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Tom Cruise: Final Negotiations for 'Rock of Ages'!

Tom Cruise: Final Negotiations for 'Rock of Ages'!

Tom Cruise and Constantine Maroulis rock out at Rock of Ages on Saturday (February 19) at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

The 48-year-old actor was joined at the show by his wife Katie Holmes and choreographer Mia Michaels. The couple went backstage during intermission to meet with producers and the cast before the second act.

Tom is in final negotiations to star in a big screen version of the hit musical, THR reports. Tom will play Stacee Jaxx, “the arrogant and charming star at the top of his career”. Adam Shankman (Hairspray) is directing the film.

Stacee, Tom‘s character, sings Bon Jovi‘s “Wanted Dead or Alive” in the show!

FYI: Constantine, who may be best known for his run on American Idol, is taking part in a 12-night engagement at the Pantages. He also starred Rock of Ages on Broadway!

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Chelsea Lauren; Photos: WireImage
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  • JC

    Sounds like a good project for Tom to unleash his inner gay after the long MI4 shoot. Spending time with his weird family and being a presence in his daughter’s life will have to wait.

  • dani

    Reeks of desperation–Tom trying to stay relevant and young.

  • And Katie…???

    Can’t wait to see Anne Hathaway cast here with TC. Poor Katiepoo with her “singing” and “dancing” attempts at seducing producers…

  • mindy

    Katie must be so jealous!

  • kim


  • Ginny

    I’m sure Katie IS jealous, but SHE is the one that sold her soul and child to a cult…so no sympathy from me.
    As for Tom…yes this sounds like a desperate out- dated actor trying to “connect” with a youthful audience.
    He’s a joke.

  • to Ginny

    he may be trying to connect with a youthful audience but tom doesn’t need the money. the man is worth well over 250 million dollars. that doesn’t include any profit sharing he’ll get from MI4. then there’s all the real estate and business investments. i should be so lucky to have in a small percentage of that money

  • desperate

    They are both so disgusting and corny.

  • CanadaGirl

    I’d like to see Tom try his hand on the stage. Not a lead, as he’s never done it before (?), but something opposite Colm Feore or Craig Beirko would be great to watch.

  • CanadaGirl

    I’d like to see Tom try his hand on the stage. Not a lead, as he’s never done it before (?), but something opposite Colm Feore or Craig Beirko would be great to watch.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    What are they doing?

  • annie

    And if Katie did have a role in the movie, you’d say that Tom got it for her anyway. The star is her husband, the director is one of her really good friends… don’t think she could get herself in if she wanted to.
    How do you think Nicole got the female lead in Far and Away…. Tom got it for her. I was given a book once about Tom, it wasn’t a gossipy book, more about his movies, interviews with directors and people connected to his different movies. The book obviously had more on Nicole and Tom, and the book finished with Suri’s birth.

  • pr person


  • mickey


  • wonder

    who cares who cares who cares

  • Sandy

    I agree that this is nothing but desperation on Cruise’s part. It’s not even a starring role and Cruise is much,much too old for the part. He’s going to look like an ass…..then again, what else is new. I bet MI4 tanks.

    To the person who said he’s worth alot of money…..who cares. That simply proves that having alot of money doesn’t buy class or intelligence. What it does buy is Katie Holmes and her womb. Sorry, but this guy is a creep….money or not. He’s being investigated by the FBI for human trafficing and slave labor and the IRS is not far behind. I’m not a fan of dishonest, obnoxious people who break the law no matter how much money they have.

    As for Holmesgetting a role in the movie…..oh please. The woman can’t act, sing, dance or design clothes and she’s not much of a mother either. Its a good thing that when her contract with Cruise finally runs out she’ll have a pocketful of money cause she sure as hell isn’t going to be able to earn it in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway (and everyone else) is a far better and more talented actress,

  • To #12 annie

    Ugh would you STFU already. You are on every single post giving us your stupid opinion on Kate. You are totally obsessed . Nobody gives a flying sh*t what you think about her or Tom or anything else. Don’t you have a freakin life? Katie sucks. Like the other person said she can’t act or sing or dance so give it up. And Tom is just a dried up old queen who hired Katie to make him look straight not that its working.

  • tellaB

    I’m surprised he didn’t bring his whole creepy “Adams” family for a photo Op. I guess suri decided it was her bedtime.

  • danielle


    Actually Annie you are incorrect about Far and Away. Howard was considering her before she did Days of Thunder.

