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Zac Efron: LAX Liftoff!

Zac Efron: LAX Liftoff!

Zac Efron peels off his jean jacket as he makes his way through airport security at LAX on Monday (February 21) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old actor and his former flame Vanessa Hudgens attended the NBA All-Star Game festivities together, according to the LA Times.

Zac was also spotted at Rihanna‘s private birthday bash in Beverly Hills, spy witnesses tell He gave RiRi a big hug when he saw her.

FYI: Zac is wearing the new exclusive Levi’s by Opening Ceremony Trucker Jacket in Indigo 2×1.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron leaving LAX…

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zac efron lax liftoff 01
zac efron lax liftoff 02
zac efron lax liftoff 03
zac efron lax liftoff 04
zac efron lax liftoff 05
zac efron lax liftoff 06
zac efron lax liftoff 07
zac efron lax liftoff 08
zac efron lax liftoff 09
zac efron lax liftoff 10
zac efron lax liftoff 11
zac efron lax liftoff 12
zac efron lax liftoff 13
zac efron lax

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  • lauren


    i wonder if the people who work at LAX ever get star stuck and are like ”dude zac is going throw the body scanner” idk

    is he going to new york?

  • Laura

    If i were the one doing security check, I’d demand he takes it all off.. just saying

  • BEAN

    He’s gorgeous!!!

  • Abby

    @lauren: ahah they work at LAX. They see dozens of celebs everyday. If it was a different airport maybe, but the people at LAX and JFK don’t really care because they see celebs so much..

    Ahh finally desided to report this on JJ instead of just JJJ I see Jared?

    About time you write something nice on each.

  • Honestly

    Anyone besides me think that Zac and Vanessa don’t even know what zac and vanessa are? I mean for a couple that’s supposed to be broken up they sure do spend a lot of time together. I think there’re trying to figure out what’s going on themselves.

  • Tiptoes

    Great to see him. Hope he and Van enjoyed the game. Might be…

  • Ben

    This guy has potential. Of all those tween brats he ought to make it.

  • Nice

    Definitely gives me a lady chubby.

  • voice

    hot! he wouldn’t like one girl sitting on her computer commenting here,. so please shut up and keep dreamin!!!

  • @9

    …….including you, b*tchy, mean girl.

  • masa

    @lauren: I bet they get excited seeing his peen on the scanner.

  • Lover

    Pretty Pretty boy. And whether he makes it big in Hollywood or not, it’s nice to see a Disney star that’s actually serious about his carrier .

  • http://none juddy

    yea agree with you

  • Sun

    @Laura: yeahhh I would totally put my finger in his arse. hehehehehe

  • story

    Zac wouldnt look twice at you tweens with acne and posters all over your rooms, lol. get a real bf!

  • SE

    Looking good, stripping down ;D

  • SE

    Looking good, stripping down ;D

  • pop86

    He looks great.

  • Tom


  • Abby

    @story: Well first of all, I’m not a “tween”, second, I’m an adult, third, I don’t have acne nor posters on my walls thank you very much.

  • annabelle

    Zac you lost a fan now I see you as you truly are a attention seeker like the rest of the actors way to stand by a woman who was loyal to you if she was not such a sweet soul I would love to see her tell all book on you but unlike you she does not have to pull publicity stunts to get or keep fans she is real you are not that is what makes you unattractive maybe it was Zacs people who made up the Teresa story to get rid of Vanessa and Teresa is just as innocent as Vanessa

  • rose

    @annabelle: What the hell are you talking about? They broke up. That means they are just not meant for eachother, not that there is something wrong with either of them. Poor psycho fan get your shit together.

  • annabelle

    @rose: you are the psycho fan thinking all your praise for Zac will get you a date now that he is single unless you are a actress he will never date you I dont live in a fantasy world I cannot support a actor who treats others the way he does must be all the shots he drinks next Disney star to go to rehab will be him he led her on traveled to NC for what? get some?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hes nothing

  • beatriz

    he’s soooo hot(:

  • http://none juddyy

    @Laura: I’d plant something on his ass so he went off like a atomic alarm, and then offer to sacrifice my life (in case of a bomb) by performing the strip search alone, after they had cleared the entire building…

  • EWWW

    @WICKED WENCH: You’re gross….your comments are always so nasty.

  • sjk


    Bitter much? In case you haven’t seen Vanessa interviewed in the past two months, SHE says that she and Zac are friends. So time to let the hate go. Zac and Vanessa are friends; they are two nice people with promising careers.

    The best to both Z and V!!!

  • yum

    He’s hot, you’re not.

  • emma efron

    ur so beautiful Zac!!!! Ur so sweet giving hugs!!!! Zac is going back to NY.

  • Ann

    hate Zac Efron

  • Lyla

    Yeah, he probably doesn’t much like you either. In fact, no one likes you, so just go away.

  • Long Duck Dong

    He have tiny pee pee.

  • Lyla

    @Long Duck Dong:
    Not that you would know the size of his pe nis, but size doesn’t matter as long as you know how to use it and what to do with it. Of course, YOU have a tiny brain, which there is no cure for.

  • saywhat

    I don’t believe rumors that He and Vanessa attend any event if there is
    latest picture of them doing it. If they show any concrete evidence besides here say then that subject is a bonafied fake.

    Now on that subject Zac is very visible this days. I think he’s doing this on purposed to try to steal Vanessa’s thunder. In my opinion this is unfair for him to do this to her since Vanessa was respectfully conspicuous when he had a movie that he was trying to promote, even to the point of delaying her own movie to not coincide with his. He is so selfish and self centered not to let Vanessa shine in her own moment. No wonder Vanessa dump his sorry ass.
    I’m not a fan of Vanessa but I think she deserve the same respect she afforded him. Because that is just basic human decency.

