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Jennifer Aniston: Back in the USA!

Jennifer Aniston: Back in the USA!

Jennifer Aniston arrives at LAX International Airport on a flight from Europe on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actress has been promoting her film Just Go With It all over Europe the past week. She attended premieres in Berlin and Madrid!

Jennifer recently cut off her hair and her hairstylist Chris McMillan told Allure why he gave her a shorter do.

“I’m loving bobs again. I love the girl in the YSL ads. It’s a sexy look,” he said. “The reason that I’m loving a bob at the moment… There are so many long, layered hairstyles and—don’t get me wrong, I love that. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have that. You know what I mean? And what’s the opposite direction you can go in?”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Burberry coat.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston arriving at LAX…

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# 3
Tommy Boy @ 02/23/2011 at 8:58 pm

LOVE HER! JGWI is a hit! Her hair is a hit! Jennifer is a HIT!!!! Grosses in the UK alone for the past week is over 6 Million dollars with a total worldwide gross of 77 Million dollars in just a little over a week! You go girl!!!!

# 4

I’m slowly starting to like her only because brad pitt fans hate her so much. :)

# 5

Is it over already? thanks God. She doesn’t need to travel around the world if it is not too useful.

# 6
Tommy Boy @ 02/23/2011 at 9:02 pm

I LOVE HER! And JGWI is a hit! Her hair is a hit! Jennifer is a HIT! And JGWI has grossed over 6 Million dollars in the UK in just a little over a week and 77 Million dollars worldwide in just a little over a week! You go girl!!!!

# 7

@Tommy Boy:

you never answered my questions about the additional “kissy face” pics i posted for you on the madrid photocall thread.
is this pic considered a kissy face, too?
if so,why does she do it?
if not, then what is it called (given that you are an expert on this)?

# 8

Jennifer has a great sense of style,always looks classy and chic,love her outfit.

# 9

In in tomorrow’s news Jennifer Aniston expels golden fecal matter.

i like how she had her hairdresser give an interview to Allure (the mag. with her teddy bear pics) with reasoning of why she cut her hair. yeah, right. the real reason you cut it and dyed it so blond for the madrid photocall was to distract from the face/lip injections that went too far. and then she wore glasses to distract from her face later that day. and for the madrid premiere that night, the hairdresser put a toner on her hair to shade her overly-blonde hair darker again since her face wasnt so swollen anymore.
she must pay a lot of money to her PR team and hairdresser. and i guess her hairdresser is on the PR team as well. does he get paid double?

Tommy Boy @ 02/23/2011 at 9:21 pm


Who the f**k cares. The pic you posted it looks like Gerard is doing it also. If you want to know why then ask her yourself. I could care less why she does but I find it rather cute. Next…..

Love this woman. Shes beautiful and lovely

GOOFY FANTASIES @ 02/23/2011 at 9:26 pm

Oh Noes!! Didn’t she know Brad was flying to London to see her???

Jen ordered back to rehab.

Tommy Boy @ 02/23/2011 at 9:32 pm

Cannot wait for Horrible Bosses in July and Wanderlust in October! JGWI is the first of 3 HUGE hits for Jennifer! WOW, Jen!

chuck norris @ 02/23/2011 at 9:33 pm

Jennifer Aniston returns to the USA, Brad Pitt flees!

Just love this beautiful woman.

Funny that she would be arriving at LAX International and Brad would be departing at the same terminal. Can you imagine if they ran into each other?

@Tommy Boy:

You are right. Gerard is doing it, too. Here’s another pic of Gerard doing it.

btw- i was only asking cuz you are a loyal fan of hers and seem to know her so well- and you stated that she doesnt always pose like that (even though there are lots of pics to prove otherwise). thanks for your expertise! :) it is called a “kissy face’, folks! (not duckface!)- per Tommy Boy.

10 years later @ 02/23/2011 at 9:38 pm

whaaaaaa! why did she lie to brad about wanting children all those years ago. i hate her.

Oh Jenny Poo @ 02/23/2011 at 9:40 pm

Cover up that chin Jen!

I think she is moving to NY to try to get on Broadway. At least they will take aging actressess. She is over 40 now and that is old for hollywood women.

