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Halle Berry: Costume Designers Guild Awards Honoree!

Halle Berry: Costume Designers Guild Awards Honoree!

Halle Berry is red hot in Elie Saab Haute Couture at the 13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday (February 22) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Samuel L. Jackson presented the Lacoste Spotlight Award to the 44-year-old actress, telling the audience, “My dear friend and colleague. Don’t you love her name? It’s like a stanza of music.”

After dropping out of the upcoming romantic comedy New Year’s Eve, Halle has rejoined the cast, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

A judge in her custody battle with Gabriel Aubry is allowing her to travel with her daughter Nahla to NYC to shoot the flick.

Halle, who was replaced by Katherine Heigl, will now play a different role in the flick.

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry at the CDGA

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Credit: Michael Caulfield; Photos: Getty
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    She looks really good, but for me she loses points for bashing her babys daddy in public,, when you have a child you have 2 do wats best 4 the child, that means being Mature

  • sloppy olivier martinez

    looking gaunt and sickly. must be karma catching up with her for all the lying, back stabbing and unnecessary mudslinging she did and in the press no less towards gabriel. b!tc h halle.

  • anna

    she looks great! She should have worn this to the globes instead of that awful tacky lingerie looking black dress!!

  • Zoz

    She looks amazing. Talk about power, they made a spot for her.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    She is nuts and is doing Gabriel wrong but NO ONE wears a gown like her. Her body was made for haute couture. WOW! Fabulous gown, fabulous body, stunning. Now if only she’d let Gabiel in Nahla’s life!



  • bee

    Love the dress and she looks great in it. She’s the perfect person for that dress. wow. just gorgeous.
    Now Halle, pls stop being a pain and let your daughter see her father!

  • LoriLori

    BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous!
    I didn’t like the way she handled the custody spat with her X but he is not innocent in all this. Pray for the little girl caught in the middle of 2 stupid parents

  • roberto


  • missy

    she’s not pretty anymore, done, go away!

  • panwang

    she looks great

  • Vern

    Cute dress but, she’s definitely looking older.

  • Marieme

    I see London, I see France..

    And I also agree with #1. It is detestable they way she’s handled this break-up. Wonder if she’s ever going to grow up! There was a really great piece at HuffPo where some expert said it looks like Halle is trying to repeat her childhood with broken home and complications btwn parents. That would be tragic.

  • eliesaabisamazing

    as much as i do not like halle or her ethics, she looks fabulous and elegant in this dress!
    THIS DRESS IS KILLER- thank you mr elie saab u genius!!
    the most beautiful dress, look at the texture and that colour! wow. hope to see alot more saab creations at the oscars, angelina would look divine in anything from his newest haute couture collection :O

  • Nebila

    way to get back at the haters, she is stunning. For someone who said she looks old dummy she is middle age woman do your math. She looks amazing the dress the skin the hair the body. Oh La La

  • Ghost

    WHY !!!


    She should have gone public with the custody battle, but its interesting to note Gabriel has DROPPED his custody battle in both USA and Canada.

    Looks amazing though.

  • http://deleted Nia

    Love the dress. Hate her.

  • Oh Please

    I find it funny how quickly people are in here trying bash Halle Berry about the custody situation, yet have nothing to say about Gabriel Aubrys antics, he was mud slinging in the press far before Halle came forward, so please stop with the BS. Im sure both of them will find a way to make life as easy as possible for their daughter. By the way, according to reports, initially it was Gabriel that broke their original custody agreement, which is why things got uglier then need be. So if you are going to attack one then attack BOTH or just stay the hell out of their lives all together. Hopefully their personal issues will stay out of the public eye from here on out.

    Either way, she does look lovely in that dress.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    How’s?India ??

  • lilia mazunina


  • thighmegatampon

    she’s definitely lost a lot of points with her fans with the way she handled the custody issues but DAMN she looks gorgeous!

  • Annie

    She does look great here…but even a red hot Elie Saab dress can’t completely hide the craaaazie!

  • Amazed

    Halle you look gorgeous

    Just because Aubrey is good looking and white does not mean he can do no wrong. Dont worry about all the know it alls you do whats best for your daughter.

  • Maya

    @Oh Please: Tell the truth and shame the devil.

  • ava

    where did she steal those drapes to make that dress…

    who saw TMZ when they caught Berry’s ex husband, and asked if it was true that all his friends called her “scaryberry”, because she’s control freak and he looked at the camera and said yes without saying yes, too bad he’s black or Berry’s people could start calling a racist too, who doesn’t like black people

    Funny how a pretty face can mask what ugly hides inside, wonder where that French dude went, seems to have disappeared once her allegations against her daughter’s father made news.

  • Tom

    go away you has- been, when’s the last time she’s even been in a movie more then 5 people watched, besides her for crazy she hasn’t been relevant in years.

