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Katie Holmes: Trunk Shows for Holmes & Yang!

Katie Holmes: Trunk Shows for Holmes & Yang!

Katie Holmes and her design partner Jeanne Yang present their fashion line Holmes & Yang at a trunk show at Barneys New York on Friday (February 11) in Dallas, Texas.

The next night, the pair brought their trunk show to Barneys New York in Chicago.

The shows were so successful that there were virtually no Holmes & Yang pieces left at the end of each show and Barneys had to place a reorder!

Katie and Jeanne will be doing trunk shows in New York and Beverly Hills next month.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at her trunk shows…

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katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 01
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 02
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 03
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 04
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 05
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 06
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 07
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 08
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 09
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 10
katie holmes trunk show with holmes and yang 11

Photos: Jeanne Yang
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  • BEAN

    She looks clean – Amazing.

  • danielle

    This is the most boring, unexpired, over-priced line. If she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise, this never would have made it to production. Town and Country, Austin Reed and Pendleton have a line that is just as main-stream, higher quality and for a much lower price. Ms. Holmes constantly brags this is for busy moms. What busy mom can afford it? What mom would wear a suede jacket to haul the baby around? What mom would wear silk while burping a baby, at the playground etc. Unbelievable that Ms. Holmes thinks the average woman who is a mom would fall for her idiotic dribble.

  • danielle

    Sorry, mean uninspired not unexpired.

  • Ella


    As a mom I second that100%. Celebrities and their fantasy/desulisional world……. I change 3 times a day and go to the playgound in 6-inch heel!!!

    Either they change their marketing plan or they do design for busy moms as we know it.

  • Me

    ITA @danielle. Basic, boring, and ridiculously overpriced.

  • Jared’s An Idiot

    You really should get a minimal understanding of what a trunk show is and a reorder isn’t.


    smallest turn out evah!!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    Katie Holmes is really delusional these days.

  • Lucy

    The few pieces shown there look low quality and not “styled” at all. Why would anyone buy anything from someone who clearly cannot dress herself? Katie Holmes is consistently sloppy and wears ill-fitting and out-dated clothes.

  • Jess

    What’s a trunk show?

  • debbie


  • Arianna

    I went to the “show” in Chicago and there were no more than 25 women there, most of whom were too large to wear the 2 or 3 pieces of each design available. I went simply out nof curiosity and frankly, the entire line is nothing but overpriced garbage that any of us could have stitched together after looking at what Target has on their sales floor. Uninspired is a good description….not to mention that the largest size available is a size 2…..yea, Yang and Holmes are designing for the typical working mother. Right. I’m a 4 and I was the thinnest woman in the room AND THAT INCLUDES HOLMES.

    As I said earlier, there were only about 6 different pieces in their “Collection” and Barney’s had 2 or 3 of each piece. If they sold out, it’s because Holmes bought them all as I didn’t see anyone make a purchase. Personally I wouldn’t spend $2500 for a jacket that was out of style last season.

    Holmes should stick to acting. Oh Wait. She’s not very good at that either.

  • Susie#1

    Who did this team talk to regarding color??? The green is terrible and very few people can wear it. Please explain what’s classic about these clothes…the styles were popular 10-15 years ago. Hello….

  • Justin

    awww she looks very nice

  • mindy

    ” The shows were so successful that there were virtually no Holmes & Yang pieces left at the end of each show and Barneys had to place a reorder! ”

    wow… she sold 2-3 racks of clothes… her career is blossoming!

  • Jasper Sloan

    Tom only paid 25 people to show up in Chicago? Cheap skate!

  • becky

    the bags look like longchamp and ralph lauren knock-offs!!! katie has gotten so desperate! but she does look good in these photos; its refreshing to see her showered and neat.

  • Katie is a silly goose

    Miss Holmes should just stick to be Tom Cruise’s paid piece and keep herself out of the public eye. She can’t act or sing or design clothes. Lord knows she does not need the money. Why she wants to humilate herself by pretending to be fashion designer is just plain silly billy nilly!

  • Romeo

    Why were you there, #12?

    Get a life, #17.

    She should do whatever makes her happy, which includes fashion design, regardless of what you think, #18.