Is that your final answer? @ 02/23/2011 at 9:48 pm

Million Dollar Question:
Name any Hollywood actress, with the exception of Jennifer Aniston, whose haidresser gives interviews to the press exclusively about his client’s new hairdo. (disclaimer: half an inch extreme makeover press releases will be accepted as a valid answer)

She looks like an idiot with that giant overpowering pashmina barf bag scarf covering up her chin. Its not at all chic. Plz stop taking photos of her you can tell she just loooves it. It is so obvious. I will eat my words only IF she sells her house for the asking price and turns around and donates the 42 million to the ST. JUDES hospital that she represents.

Welcome home, Jen. We love you!!

hmmm. i wonder. is the press tour for this crappy movie over yet?
and more importantly, what will be her next desperate and pathetic move for more press when there’s nothing to promote?
oh wait- it’s almost time for hard-nipple bikini pics on mexico again! yay!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 02/23/2011 at 10:18 pm

Candi @ 02/23/2011 at 9:45 pm

I love it. She has been doing a lot of that lately. I think her thin lips are getting thinner. That’s why she has been trying to pucker up her lips. LMAO!!

Jennifer is more gorgeous than her haters and her haters can’t stand that, that’s why they try to keep making fun of Jennifer’s chin.

like kim k @ 02/23/2011 at 10:23 pm

So she is an attention *****.
She cut her hair just for attention
Her and her hairdresser planned this for months.
How pathetic. How needy. How transparent that she knows her career needs a boost. I see a semi nude cover of a mag for the next pic.

Jawnifer Anuston @ 02/23/2011 at 10:23 pm

Jawnifer Anuston wants sooo badly to be considered sexy that he gets collagen injections in his nipples to keep them hard, face fillers, botox injections, lip injections, boob implants, etc.
how come we never see Jawnifer at the gay pride parades? you would think he would publicize this since he loves attention and loves to dress in drag!
Tranny Manny!

@Media Wh@re MANiston:

JA has been doing the forced duck face lately cuz she wants BP’s attention.

“Brad, look at me! LOOK AT MY LIPS! Look at my lips! I can have sexy lips like Angelina, too! Look at my lips! I can be sexy! Look at my W mag and Allure mag pics! Look! Look! Look at my lips!”

It seems Jen is trying very Hard to keep her coat closed in the Front ;)Just my guess but maybe P.G. ;););)

Jawnifer Anuston @ 02/23/2011 at 10:33 pm

@like kim k:

if she does more nudy pics, it will be in one of those cheaper quality mags. has anyone noticed that she doesnt get major mag covers anymore (vogue, vanity fair, etc.)? just people, life&style and allure. maybe she will do playboy. that would be a riot!

like kim k @ 02/23/2011 at 10:38 pm

So Aniston paid her hairdresser what 10,000 dollars to fly to Europe to cut her hair. Even Brooklyn Decker realized that she is more than her boobs. But poor Aniston knows only that her career is attached to her hair. Still superficial. But superfical cost money. So hope your home does sell for 42 mill. Because you will never get paid big money to act.

See Jen! Do you get it now that Brad is not that into you that he made it sure you are not on his way on the airport. Imagine that, even when he was married to you, when Ashton K. told Brad if he can go out with you, and Brad was okay with it, this really means you were just a F*CK BUDDY to him and to any other guys whom you claimed you were dating. Jen, you are JUST A SPORT F*CK!

Always pretty, effortlessly so and far more natural than your obsession Vampire Jolie.

Tampon Jen @ 02/23/2011 at 11:19 pm

My name is Jennifer “Tampon” Aniston and I am the most beautiful and talented actress that ever lived! I have won an Oscar and am the world’s sexiest woman alive!

JEN'S DELUSIONAL FANS @ 02/23/2011 at 11:39 pm

Katie @ 02/23/2011 at 10:31 pm
It seems Jen is trying very Hard to keep her coat closed in the Front ;)Just my guess but maybe P.G. ;););)
Could you get any more delusional? Did you hear what she said? She hasn’t dated anyone in over a year.
Honey, face it. She doesn’t want children enough to alter her life or her body or anything else. It’s always just been in theory to her. Stop trying to force this on her. If she wanted it she’d have it. When Brad realized this I’m sure it felt like the worst betrayal he had experienced – maybe even worse than that idiot Paltrow’s betrayal.
Now get on back to your cult homebase and share your fantasies with those other delusional morons who are probably buying swampland in Montreal as we speak.

