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Elisabetta Canalis: Not Having Kids with George Clooney

Elisabetta Canalis: Not Having Kids with George Clooney

Elisabetta Canalis rocks three different dresses during the 61st Sanremo Song Festival on Friday (February 18) at the Ariston Theatre in San Remo, Italy.

The 32-year-old Italian actress hit the stage with Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez and chatted with Robert De Niro, who was promoting his new romantic comedy Manuale d’amore 3.

Elisabetta recently opened up about her relationship with George Clooney and revealed she doesn’t plan on having any kids with the 49-year-old actor.

“[Getting pregnant has] never been an objective for me. My maternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs,” she told the Italian edition of Cosmopolitan (via People).

10+ pictures inside of Elisabetta Canalis at the Sanremo Song Festival…

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Credit: Daniele Venturelli; Photos: Getty, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Anonymous

    @ridiculous: Anyone who believes there are no publicity relationships in Hollyweird is gullible. They happen all the time. This one was more obvious than most, as it was clear that George never really wanted to do it.

  • Dr. Leakey

    After looking at her pics, I think it’s best that she not reproduce, and it seems probable that she was born without female reproductive equipment.

  • Polly

    @Anonymous: @Anonymous: True but very sad

  • Degradant

    And I admire people who do not grow food themselves or go to shop, but eat food from landfill….

  • squaraus

    @Ylenia: So Canalis is a showgirl: can she sing? No. Can she dance? No, at least very bad. Can she act? No, as the Italians (and recently American) have stated from tv. Can she present? No, as well as all the world is watching from Sanremo Music Festival. So how can we define a woman famous only for being a girlfriend of a man from the showbiz? Simply “nothingness”. I’m not only Italian, but during the university I’ve also met a guy from Sardinia who went at the same school of Canalis (not the same classroom) and all he declared about her is that she was a great mess in studying as well as a very stupid person. I don’t know if he was a former boyfriend or what else, but the story of this barely unknown woman (her fame pathway and her acts, as well as the cocaine scandals in Milan clubs) are simply confirming how cheap is this person. Of course a girl should not have to be a Paris Hilton or a Lindsay Lohan to be a w*ore. In other words, she’s not supposed to show that. I just hate people that do everything to be someone they’re not at all: before mating with Clooney, Canalis was one the errant girls who left “Striscia la notizia” show without finding a proper role in the Italian television and in the end she went to badly host TRL on MTV Italy. Her lucky castmate Maddalena Corvaglia ( tried to find different roles after “Striscia la notizia”, but she’s totally disappeared because these girls rarely have other duties to show. But since Canalis has become Clooney’s girlfriend, in Italy Berlusconi’s network is trying everything to identify her as the the successful girl from America and one of the consequences is that she’s badly hosting an important music festival that hardly could reach before meeting Clooney. And I don’t know how many other opportunities she’ll unfairly get.

  • to everyone, his job.

    @Ylenia WTF are you saying? Would you prefer Belen? It’s true, Elisabetta Canalis isn’t perfect. you are? I don’t think so. So many people have done calendars. and she’s just another one of those. there’s just a different. it’s obvious that Elisabetta is not the best, but at least she’s trying to change. she’s not good in English,( but the 80% of italians isn’t.) she’s just “not a shit” showing, but she’s more better than Television Shit of Italy and of USA.

  • overpopulation

    @Degradant: yes, in some point I agree with you.On the background of overpopulation there is degradation of the human race going on. Only the best specimens must be fixated, degradants shouldn’t have children because their children will be doomed to even bigger problems than they have now.

  • Helen

    she and Cameron Diaz both

  • to everyone, his job.

    @squaraus: Wow. You met a guy from Sardinia!!!! who was in the same school of Canalis! Wow.
    she’s not perfect. But in TV (also you American, with program as the kardashians, or Play Boy Maison, etc etc.) we have so many s*it that I support at all a girl who tries to change her life, in work and image, more than i would support people as Belen Rodriguez, who’s called as “model” but here she is a very tv-personality who can’t do anything.
    She’s not the best, you’re right, but at least she tries. And before talking about italian tv, you should know that Canalis is presented like american upcoming star, not by Berlusconi’s network, but by the RAI, the national and pubblic tv. and i also think that you have a great politic phylosophy, but about TV, you don’t have to talk. the Italian tv is not the best, but your showbiz is worst (in morality) than ours. We have a First minister who goes with not-in-age girls (just one, actually) but we never had a actor, actress, pseudo-actress, or just appeared-in-reality person who have problems like your stars. (Paris Hilton, as stupidity, Lindsay Lohan, and other i really don’t remember the names) so let’s think. “to every Society its problems”. and stop talking about her pregnatness. everyone is free to decide to have or not children. so is she.

  • Polly

    @to everyone, his job.: Court documents say “at least three minors”

  • squaraus

    @to everyone, his job.: For me it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe I’m Italian. The truth is what I’ve said and unfortunately many people know that. Make a life. ;-)

  • Jasmine

    Woman looks like a donkey. I’m pretty sure no one would be disappointed that she opts not to have children. And as if Clooney will ever want to.

