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Kate Bosworth & Zoe Saldana: Kenmare Kiss

Kate Bosworth & Zoe Saldana: Kenmare Kiss

Kate Bosworth and fellow fashionista Zoe Saldana are decked out in Calvin Klein Collection as they celebrate NY Fashion Week at nightlife hotspot Kenmare on Thursday (February 17) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the twosome and Kerry Washington sat front row at the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show.

Twilight: Eclipse star Jack Huston was also in the house to party, pictured below. (He was recently in a few episodes on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.)

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kate bosworth zoe saldana 02
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kate bosworth zoe saldana 05

Credit: David X Prutting; Photos: BFAnyc
Posted to: Jack Huston, Kate Bosworth, Zoe Saldana

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  • Katy

    Woooow in 1

  • Fauve

    Kate used to be such a cute little actress now I just want to send her a food basket poor starving things :(

  • misss

    haha get it, get it

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    New couple in camera

  • Brightside

    Kate Bosworth…so desperate to get near anyone famous and have her photograph taken. She practically screams ‘Look at me, look at me, take my picture now!’ It would be laughable if it weren’t so attention-seeking and pathetic. Please, someone, take this pod person back to her pod and throw her in the Mariana Trench!

  • Ihatekatemkay

    She looks so baked and old. Snorting coke and not eating really ages you…who would’ve thought? :P

  • no alex news this last days , logic kate is in NYC ;D

  • DR SUTRAsex tantric

    Which one is no culture’s god of love, sex or joy?

  • anon

    Whew! Getting a little warm in here…

  • Nice Try

    @: Nice try but no cigar. She’s in London with Cher. It was tweeted, she was spotted there and she even gave an interview saying that she was going there.

  • ha!


    Kate Bosworth looks drunk off her ass.

  • Emily

    She looks like one of those girls that gets in as many pictures as she can just to show everyone “Look, I have friends! People like me!”

  • Dieter

    Kate = most beautiful woman alive !!!

  • wow

    I can’t believe people who don’t like her google her.
    They all say she doesn’t work, but they even don’t go to work.
    If they went to work and didn’t google her, they would have not known what people on twitter said or what she said on interviews.
    Or, they all are people from Alex’s forum who always say bad things about Kate.

  • @Nice Try: oups ;)

  • dieter loves bald girls

    @Dieter: You have terrible taste in women. She looks like an old coked out drunk in those pics.

  • jj fans

    Bosworth is obviously intoxicated in the 1st and 4th photos. I’m surprised this blog would post those photos but I guess anything for hits….

  • good news today

    @wow: I don’t know where you live but it’s Sunday in the U.S. That type of information is easily available on twitter. I’m glad it was googled and used to refute the rumor someone was trying to start.

  • Lawton

    Is that dude wearing Jewel Mint?

  • mickey

    KB=ugly chick

  • oops!

    @wow: You’re just sore, Hans, because your lies didn’t get any traction.

  • wow

    @good news today:

    Actually, people saw her in London two days ago, not today.

    By the way, I can’t wait for someone to write:
    “She should talk about it. She could help a lot of women.”
    Then, people will ‘thumb up’ it.
    But, we all know he/she is a spammer because he/she always writes that.

  • seton

    I wonder if this is a nightly thing?

    The girl needs AA.

  • wow


    Who is Hans? I’m Wilson.

  • Top Gun

    @Lawton: Later they retired to her hotel room and she gave him her Ryan Kavanaugh special.

  • good news today

    @wow: Posted on twitter less than 24 hours ago. Took less than two minutes to find.

    Kate Bosworth just passed me in topshop. Wierdly, no entourage

  • Dieter

    Kate doesn’t drink alcohol – she has one glass of champagne or maybe two which is required for these type events !!!

  • wow

    @good news today:

    How many times did you have to click ‘more’?
    And, what about the interview? How did she/he know about it? It’s not even on the first page if you google it and click ‘past 24 hours’.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

    She could help a lot of women.

  • Brightside

    So she’s just stoned but not drunk then? OK….

