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Jennifer Aniston: Back in the USA!

Jennifer Aniston: Back in the USA!

Jennifer Aniston arrives at LAX International Airport on a flight from Europe on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actress has been promoting her film Just Go With It all over Europe the past week. She attended premieres in Berlin and Madrid!

Jennifer recently cut off her hair and her hairstylist Chris McMillan told Allure why he gave her a shorter do.

“I’m loving bobs again. I love the girl in the YSL ads. It’s a sexy look,” he said. “The reason that I’m loving a bob at the moment… There are so many long, layered hairstyles and”don’t get me wrong, I love that. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have that. You know what I mean? And what’s the opposite direction you can go in?”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Burberry coat.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston arriving at LAX…

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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    X __X

  • Tommy Boy

    LOVE HER! JGWI is a hit! Her hair is a hit! Jennifer is a HIT!!!! Grosses in the UK alone for the past week is over 6 Million dollars with a total worldwide gross of 77 Million dollars in just a little over a week! You go girl!!!!

  • what?

    I’m slowly starting to like her only because brad pitt fans hate her so much. :)

  • tio

    Is it over already? thanks God. She doesn’t need to travel around the world if it is not too useful.

  • Tommy Boy

    I LOVE HER! And JGWI is a hit! Her hair is a hit! Jennifer is a HIT! And JGWI has grossed over 6 Million dollars in the UK in just a little over a week and 77 Million dollars worldwide in just a little over a week! You go girl!!!!

  • Candi

    @Tommy Boy:

    you never answered my questions about the additional “kissy face” pics i posted for you on the madrid photocall thread.
    is this pic considered a kissy face, too?
    if so,why does she do it?
    if not, then what is it called (given that you are an expert on this)?

  • gina

    Jennifer has a great sense of style,always looks classy and chic,love her outfit.

  • MaeAmber

    In in tomorrow’s news Jennifer Aniston expels golden fecal matter.

  • The Chin

    i like how she had her hairdresser give an interview to Allure (the mag. with her teddy bear pics) with reasoning of why she cut her hair. yeah, right. the real reason you cut it and dyed it so blond for the madrid photocall was to distract from the face/lip injections that went too far. and then she wore glasses to distract from her face later that day. and for the madrid premiere that night, the hairdresser put a toner on her hair to shade her overly-blonde hair darker again since her face wasnt so swollen anymore.
    she must pay a lot of money to her PR team and hairdresser. and i guess her hairdresser is on the PR team as well. does he get paid double?

  • Tommy Boy


    Who the f**k cares. The pic you posted it looks like Gerard is doing it also. If you want to know why then ask her yourself. I could care less why she does but I find it rather cute. Next…..

  • Aracely

    Love this woman. Shes beautiful and lovely


    Oh Noes!! Didn’t she know Brad was flying to London to see her???

  • CH

    Jen ordered back to rehab.

  • Tommy Boy

    Cannot wait for Horrible Bosses in July and Wanderlust in October! JGWI is the first of 3 HUGE hits for Jennifer! WOW, Jen!

  • chuck norris

    Jennifer Aniston returns to the USA, Brad Pitt flees!

  • Jen

    Just love this beautiful woman.

  • http://AOL Pat

    Funny that she would be arriving at LAX International and Brad would be departing at the same terminal. Can you imagine if they ran into each other?

  • Candi

    @Tommy Boy:

    You are right. Gerard is doing it, too. Here’s another pic of Gerard doing it.

    btw- i was only asking cuz you are a loyal fan of hers and seem to know her so well- and you stated that she doesnt always pose like that (even though there are lots of pics to prove otherwise). thanks for your expertise! :) it is called a “kissy face’, folks! (not duckface!)- per Tommy Boy.

  • 10 years later

    whaaaaaa! why did she lie to brad about wanting children all those years ago. i hate her.

  • Oh Jenny Poo

    Cover up that chin Jen!

  • Candi
  • Candi
  • http://AOL Pat

    I think she is moving to NY to try to get on Broadway. At least they will take aging actressess. She is over 40 now and that is old for hollywood women.

  • Is that your final answer?

    Million Dollar Question:
    Name any Hollywood actress, with the exception of Jennifer Aniston, whose haidresser gives interviews to the press exclusively about his client’s new hairdo. (disclaimer: half an inch extreme makeover press releases will be accepted as a valid answer)

  • e

    She looks like an idiot with that giant overpowering pashmina barf bag scarf covering up her chin. Its not at all chic. Plz stop taking photos of her you can tell she just loooves it. It is so obvious. I will eat my words only IF she sells her house for the asking price and turns around and donates the 42 million to the ST. JUDES hospital that she represents.

  • jenjoy

    Welcome home, Jen. We love you!!

  • Jawnifer

    hmmm. i wonder. is the press tour for this crappy movie over yet?
    and more importantly, what will be her next desperate and pathetic move for more press when there’s nothing to promote?
    oh wait- it’s almost time for hard-nipple bikini pics on mexico again! yay!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Candi @ 02/23/2011 at 9:45 pm

    I love it. She has been doing a lot of that lately. I think her thin lips are getting thinner. That’s why she has been trying to pucker up her lips. LMAO!!

