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Irina Shayk Checks Out 'Chelsea Lately'

Irina Shayk Checks Out 'Chelsea Lately'

Irina Shayk leaves the E! studios after taping an appearance on Chelsea Lately on Tuesday (February 22) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old Russian model stopped by to chat about her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, how she keeps fit, and her dog Cesare, whose father is the dog from Marley & Me!

Irina also shared a funny story about how her doorman called her up to give her some awkward news.

“[He said] your neighbors are complaining you don’t have any curtains in your apartment [so] I put the sheets from my bed as the curtains,” she told host Chelsea Handler.

Irina Shayk on Chelsea Lately
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  • Thai

    Manface strikes again!

  • BEAN

    She actually seems like a lovely person!! I didn’t think she was very attractive but she is pretty beautiful. And strangely enough I find her accent very sexy! No homo…

  • Party One

    Her legs…..just amazing. She seems a nice person, I like her.

  • MiMi

    she is so fake! and vain and arrogant!! dont like her!!

  • An

    Looking beautiful

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Irina shayk is top model or normal model?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Gorgeus!i love her color skin

  • naomi

    Her legs!! wow

  • jimmyjo

    Good body but her face looks like a duck because her lips and nose are practically touching so makes her face look ducky-like.

  • lala

    shes pretty but her mouth area does resemble a beak..but nobody’s perfect.

  • Ann

    S l u t y slut woman

  • Ann

    S l u t y slut woman

  • bb

    she’s hot!!! I hope she becomes a superstar and to see her modeling in high fashion soon.

  • billy

    @Thai: It’s getting OLD already jealous fat girls calling beautiful women manly all the time. Get over it! Her face is more stunning than your’s could ever be.

  • Sun

    russian people are the scum of the world. sorry

  • Rosy

    She’s funny

  • yy

    Americans people are the scum of the world. nooooo sorry

  • Katy

    17 last

  • lolo

    Russian girls the most beautiful in the world!!!!!!!

  • Mel

    About her labrador: “He’s a prince.” HAHAHAHH! This chick is awesome!

  • Layla

    Her eyes are to die for…

  • bibi

    I find her kind of rough. Seems like she’s desperate for being famous maybe that’s why she didn’t have courtains at home. That story sounds pretty weird like it was taken out from a movie. Anyways, being a lie or not, her aim to be famous makes her perfect for the entertainment world lol

  • jennifer

    she’s ugly.

  • W

    lol at people calling her ugly (strangely those with female names hmm?)
    I’m a girl and I can admit she is drop dead gorgeous.
    stop hating and just appreciate her beauty and get inspired or something…why can’t girls just be nice to each other? sheesh.

  • Pachy

    The models become famous,she is love famous. Attention top models of the famous love!

  • bibi

    @W: I didnt say she was ugly I said she was rough

  • Likopila

    @MiMi: you seem to be the one who is vein and arrogant here…lighten up, woman!

  • Likopila

    @Ann: I bet you are one ugly fat s.l.u.t yourself!!! Jealous bit$ch

  • Likopila

    @Ann: I bet you are one ugly fat s.l.u.t yourself!!! Jealous b.i.t.c.h

  • Likopila

    @yy: I agree with you…

  • crybabycry

    Poor woman. She comes from Russia.

  • Likopila

    she looks like gorgeous Angie in this pic: Angie’s great-grandpa came from the Slovakian-Ukraine border. His surname was Vojta, which was later changed to Voight – americanised surname.

  • Lokipali

    @crybabycry: poor you, you come from a s.h.i.t. hole

  • goforher

    @Likopila: I agree!

  • crybabycry

    @Lokipali: In your dreams

  • Blunt

    She is a bit masculine in the face, but is still pretty. Her body is much prettier than her face though, but when she opens her mouth she comes across as a ugly woman.
    Here is what she said about the person who was complaining about the curtains:
    “It was probably a big fat old lady. I wouldn’t even have a problem with that, I’d be watching you too thinking ‘oh s***”
    I’ve never hear anything more nasty and horrible from a so-call supermodel.

  • British

    “Do you have a boyfriend..?”

