s happy to participate at events as the “girlfriend of.” Now, pretend for a minute that she is his actual real girlfriend, and ask yourself whether that’s something a real girlfriend would say. WTF? You’re happy to be known at events as the girlfriend of? That’s something only a famewhore would say, but of course that’s actually the case here, and in this particular sentence she’s actually told the truth for a change. She’s only playing the role of girlfriend at photo op “events” and not in real life.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Dress ?i think bravo dress

  • squaraus

    I’ve heard her english when she interviewed Robert De Niro: for people who was ashamed for her pronunciation in Leverage, I gotta say that was gold! … The first thing I thought between laughs was: “So is this her good english???” She wasn’t even able to grammatically build a question. But the most amazing moment has been when the presenter asked her to translate in italian a word spoken by De Niro (if I’m not wrong, it was “gentled”) and she didn’t make it! … Obviously she’s been in silence for seconds in a total embarrassment! … So Americans, you got it! This woman is totally yours: here in Italy we’re so happy she’s left because we’re full of this kind of useless (except in 1 context) people … Have you heard about Berlusconi’s scandal??

  • Anonymous

    @squaraus: We don’t want her! You can keep her! LOL! We already have our Paris Hilton, and ours at least had sense enough to go into business rather than stick with “acting.” Nothing against Italians, though, as there are some wonderful Italian actresses and models we love. I would love to see more of Melissa Satta and Violante Placido, among others. The Berlusconi scandal is being covered in the news here, but it’s not getting as much coverage as other things.

  • dani


    Anon–George doesn’t want kids period. He has said this many many times. And he has stated unequivocally that he doesn’t want to get married again. Kids and marriage–never, ever. He has stated this several times. It doesn’t matter what she puts out there, anyone who knows Clooney from reading about him, knows he has said no to kids and marriage.

  • Anonymous

    @not IMPRESSED: Pic #7, also. In fact, in most of the pics she looks like a man in drag.

  • Sun

    she’s so ugly. she can’t be italian

  • Anonymous

    Check this out. She wore a prosthetic butt under her pants:
    I guess it’s hard to photoshop when it’s live TV. LOL.

  • squaraus

    @Anonymous: We don’t want her too!!! :-))) … You know women like Canalis are good in the only thing they had success: showing her body and nothing more (as you can see). Melissa Satta had the same fame path of Canalis, because they started as “dancing” assistants in a satirical tv show (“Striscia la notizia”) in Berlusconi’s network, so I can establish who’s better between them. Maybe Satta is more honest with herself and the audience, because she came there in America working as a model and that’s what these girls are, nothing more. But she didn’t introduced herself like a famous actor fiancee and as an “actress” because that’s not her as you can see (she made some stupid tv fictions here in Italy, but no one considered her an actress).
    I know that there are a lot of Americans “not happy” about her, but now she’s there so you have to take it!!! … ihihih

  • Anonymous

    Just a few months ago she said she wants children and a family. LOL. She just wants to stay on the publicity gravy train, but she was kicked off of it already.

  • mailey

    she’s ugly.
    and she’s just saying that bec she’s desperate to hang on to george.
    sad to give up your wants and desires for a man. boo. next.

  • Anonymous

    @squaraus: Your English is very good! One of the things I like about Satta is that she didn’t do nude calendars and roles like Canalis did. You’re right too that Satta doesn’t pretend to be anything but a model, and she actually has the body of a model, tall with feminine curves, unlike Canalis. Placido is beautiful and a talented actress, would love to see her do more English-speaking roles.

  • Isobel

    Ugly woman with ugly tattoos.. btw.. don’t believe that she won’t have kids. If Georgy-Boy would fall on his knees and beg her to marry him. She would do it. If he wants her to have his babies.. she would do it, too!

  • r

    I’ve heard the interview too yesterday. Well, English isn’t her first language, but I agree with you saying she isn’t an actress and she can’t even present in Italian.

  • squaraus

    @Anonymous: My opinion about Melissa Satta will remain positive only if she’ll continue her job as a model. Violante Placido is a very determined person and I’m sure you’re going to see something more about her (she’s totally fluent in english with a good American accent). But most of all, she’s a real actress, daughter of a famous actor and she’s not as all these useless starlets, who try to do everything to appear and let the world know they exist. So the talent will recompense people and they will get what they deserve. Only this. ;-)

  • squaraus

    @r: Yeah, she can’t even present (in italian).

  • friendofclooney

    I think everyone should stop speculating about the true nature of George’s relationship with Canalis. This nightmare will be over soon. End of story. I wish folks would give George kudos for the great spotlight he put on Southern Sudan in January. This country’s vote has finally gained Southern Sudan it’s independence. This is a historic moment for Clooney. I am so proud of him and I love him to pieces for the beauty that is the heart of this man. I look forward to travelling to Southern Sudan to be part of the independence day celebrations. We all worked hard on this project with Clooney to bring this independence to fruition. We prayed endlessly as well.

