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Kate Bosworth Covers 'Nylon' March 2011

Kate Bosworth Covers 'Nylon' March 2011

Kate Bosworth pairs an Isabel Marant top and shorts with a Giles sweater on the cover of Nylon magazine’s March 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 28-year-old actress had to share:

On JewelMint, her jewelry line with stylist Cher Coulter: “I wanted to make everything $30. There’s nothing in that price range, really. You can go to, like, Claire’s and get something for $5, and the next level up is over $100. This is a middle range of really cute, really fun accessories. All my friends love a bargain, whether or not they can also shop at expensive stores… Sienna Miller‘s one of my best friends and we always go bargain hunting!”

On her new Another Happy Day co-star: “I’m obsessed with Ezra Miller. He’s such a fantastic actor and I’m really honored, honestly, that we got to work together. He’s gonna be a big deal.”

On fate: “I don’t think I could be anything but an actress but if I were, I’d be a psychiatrist. I think people are so interesting and I think their issues are so much a part of what make people who they are. I know I have my issues, for sure!”

Love this shoot!!

FYI: Kate finished her cover look with a Roberto Cavalli bra, D&G belt, purple belt by Proenza Schouler, silver braided bracelet by Chanel, and Jewelmint jewelry.

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Photos: Marvin Scott Jarrett
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  • lexy hates bilson

    Does she know being a shrink requires going to medical school??

  • lexy hates bilson

    Does she realize that to be a shrink you need to go to MEDICAL SCHOOL??

  • JC

    Enough already. The idea is to drive traffic to the site, not away from it. Might as well just start calling it Just Bosworth. I don’t think anyone is really digging four posts a day every day about this coked out half an actress.

  • Amy

    Yet another worthless post about a worthless”actress”….really I don’t think even real actresses get this much press in one day!

  • YvetteW

    For more from Kate, go to – Why would I have to go any where else? She on JJ all day!

  • ashley.rose

    I usually one to defend Kate, she hasn’t really done anythings bad. But did she just name drop Sienna Miller?

  • haha

    “I know I have my issues, for sure!”
    that’s the understatement of the decade.

  • crack is wack

    She looks like a Skipper doll on crack.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Story

    She really doesn’t think she could be anything but an actress?
    That’s pretty sad.

  • Endrid

    Kate again? Didn’t we just leave this party?

  • kitty

    “Sienna Miller’s one of my best friends and we always go bargain hunting” it’s the crack talking

  • birds of a feather

    @ashley.rose: Sienna gave her lessons.


    Seriously enough of this girl, its getting really annoying posting every move and thing she does, jj you should post more talented people than actually have a job rather than this skinny girl…

  • American

    This girl again?

  • rabbit bunny


  • American

    Don’t you get tired of posting non-stop about the same 4 celebs?
    Give it a rest and diversify your blog!

  • vids

    Another paid post.

  • Sienna Miller is NOTyourfriend

    Sienna Miller is like “What the F*ck!” This chick creeps me out, reminds me of the movie the roomate chick wants to be me! SCARY

  • What a f’in POSER

    Kate Bosworth your a c listed actress wannabe fashionista, do you even realised what comes out of your mouth???/

  • just the facts

    @American: If they’re getting paid to profile these stars, they’re legally required to disclose it per FTC regulations.

  • just the facts

    @American: If they’re getting paid to profile these stars, they’re legally required to disclose it per FTC regulations

  • just the facts

    @American: If they’re getting paid to profile these stars, they’re legally required to disclose it per FTC regulations….

  • Mean rabbikk

    -anorexic for years
    -men dependant
    -not very smart…
    -shallow as hell
    -doesn’t accept her lack of skills
    that’s just the evident… she NEEDS a psychiatrist?


    Seriously, another FrankenKate post? does she not understand that she’s a joke. This is how Nylon described her:

    “Even by celebrity standards, Kate Bosworth is an overachiever. An accomplished actress and athlete, the Connecticut native won her first role, as ScarJo’s doomed adolescent best friend in “The Horse Whisperer,” by bringing a Polaroid of herself to an extras casting session. Now nearly 30, Bosworth has a new side project: a jewelry line with her stylist, Cher Coulter. Here’s what she said during our cover shoot in LA:”

    Seriously an overachiever? I guess if you consider wearing mostly tragic clothes,hawking cheap ugly joolree that’s always discounted, looking wasted at the noticeably smaller amount of event she’s invited to, dating and famewh*ring achievements then she’s TOP GUN.

    I love that Nylon says she’s NOW NEARING 30. Ouch! The pose hard loser is trying to be 20 in grunge wear??? Yeah, she’s America’s Sweetheart….like Burlesque will win the Oscar for Best Picture.

  • _SurferDude

    Dude, yu’re just jeluzzz of her!! You go Kate, I love your work.

  • excellent

    Cute face. Is that a wig? She seems to be losing her hair.

  • Tanter

    The styling is HORRIBLE and the whole thing is embarrasing! Seriously! She’s on the cover to sell cheap jewelry – her acting carrer is dying. Name dropping Sienna Miller – another pap-loving actress with a slow moving carrer mostly known for who’s she’s dating – since when are they friends? Has there EVER been photos of these two together? Miller lives in London, Kate lives in LA. No pap shoots ever. This is plain ridiculous! Has she really lost all her friends and now has to resort to mentioning random names?Oy!

  • Gina

    Is this the Crack whore issue of Nylon?? She looks fug.

    Sad this desperate attempt of hers to try and appeal to a younger audience so she can stay relevant. She is such a joke.