  • Paul

    Well, Kate thought Zoe was a man because Zoe looks like a bony black man in a wig.

  • wow


    That’s mean!

  • WhiteLatina

    Why is Kate kissing that monkey Saldana?

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    She is beyond skinny again.

  • wow

    Why are there so many haters on JustJared?
    If you don’t like someone, just don’t comment their post.



    “Kate doesn’t drink alcohol – she has one glass of champagne or maybe two which is required for these type events !!!”

    So champagne is NOT alcohol and you HAVE to drink a glass or two.
    Way, way! Just the brilliant logic we’d expect from a KB stan or PR.

    Nice try JJ, now mentioning Zoe and Kerry after waiting 2 days after his post on Boswaste that these two successful, respected and well known actors were at the same event .. This means in racist JJ math:

    Respected, well known, successful Black actors Kerry and Zoe < White cranked out, talenetless fameho best known for a 10 year old movie and the men she’s associated with.

    So much for progress.

  • kitty

    what….no mention the the shitemint earrings she’s wearing jj?

  • kitty

    and she is so annoying when she talks out the side of her mouth. ARGH I know your lips are mashed woman but at least try to talk normally.

  • hef

    She and Zoe have known each other for years.
    They met when Zoe was filming Haven with Orlando.
    The difference now is that Zoe is the one with the promising career.

  • Dieter

    Kate’s full round buns can easily feed Africa through the winter !!!

  • Bunnik*

    Kate Bosworth & Zoe Saldana: Kenmare Kiss
    Kate Bosworth and fellow fashionista Zoe… … …
    Forget it: party – clothes – nose candy – B and C list people and Kate Bosworth stoned can’t hold her head.
    The End.



    So what? She met Zoe ages ago, yet I’ve never seen them together before the Funny or Die skit. She knew Liv Tyler from her OB days and was friends with her( lunches, parties, etc,) until she made a move on Chris Martin. Michelle Rodriguez, her co-star she LIVED with ( and the other girls) while filming from that surfing movie was in Avatar and at the Esquire House party, yet they never took pictures together. Point is meeting someone does not mean you’re friends.

    Those pictures seem more like Zoe humoring a drunk because she KNEW there was a camera pointed at her. We’ve all smiled for a camera in awkward situations. So far Zoe and KB have been photographed at work related events. Zoe Saldana has a current Calvin Klein contract, therefore she was at a WORK event. However, unlike KB she knew not to get thrashed at a WORK related function.

    I’ll believe Zoe is friends with that pathetic, cranked out fameho when I see them shopping, lunching or hanging out at a non professional venue.

    Clingon Kate only is friends with those she feels can help her.

  • mailey

    zoe, always looks great.
    bosworth, retarded as usual. she looks old.

  • Brightside

    Poor Jack Huston is really having to struggle to hold the living corpse upright. Her eyes…they are the eyes of the truly wasted! Poor guy…poor, poor guy…her arm’s digging into his neck so deeply it’s going to leave a dent.


    Zoe and KB are such good OLD FRIENDS, yet they both attended the 2010 Met Gala and never hung out/ took pictures together.

    Funny, I usually hang with my friends when we go to the same party. In fact we usually arrive together in the same vehicle just like Kate did with Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney at the 2009 Met Gala.

    They took tons of pictures together that year. Next year, KB was out the gang because of the Chris Martin thing. They all were at the 2010 Met Gala, as was Zoe Saldana. Kate had pictures ….with none of them. We know that for a fact because JJ would have posted them.

  • Eresyn

    Wow! She’s truly an attention ho, climbing to other celebrities and desperate to get pictured with them…and there is is using that dumb pose again…maybe she stores her crack there, that’s why it looks so heavy LOLOL

  • kv

    Her pupils look huge in these pics… Hmm…

  • danielik25

    We want some pics this type with your boyfriend…

  • shoegal

    this is sad. the guy behind them looks equally unamused.

  • Blackcat99

    @Dieter: They require you to drink?!What happened to just say no?If she isn’t drunk she is high on something else.