  • Min

    I’d love to see Monica Bellucci kicking this ugly bitch’s ass.

  • dea

    Oh my she really has the ugliest legs I have ever seen. That’s why she always long dresses or pants. This is the first time I am seeing her in short dress. Now as to her comment that she is not having kids with Clooney. This woman is just his companion not his fiancee or wife yet. What a stupid thing for her to say this. Not that people in relationships can not have kids but this man has not promised her anything at all. It seems that they have just a business arrangement to walk together on red carpets as they live in two different countries for most of the year. I think she got mad that he publicly said that he is not gonna married and she just came up with this in return. Drama all the way. I see Clooney leaving her pretty soon.

  • Cora

    @Anonymous: Silverscreen, why are you posting this again? What does a fake press release accomplish?

  • twofools

    She is such a liar, she wants kids, but george doesn’t. He would dump her in a minute if she does, SHe is so ugly.

  • Anonymous

    @Cora: “What does a fake press release accomplish?”
    Ask Cagna, she’s released enough of them.

  • Anonymous

    @Kats: This is how she looks without Photoshop. Not a pretty sight, I know.

  • Anonymous
  • oli

    @Jane: I LOVE what you said!!!! I mean it. Not all women want to become mothers!!!! Yes, women CAN be child free and STILL EXTREMELLY HAPPY!!

  • jenny

    Calling Canalis an “actress” is an offence to the category.

  • Erin

    She’s so ugly and not feminine at all. EEEEEWWWWWWWW

  • Reality Check

    I don’t get the hype around this woman. Her features are so rough she looks like a man in drag. From certain angles, her face is even awful, but then George Clooney isn’t exactly known for dating real beauties – most of his ladies are mediocre-looking at best.

  • Guest

    If he finished with her in December, why on earth did he go on holiday with her whole family for Xmas and New Year? I say it is still on and unlike everybody else, he isn’t suffering from Elisabetta fatigue yet.

  • bian

    ah… oh so fugly & fatuous! GC GC your taste in wo-men are abhorrent.

  • mulan

    Elisabetta Canalis interviewed Robert De Niro in what has been defined by Italian newspaper “an imbarassing intrview”, with silly questions and in her bed english, she’s asked to translate De Niro by herself without a real trnslator but during the interview she didn’t understand him.

    too funny, watch it!

    Read more:

  • How it is

    @Reality Check: You have a point. But the thing is that George has such media dates not to make his real girl feel jealous. Xmas shooting was made much earlier, evidence is George’a beard in interview from Jan. 2

  • Erin

    Canalis’ knowledge of English language is a silly joke.
    The interview with De Niro is just the proof of that..go see it on Youtube if you want a good laugh out of it.
    She flaunts her mastery of the language but actually her English is very weak.
    I live in Italy and nobody gives a damn about this silly wannabe.

  • Anonymous

    @Guest: He didn’t go on holiday with her.

  • Giddy Up!

    Belen Rodriguez is pretty. Love her gladiator-style Roman dresses. he Even looks a little like the bodaciously beautiful Bellucci in some shots.

    Canalis, on the other hand, is not an attractive site. Androgynous & obnoxious. Don’t even get me started on her awful body!
    I’ve seen better legs on Jack Lemmon in drag in Some Like It Hot. And Dustin Hoffman looks sexier in a dress than as Tootsie!

  • Giddy Up!

    oops, typo! She (Belen) looks a tiny bit like Bellucci in some photos.

  • Alexandraxy

    I was wondering, is she getting away with it!?! I’m referring to the LAME try at interviewing De Niro.

    Here’s the video, posted with the heading “embarrassing”

    You can judge her English yourself….
    Moreover, for those who can’t understand Italian:
    Let alone the stupid and shallow questions….
    She couldn’t understand much of what De Niro was saying. She hadn’t got a clue what “gentrified” means, she had to leave it and admit she didn’t know the word. Much worse, she changed, sometimes dramatically (even stating the exact opposite of what De Niro had declared), the meaning of De Niro’s words. Sje hadn’t got a clue!! Everybody in Italy is laughing at her! Italians had always heard from her (and her staff) that she could speak perfect English…..

  • hannah

    She’s really a stupid poor girl, she don’t speak english, what a shame!!!! shame on you stupid Elisabetta!!!!!

  • fran

    I never thought that George was really into her as a girlfriend, I can usually tell with George.I never liked her from the start and i stated so many times…maybe thats why George only dates ugly girls..that way he doesnt get attached to them lol…

  • hannah

    Yesterday on RAI 1, Canalis interviewed De Niro for 15 minutes but she have a problem (De Niro talk about a Italian society, and he says one word…. this word is “gentrify”), panic for the stupid Canalis what’s f*KING “Gentrify”… she says: Gentrifyyyyyy, So funny

  • Gladiator’s Concubine

    @fran: I think you might be right!! George chose Canalis as she’s very plain/ borderline lame, simply because he didn’t want to take her seriously. Since he’s been dating her, all the comments I hear about the way Canalis looks like are very negative:
    “What a waste of a hunk! Something’s fishy….”
    “What on earth does he see in her?”
    “Butch…Horse….She-Male…Masculine….Bandly-legged trashy ho”
    Enough already! Sort of makes sense now.