    This is from the NY Times:

    Mr. Howard says, “Brian told me about ‘Dead Calm’ and said we had to use this young woman.” By the time they contacted Ms. Kidman, Mr. Grazer and Mr. Howard were well into the nine years they spent getting “Far and Away” produced.

    The film raises the usual ill-informed surmises about Ms. Kidman’s career, the surmise, for example, that her part in “Far and Away” was in some way a condition of Mr. Cruise’s participation. Mr. Howard is emphatic that Mr. Cruise made no bid for Ms. Kidman’s inclusion. “I’m not going to tell you how to cast your movie,” Mr. Cruise told Mr. Howard.

    Given his enthusiasm for her performance in “Dead Calm,” Brian Grazer had independently sent Ms. Kidman the screenplay early in the process.

  • Foolish Tom

    Oh my…
    Ronnie James Dio is turning over in his grave (or laughing hysterically)!
    Xenu’s butt muncher can’t pull off the rocker “devil horns”!!!!

  • Romeo

    What an untrue and homophobic thing to say, #1. How is his family weird? He spends plenty of time with his children. He’s one of the least prolific movie stars around.

    EVERY SINGLE PROJECT is some brand new accusation of Cruise being desperate and trying to seem young and relevant, #2. He IS young and relevant,. So much so that there’s no need to be desperate.

    What the hell are you talking about, #3?

    Why, #4?

    Jealous of what, #6? Cruise is far from the bottom so he’s not desperate for work.

    Exactly, #7.

    How so, #8?

    Right about Holmes, #12.

    Make up your mind, #16. Either Cruise’s head is too big that he refuses supporting roles or his career is so much in the gutter than he has to take supporting roles.

    He’s not being investigated for any of that. The people that run his church are. Watch Cruise not even be arrested. He had nothing to do with that mess.

    Who are you to criticize her as a mother? You don’t know her.

    How can you say that about innocent children, #18? Leave them alone!

  • danielle

    @Romeo the delusional

    What do you mean Cruise has nothing to do with that xenu mess? Of course he has something to do with it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse–haven’t you heard? And the law says you shall pay laborers more than $50 a week. You have got to be a cult member, because only you would think that he has nothing to do with this, knows nothing etc.

    And oh yes, Cruise is NOT young and he is no longer relevant. His popularity has plummeted. His movies no longer pull the way they used to. He no longer tops the polls in anything. Not money, popularity, movies, or being a stud muffin.

    You are the only one hanging on to him as a hip, young star. He is an aging, out of touch actor.

  • Whatever

    WOW! Tom must really be desperate to stay young (and for attention) if the only person who will have anything to do with him is a mediocre AI contestant. PATHETIC! YIKES!

  • annie

    if it’s it’s good enough for you to voice an opinion, it’s good enough for somebody else!

  • annie

    @ danielle
    you could be right, I’m only saying what I read, and you are saying what you read……fair enough.

  • duh

    u gotta be kidding me!

    Tom is now a joke! LOL

    He needs to go home and get the brat out of Suri

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Tom cruise to short need pills

  • taco

    he’s pathetic…

  • KC

    I agree with so many other posters. Tom is too old for this part. He even looks silly in the photo next to Constantine.

  • mailey

    this photo made me lol.

  • LALA

    Tom really needs a new hair dresser. I get that he’s trying to make it look close to Suri’s (Josh’s) color, but they aren’t quite getting it right. On Tom’s head it look like a bad toupee that got re-dyed.

  • Lily

    OMG …. give me a break, please. It ain’t gonna be Moulin Rouge.

  • honestly

    can’t these two “has beens” take a break form their egofest and ween their 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER off the bottle?

  • sp

    Besides Tom Cruise’s religion, I don’t understand the hate for him. People can say what they want, but you can’t deny his talent. He should have won the Oscar for ” Magnolia “.

    People say his movies are bombs, but this is not true. “Knight & Day ” earned over $261 million.

  • http://@soaked2thebone Dianne

    That is the worst casting ever! I just saw the play at the Pantages in LA and I can’t imagine Tom Cruise playing Stacee. Personally, I can’t stand Cruise, but putting aside my feelings, he is too old! There are a thousand other actors who could perform this role. And be believable. Let’s face it, Cruise is not the big box office star he used to be. He has lost much of his appeal. Like the character Stacee he is trying to live off of his past glory. It doesn’t work for Stacee and it isn’t going to work for Cruise. This is one movie I would pay NOT to see.