Life must really suck for her that she has to wrap her scarf all the way up to her chain!

even SHE knows how ugly she is b/c she strategically wrapped that scarf around HER CHIN/jawline as her hair is gone to cover that stuff up that she knows without the hair to cover she NEEDS something else to hide that monster jawline
wow what a blatant low self esteem moment telling the world how she agrees that she is an ugly Maniston/Chinnifer

tasha munro @ 02/24/2011 at 3:26 am

Anyone else notice I am sure thats Brads engagement ring she has on??

jennifer has a hot body. unlike angelina….with her chicken legs and her fat granny belly. hahahahahaha

puking at maniston @ 02/24/2011 at 7:13 am

she is the ugliest bore on the planet. go away maniston.

Most Calculating Woman @ 02/24/2011 at 7:20 am

Welcome back Hollywood’s Most Calculating Woman!!
what else:
– The High-Maintenance
– The Biggest Liar
– TheMost Botox’d
– The Fakest
– The Dumbest
– The Stalker
and the list goes on – JENNIFER ANISTON!!!!

I like her as an actress.

maddoxmadness @ 02/24/2011 at 7:43 am

Maddox stop coming here and posting on this site! You’d be better off learning how to spell and learning how not to be a little bully.

normanmadness @ 02/24/2011 at 7:50 am

Norman stop coming here and posting on this site! You’d be better off learning how to spell and learning how not to be a little bully.

She belongs in the 1990′s.Her whole look (new haircut iincluded) is so dated.She belongs in a time where over bleeched hair, fake tan and fake contact lenses were the standard of beauty (hello the 90′s !) but now she just looks old, dated and cheap.She needs to get a whole new style team.Her hair, make up and clothes all need an overhaul.

Jennifer rocks!!! I love her style and fashion sense so elegant. At least she washes her hair and brushes it not like other actresses who look dirty and have stringy wigs glued to their heads!!!!

Tampon Jen @ 02/24/2011 at 8:24 am

when she doesnt use botox/fillers, JA looks like a horse.
when she does use botox/fillers, she looks like a cabbage patch doll.

She always covers her chin

This is America “sweetheart”? Too ugly. Embarrassed.

i remember when bradley cooper chose renee right after he went out on one date with maniston. JA made a catty comment to the press about how she doesnt see what renee has that she doesnt have. and then renee later made a snark back that at least when people see her movies they arent just looking at her hair.
for someone that supposedly hated the rachel and the attention it got and doesnt want to be recognized for her hair, she sure doesnt act like it. she cut it in the middle of a movie promo tour and had her hairdresser give an interview about it. contradictory, no?

Tampon Jen @ 02/24/2011 at 8:35 am

america’s sweetheart= passive aggressive, jealous, desperate, no shame for any publicity, pathetic, ex-stalking, chain-smoking hag

@Candi: i answered you! showing your age! continue your game! lol

LATEST ON JGWI @ 02/24/2011 at 8:44 am

Saw JGWI. Jennifer’s CHIN is so distracting. Didn’t like the movie!

maddoxmadness @ 02/24/2011 at 8:48 am

To normanmadness: I’m not norman I’m just a girl who thinks this site teaches Maddox bad stuff like it’s okay to be a rude bully. Jolie fans should be ashamed of the example they set for children.

Jenjen’s chin is misaligned. She has to cover it. She’s heading straight to her plastic surgeon for readjustment. LOL!
The older she gets, the more problems she will have on her physical “fixes”.
At least if she does Broadway shows, people will not see her up close.
The sad thing, she’s still FUGLY.

joliechinsin @ 02/24/2011 at 9:05 am

Funny how you AJ fans love to joke about Jen’s lovely chin line, especially when old photos of Jolie show a receding chin that now looks like she had a chin implant. You are delusional hypocrites locked like hamsters in a cage spinning your lies over and over again!

@joliechinsin: Wow. talk about LIES. Angelina does not have a receding chin line – there is no such thing. As for Jen’s ‘lovely chin’? Wow, like a mouse in the cage, keep spinning those lies again. Aniston’s chin is large, square, MASSIVE, a fuqking ugly. And YOU KNOW IT. You can LIE over and over again about Jen’s ‘lovely’ chin but lets face it, NO ONE thinks its lovely, because its fuqking ugly! You could land a fuqking 737 on it! Yes, you loonifers are delusional hypocrites who project and deflect because the truth is TOO PAINFUL.

