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Keith Urban Spends Sunday in Santa Monica

Keith Urban Spends Sunday in Santa Monica

Keith Urban enjoys the sunny weather on Sunday (February 20) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 43-year-old country star’s wife, Nicole Kidman, recently opened up to Australia’s 60 Minutes about welcoming their new daughter, Faith Margaret.

“Anyone that’s been in the place of wanting a child knows the disappointment, the pain, and the loss you go through,” Nic shared, adding that she was on a “roller coaster ride with fertility.”

“We were in a place of desperately wanting another child and I couldn’t get pregnant,” she revealed. “I get emotional just talking about it, because I’m so grateful.”

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Photos: Flynet
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  • Nikki

    love him :)

  • kizbit

    I just adore that man!!!!!!!!

  • laverdadduele

    There’s something about this guy that rubs me the wrong way, I don’t like him.

  • Bella

    I Love Keith and his great voice too :-)

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    I dont like his music

  • dolly

    Gee, give the guy some privacy. He’s coming out of a AA meeting for goodness sake. I have to say he looks good in red.

  • Precious

    I’m listening .. C’mon sweet thing
    Won’t you climb on out of your window while the world’s sleeping?
    You know I need you and there’s no way I’ll be leaving
    ‘Til we’re kissing on the porch swing, oh my little sweet thing
    …. shalalala =)

  • maggie

    I thought he was in San Francisco.

  • Jordyn

    Loved him singing with John Mayer and Norah Jones at the Grammys. Really talented.

  • gloria

    Lucky Nicole! I love Keith! He is a sexy man! I thought his performance at the Grammy’s was really good too Jordyn. From what I’ve read it was a highlight with a lot of the critics. He can sing anything.

  • gloria

    I love Keith. He is a Sexy man. Lucky Nicole! I loved his performance at the Grammy’s too!

  • Lee

    Thanks for the photos, JJ!
    So nice to see pics of him without Nicole here. Love them both and i’m so happy for the new addition in the family =)

  • Joy

    AWESOME looking and talented as HECK! Keep that great music coming Keith.

  • ME

    He’s looking good, as usual. Too bad he has to be stalked, poor guy can’t even walk anywhere without a camera in his face.

  • irene olson

    Thanx, JJ, for a segment of just Keith. People who do not listen to country music need to listen to Keith Urban; his music is GREAT. He tells beautiful stories in his songs. And to see him in concert if beyond; the man is a true entertainer. I do not like country music and would never go to a country concert EXCEPT FOR KEITH URBAN. The man is a walking music genius. He can sing any song from any genre. I wish he would have been a rocker!! or pop rocker!! I have met Keith and he is an authentic person. Nicole is a very fortunate woman to have this man love her and I believe he is equally as fortunate to have her love. Best wishes to the Urban family.

  • Tippi

    Love you Keith !!!

  • johnjohn

    Dolly, how do you know he was at an AA meeting?

  • gina

    Good picture JJ!

    Congratulations on your 4th Grammy!

    And more important your beautiful family!

  • Bets

    Keith looks great in those bright colors.!

    Lucky Nicole for sure!

  • laqueen


    The whole family flew to San Fran after this was taken.

  • Another skeptic, another liar


    No Dolly, he did not go to an AA meeting. He went to Ye Olde King’s Head Shoppe, a well-known British restaurant ( or what they call pub) and food/gift shop in Santa Monica which you can see behind him in the last photo, the one with the green awning. There’s more photos that were taken than what JJ has posted of that afternoon.

    You’d be surprised what Santa Monica has in the way of British cuisine. You can go to the Tudor House during the holidays and get a full English-style Christmas dinner!

  • hi

    nice to see Keith by himself for a change, and her not glued to him with super gkue…

  • bobby


    If you had a nice guy for a hubby, you might “get it” . They both work and do their job related things , but really enjoy their time together!
    Imagine that!

  • arnie

    Probably the whole family will be glad when awards season is over.

    Nicole is getting ready for a film or something in that area isn’t she?

    Guess that will be their home away from home for a while longer ?

    Awesome music from that guy!

  • eeod

    Keith doesn’t look real happy about being followed by a camera. Can’t say as I blame him.