    Love my buddy for his work as an actor and a philanthropist. Give me some positive pub. Take the spotlight off Canalis now and watch her wither away into sudden obscurity for good. Love you George. Your friends and family love you, unconditionally.

  • Anonymous

    @friendofclooney: “I think everyone should stop speculating about the true nature of George‚Äôs relationship with Canalis.”
    Why? They shoved it in our faces. They can deal with the backlash.

  • Mojo

    Mu maternal instinct is satisfied with my dogs!!! What a SHAME! Come on people!

  • heathcliff

    I think people who support Elisabetta’s statement are AFRAID to have children themselves.Guess what she only says this to keep George.She was singing different song before.As we all see for many people living in HO’WOOD having family and children is out of the question.They are addicted to other selfish pleasures.

  • runnergirl

    @follower: you know it! She just doesn’t want to scare him

  • SoSoS

    If we let HOLLYWEIRD and the majority of it’s useless inhabitants dictate what is right or wrong…we are doomed. Buonanotte

  • Ylenia

    I’m italian too. I’m watching Sanremo Festival on Tv (the channel name’s is Rai 1 ). You’re american squaraus! You know nothing of melissa satta. Melissa Satta (Christian Vieri’s girlfriend) has made calendars. Canalis too. Elisabetta Canalis isn’t an actress: she’s a showgirl. Watch on youtube videos from Sanremo. Elisabetta can’t show.She’s not an host. She’s only: Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney’s girlfriend.

  • Jokergurl

    Duh. To be a good mother you have to think about something besides yourself, and have to be more mature than a fourth grader, just saying. That arm tattoo does not help this gals’ femininity either.

  • Polly

    HEATHCLIFF : will surprise you, but there are women who choose not to have children and they have good grounds on which they thought long and hard. This does not depend neither convenience nor man of the moment.
    She is just a miserable incompetent trying to grab what they can as long as she can.


    BOW WOW!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    1.Belen is beautiful
    2.Biitch can’t even present or do anything she is in that stage just because of who her boyfriend is .
    3.She is just saying she doesn’t want kids because he wants her to say so a girl can’t loose her meal ticket .

  • heathcliff


    I hate when women sell themselves because of a man,trying to please him at their own expense.Of’course she is more interested in parties and trips,award shows and lake Como weekends at the moment.Who was she before ?She is shallow enough to choose attention over family and kids.He will leave her at some point.That’s what commitment phobes like him do.

  • Ace

    She looks much, much better with her hair down and not up. She does appear more masculine when it’s away from her face.

  • Polly

    HEATHCLIFF : I agree about her … I hate that people might believe that all women are like her or WORSE than take her as an example to follow.
    Many girls believe that we can go far without anything, but only with the appearance.

  • Anonymous

    @Ylenia: I was the one who mentioned Satta. The difference between Satta and Canalis is that Satta is a real model, and Satta has never posed nude with the recent exception of a body-painting shoot she did last year for Sports Illustrated. Canalis has posed nude many times, as you well know. Canalis even stripped off a nun’s habit in a soft porn movie, yet she claims to be Catholic, which is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    @Ace: Better yet, her hair should completely cover her face.

  • dani


    Healthcliff–why should everyone want kids whether they are male or female. Not everyone should have kids and those that know it and don’t have them are to be admired. Not everyone who chooses NOT to have kids is selfish, self-centered, or afraid. They look at life and what it has dealt to them and what they want to deal with and they make choices. Not everyone is mother or father material. And I say good for you to anyone who decides they don’t want to procreate. There is always adoption if they change their minds late in life. Actually I admire folks who CAN have kids, but choose to adopt those children society doesn’t want rather than have their own. They are the ones to be admired.

  • penny

    not every woman wants children, especially in the world we live in today im only 28 years old and i dont scream desire to have children not yet, im a lawyer self employed very much able to support myself so i think its cool if she satisfied with her life plus i have dogs and they do give you unconditional love no matter what, and they dont answer back!

  • an Italian girl

    c’mon, do you all think their relationship is true!?!!
    she is just an Italian bitch who’s not able to be an actress while Clooney was looking for a woman to make people shut up about his homosexuality. He asked Gabriele Muccino who suggested that Clooney had to pretend he was in love with Canalis, in order to make her become a “Hollywood star”…ET VOILA!

  • julie

    I’m italian and I am so ashamed of her!!

  • Polly

    Julie : Me too :-(


    The question is why we are discussing this? Because Canalis wants us to. The contract ended in December, so she came up with this nonexistent thesis, tossed it to us and we discussing it, choking. She makes cretins out of us

  • Just

    In fact George and Canalis hate each other. They can even hardly develop their business relationships, what children are you talking about!!

  • ridiculous

    Anyone who believes celebrity relationships are publicity negotiations are living in the dark ages. I read these comments all the time at JJ when the celebrity is a hot guy. You’re crazy to believe it unless, of course, it’s some reality tv setup!