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Gisele Bundchen: Monday Morning Gym Run!

Gisele Bundchen: Monday Morning Gym Run!

Gisele Bundchen works on keeping her body in tip top shape with a morning workout on Monday (February 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model recently angered some cancer advocates after she was misquoted saying “I cannot put this poison on my skin. I do not use anything synthetic,” in reference to sunblock.

“I would like to clarify the misunderstanding about the use of sunblock,” Gisele wrote on her blog. “I do use sunblock but also I try my best not to be exposed to the sun when it is too strong. My line of skincare products are all natural and do not contain SPF.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen at the gym…

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gisele bundchen monday morning gym 01
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 02
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 03
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 04
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 05
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 06
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 07
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 08
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 09
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 10
gisele bundchen monday morning gym 11

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  • ubermodel

    Hate her all you want. Gisele = POWER.

    an interview from the spokesperson from the brand Colcci (yes something no one would have ever even heard about if it weren’t for Gisele, lol)

    “Always wondered how it would be to say goodbye to Gisele Bundchen. We always had this as a problem.I think having a brand in any segment and have a photo related to Gisele’s is success. Return it brings, both in image and sales, it is surreal!There is no way to compare a Brazilian celebrity to it, does not exist, it is impossible! But there comes the moment of farewell ”
    “It’s amazing the power that has Gisele. The pieces she used in the parades were always the most sold, it showed what appeared in most publications.”


  • Party One

    She stopped showing her baby completely. Because the baby doesn’t look like a father….too obvious!! Why does her son look like her rich friend? LOLOLOL

  • Shadow

    People who care about celebs personal lives are weird. Just look at their pics (or don’t) and shut up. You don’t like her don’t google her or spend 20 mins reading her interviews. what a life! lol

  • Jokergurl

    I doubt she goes to a regular gym, she makes the money where she can have personal trainers at her house or she can have a gym built at her house. She’s just out and about here, sure she’s wearing sweats but that doesn’t mean she’s headed to the gym.

  • g

    @Jpkergurl she goes to the regular gym. In Toms and giseles new house they have a gym but is not ready

  • Ves


    Angelina has lost her stunning beauty also. Gisele is not as pretty as she used to be too but still she looks “expensive”… Why do you have to be so mean only because some beauties are aging in front of your eyes?

    Does it make you feel better?

  • Ves


    Hahahaha a good one!

  • Ves


    Well, Bar Rafaeli is more fleshy and men find her insanely sexy and she is making money :)

  • lala

    I once felt a girl was better than me. It wasn’t her problem, it was mine.

  • derrr

    @Ves: I’d rather Gisele have titles such as “worlds richest supermodel” “the last supermodel” “the one” “#1 model icon” etc…than just another “hot” model in a sea of hot models. When they can get the titles/work Gisele is called/has for 15+ years wake me up. (oh and besides Gisele is also voted on all those insignificant “hot” lists as well for over 10 years now, lol)

  • Mon

    Gisele’s work 2 months in the new year: Balenciaga campaign,Isabel Marant,H&M,her own line for C&A,Pantene,Ipanema,Sejaa,Sky tv,2 Vogue covers, 2 more on the way (Paris + Turkey) Muse cover. Finally a model on here who actually can get some work!!!!!!!

  • Tisha


  • Rocco

    @Jealous: I am pretty sure she is smaller than a size 4. You probably haven’t seen her arms before because they are really thin. As a side note, it’s lululemon not louloulemon.

  • Kat

    I wish I looked this good going out for dinner, let alone going to the gym. Haha!

  • Miss

    are we really trying to decipher her sizes now? lol first its what she says or does now analyzing what size she wears? Jesus Christ!!!!!!! lol

    who the F cares! she makes alot of money and is good at what she does; aka selling products.

    Gisele is Gisele because she isn’t sickly thin like most high fashion models (they don’t have muscle tone like she does) and she isn’t big and beefy like those cheap catalog models. Her lean yet toned and sexy bod helped make her millions.

