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Kate Bosworth: Covent Garden Gal

Kate Bosworth: Covent Garden Gal

Kate Bosworth bundles up in a winter coat as she leaves the Covent Garden Hotel on Tuesday (February 22) in London, England.

The 28-year-old actress has been attending fashion shows during London Fashion Week!

Kate checked out the Burberry Prorsum presentation with her BFF & Baby co-star, Rachel Bilson, on Monday.

Last week, Kate attended fashion shows during New York Fashion Week! Be sure to check out pics of her with fellow actress and attendee Zoe Saldana if you missed them.

FYI: Kate is wearing a pink Vanessa Bruno sweater.

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Credit: Martin Karius; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • this

    She’s leaving her hotel?
    Good and I was wondering…

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute


  • enrid

    Why do you hate us so much, Jared? Kate again? NO MORE KATE! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. When are you going to have another post of that adorable little Flynn Kerr-Bloom?

  • O-ren

    What’s next? Kate takes a dump?

  • impossible

    @O-ren: you have to “eat food” before you can do that…..

  • Another post, shocking.

    She’s also on the cover of Nylon magazine this month, so I’m SURE Jared will be posting that along with any Skarsgard related quotes from the interview. It’s not a successful day on Jared without shoving this hack in everyone’s face.

  • ForReal?

    4 posts about a fashion challenged, low talent, tweaked out anorexic in 24 hours. Where she persistently looks drunk or hung over.
    Does she really think this is helping her?????

  • Annie

    Baldsworth bleaches her hair this retired stripper shade of blonde because it’s the same color as her skin so she thinks it makes her hair look thicker. She couldn’t be more wrong – it looks worse than ever.

  • cheap glass trinkets

    OMG-look at the Jewelmint ad on this page! Purple glass earrings regularly priced at $100.99 “on sale” for $29.99?!! Is anybody dumb enough to fall for this?

  • just saying

    Her earrings are tacky.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Gen Y

    I like her coat but the whole outfit seems a mismatch.

  • curious

    Is Jewel Mint doing well? Their product seems really crappy

  • curious

    I’m surprised how ugly their designs are. Being a stylist, I thought Coulter might come up with some interesting stuff.

  • Paula

    She is pretty!
    Love her outfit!!!!!

  • O-ren


    So true. How about a post of “Kate barfs up her lunch”.

  • H.

    Overexposed ho.

  • O-ren

    @just saying:

    Of course. They’re JewelMint.

  • silk

    She is cute but she has a very thick neck.

  • silk

    She is cute but she has a very thick neck

  • chelle

    No info on her taking a crap just how many times she snorts a day

  • kitty

    aww bless she’s made some London paparazzi friends….seeing as the paparazzi wouldn’t even know/care where to find her.

  • Wilson

    @Annie: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it

  • Wilson

    @Annie: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it….

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • Nikki

    she needs to fire her stylist. i don’t understand her fashion choices…it’s so mismatched. i’m sure the outfit would have been decent without the big bulky jacket. and her hair is horrendous.

  • Darkseid

    I’ve got to repeat the question posed by Lainey Gossip.

    “Why is Kate Bosworth?”

  • shoegal

    good lord, her itinerary: leave hotel with head down to appear humble, shop, fashion show, enter hotel with head down to appear humble. leave hotel with head down to appear humble, shop, fashion show, enter hotel with head down to appear hotel. wait, i think there’s a pattern…

  • Amy

    OK here we go again….JJ should just turn into a page dedicated to Bonesworthless because they seem to want to report on every little thing she does…no reports on REAL actresses!???!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    For the love of all that is holly …

  • Mike

    I like her coat. She looks cute.


    Her @Nikki:

    Her stylist , Cher needs a stylist. That cheap, ugly joolree they’re trying to sell is truly reflective of their style and taste. Once in a blue moon KB looks decent but most of the time she looks a mess. She’s dressing for 20 not 28.Her recent foray into looking edgy at events and pictorials are just so lame and pathetic.

  • again

    I love it. “Check out these other stories about this woman breathing in and out” in case we missed them. Gee, how could we miss her if she won’t go away?

  • Tanter

    5(!) posts about her in 2 days – and not one of them mentions Alex. What’s up with that?

    She looks like a wreck here but at least she washed her hair.

  • danielik25

    Oh, no!!! It´s very interesting! Kate and her paparazzi are walking in the street!

  • Soon she’s back to LA…. Soon a new post on Alexander …. (paps need someone to know where is he going : doing sport, eating an icecream, or buy a cupcake ETC )
    Ok maybe I’m bad…

  • kitty

    think she’s off to Paris next if I’m not mistaken. and I’ve just seen MORE photos of her out and about in London….trying to seem like she’s famous world-wide much?! I’m a Londoner and that is not normal unless you tip them off.

  • oh
  • oh
  • chelle

    I had an outfit like that in middle school

  • Tina

    Stop complaining. If you don’t like the Kate posts then just stop reading them.

  • Jessica

    I don’t know if Jared hates us, but he obviously doesn’t care that we know that he takes money to post about her. He obviously doesn’t care that it’s obvious either.

  • KB= skinny legs

    again another set of pictures?
    So…Mrs.Skinny Legs is in London ..tsc..tsc..

  • Dieter

    Most beautiful woman alive !!! And VERY talented and hard working actress !!!

  • KB Paparazzi’s Queen

    KB Paparazzi’s Queen …loved by the paparazis ..Kate Queen of paparazis and Gossips sites.

  • Jackie

    Pretty pretty girl.

  • why oh why

    Where can we buy her AWESOME ankle boots?!?!? I mean, they are clearly so fashion-forward. After all, no one else is wearing them day in and day out like the fashion icon herself. She is setting a new trend that I simply must follow. I have to get a pair to make my life complete.


  • http://viking65 mforman

    KB what is wrong with you, in this months ELLE, you state that CRAPMINT is just like you raw and fuc *** up, you also state the line looks cheap, just like you, boy did you hit the nail on the head, you could not look or act any cheaper if you tried and boy you do not need to, that is why you have the worst reputation in all of HW, my god girl you are known as a pariah, you should look it up, i don’t think you would disagree.
    we can only hope that you and AS are over and done with, i doubt anyone wll doubt that.

  • Female pattern baldness kills

    heehee @enrid, i was just thinking the same thing XD
    poor jared getting picked on, we could be more grateful i suppose. i get my Orlando fix from him.
    isn’t it funny that after all these years, she’s STILL linked to Bloom?
    but he’s completely over her.
    Maybe because that’s all she’s ever been famous for lol