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Rachel Bilson: Ready for Takeoff!

Rachel Bilson: Ready for Takeoff!

Rachel Bilson bundles up, gets picked up at her home, and heads to LAX airport on Saturday (February 19) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress currently graces the cover of California Style magazine.

Earlier in the week, Rachel rocked a C&C California Cheetah Roll Up shirt as she was leaving for a meeting in her neighborhood.

FYI: Rachel is carrying a Tylie Malibu “Ikat Nomad” bag.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson leaving to LAX airport…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 01
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 02
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 03
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 04
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 05
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 06
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 07
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 08
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 09
rachel bilson ready for lax takeoff 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Hmm…

    She’s looking better lately. It would be nice to see her working. Shes been in a few good ones but there hasn’t been much character diversity.

  • JC


    She’s been in a few good ones? Like what?

  • SweeTalk

    She looks so lovely. I’m so excited for her show, it’s going to be awesome! I always love seeing her on TV!!!

  • SweeTalk

    @JC: Um, like The O.C., The Last Kiss, Jumper, loved her when she guest starred on That ’70s Show, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother. Just because some of you don’t care for her and “you” believe she is a bad actress doesn’t mean everybody feels that way. I’m sure some of the celebs you like some people don’t care for either.

  • Carey

    All those movies she sucked at trust the producers who wlll not hire her the only help she gets is via Josh and that is it. She is over exposed for doing absolutely nothing. Guess she is now chosing to go to NY now to the fashion week maybe Instyle figured she needed to actually go this time.

  • annie

    she looked good on mag but that coat and hat r dam ughly. i live on the easty coast and we got a lot more stylish coats which i have some my latest snake by ISACC.. u can keep warm and style too. that outfit looks like a homeless outfit.

  • wow

    Is it that cold in LA?

  • JC


    She’s just playing being famous again because she has the means to pay to get herself being photographed walking out of her house and getting into a car. Nobody cares. Nobody is paying for pictures of her, she is paying them to take pictures of her. That TV show you’re so excited about will never air. Her connection might be able to pull a few strings and let her shoot a pilot, but he has no control on whether or not it gets picked up. Of course it won’t get picked up. The whole point of picking up a show is because the people that run the network can sell advertising for a show. That is hard to do when nobody is watching. For some reason I am fascinated by her. She poisons everything she touches yet she never goes away or gives up. Daddy’s little princess almost 30 running around LA shopping and paying to get photographed. That’s some life.

  • Paula


    She sucked to you. Others enjoy her work. To each their own. I liked her in Jumper and on Chuck. Happy to see she has a new show and hopefully more movies.

  • Suzie

    Does anyone know where her coat is from??

  • Looks like Bag Lady

    No Bilson doesn’t have many fans after the horrible Jumper and she was really really bad in Waiting for Forever. That’s basically all she’s done in 4 years. I see she called the papparazzi to record her leaving again just so the world knows her comings and goings. Unfortunately no one cares. Fashion Week is over in NY. Her dinnerware is so ugly and derivative also not made for people to eat offf of every day that its already on sale. Definitely no one wants to look like she does in these pictures. Maybe she’s going to Canada. Too bad fiance Hayden isn’t there. He must be going to follow very soon. We know how she loves to press out her connection to him.

  • Letisha Malcolm

    I don’t care get lost Bilson

  • tennille

    Look at Amanda Seyfried who usually caught up “dressing down” in LA; BUT CAN GET acting jobS on her own – she got at least 4 upcoming on her resume…

  • Rachy is heading to Canada

    Rachel makes sure that we all know where she’s going by wearing clothes that are only for cold weather such as the one in Canada where Hayden leaves.

    Hayden is a looser anyway to have such bad taste in women. He was dating .hores aka Sienna miller, canalis and now a Press.hore with zero brain and zero talent aka rachel bison.


  • LOLZ

    Let’s see how long it takes him to go back home to Canada. She left on the 18th and he was still in LA. His brother’s BDay is on the 20th…and Tove lives in LA.

