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Tom Cruise to Suri: Let's Read at the Library!

Tom Cruise to Suri: Let's Read at the Library!

Tom Cruise and daughter Suri do some light reading at the library on Tuesday (February 22) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 48-year-old actor and his cutie pie daughter went out to dinner at a local steakhouse the day before!

At the library, Suri was spotted reading a few paperback books and brought over Froggy Gets Dressed for Tom to read to her!

FYI: Tom is in town working on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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  • Susie#1

    Suri is seriously underweight; her legs look like sticks. She needs a healthy diet (which can’t be found in her baby bottle.)

  • http://Ja Sligo lambest ^__^ cute

    Suri ^^

  • ———-oo–

    awww cute

  • janet

    she is not underweight!!! she is just thin and she also does ballet. i did ballet too and my body was really thin but i was not underweight.

  • Kirsten

    Paps are now taking pics in a library? Creepy.

  • lol

    She looks happy. suri happy time is with her daddy Tom and the nanny that looks like an older version of Suri. not katie

  • marilyn

    Froggy Gets Dressed!! i’ve come to wish that book was never written. my three year old niece just loves it. in order to get her to go to sleep i have to read the thing to her at least three to four times a day. as for the girl being underweight; i don’t know. all i have to go on is the her mother who is really thin. but i just checked; it’s 37 degrees in Vancouver. that’s too cold for a child to be allowed to have bare legs. sorry but if that was my niece she would be wearing either long pants or tights.

  • Yes boss

    Bare legs again.Who allows paps in a library?

  • Zoz

    So cute and the library is sacred. Go away paparazzi.

  • janet

    tom, who else??

  • Sun

    @janet: I bet you look like rosie o’donnell

  • mindy

    I am the only person who finds these pics somewhat reassuring (for Suri’s “intellect and/or emotional life”)… And more cute than those endless vain and empty shopping trips of Katie and Suri…? Tom may be deep in that greedy cult, but I feel he’s a better father than Katie is a mother…

  • lucy2

    I actually think Suri is quite cute, and I also think she’s Joshua Jackson’s kid. Tom can put on any show he wants and I’m sure that Suri does love him, but that doesn’t excuse who Tom really is.

  • janet

    @sun hater!!! i am defending suri and all the other little girls with the same body type! and i look fine, just so you know.
    anyway she looks perfectly healthy although she is not dressed well.

  • jimmyjo

    That child always looks like she could use a good bath and a comb to that ratty hair.

  • Suspicious

    Underpaid Scientologists did lots of work for Tom. The FBI is investigating. Want a good way to divert attention from that and get some positive PR? Invite some photographers to the library for a photo shoot with Suri. Do you think they’d be able to shoot away in a library without permission?

  • KC

    Although it is nice to see her in the library I suspect these photos have more to do with PR than anything else. Once again her dress is cute but inappropriate attire for Vancouver in the winter.

  • suri CRUISE

    Suri is able to read!!! Suri can do it!!!

  • haha

    @suri CRUISE:
    oh no she cant! its a book with pictures!

  • haha

    @suri CRUISE:
    oh no she cant! its a book with pictures!

  • Ginny

    The clue for me that this was all just a PR session is the fact that their body guard is busy looking at his phone instead of acting in a security capacity. Nothing to worry about here…all of the spectators are baught and paid for.

  • Ginny

    bought :-)

  • Dany

    she has Tom’s nose. poor girl

  • missy b

    There were sightings on twitter of Katie and Suri at the library last week. The only difference is that there weren’t cameras….

  • Anna

    She looks like a normal little girl.People can say what they like about Tom and Katie but you always see them out and about with Suri, and not leaving it to nannies.

  • lucy2

    She has Josh’s nose (still poor thing – even though I think JJ is adorable).
    Where’s Suri Jackson been? I need some support here. I guess I can go digging for photos.