  • Annie

    Halle just lost a few more points with me when I found out she now refuses to speak to her Black half-brother and sister. Now don’t get me wrong, there are often very valid reasons for cutting blood relatives out of your life and Halle may well have reasons we don’t know about, but given what we know about her personality I’ve inclined to believe her reason is either paranoia (irrational fears they’ll harm Nahla) or pure snobbishness (thinking she’s above these ‘common folk’ now that she’s the movie star). Also the fact that she so much bases her whole identity around being Black yet has nothing to do with that side of the fam? Something is off here. Sure, I have some relatives I have as little to do with as possible but then again, I don’t define myself entirely by my genetic heritage like Halle seems to. Her family only wanted to congratulate on her oscar, it’s not as if they were asking for money (and I agree Halle has no financial obligations to the extended fam if she doesn’t want to) – not responding seems just plain RUDE. It is quite possible to have rels that you don’t actively involve in your life yet still show common courtesy if need be.

  • lexy hates bilson

    The dress is lovely!

  • danielik25

    Simply beautifull! Star look!

  • amensister


    She says she’s black because she is BLACK AND PROUD
    and she doesnt have to been seen hanging out with BLACK relatives or THE HOOD to make her less black.

  • dgg

    For a woman of color she looks her age. Had she less melanin she wouldn’t look half as good. The dress is drop.dead.gorgeous.

  • me2

    soooo sick of her….crazy berry…..i just shake my head in disgust now when i see her pic…..i don’t like how she is handling the custody thing…..nahla could have stayed with her daddy…while crazy is in ny working….the little girl could be with daddy instead of nanny’s…think a little more clearly halle….u r loooosing it…..

  • rhonda

    the thumbs don’t work! again!



  • sunseeker


    Gabriel changed from Custody to Paternity a week before the last courtcase, because Paternity Cases are not for the Public, Has more about him the Scaryberry. I think Halle has a lot to hide and he also wants to keep it private, good for him. This information is on Radar on line and you can see the documents.

    Do you read all the information or a you just talking rubbish. Halle started this, apart from saying that he was not happy with her slangering him, he has said nothing. If he was such a bad father why has the judge given him access while they are waiting for the paternity case to start. Get some information before you spout a lot of lie’s

  • Frida

    I love that dress, it was one of my favourites from the couture shows!

  • Halle is a whacko


    hahhhhaahhh I doubt that…They made a spot for her cause she went BEGGING AS PER USUAL>>> this kis what she does best manipulating at all costs to get her way…She looks shocking in my opinion-makeup can only do so much and TELL ME THIS? WHY WHY ON EARTH DOES SHE HAVE TO SHOW BOOBS OR ASS OR SEE THROUGH GARMENTS AND OVERDRESS ALL THE TIME TO EVENTS THAT NEED NOT BE SO DRESSY>> SHE WANTS TO BE ON TOPS ? LOLOLOLOLOL ok we know she done that to get her oscar win hmmmm one sick lady comming up with a twist of family disdain comming up…

  • louisvega

    peace reflects beauty,and that she is. continue to be different, and continue to make a differance in your little girls did the right thing halle.your rewards will be great.god bless.yours the artist.

  • The B is BAck

    @anna: I see dumb and dumber has come out again to play….this is a very similar dress …perhaps she can wear the same dress each time to please you anna banana!

  • The B is BAck

    @eliesaabisamazing: idiot…you know nothing about Halle, but what you see in the news….honestly how dumb are you silly people… What you see is what you get/and what you know…one absolutely gorgeous 40 year old woman!

  • The B is BAck


    You are either drunk or on drugs…but more likely you’re just stupid, ugly and JEALOUS! you’re the one done/

  • The B is BAck


    Are you people totaly NUT CASES….who believes what they read in the paper? How do you know how she handled anything? You know absolutely nothing about what really happened.

    she is rich, gorgeous and you are whining about HER …she’s not said a word about you…wonder why? oops you’re an anonymous flame thrower on the internet.

  • The B is BAck

    @lilia mazunina: @Annie: Neither can your repeat visits to this site…to whine about Halle….poor baby…get a life soon

    And whose crazy here? you’re the one on here daily trying to pimp Halle’s life…not heard her mention your name EVER…wonder why?

  • The B is BAck

    @lilia mazunina:

    Is this a PIMPS R US remedial site?

  • The B is BAck


    The first clue that you have no taste VERN (not a great name) is that you called this gown, CUTE…I think you meant to go to the Britney whazhername site.

  • The B is BAck


    Which fans? you idiots on this forum?…you’re not fans, you’re vultures pimping Halle’s life to make yourselves feel important…won’t work…you have to get your own accomplishments and stop pissing on someone else’s…

  • The B is BAck

    @sloppy olivier martinez:

    you are so jealous…you know how you can tell…well, when some body is so far from reality….no matter what you think about Halle…she is gorgeous as all get out and to deny that means you just on here flaming on her cause you are jealous!

  • The B is BAck

    Bravo Halle,
    Continuing your life and looking absolutely gorgeous is the best revenge on these silly people coming her to try and find some meaning to their obviously silly lives. They are just trying to pimp your life in order to try and make theirs less abject and useless.

    We don’t see their names in print, or traveling to NYC to make their next movie. Your private life is yours, no matter what gets printed in the newspapers… a bunch of sad sacks…trying to get somewhere from nowhere…

  • SarahNL

    wowza, i freaking love that dress!! and the color is beautiful.