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Jennifer Aniston: Ashton Kutcher Once Tried to Ask Me Out!

Jennifer Aniston: Ashton Kutcher Once Tried to Ask Me Out!

Jennifer Aniston makes an appearance on TV show El Hormiguero on Tuesday (February 22) in Madrid, Spain.

The 42-year-old actress, who sported glasses with her new shorter hairdo, promoted her movie, Just Go With It, with co-star Adam Sandler.

Earlier in the day, the two attended the film’s photocall with castmate Brooklyn Decker.

Ashton Kutcher recently revealed he made a bet in high school with a friend that one day he’d go on a date with Jen.

He eventually did meet her while she was married to Brad Pitt and “I asked permission to ask his wife out,” Ashton said on The Graham Norton Show.

“[Brad] looked at me and he’s like, ‘You go for it!’ So I asked her and she turned me down,” he shared. “But now we’re friends.”

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Credit: Juan Naharro Gimenez; Photos: Getty
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  • Meeyu

    She’s effing GORGEOUS. Damn!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Luiza


  • WTF?

    These pictures really show just how puffy Jen’s face is these days.
    Old Age catching up, Alcohol abuse or Fillers?

  • Altered Face

    HAHA! Nice joke of the day Meeyu.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Old woman want to be teenage hahahahahahaa

  • misstrindade

    she looks older!!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Shes spiled ahahahahahaa ;-)

  • Oh Jenny Poo

    He didnt ask you on a date to date you, it was a bet!! Kind of like in that movie she’s all that..he was doing it as a joke!

  • hollywoodgrind

    Hey Jared, I’m sometimes confused by your post titles. You imply that Jennifer Aniston mentioned that Ashton Kutcher asked her out. Do you in fact have a quote from her or a link or is it just what Ashton said?

    You have a habit of doing this in your titles and I know you are trying to get attention with your headlines but you need to be careful you aren’t reporting something that may not have happened(just to protect yourself).

  • Cheery

    Well since Ashton serially cheats on Demi I bet he could ask the now single Jennifer out and get that date.

    Also ^^^Meeyu is blind.

  • wow

    she’s looking really rough! I feel like she’s finally being herself and I think she is happier, she has been bitter for a long time Chelsea has helped her tremendously in making her feel carefree. Misery loves company.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Throw this woman out ,because they are disapled and a fake , not useless

  • alice

    KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh no it’s a 40 year old try to be 25.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Throw this woman out ,because she’s disapled and a fake , not useless

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Jared Throw this woman, we don’t want to hear more about this woman is disapled

  • Jan

    Not a good look.

  • happyhappyjoyjoy

    All of this constant positive attention on Queen Jen has got Ang fans giant granny panties in a bunch…but how do you pick ‘em out if you can’t physically reach around? …backscratcher?

  • AJJA

    Jen didn’t mention anything about Ashton. Ashton mentioned this anecdote on a British television show.
    Great hair; it’s a nice change. Funny how switching the style puts Jen at the front of the press. That’s some powerful hair!
    I think Adam, Brooklyn, and Jen hit it out of the park with this movie. They’re getting a lot of positive buzz.

  • Specs

    her style has been great on this press tour. It’s current, but not too flashy. The accessories rock and I really like her glasses.

  • Bright Light

    Love that she’s having a good time. Something’s changed. She’s lighter. I think putting the house up for sale and moving is agreeing with Jen. She’s literally glowing in these pictures.

  • Fountain of Youth

    42 looks good on Jen.

  • lc

    I really like her hair!
    she looks cute!
    haters to the left !!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    The head & the body is completely off.

  • Candi

    the glasses distract from the face work she got done, along with the light hair color and new cut.


    Homegirl needs to shut up, verry overrated

  • norman

    jen looks so happy, happy, happy!

  • Tatiana

    Phony beeotch. She can’t let go of the curtain hair.

  • LoriLori

    This little anecdote of Ashton’ is not a good story for chinchin – if it’s true-
    just further proves that BP didn’t care, their marriage was a merger a business agreement that pitt should never have entered.

  • jk

    she looks great

  • AJJA

    You need to let the anger go. You’re hanging onto ancient history (in celeb terms) – 6 years. Let her be. I think the three of them have been through enough over past events. Angelina and Brad are happy, and Jen looks content in these shots too. This fan hatred has to pass.

  • Ollie

    Haha ( i love Jenny, WINK).

  • Curtain hair?

    She did let go of the hair. :) She got a cut before she left the US and an even bigger cut while overseas.

  • Ashton

    @LoriLori: Obviously he was being sarcastic. Ashton isn’t exactly a genius and this was probably the oddest/most random comment from an up and comer.