  • Daan

    This is only PR. Why else in hell someone as famous and rich as Tom Cruise would bring his daugter to read in a library? He can buy all the kidbooks and read them at home with Suri….

  • Whatever

    Hate to say this but Suri is acting like a little girl should, walking,running and being a kid when she is not around her mother…now when she is with her mother it is a different this goes to show you take it is Katie that is the nut case…

  • lupy

    Tom brings out his pet! we haven’t seen him like this for months but now he is out all the sudden. What is up? or what there to compete with TC ? NK played your competative and … side very well.

  • Unknown


    Couldn’t agree more, she looks an awful lot like Josh.

  • boston61

    Ugly little girl is going to have her father’s huge honking nose. Why is she always half naked?

  • Ginny

    Here’s a good shot of the Security Detail keeping the unwanted public away from TC’s perimeter. Oh yeah…since this was staged, he didn’t have to actually do any protecting. ;-),0,0#5

  • Ginny
  • Disco Woman

    Is it just me or is Suri’s dress too short for a 4 year old? It looks like it would fit a 2 year old!

  • Shayla

    It was freezing here in Vancouver yesterday! Why does that poor kid have bare legs and a little light dress?!? She should be dressed for the weather. I also think she’s awful skinny. When a child is still on the bottle very late like Suri is, they fill up on fluids and don’t eat properly – not to mention how much damage it does to the child’s teeth. Obviously, the poor child needs a competent parent, which she doesn’t have at this point. Also, why is she reading “Vanity Fair” in some pictures. How inappropriate!! Cruise and Katie Holmes are a total FAIL as parents. Poor little girl is gonna grow up physically and mentally screwed up, especially with the whole cult thing!

  • Obvious PR

    Obvious PR set up is OBVIOUS. Somebody tell Cruise that he’s no longer relevent.

  • Romeo

    Quit playing doctor, #1.

    You can’t judge a celebrity’s parenting based on paparazzi photos, #12. For all you know, Suri Cruise could be the next president but you’d never consider that because she likes shopping with her mom or is dragged there. As if regular kids never went shopping.

    You accuse him of PR tactics even when there’s nothing going on in his life, #16 and #17.

    So what, #19?

    What a stupid reason, #21. Don’t quit your day job.

    Do you expect her to indoors all the time and not interact with other people like you always accuse TomKat of not letting their daughter do, #28?

    If you’re going to judge a parent based on paparazzi photos, at least admit to all of them, #29. Holmes does the same things.

    You’re disgusting and wrong, #30 and #32.

    Get a grip and mind your own kids, #36. Or instead of whining actually do something about it.

    He is relevant whether you like it or not, #37.

  • nicole

    They can’t win. “Why is she dressed like that?”, “Why are they in a library?”, Why? Why” Why? j

    Why don’t you all just shut the eff up?

  • Suspicious


    Just Google “Tom Cruise investigated” before you say there’s nothing going on in his life. He needs good PR any way he can get it.

  • normal?

    wow I definitely do not remember looking at VANITY FAIR when I was five, but wait Tom knows the paps are watching so he tells the princess to go get an age appropriate book and flash it right at the paps. nice.

  • Shayla

    To Romeo

    “Get a grip and mind your own kids, #36. Or instead of whining actually do something about it.”

    Pardon Me???? I can assure you that I do have a grip. I suggest you get one stop attacking anyone and everyone on JJ. I’m actually a parent. Are you?? I can also assure you that I “mind” my children very well. You are obviously NOT a parent and it’s also obvious that YOUR PARENTS didn’t “mind” you very well either. If they had you wouldn’t be so rude, obnoxious and insane.

    Finally, what would you have me do about it?? I’m sorry, I’m not a stalker like you. Unfortunately, I can’t help that poor little girl but I can express my opinion on a site like this. Free Speech, remember??

    So let me give you a taste of your own medicine:

    STFU you rude, nasty, little person and please go to a mental health clinic and get help. You desperaately need it.

  • Carla


  • Sam23

    She does look underweight.