  • Speak Now

    Jennifer is more gorgeous than her haters and her haters can’t stand that, that’s why they try to keep making fun of Jennifer’s chin.

  • like kim k

    So she is an attention whore.
    She cut her hair just for attention
    Her and her hairdresser planned this for months.
    How pathetic. How needy. How transparent that she knows her career needs a boost. I see a semi nude cover of a mag for the next pic.

  • Jawnifer Anuston

    Jawnifer Anuston wants sooo badly to be considered sexy that he gets collagen injections in his nipples to keep them hard, face fillers, botox injections, lip injections, boob implants, etc.
    how come we never see Jawnifer at the gay pride parades? you would think he would publicize this since he loves attention and loves to dress in drag!
    Tranny Manny!

  • Candi

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    JA has been doing the forced duck face lately cuz she wants BP’s attention.

    “Brad, look at me! LOOK AT MY LIPS! Look at my lips! I can have sexy lips like Angelina, too! Look at my lips! I can be sexy! Look at my W mag and Allure mag pics! Look! Look! Look at my lips!”

  • http://JustJared Katie

    It seems Jen is trying very Hard to keep her coat closed in the Front ;)Just my guess but maybe P.G. ;););)

  • Jawnifer Anuston

    @like kim k:

    if she does more nudy pics, it will be in one of those cheaper quality mags. has anyone noticed that she doesnt get major mag covers anymore (vogue, vanity fair, etc.)? just people, life&style and allure. maybe she will do playboy. that would be a riot!

  • like kim k

    So Aniston paid her hairdresser what 10,000 dollars to fly to Europe to cut her hair. Even Brooklyn Decker realized that she is more than her boobs. But poor Aniston knows only that her career is attached to her hair. Still superficial. But superfical cost money. So hope your home does sell for 42 mill. Because you will never get paid big money to act.

  • truth is

    See Jen! Do you get it now that Brad is not that into you that he made it sure you are not on his way on the airport. Imagine that, even when he was married to you, when Ashton K. told Brad if he can go out with you, and Brad was okay with it, this really means you were just a F*CK BUDDY to him and to any other guys whom you claimed you were dating. Jen, you are JUST A SPORT F*CK!

  • Fake

    Always pretty, effortlessly so and far more natural than your obsession Vampire Jolie.

  • Tampon Jen

    My name is Jennifer “Tampon” Aniston and I am the most beautiful and talented actress that ever lived! I have won an Oscar and am the world’s sexiest woman alive!


    Katie @ 02/23/2011 at 10:31 pm
    It seems Jen is trying very Hard to keep her coat closed in the Front ;)Just my guess but maybe P.G. ;););)
    Could you get any more delusional? Did you hear what she said? She hasn’t dated anyone in over a year.
    Honey, face it. She doesn’t want children enough to alter her life or her body or anything else. It’s always just been in theory to her. Stop trying to force this on her. If she wanted it she’d have it. When Brad realized this I’m sure it felt like the worst betrayal he had experienced – maybe even worse than that idiot Paltrow’s betrayal.
    Now get on back to your cult homebase and share your fantasies with those other delusional morons who are probably buying swampland in Montreal as we speak.

  • will

    Life must really suck for her that she has to wrap her scarf all the way up to her chain!

  • eli

    even SHE knows how ugly she is b/c she strategically wrapped that scarf around HER CHIN/jawline as her hair is gone to cover that stuff up that she knows without the hair to cover she NEEDS something else to hide that monster jawline
    wow what a blatant low self esteem moment telling the world how she agrees that she is an ugly Maniston/Chinnifer

  • tasha munro

    Anyone else notice I am sure thats Brads engagement ring she has on??

  • Sun

    jennifer has a hot body. unlike angelina….with her chicken legs and her fat granny belly. hahahahahaha

  • puking at maniston

    she is the ugliest bore on the planet. go away maniston.

  • Most Calculating Woman

    Welcome back Hollywood’s Most Calculating Woman!!
    what else:
    – The High-Maintenance
    – The Biggest Liar
    – TheMost Botox’d
    – The Fakest
    – The Dumbest
    – The Stalker
    and the list goes on – JENNIFER ANISTON!!!!

  • S

    I like her as an actress.

  • maddoxmadness

    Maddox stop coming here and posting on this site! You’d be better off learning how to spell and learning how not to be a little bully.

  • normanmadness

    Norman stop coming here and posting on this site! You’d be better off learning how to spell and learning how not to be a little bully.

  • Anna

    She belongs in the 1990′s.Her whole look (new haircut iincluded) is so dated.She belongs in a time where over bleeched hair, fake tan and fake contact lenses were the standard of beauty (hello the 90′s !) but now she just looks old, dated and cheap.She needs to get a whole new style team.Her hair, make up and clothes all need an overhaul.