  • SweeTalk

    Somebody on twitter actually said Hayden was at LAX yesterday, so maybe they went somewhere together

  • Brightside

    The OC only lasted four seasons…not a successful run, and pretty much died on it’s feet after Mischa Barton left. The Last Kiss was a dud, a phony white bread romantic comedy with little to recommend it and Jumper (while being commercially successful) was panned by critics everywhere due to terrible acting syndrome. A few blink-and-you’ll-miss-her guest appearances on other shows amounted to nothing. Waiting For Forever was a truly abysmal flop and BBF & Baby will be more of the same. Basically it’s a long list of failure while other actresses of similar age are garnering awards, immense critical appraisal and professional kudos.
    Rachel Bilson is not a particularly clever, intelligent, talented or successful actress and she never will be because the only person she knows how to be is Rachel Bilson.

  • @16

    And/But you’re actually the “one” who’s that somebody – what a pretentious fantard.

  • SweeTalk

    @Brightside: Brightside, that’s your own opinion. I loved her in those projects. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean I can’t. It’s not like the oc ended becaue of her. There was a number of other people on that show. I thought the show ended a good time, at least it’s not still going like stupid One Tree Hill. I LOVED the last kiss, I thought it was a good movie. Jumper wasn’t my favorite but Hayden and Rachel made it worth watching, it’s where they fell in love. awwwww. :)

  • SweeTalk

    @@16: This was the sighting d*ckwad. So no I didn’t write it. —- “Anjelica Huston sighting at LAX…looove her! Hayden Christensen too but he’s not nearly as cool.”

  • juniper

    Not actually just look at what Amanda S. is just wearing (@post #13). That oc-smurf is being over-dressed as usual, where it just covers up her desperation for not gettng much hype as she wants them to be (both in professional & personal basis) from HW. And ooh she wants to show-off her new “freebies” coz we all know that she was “snubbed” at this year’s NYC Fashion Week. Well sucks that being self-claimed as “fashionista”(?!)

  • observer

    For a 4 years you come here to tell us how not clever, intelligent & telented is RB. We know it, thanks.

    They really playing strange games now. They are not dating, they live together for a 4 years. And now they behave as if living in the 19 century & HC is afraid that RB brother will call him out to a duel.

  • Brightside

    It’s not just my opinion, it’s an opinion held by directors, producers, film makers etc. Rachel Bilson is not classed as a serious actress…she’s not one to watch or hire…she’s basically the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel in Hollywood. Hired only for the occasional guest appearance on the strength of The OC and as a makeweight in low budget independent films of little impact. Believe me, if she had the qualities needed to be successful then she would already be successful instead of using her ‘friendship’ with the obsessed Josh Schwartz and her family connections in order to stay afloat in an industry that doesn’t want her and doesn’t need her. And the reason they don’t want or need her is because they know they can hire 100 actresses who could portray the character better than Bilson.

  • Brightside

    In four years I have seen other actresses featured on this site soar to the heights of their profession. Rachel Bilson is not, and is never going to be, one of them.
    Hell, even Kate (the pod person) Bosworth is a better actress than Rachel Bilson and that’s saying something when a pod person out performs a human!

  • chauncey

    Well she knows as much as everybody knows; that she is really not that looking good in face value so she put on her shades all day long, all the time & as much as she can – coz wearing them on is like having a “talisman”.

  • emy

    Rachel Bilson is like the Liz Hurley of her generation.
    Middling success as an actress, tries to leave her mark as a fashionista, paparazzi target, known more for her love life than for her acting work.

  • chauncey

    @#9 – Happy to see she has a new show and hopefully more movies.

    The only “career” that this all-time-dlister has/had is/are making the internet gossip blogs and posing for cheesy never-been photo-opps – Amen!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Im 14 hehe

  • Brightside

    A poor man’s Liz Hurley in that she doesn’t have Liz Hurley’s stunning good looks and Liz has had a more successful career. Liz is 45 now and still looking good for her age.

  • chauncey

    Pardon, but Elizabeth Hurly at least bagged a popular & million dollar endorsement deal thru Estee Lauder (& still continuing to do so). But what about that all-time-dlister?! Even some tampon or a deodorant product; she aint get any…

  • Brightside

    Very true…because Liz Hurley is a genuinely stunning looking woman even at 45 while Bilson’s looks are mediocre/average at best and (as is scientifically proven that girls age in similar ways to their mothers) her average looks aren’t going to last the course. Rachel Bilson, today the somewhat meager talented, averagely cute 29 year old but 10 years down the line; the sea hag of LA.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Interesting how the paps are waitng outside her house and JJ knows exactly where that car took her but when HC shows up the paps aren’t waiting outside the house. Why didn’t she just get her mom or family to pick her up?? I guess the “good place” she and HC are at is – he pays the bills again!!!
    Hey if Josh Schwartz thinks she’s such a great actress why didn’t he cast her as the lead on Chuck?? Or bring her back like he did that God-awful Nicole Ritchie?? Why didn’t he give her a job on Gossip Girl??