    Don’t be shy love, Cristiano Ronaldo is not a boyfriend to be ashamed of!

  • amber

    Maybe it’s just me but she comes off sooo full of herself. She’s completely gorgeous but her personality makes her less attractive. Sidenote, she said something like “We Russians never come without gifts…” but she was on Ellen a few days ago and didn’t bring her anything and Ellen gave her a gag gift of a heated bikini and she looked at it and said “it’s not my size.” Rude. Maybe she thought she was funny but she just seems super conceited. Amazing cover though.

  • Ehm

    Haha…bizarre interview. Reminds me of Mariah Carey

  • baddie

    @Blunt: You just have to look at the girls she was with when on letterman. None of them was fat. Incredible

  • http://dnica Mann

    Russian girls are just awesome(:

  • Zli

    @Blunt: you know so much yet you dont know that was Chelsea’s comment, not Irina’s?

  • anonymous

    A better name would be Irina Fake. My cousin met her at the premiere of Blue Valentine, says she is only nice IN FRONT of cameras…in other words, she is fake like many other Hollywood phonies. She is only nice on talk shows but once the cameras stop rolling, she is the biggest conceited snob. My cousin said she walks around like she’s Angelina Jolie. Now that she’s got the cover, she thinks she’s Gisele Bundchen or something. First of, fans of hers don’t go pulling the jealousy card. Stop with that pathetic conclusion that dislike equates jealousy. Because it doesn’t. I don’t like Paris Hilton, does that mean I’m jealous? No. Same with Irina, I don’t like her because she comes off so fake and conceited. if you watch her interviews on Letterman and Ellen then compare them to behind the scenes interviews with her, she is so different. She is only nice on talks shows where there is a live audience but with single private interviewers where there is no audience she is so conceited and snobby. She is extremely into herself and is a gold digger. She is beautiful no doubt, I am not blinded by my dislike for her but she needs to take a good look in the mirror and realize that it’s the cover of Sports Illustrated, not Vogue Italia. She is not a Victoria’s Secret Angel nor Gisele Bundchen. I do not wish her to fail, I wish no one to fail. I wish her happiness and success but she should learn not to let such a small amount of publicity go to her head. Also when news broke out that she and Cristiano Ronaldo are a couple in the summer, she flippped the paparazzi off? First of all, she needs to get off her high horse. Models like Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss get WAY more publicity than she does and they don’t even treat the paparazzi like that. Although the paparazzi are often invasive, they are one of the factors contributing to a celebrity’s notoriety and success…the other factor being the celebrity’s fanbase. If no one reports about a celebrity, no one will know about them. And when she flipped the paparazzi off it was like five cameras. She’s not Angelina Jolie. She is beautiful on the outside but needs to humble up. And yes I believe she did land the cover as a result of her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo who happens to be the world’s wealthiest soccer player at the moment. Did she land the cover ONLY because of him? Maybe not. Did her association with him help her to some degree? Yes I believe so. Again, this is my personal and honest opinion so fans of hers if you don’t like it, that is fine. I respect your opinion even though it may be different from mine, you should respect mine. Sorry this is so long but in conclusion, she just comes off as fake, a gold digger, and conceited.

  • MiMi

    I love this long post!!! so true!!! thanks for posting, anonymous!!

  • claire

    i am a girl and i think she is quite gorgeous…………..i am just 5’6 wish i was a bit more tall like her!

  • claire

    but i would still prefer a person who has inside beauty…….i hope she is beautiful inside too

  • kidfast

    Ever think that maybe she’s different off camera is because being pretty and smiling in front of one is her JOB. She walks, she poses , but after that’s done she’s just an ordinary person like the rest of us who gets tired. So what if she didn’t smile, or was overly excited when she met your cousin, that doesn’t make her a horrible human being; maybe by the time your cousin saw her she was so knackered from everyone all she wanted was to sit down for 5 min and have a drink of water.
    I mean, if you read back what you wrote all you see is that those 500 rant was based on nothing but a hear say. you weren’t even there yourself!

  • kidfast

    * 500 word rant

  • Roger


  • Ms Barleo Brad Pitt Fan

    Her body is like WOW.