  • LisaM

    These pictures of her totally disturb me!! I think I’m going to throw up!! Just like she does on a regular basis, i’m sure!!


    This is real information from a realiable source: AS is traveling with KB all over London and will stay with her while she is in France.AS has done this before ,remember he was with her when she was in Korea.AS is not working as much on his show as everyone thinks.AS has a lot of time on his hands,he is not that busy.The reason why you have not seen any pics is because he is not that popular,the London paps really could care less about them.KB has to call them.It is really Coulter that is doing the majority of the advertising for this jewellery line.The validity of this info will come out in due time.KB will make sure of this.AS has recieved a lot of sh*t from the Korea trip,he doesn’t want to hear it again.

  • JEN

    I thought JJ was your best friend Kate. Atleast he acknowledges you. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    That was a nice name drop there Kate, but everyone knows Sienna is best friends with Keira Knightley. You know an actress that actually works and doesn’t have to hawk cheap jewelery to make money.

  • commonsense

    It’s so cute that she thinks she’s an actress. But it doesn’t surprise me the Sienna’s one of her best friends. Also that’s one of the worst cover shots I’ve ever seen!

  • Emily


    Hmm, I don’t know. True Blood resumed filming this week, plus his character’s storyline is huge in terms of Season 4 so it wouldn’t make sense that he has all this time on his hands. Plus let’s get serious: there’s no way he wouldn’t have been papped in London by now, and there’s no way Bosworth wouldn’t try to exploit the fact that her meal ticket is on vacation with her.

  • Ella

    And we’re supposed to consider her a ‘style icon’? Terrible hair, atrocious styling, cheap jewelry–the whole spread is an awful mess. I don’t get why JJ feels the need to document her every fcking move. No other site covers her like this, and most sites don’t mention her at all!

    @IT IS A SECRET –It is common knowledge Kate calls the paps on herself. You aren’t breaking any news here.

  • okay

    read her quotes, JJ is so making fun of her dumb azz LOL!



    Whatever. If someone feels the need to hide or never acknowledge a relationship after all this time, they’re obviously ashamed. This is what men do with WH*RES. She the only one that tells everyone he’s her bf, meanwhile he’s silent. He always told people when he was involved before, what’s so different now?C’mon, they’re still going to pap free events and people see them standing apart? Yes, it is true love.

    Maybe they’ll get married on the Hammarby field the same day as the royal wedding. That’ll show those nobodies in England who’s more popular. Kate will have thousands at her wedding while the nuptials are performed on the Jumbotron. The onlookers will then throw crack at the happy(?) couple(?) instead of the traditional rice. JJ will of course tell us where to get the look and supply us with the names of Kate’s worldwide dealers. Good times.

  • again

    @just the facts:

    Where did you get that idea? It’s not true. Read the NYTimes for the story behind JJ’s paid-for posts instead of wherever you’re getting your info.


    Ok, wait a second. So you’re telling us that he caught sh*t for traveling with her, doesn’t want to hear it again, but he does it again anyway and KB will make sure it gets out that he’s there. Uh huh.

    Not that I disagree with the notion, but you do realize that you’re basically calling him unemployed and retarded, right? He’s supposed to get less sh*t from this how exactly? If what you’re saying is even remotely true, I say line forms to the left to start the dung hurling. BYOS. Bring your own shovel.

  • Eresyn

    She looks pathetic in those pictures, trying to emulate a “i’m so cool and young grunge pose” and failing big time!!!! and name dropping Sienna MIller??? ROTFL, was she high the day she gave this interview????. And, seriously, she wanted to be a psychiatrist???? I think she needs one instead, to help her work in her eating disorder/drug addiction/crappy life/delusional ways…LOL :);)

  • Endrid

    Late again Jared. Hey if u want to get away from Kate and see cute little baby Flynn Bloom and his hottie parents Orlando & Miranda go here:,0,0#7

  • so alex with KB

    so the reason why we have not seen alex is because he is traveling with kate. not calling you a liar yeah he flew to korea and mexico it is possible but no LAX departing sighting’s, no london heathrow arriving sghting’s. there all pap area’s????????????

    No one in london has spotted alex, tweeted, FB sighting’s no party’s with kate and cher, no fashion shows. WOW alex is ashamed if he does not want to be seen. what has he been doing in london hiding in his hotel room scared to come out I don’t think so
    remember alex did a TB europe press tour. when he was in london he was spotted by fans. there would be no doubt he would be spotted again?
    and if alex is with ther then she would be smiling like a school girl that she is but so far she has a miserable face.

    and isn’t eric supposed to be the main focus for TB season 4. I have no respect for alex if he is just clinging to kate from county to county he should be working on TB, Alan Ball must giving laods of time off to main cast’s. or alex should be finding other roles. not learning the ropes how not to work from the biggest FAMEWHORE IN HISTORY

  • Skipper doll

    @IT IS A SECRET: I doubt anyone would really give two turds if he’s in London with her or not if only he would quit acting like a d*uche and own his skank.

  • Jackie


  • Skipper doll

    And can’t picture being anything but an actress? Really? Let me know when she’s achieves that goal …Box office cancer.

  • fashionista

    My favorite picture from Nylon is the one in the orange bra.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hahahahaa cheap hahahaha

  • chelle

    Is this the new cover for AA — Anorexia Annonymous? Great job!! She finally found her calling!!

  • Eresyn
  • chelle

    ….and I just threw up in my mouth a little ….that whole photo spread is totally wrong on so many levels …just saying