    I mean, we all know Clooney is a sight for sore eyes, as handsome as he is! So you’d think he could get any beautiful woman he wants.
    Canalis is just part of Berlusconi’s refuse.

  • Guest

    @Anonymous: @Anonymous: @Anonymous: @Anonymous: What about the photos with her family? At the restaurant in Mexico? Do you go on holiday with your fidanzata’s family, especially at Xmas, if you are not that into her?

  • FOX

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    My name is Italia Fox.
    I am a Mexican transexual escort.
    I am Very well known as one of Hollywood Finest Legends.
    I live in The USA and I do travel all over.
    I am very Femenine, looking for very masculine straight acting men.


    I am sick and tired of people telling me to be classy and refine! This ugly douchebag Italian jack off is so far removed from classy it is not funny!

    George obviously has no issues with this about Canalis whatsoever. He is making lots of money due to this hookup and he is not going to quit her. You guys all know this. It was the same with Sarah Larson.

    Let him stew in his own juices. He seems to like it this way.

  • Cora

    Elisabetta Canalis is George Clooney’s girlfriend. No matter how much you rant and rave, and post fake press releases all around the world, and come up with one conspiracy theory more fantasical than the other ….. you are not going to change George’s behaviour. You can’t control what he does or the choices he makes in his private life. He doesn’t care what you think about his girfriend. If he did he would have chosen someone a bit classier and fan-friendly in the first place. He chose Canalis because he likes her. She’s his taste. Not yours, not mine, but HIS taste. He will stay with her or break up with her on his own timetable. You have no control over that. NONE. You’re putting yourself through a lot of anguish and stress over something you have no influence over. It’s sad to watch.
    And no I am not a member of EC’s publicity team. I’m just a long term fan of Clooney’s who has come to accept the man for who he is — a great film maker, an extraordinary philanthropist, with a personal life that makes me chuckle and smack my forehead on occasions.

  • silverscreen

    @Cora: I’m not trying to make George do anything. I’ve merely reported what’s already happened, about what most people already knew. What I have a problem with is Cagnalis’s dishonesty and intimidation tactics towards anyone who exercises freedom of speech and truth. She must have thought her trashy associates would have bullied me into silence by now, but that’s not happened, and it’s not going to happen. Besides which, it’s pretty much a non-issue at this point. If you locate the Daily Mail article to which the truthful press release was posted in the comments section, you’ll see that the vast majority of people agreed with it and already knew it was true. If you are gullible or delusional enough to believe Cagnalis’s press, that’s your problem, but we both know that’s not what you believe.

  • Vicky


  • Vicky
  • Reality Bites

    George will not have kids. And due to the women he has dated over the last 15 years I can promise you 100% that he had a vasectomy to insure that he never accidentally got one pregnant. Women know going in that he is not going to marry them or anyone again and that kids are not a possibility.. not with him.

  • silverscreen

    @Reality Bites- Is this from the Cloonster himself? Just curious.

  • someone

    Having George’s kids is definitely not a possibility for Cagnalis since she’s not sleeping with him. She might have a kid with her real boyfriend Davide Rombolotti, but I hope both of them get off the drugs before that ever happens.

  • Jesus

    @Reality Bites: You forgot about immaculate conception. Read Bible!

  • Alexandraxy

    “False press releases” on Canalis somebody writes on this page…. Fake!?! The videos where she makes a fool of herself speak for themselves! No need to invent anything, which I wouldn’t do anyway.

    Here’s another video where the two girls make a bit of a mess introducing one of the singers.
    At ca. 0:52 in the video Canalis pronounces the name of the ITALIAN singer in the wrong way and is corrected by Belen Rodriguez, who is Argentinian!
    Moreover! Watch here…. Starting from ca. 1:10, when the camera shifts from the singers to the two girls, Canalis is caught making strange and mocking faces/expressions, probably at the woman singer it has been supposed. Extremely unprofessional and, let’s be sincere, also very impolite!
    Most viewers preferred Belen. She can dance and sing well, she speaks very good Italian, she is more beautiful, she’s spontaneous and natural. In short, she’s much better.

  • Candid

    @Alexandraxy: I see what you mean! How unprofessional!!!! Canalis has a contemptuous, sarcastic expression on her face, which I presume is mocking the male singer’s sideburns.
    All negative remarks about her butch physical appearance & lack of talent aside, the worst aspect about Canalis is her disgusting, nasty personality.
    Delusional & supercilious sums her up!
    George did himself a huge disservice associating with such riff-raff.