  • fandango

    In cases where limos pick up it’s usually a studio involved b/c any other time she is dropped off by family. If HC is with her at the airport why it is no other twitter or pictures on twitter have them together???his brother’s birthday is what today so why leave your bro on his day unless he had work and he doesn’t. Or why no other news site has them seen at the a/p that would almost always happen.

  • lexy hates bilson

    His brother doesn’t want these party poopers around him. He just wants HC to give him cash! Maybe HC is already in Canada…they are going to celebrate that they are now officially both D-listers!!! Thank God for those SW royalities and FX running Jumper every other day!!!

  • Fandango


    He was in LA yesterday as far as the last pic that was seen of him I don’t think he hopped a plane to Canada RB needs him to be in LA so during that time he drives her car or plays house while she is gone. All things to keep up appearances.

  • jesse

    LOVE her outfit!!!

  • Ally

    Suuuuuper cute <3

  • Brightside

    And that’s really all her fans can do…burble on randomly about how nice her outfits are as though it’s something so very important and character-enhancing. Sad when the only positive thing people can say about someone is ‘Gee, I like her outfit.’
    Is she intelligent, talented, sophisticated, erudite, dedicated, passionate, hard-working, selfless? No, but that’s OK because, golly gee, she wears nice clothes!..*rolls eyes and sighs*…

  • Delphic

    @wow: She was headed to London, that’s why.

  • chelly

    @ Delphic, ur right. She had her passport in hand in some other online pics.

  • OMG!


    You know what they say about opinions Brightside?

    There is a famous movie quote, I’m sure you’ve heard.

    “Well, opinions are like a@@holes, honey. Everybody’s got one and everybody thinks everybody else’s stinks.”

  • @Delphic
  • Fandango

    She looks like some puffalump toy that was popular in the 80′s gee she goes to FW in London but won’t do NYC in USA. Intstyle must perfer London to NYC that or they are giving better freebies in London.

  • Silly Girl

    All she has to do to get a six figure paycheck is get dressed up in designer cloths and leave her house to eat and shop and go to parties? Sounds good to me! I sure wouldn’t complain about a job like that.

    Instyle is paying her six figures to blog via JJ and wear cloths. Thats a great gig if you can get it. :o)

    I feel badly for those who have to rack their brains coming up with great scripts and stand-out performances…seems totally unfair.

    If Waiting for Forever had talent like Meg Ryan, Kate Winselt, Cameron Diaz, Nichole Kidman, or Katherine Zeta Jones in the lead role the movie would have grossed 36M the first weekend!

    THAT is because a real movie star gets asses in seat!

  • Fandango


    Guess your twitter was wrong b/c HC certainly wasn’t in London with RB keep in mind don’t buy into each and every twitter sighting.

  • Fandango


    Guess your twitter was wrong b/c HC certainly wasn’t in London with RB keep in mind don’t buy into each and every twitter sighting.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Frankly I think InStyle is getting ready to give her the boot and I’m sure they do not pay this dopey woman six-figures – unless you’re counting the change!!
    Why didn’t InStyle send her to Fashion Week in NY?? That’s a BIG event!!! Why wasn’t the Fashionista there??

  • KC

    The twitter siting just said Hayden was seen at LAX, it said nothing about him leaving with Rachel. He could very well have been there to say goodbye to her. There was another blog that claimed she met him for lunch yesterday, before she left, as well. It doesn’t really matter whether he was there or not, I guess.

  • tennille

    So she just doing an opening-the-envelope gig?! Just one of her “regular” jobs next to famewh0ring.

  • Fandango


    She was picked up by Limo I seriously don’t see HC tagging along in route to say goodbye at the LAX. Most twitters are not usually right some if they have pics to back it up with others fabricate to get attention. Bilson tried to claims she cooks so much but here seems that isn’t the idea when she is out eating all the time.


    There isn’t any envelope to gig out she is only there to the freebies that FW in London is handing out plus better chance Instyle needed her to attend something since she doesn’t work at doing much else.