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Bar Refaeli Covers 'Elle Russia' March 2011

Bar Refaeli Covers 'Elle Russia' March 2011

Bar Refaeli strikes a pose on the cover of Elle Russia‘s March issue.

On Monday, the 25-year-old Israeli model chowed down at Potato Chips deli with a few pals in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, Bar and boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio attended the star-studded Two Kings dinner at Craft with Ellen Pompeo and her hubby Chris Ivery, Jay-Z, NBA star LeBron James, and Kanye West.

Bar‘s also been busy purchasing a luxury apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She reportedly has settled on a $2.8 million pad that stretches more than half of the building’s seventh floor!

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli glamming up Elle Russia

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Photos: Elle Russia
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  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s such a natural beauty!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s such a natural beauty!!

  • BEAN

    Huh?? She looks COMPLEEEETELY different. It doesn’t even look like her in real life. Wow!

  • JC

    Stunning. Beautiful woman.

  • bieber fever

    this looks nothing like her candid pics.photosop is a miracle.

  • true

    She looks very beautiful, very classic style, i love the pics.

  • W

    That doesn’t even look like her :S

  • Cheery

    The photoshopping is outta control–cover pic looks like Diane Kruger.

  • photo shop fakeness

    wtf?? look at the amount of photo-shop they did on her? some of the pics even look like they’ve literally been painted. Her arms were totally made to look slim when everybody knows she got some major chunky arms. It’s crazy. It looks like a painting not even a real picture..

  • Simple Jack

    was she trying to go for the Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder look on this one? seriously, why do some models try so hard to do that open mouth look. I’m sorry, but it looks so bad on certain people… The only model that really looks good doing that is Gisele..

  • Simple Jack
  • Over photoshopped

    I didn’t even recognize her on the front cover because she’s so photoshopped. If you stroll down slowly, she looks like Robin Wright Penn a little bit.

  • messed up sh!t

    she literally was painted on there, this is not even close to looking like a real picture.

  • sarah

    good make up and lighting id say

  • lauren

    isn’t it funny how Leonardo Dicaprio gets highly praised by vladimir Putin (Russia’s Prime minister) for the work he does with tigers and then a month or two later his unemployed ‘model’ of a girlfriend lands the cover of Russian vogue.A magazine that Putin’s alleged mistress Alina Kabayeva, was on the cover of only a month or two ago.Call me suspicious, but did Dicaprio maybe call in a favor.I’m not surprised if he did,if i were an A list movie star i’d be embarrassed to be dating a ‘supermodel’( i use that term loosely) who doesn’t really do much except get pictured on holiday and shopping.BTW how does she afford to go shopping so much and go on so many holidays if she practically unemployed?

  • curi2

    Wish we had pics of Leo at the Two Kings dinner,but no.We get this and pics of her stuffing her face.Thanks JJ

  • sarah

    according to us weekly leo got up AND SANG ice ice baby last week at goal….pity we couldnt get some picsor a video of THAT

  • iwaswondering
  • easy


    because he’s not paying JJ like Bar is…

  • Sandra

    @lauren: I completely agree with you!!!! Always thanks to Leo!!! (And photoshop in this case).

  • hahaha

    HIDEOUS! Since when do we care about the Russian Elle? If it wasn`t for Leo nobody would have ever posted these crappy photos of her and nobody would give a damn about the Russian Elle cover! I wonder how it feels like that the world cares about you only because of the man you are milking … sleeping with …. sorry, `dating`. It must be an amazing feeling!
    VERY GOOD points, lauren.
    These photos are not good. Anyone in his or her right mind can tell. No wonder that only the Russian Elle would put a laughable model like her on the cover. And even in a post like this Leo needs to be mentioned because clearly he is the only interesting thing about barf. Yuck, Leo, yuck, yuck, yuck! What happened to your taste? Was she picking her teeth at that start studded dinner as well like she did on the street the other day? Classy! lol

  • nina

    wow, i didnt know she was that rich.
    that’s alot of $ for her pad.

  • firefly

    I bet her brain exploded when she realized the wardrobe was not going to be bikinis and sarongs

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hahahahaa frist i thought sarajp

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Ordinary girl we know that

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Where is leo diCaprio ??

  • @24

    … and that`s NOT a compliment. lol
    @Firefly: Indeed it must have been a shocker for her that bikinis weren`t involved. No chance to expose herself like on her SI cover. Clearly clothes are not her thing. Probably that`s why she could land and hold on to her main job = being Leo`s gf.

  • nasty

    I wonder how many Palestinians the Israeli government killed or kicked out (of their own ancestral home, I might add) in order for that luxury apartment to be built?