  • Blaster

    This is her kung fu outfit.

  • Abby

    Why do people like to compare commercial models to her? They don’t even compete for the same type of work. lol If there is some obscure catalog work you call upon an obscure catalog model. You want to shoot a Vogue Paris cover or Versace campaign you call Gisele.

  • Gisele

    Long arms,legs,necks,cheekbones are more important in modeling than thick thighs and booty, lmao. where are you people getting at? Last time I checked Gisele was a REAL model, not some video model, LMAO.

  • boxofrox

    If you watch Cheryl Tiegs on Oprah recently, she even said Models with perfect features come and go, but if they have nothing to say/no personality they don’t last. I couldn’t agree more with her.

    Contrary to stupid belief, modeling is not just about sitting there looking pretty and vapid. um derrrr.

  • booboobird

    looks a bit unhappy (ok,paps flashing in your face can do that to you). no wedding ring either (at least i don’t see.she’s always had it before).hmmmmm.
    other than that looking her bottom half

  • Tisha
  • MadonnaofModels

    I’d say maybe Daria Werbowy is her biggest rival. (not in the sense that they don’t get along, but where they compete for the same jobs) For instance, Daria does Vogue Paris,US Vogue,Vogue eyewear,Stefanel,etc…(all jobs Gisele did for years) and they are both favorites within the industry (photographers,editors,designers). but;
    Gisele doesn’t have any modeling rivals, LOL. If anything Gisele is her own worst enemy. (meaning she has to keep her self up) but ain’t no one taking jobs from her, Oh No,no, no.

  • tiffi

    @booboobird she looks normal. And she wear not all time her wedding ring.And beside she is at the Kung Fu Gym
    She and Tom are very happy they were on vacation!/jfunlap/status/35781177889521664!/jfunlap/status/35765646281154560

  • tiffi

    And she spoke very sweet about him in Brasil for three weeks

    no wedding ring mean not they have a crisis

  • Ginger


    The only models who even have remotely amazing careers like Gisele and are on her level are Kate Moss,Daria Werbowy and maybe Lara Stone. Those are THE models Gisele competes with. Not some lame cheap lingerie models, what a joke.

  • Jokergurl

    Giselle has always been thin, why does it shock some of you that she’s just skinny anyway, she’s a mesomorph which means she’s blessed with good genes, the least fat body type. Of course she works out but with pilates, yoga, and kickboxing NOT kung fu (kung fu is NOT kickboxing take it from a martial artist) which by itself burns 500 calories an hour, she has good muscle tone, amazing length, good cheek bones but I wouldn’t call her gorgeous, she’s unique looking, no one else looks like Giselle. Just like Cindy, Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Elle MacPherson, Giselle doesn’t look like anyone else in the modeling world.

  • Jokergurl

    Giselle has a mesomorph body type, she doesn’t get the fat that an endomorph or an ectomorph would. She’s always been skinny, why does it shock some of you that she doesn’t have to work at being in shape? She does kickboxing which burns 500 calories an hour if you do it right.

  • Diva

    Oh you haters. Get real. I hope you know Gisele single handily brought back the “healthy model”. Did you see the late 90s models? under eye circles down to their knees,not one ab or thigh muscle,flat butt,flat chest,short hair,pale,sickly etc…..Gisele came bouncing in (literally) with healthy skin,hair,eyes,not curvy in the actual sense of the word, but curvy (and a breath of fresh air!) to the modeling scene. In fact all the healthy curvy models today should send her a thank you card, for giving them a career. She knocked heroin chic right out of style.

  • anon

    They must be working hard to finish the 20mil home so they can be closer to Jack….. who now lives in New York. Maybe they will buy another home in New York to be closer to him.

  • Bosh


  • callme

    How do they figure she is leaving a gym? lol Gisele always dresses down when she does errands and this does not look like she is leaving a gym. well anyways she is gorgeous!!!

  • tiffi

    @callme because you can see that at the door. At she wear gym clothes