    He is such an adorable man. His talent, charm and hunky good looks makes him the whole package. Why can’t all men look like this?! HA HA

  • Eve


    Nicole is filming Hemingway and Gelhorn, the new HBO movie wit Clive Owen. It’s being filmed in CA over the next few months, with San Francisco doubling for various locations. They’ll be back in LA though for the independent Spirit Awards and Oscars this weekend.

  • V

    JJ has new photos of Nicole and Keith with the children arriving in LA.
    you do not have the pictures?

  • hi

    bobby I get it. My husband is not only a nice guy he is great. I.m not into the public affection so much. Everyone one is different. I’m not a Nicole hater nor a fan.

  • Gemma


    V thanks for bringing that up. It’s part of the set the Daily Mail bought and then erroneously reported were the Urbans flying from Sydney to LA, when it was Nashville to LA. The skeptics will believe anything the Daily Mail prints. They tried to spin it as Nicole making a secret trip to Australia to pick up Faith, the baby she bought that’s not biologically hers. What idiots. A pic of Faith and Sunday had already been posted online when they made up that lie. The truth is that the parents have had Faith with them since January.

    The Daily Mail fits right in with the skeptics’ agenda. Liars. This pretty much went unnoticed other than in the UK after the death of Princess Diana but most people don’t know the Daily Mail promised to no longer use paparazzi photos. They have never honoured this promise and continue, nearly 15 years on, to consistently misrepresent photos and interviews on their website.

  • V

    Gemma-yes, they screwed up and was also on Grosby those same pictures and some other girls in a park in LA and dates that differ. Honestly do not know when the photos were, but it would be great to see them here at Just Jared

  • Gemma


    I have a different source other than Grosby so I don’t know about that but yes you are correct. Sunday was photographed with her regular nanny, the one that is employed in Nashville, at a park. Keith was photographed out and about by himself in several places, not just the photos JJ has. Wherever the family had decided to stay in San Francisco (it did not look like a hotel) was found by the paparazzi there. Sunday, Nicole, Keith, and Faith were all photographed packing up the car and leaving for LA. They were also photographed on the runway to their plane with Keith carrying Faith in her carrier. They were smart to have a home for the time being as Nicole is scheduled to be there shooting for a few months but I hope they won’t have to change locations because of the paps.

    Readers should know that photos here are pretty much never the be all and end all. Keith Nicole and Sunday are photographed much more than what JJ posts.

    Skeptics need to take note that their lies are even less believable to those who have access to information and photos that they do not. They fabricate sources and friends who live in Nashville. We have photographic proof this is a real family who has a regular life together. I have never experienced a group of women who come across as such nutbars as “The Skeptics”. It makes me glad to be in the UK. They seem to all live in America or Australia.

  • V

    you have access to these photos?
    i only seen in Grosby, but still is a paid site and I also know that many family photos go unnoticed by JJ and other sites.
    But I would be grateful if you pass me the photos if you have access to it, while my email to you if you want.
    I really thought the beautiful pictures and wanted to see in good quality.
    Thanks in advance.
    When will they come back to Nash? I think only when Nicole finish recording in San Francisco right?

  • cagly

    How many flights would you let your children endure per year especially if you had the money to stay home with them?

  • shelby

    They get on a plane. Just like being in another room in your house. The kids are fine. Well taken care of. Your jealousy is showing. Criticize anything you can. If they are with them, you criticize. If they aren’t, you criticize. Watch the latest KU Tube? Listen carefully and let what Keith says sink in. Maybe then you will get over him and your hatred for his wife. If not, your loss. Jealousy and hatred hurt the owner. Nobody else.

  • shelby

    Had to say, red looks good on Keith. One incredibly good looking man.

  • Hey Sue!

    You need to talk to Ted and ask him why he removed his latest story, whoops I mean lie, about Nicole Kidman!

    Could Nicole Kidman Have a Secret Motive for Dishing On Baby Faith .


    BAHAHAHAHA! I guess the over 100 comments calling bullshit on Ted was too much for him to take.

  • Eve

    It also didn’t help that none of the facts in the story were correct, like Nicole never talks about her kids and Keith released an album this week. I caught it before it was removed. Even his fans thought the story was a crock so maybe they are finally seeing the light on what a fraud Ted really is. But Dummy Sue / nomorefan sticks by her man! How does this guy still have a job? E Online is nothing more than a cesspool. Can’t promise the goods on Tom so talk trash about Nicole and Keith for 4 years with nothing to back it up. Smart move Ted!