  • jen looks 42+

    Ashton needs to shut up. This is not complementary to Jen. Shows how little her ex cared for her. Guess Ashton plans to try again since he plays around on Demi and she lets him. Ashton likes ladies in their 40′s.

    Jen looks like a mature middle aged woman without that curtain of long extensions. This is probably her true hair length minus extensions. Her eyes looked bloodshot in Berlin so the glasses are a good way to detract attention.

    This film is the 2nd lowest opening for an Adam Sandler film, the lowest being his serious drama which no one wanted to see.

    Jen has not helped the film’s box office as they thought she would even with a strong leading star comic like Sandler. This film will struggle overseas as it is now 4th in one week in North America.

    Facts are facts folks.

  • Doogie

    I love this new haircut on her, and the glasses sure change the appearance of her face.

  • jen looks 42+


    Totally agree with you. All 3 people involved have long since moved on with their lives, and all 3 are happy with their present life choices.

    It is only some fans of all 3 that refuse to acknowledge the passage of 6+ years and MOVE ON. Can’t understand why they are so asinine and stupid.

  • Ghost

    @jen looks 42+ You hit the nail on the head. A fact is a fact, something people on this blog will never except. great post.

  • like kim k

    Wow what a B list (Kardashian) thing to do. Look at me Look at me. Old girl is pathetic. Either it’s look at me and my new guy or look at me I cut my hair. At least Kim K is upfront about it. Aniston tries to pretend she is above it all when she is fighting like crazy to stay relevant.

  • Wow

    She looks like Kelly Clarkson, sorry Kelly.

    This person is trying so hard to stay relevant and you can tell her time is up because she has not cut that nest of her for almost 10 years and after all the criticism, she decides to do so. Probably hoping to land a new role or change people perceptionof her.

    Well Aniston, try paying for some real acting classes and then show us you can actually hold a movie on your own, otherwise you will be what you are a tabloid celeb who only interest is what she doing now in her lonely personal life.

  • Lucy

    I love her! She looks great and seems to be a very nice person!
    Pp who don’t like her are probably just tired of all the pics/news about her. But she’s not the one to blame! If you were Brad’s ex-wife, the world would be watching you too- and making offensive -and untrue – comments about how old/ desperate/boring you look!!! Just leave her alone!

  • LoriLori

    Justin Bieber keeps stealing Old Jen’ Thunder First his movie Really did open at #1 and now his hair cut is getting more attention and he donated the hair!
    When all else fails time for Jen to get Naked!

  • Sam23

    Does she have on a fake nose because it looks really big in these photos?

  • silks

    So many people jealous over Jennifer Aniston’s richness, glam, luck. so, those losers made bad comments about Jennifer.

  • Oh Jenny Poo

    Have you seen Gwenyth’s new bikini body pics that just surfaced? What a SLAMMIN body!! Plus she had 2 kids I believe. Jen must be kicking herself over this..

  • Go away Jen!

    Enough stories on this desperate middle aged woman!

  • jen looks 42+


    Well I don’t love her just like I don’t love any celebrity or anyone else that I don’t know. I also don’t care for a mediocre actress who has coasted on PR she created from an ensemble role in a very successful tv show and a short time terminated marriage to a megastar which has generated unwarranted sympathy for her. Her divorce did not leave her homeless, jobless, ill with no health care, in dire straits of any type as some seem to think. She suffered no tragedy people.

    The plain and simple truth is that she milked her divorce like no one else in HTown has ever done, a failed childless marriage of 4.5 years that left her rich and with her desired busy rom com film career, when actually talented actresses can’t find work.

    I only mention the childless aspect because she has whined for the 6+ years since her divorce that she wants kids. I don’t believe her to be truthful about this, she does seem quite happy with her life exactly as it is, so why she continues to spin this wanting kids lie has to just be for PR for those of her fans who think she wants to have kids. If you are 42 and if you wanted kids you would have found a way to have them by some means at this age. This is another simple truth.

    She has constructed this facade to be what her fans think she is from her tv role it seems to me. I do not think she is that nice of a person, but then I don’t know her and never will. LOL.

    But I also think she should not be constantly compared to another woman or the other woman compared to her for 6+ years. That is just rediculous and unfair to both. But this is where her behavior has led her and some of her fans/defenders.

    And for some reason that borders on insanity fans keep the tabloids in business with their stupid feuding over nothing, the principals people think they are defending are all doing mighty fine from what I observe, living the busy happy lives they themselves wanted.

    So sooooooo long past time to move on. Really.

    And Jen needs to go back to tv where she shines as she is aging out of film rom com object of desire roles. Just the truth.

  • Issa

    What’s up with her these days….time and again she has copied Angle’s style of dressing in black. Now you see JA everywhere dressed in BLACK. COPYCAT.

  • Long Duck Dong

    She look like old school teacher.