  • Gaga Goo goo

    Katie is sadly laughable.

    She should bow out of hollywood and go home to raise her brat better,…out of diapers… the bottle…..etc… mind…..she needs to hire a nanny for that,. she raised the brat to be a brat.


  • boringkatie

    shut up romeo….do you live in her armpits?


  • annie

    these designs are not meant for the average working woman or average mum or average anything, they are meant for people with money. That Tom Ford dress that Katie wore in her photoshoot cost $4 or 5,000 , who can afford that? you don’t go around with a TFsticker outside your dress.
    I’ve always liked some of the clothes, and army green will suit a brunette , blonde or redhead , paticularly if you have a nice tan, and right accessories, but even tho I like them, they do need accessorising to bring them out.
    I’m not saying this because I like Katie, I would say if I didn’t like them.

  • chloe

    I think a few of the pieces look nice but they are way out of the average busy moms price range. If they want to market the line to normal women they need a reality check….I can’t afford a $2000 jacket !! They need to either lower the price to match their targeted customer base or they need to be honest that they aren’t making these overpriced clothes for the average working mom.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Vapid now coming boring

  • AEP

    Who bought the dresses? Tiny gay boy Tom?

  • jen

    I think she’s copying Victoria Beckham! Atleast VB is having good sales!

  • Sam23

    How can someone who can’t even dress herself have a clothing line Katie is the one that keeps telling everyone that her 4 year old dress her, it’s more like Jeanne did all the work will Katie just showed up to take credited for it. What about these cloths makes them so special all of these design have been done before by other designer. Like that top Katie is wearing was out 2 years ago or that green button down dress Ralph Lauren has that exact same style of dress out last summer in army green and camel and NYCO had a cheaper version last summer also, It seems like Katie and Jeanne clothe line is just a copy of other designer stuff.

  • KC

    Well, at least she finally looks clean in these photos..I’ll give her that much. But the clothes are just plain and boring.

  • danielle


    Straight from Katie’s mouth:

    “We just wanted to do comfortable clothes that you can wear going from a meeting to being a mom to going on a date.”

    And when conceiving the women’s collection, she kept motherhood in mind. “As a mom, you literally don’t have time to think about what you’re wearing,” she told Vogue. “But you still want to look cool.” ;

    She also states she makes things that their friends and family would wear. They are learning as they go along (gee, any one else would never get in the door–they would have learned first). They want pieces that will be handed down like Chanel (in your dreams Katie).

    There is absolutely NO WAY this woman would ever have gotten a foot let alone one of her big toes into the fashion designing door if she wasn’t married to Cruise. And now here she is–foisting her uninspired, expensive, and boring pieces on the public.

    You can find better quality pieces (in terms of sewing, materials etc) for a much cheaper price if you look. You can also find pieces very similar that are a lot cheaper in terms of cloth, construction and $$$.

    These women are trading on Katie’s married last name.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Katie is no Coco Chanel.

  • Disco Woman

    The first pic of Katie standing up, check out the top of her thigh, major saddle bags going on. Lipo is a must!

  • hurl & yuck
  • annie

    @ danielle
    I agree that Katie maybe has to choose more carefully what she says about the clothes, and there are cheaper clothes around , eg Target has a similar camp dress, for $79, but people who have lots of money are not going to Target for their clothes. They are also made in China or I ndia, and there are people who prefer home made to overseas made, like hers are.
    Also she seems to cater for a broader age group, which seems a good idea.
    Jessica Alba wore one of Katies designs last year on a mag cover, and I saw a picture of a some singer, wearing her black strapless rueshed [ not sure if it's spelt like that] dress, and they both looked very nice.
    I like a lot of her stuff. I still would like to see Katie in the stapless fitted lace dress with black panels. I really like that one.
    And those suede jackets, she could start a mens line , as well.
    I think she’s going to do well.
    Yes , probably if she wasn’t married to Tom, there would be no clothing line, but you can say that about Victoria Beckam as well, she makes great use of the Beckam name, much more than Katie does the Cruise name.

  • Romeo

    You’re disgusting, #25.

    Why the need in pointing out the obvious, #29?

  • Jane

    Good luck katie
    We love u