  • tinkerbell

    yeah, that pale white face with orange lips is weird and it doesnt even look like her. but we know all this. this is her trade off for sleeping with a guy that is a thoroughfare–everyone uses him. I dont know how she does it but this is what she gets for sleeping with him no matter what.
    the girl he was cheating onher with was cuter at least more natural and we dont have to see her photoshopped into something weird.

    maybe after those embarrassing “model stuffing her face pix were posted tsipi countered with this…

  • katielane

    a lot of photoshop. she isnt that gorgeous in person, to add. the only thing she has over giselle really is a younger age.

    she looks a lot like robin wright penn on the cover.

  • tinkerbell

    serious chunk around the middle. how hard does irina shayk laugh at this k now russian girls they are merciless

  • tinkerbell

    @Simple Jack:

    you called it !

  • tal


  • saggy
  • saggy
  • tinkerschmidt

    you know who she reminds me of here…i was trying to think….its actually joan crawford, because she had a square jaw and those weird flat lips too. I remmeber paging through her autobiography when i was young and when she talked about putting on her makeup it was like, first I get the trowel and then the bucket……then the spray fixer—a trifle like bridget fonda too.

    funny how even in the blind vice item bar gets called boring…blah toast as ted put it.

  • lips


    she does have flat lips. And they’re even more highlighted in these pics with that awful orange lipstick. I don’t know what they were thinking with this horrible fake looking editorial. I can’t get over the amount of photo shop that was used here.

  • On-and-off-again

    Why to speak about her apartment? It has no report and more we don’t care apparently, she put for Elle Russia but has never put feet in Russia it is bizarre, I do not understand. We can indeed find her “interview” in on-line Russian I do not see the interest but well.
    I had not recognized him(it) we would say everybody except her, the face is not swelled up, its finer and more marked waist…

  • hilarious

    hahaha!! she always gets Elle never Vogue! And even That just once a year. Congragts Barfie!

  • help

    Always keeping her mouth open like she is waiting for JS’s sandwich. Gross. She is trying hard to look sexy, but she looks so dumb instead…

  • Eureka

    My favorite pic is the one with the black skirt. They have so desperately airbrushed her fat legs that they forgot to keep her knees visible and in place..
    The 2nd pic is also noticeable…they basically took Gisele’s cheekbones, someone else’s eyes, hair and lips, and they just pretend this is Bar.
    She is so downhill in the looks department that her employers have to to spend days and days in postproduction. Who is that stupid to pay a ridiculous amount of money to have an avatar instead of a decent model?

  • cheap

    Cheap and weird outfits. Static unnatural catalogue poses. Badly and heavily photoshopped. No personality. Really boring. There is nothing remarkable both in model’s and in photog’s performances.
    As a result I think nobody will run to buy something pictured here, nor the mag itself. I bet they won’t call her back in the future for another gig.

  • hahaha

    @Eureka: You are so right! Her knees on that photo are virtually non-existent! I honestly didn`t even bother to look at the rest of the photos so I haven`t noticed it. hahahaha These photos prove why she has nothing to do with (high)fashion. Cheap commercial model, cheap and joke of a girlfriend. It makes you think what kind of man chooses someone like her…

  • pipo

    This is so ridiculous. She had the best opportunities to boost her career as a model. Her mother had been a model herself and I bet she had an excellent network. Her life has been carefully planned to succeed in this job. She had appropriate surgeries and treatments by the best professionals. Not to mention hairstylists and make up artists.
    She has been encouraged to sleep with rich men that could help her. She had the chance to learn from excellent photographers. She has been represented by a major models agency. She is dating a movie superstar that introduced her to the A- listers network. She has media coverage.
    For what? To have this s h i tty photoshot for a peripheric release of a b-list mag in which they didn’t bother to radically change her features? At the age of 25?
    I mean, it’s not that difficult to learn how to pose and walk if this has been your only job in 10 years. And to keep your body in a decent shape when this is the only asset you can count on.

  • Elle

    HAAHHAHAAH always Elle, never Vogue. AHAHHA.
    Even the greatest commerical models of all time had Vogue covers. Elle,Christie Brinkley,Paulina P,etc you name it. Bar is so lame. Can’t Barf even get a Vogue Spain or Greek cover? I mean a really low edition even???? lmao. They totally made her face slimmer! fat faces are not wanted on covers, so I can see why she really never gets any. and when she does they photoshop her face all to h*ll to the point of unrecognition. hahaha. She does not have those cheekbones or bone structure! what a joke.

  • Leo

    Bar looks like a man

  • ohwow

    oh wow she’s only 25? would have never of guessed!

  • Heather

    Elle Russia? lmao.

  • Natalia

    Elle Russia is something a retired Supermodel or a not-so-in-demand model gets. Everyone knows this, lol.

  • floozee

    @pipo: well said! This further proves why i think she is dumbe r than sh*t. With all you said and she is still a nobody? wow. At 25 most models are well loved,established and have an amazing portfolio of work. Some are even modeling icons by that age and could easily retire with their name going down in history books. She has nothing.