  • whoozit


    Wait a minute, Ted had a thing against Cruise?

  • dani

    I saw that Ted story too. There were over 120 comments when he had to delete it and most of them were calling him out on his poor reporting. One of the comments said something like the “haters of Kidman that post on JJ are over here.”
    The story was inexcusable. Full of innuendo, falsehoods and Ted’s spite against Kidman. Personally I think his job is shaky and he is trying to get hits by posting crapola about people and of course his favorite targets–the TWI-Hards.

  • dani

    Oh yes, he also made a statement in the first paragraph or so that Keith needed to remain married to her so he could remain popular and famous. Ted got blasted, and deservedly so, in the comments–basically Ted doesn’t know C&W music–Keith is one of the top C&W artists and he doesn’t need Nicole to propel him to the top!

  • Eve


    Whoozit I would normally tell you to catch up but it’s Ted. What doesn’t he get wrong! Ted is the king of empty promises. Years ago Ted said he was going to reveal all with Tom Cruise. It never happened. Ted used to like Nicole Kidman in his columns. Even Sue (nomorefan) will tell you that in order to insinuate Nicole is an evil person and that’s why Ted turned on her. But what she’s always left out is Ted’s track record. He never delivered the dirt on Cruise and after that started going after Nicole, and by association Keith. The guy doesn’t know s-hit about country music or Nashville, but all of a sudden he knows everything, has all the right contacts, the inside scoop. Since he never did the expose on Tom Nicole is now a bad mother, Keith is gay, Keith is cheating with women, Nicole is distraught about her marriage and the cheating, she’s not distraught because they have an open marriage. Pick a day, pick a different problem. The same expose Ted promised on Tom, he promised on Nicole since 2008 and he hasn’t revealed one iota of dirt. He promised a big story on the pap that stalked Nicole in Los Angeles over the course of a few days and nothing on that either. Every couple of months he’d allude to it that the awful truth was coming and now he’s completely dropped it. People who know he’s lying through his teeth don’t have short memories. We know he’s got the whackjob skeptics who promote everything he writes. He’d be really smart to stop writing the utter crap like what showed up today. It had more holes than swiss cheese. Lainey’s learning. She’s been revealed as someone who accepted stories from the obsessed fans and now she’s paying for it because just looks plain dumb when she copies word for word what the nutbags on E! say. Ted just speaks in innuendo but each time he posts a new column that is bullshit there’s more and more comments that tell him he’s full of it. So there you go. Bottom line is Ted is lying, always has been. This is the same columnist that said Ben and Jennifer were on the brink of divorce. Turns out, Jen was pregnant. Ted makes up stories and so do his assistants who sometimes write his columns. He needs to be fired.

    BTW I should say I have no idea if Ted is trashing Nicole and Keith because some Scenio goons are paying him or if he really thought it would be more lucrative to turn the tables on Nicole because he couldn’t get anywhere with Tom.

  • Eve


    I’m sure it’s not a shocker but the skeptics who post here, post on Ted’s columns under different names than their E accounts and then report back on the Negative thread that the public thinks it’s Kidman and everything Ted writes is 100% correct. All you have to do is wait later in the day for the other readers to come and post their opinions which pretty much name alot of other celebrities. They don’t have a clue but they take a guess. Keith and Nicole have been so many blind vice people even the skeptics can’t agree on who the Urbans are supposed to be!

  • may

    Ha, sounds like the the Oscar nom honor and new baby has just about sent the E! haters and their site OVER THE cliff!

    Must be really hard to take!


  • may

    Personally I can’t wait to see the gown Nicole chooses for the Awards show.

    And to see the HOT HUNK at her side !

    Ya got it all Urbans!

  • may

    Personally I can’t wait to see the gown Nicole chooses for the Awards show.

    And to see the HOT HUNK at her side !

    Ya got it all Urbans!

  • WoW

    So nomorebrains thinks it’s Nicole’s money that made Ted’s story disappear? How about THE TRUTH moron!

  • may


    Standard answer to all their lies.

    Ted cme off looking like a real dunce. I hope they write him again and they all go down in flames .

    He can’t be too happy they lead him down the hell hole they live in !

  • http://comcast goolee

    Keith Urban, the greatest talent by far. He has it all!!!!