  • Amber

    @saywhat: You’re not a fan of Vanessa? Really? No one except some crazy Vanessa fans would think Zac is trying to “steal Vanessa’s thunder” by just living his life. So, are you saying Zac should be hidden until Vanessa’s movies premiere?
    And it was CBS Films’ decision to move Beastly’s release date, not Vanessa’s. Don’t blame everything on Zac, for God’s sake.

  • zzz

  • bella

    Nobody knows it except two people.

    That’s unless they tell the truth

  • lauren

    i personally think that zac is going to new york to avoid going to vanessa beastly premiere, to avoid questions about her and all that.

    i think zac over the last year didnt seem to give a flying **** about his relationship anymore ,, he cared but what he said didnt seemed to think what he said/

    what guy says in a interview saying ” i rack my brain thinking, why i’m i not out there playing the field? do you ever think vanessa thought about that and was like uhh so our relationship means nothing to you?

    you guys don’t know what happened with them or how it all happened. you guys don’t know if he really ”cheated” or not, technically when he was ‘’spotted” making out with teresa, maybe him and vanessa weren’t even together at that point. like ive said before, you guys don’t know what happened with them and same with me. SO just assuming zac is a douche because he’s ”playing the field and thinking with his ***** doesn’t make him an ass. Maybe vanessa is dating around to? who knows? Yes i’m saying what i’m thinking, i’m not a ”hater” its called speaking my opinion.

  • kyle

    Wow, i love the photo where Zac was removing his jacket. So sexy!!! I’m glad he was seen out with Vanessa and some friends at the NBA festivities. All is well with them so stop the infighting – you are not their guardians, let them live their lives as they choose to.

  • laurie

    So , i i not Present to Oscars ? pf so sad

  • go sox

    @saywhat: Know what? I will admit, I’m pretty critical of Zac; I’ve always defended him against stupid rumors like being gay, etc, but will NOT blindly say everything he does is wonderful. I’ve been accused of not “really” being a fan, but I’m not a lemming, and will call it like I see it. I guess he’s always done WAY more that is controversial through the years; other than Vanessa’s ONE lapse in judgement and her betrayal with the leaked pics, I’ve never seen anything to be critical about with her. That’s why I’ve been hard on Zac. But to be honest, he’s a young guy, and young guys do and say STUPID things. ALL of them. Even fans don’t have to love everything he does. Personally, I think it’s important to his PR, for fans to express how they feel about certain things, so they know what is up. If we don’t say anything, they’ll think everything is cool. I say it’s “constructive criticism”.

    But even I don’t think he’s being “visible” to steal “her thunder”. I think they’re both going about their busy lives, making their appearances, and working hard to make this tough transition in their careers. I believe it would be a huge distraction for him to be at the Beastly premiere. SO much would be made of the fact that he was there, and the questions and interviews would be all about that. NOT good. Now, we can expect a great premiere, with lovely pics of Alex and Vanessa, and for all focus to be on HER and her movie. These two movies coming up are very important for her. I think Zac is doing the right thing by staying away. And remember, we don’t even know what their status is, so it’s best this way.

  • Butterfly

    @lauren: but you forget he said it’s not necessary for him to play the field he doesn’t have the need -.- crazy, how some of you leave important details out and change the meaning of something >..<

  • http://google BARBARA

    First of all Zac and Vanessa, are not dating anyone else, there are just spending time with their friendsemier, also Zac went to NY to work on his movie NYE, i read he is training with real messgers, on wed, and thurs, because he plays a messenger, then he will start filming thats why he can’t go to Vanessa’s premier, Vanessa will be in NYC next week , promoting her movie, she will be on The Lettermen show, Regis, and Kelly, and MTV, at the same time he’s filiming, they know they can’t be at there priemires when they have to work.

  • susan1

    i love his leather and Denim jackets!!
    He is sooo sexy.

  • biki

    omg just stop u all stop, did u all heard confirmation of them for the break up?no,so just shut up, don’t believe media what is writing they can make story’s like they want and know that we’ll get nervous of all of this stupid rumors and want to play whit us and blow our minds, they are just so busy now and they did not break up just took a break cuz they are busy and figuring things out which means that they want more to focus of their work right now so just took a break but they are so many sources that said that they are still seeing each other all the time when they’ve free time like i heard of so many sources that whole weekend they spend each other time together they were seen at party and than they were seen at NBA games party and than whole sunday they spend together and than zac was seen at vanessa’s just wait time will show everything cuz if they really broke up now, they would not seeing each other all the time.

  • biki

    omg u all just for god sake stop, did u all heard confirmation of them that they broke up?no, so just shut up, they just want privacy and they are taking things slow, so just dont believe what media will wrote they are just playing us to blow our minds and get us nervous, there is is so many sources that said that they are all the time seeing each other like the whole weekend they were at party together and than they were seen in private party at NBA game and than they spend all sunday together and than zac was seen at vanessa’s home,so just wait time will show everything they are so busy, and for those who said that she said on ditelis magazine that they are figuring things out (which that was made up 3 days after their,,broke up”)she meant that they want to focus on their work not break up like forever,just took a break,and if this was true whit break up now they wouldn’t see each other all the time, so just wait and we’ll see.

  • Stephanie

    @annabelle: Sweetie Zac is WORKING and the whole thing with teresea palmer was fake she even confirmed it… do your research….

  • Stephanie

    @saywhat: Sweetie he is WORKING… Vanessa he also has 2 movies if not 4 and FYI he even has more movies next year and the year after….so get ur facts straight