Tampon Jen @ 02/24/2011 at 9:25 am

dear jen,
what goes on in your mind that you have no shame?
how low will you go for fame? will you be doing porn next?
are more mexico bikini pics coming our way?
was it embarassing to be butt-fuqked in public?
when is brad coming back?
do you make your bulldog handler go muff-diving before she attacks jolie?
why did you cut your hair and use it for attention when you hated “the rachel” and the attention it got?
when are you going to get that oscar?
why are you so pathetic and desperate?
really, i want to know.

your dog norman

I honestly feel bad for her. Who among us could withstand the constant scrutiny over every move we make? And I agree, she is trying very hard to keep the coat together in front. Not sure what that means.

Berlin + Madrid = all over Europe? LOL

she looks fresh!!
love Just Go With It!

las desocupadas que no teneis trabajo ,como candy,tampon ,media ware ..mirad yo os podria dar algun tarabajito ,en serio ,tengo una conocida que tiene una empresa de limpieza ,si quereis me pasais vuestro curriculum…

@para …: Pointless posting when no one can understand the gibberish you posted.

wow is her hair back to that gorgeous honey color again? Good I hope she keeps it that color.

Most of you people are weid – She’s wearing the scarf because its cold – its winter…even in CA….Love her Hair and her Style….Maybe Angelina should get her tangled extensions cut off and start all over again, oh yes and get some botox on all of her veins – those veins dictate how she dresses, her style is all about covering them up as much as comparison between the two – Brad’s a loser…and he should end up AJ..

She always wears a scarf to cover her chin when she is traveling. Even when it’s not absolutely freazing in LA like is was yesterday. You can tell how really cold it was by how everybody else is dressed… ha ha

oh !! claro que si muchas me entienden ..preguntale a media ware …
y si tu no lo entiendes—k-i–n–g you ,coges un diccionario y te entretienes con el diccionario.

Walk in her shoes! @ 02/24/2011 at 1:43 pm


tell me about it. they can’t stand HER for HIM cheating/lying during the Mr & Mrs thing! How would THEY like to have been in HER shoes then? Remember the denials? Then it’s ‘i hope the kids can see the movie where ‘there parents fell in love”..Ha! oh, they have no idea the hurt, they just were so damn happy a marriage ended!
(from a woman who never ever would cheat with a ‘married man” because of the HURT it caused her mom? Her mom never got over what Jon did as we all know , read, So Jen was hurt too, got it? He was HER husband afterall, something these maniacs never got.
They are all loons with a capital L, because no one hates someone they never met, it’s just a sick love for brad/angie, period. Sickening or what? This is why the ‘normal’ ones here are so damn happy when her movie does well. Heck she looks fantastic here, she’s glowing! And they continue to hate her, LOL. Good, let them and see who wins in the load road ahead………story hasn’t been written yet on the brangie side.
Good for you, like her, there isn’t much to ‘hate’ about her!

throwinherplugs @ 02/24/2011 at 2:09 pm

fyi, Jen and Halperin together promoting that viscous rumor about S.B. and J.J.’s sex tape to rob S.B. of America Sweetheart title. Jen knows she is deep trouble with her manipulating antics of the past and box office bombs-no talent. She even recently hinted she would like to return to NBC, bucking for another sitcom? No one wants her, no talent is washed-up. Drop the facade, it is a PR manufactured and spun illusion, Tampon Jen. She must be getting broke paying for all these lies and paying off all these people for silence or their part in her lies and buying “friends”. Anyone that is “friends” with Halperin is a sick psycho and Jennifer is one. Notice her stalker ways, gotten so obvious now. Stop your nonsense hit on Sandy! Stop stalking the Pitts!

former fan that seen through the illusions and lies

This old woman is such a FAKE.
She is a shame of her brown eyes and hair, so she has to wear blue eye contacts and dye her hair blonde.
No wonder men do not hang around her b/c of her FAKINESS.
Men screw this type of women, they do not make love to them b/c they do not love them.


You are crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……

jennifer aniston is a pathetic piece of trash and needs to be thrown in the gutter. (oh wait, brad already did that!)
karma needs to come bite her in the ass real hard in front of the world to see. all her evil deeds need to be brought to light and she needs to be ridiculed into shame.
jennifer aniston is as desperate and pathetic as they come. no wonder brad left and upgraded.
she is a loser. and her time will come.

Tampon Jen @ 02/24/2011 at 3:49 pm

dear maniston-
how does it feel that so many people hate you?
it’s not 1998 anymore and you have aged out your “america’s sweetheart” image and people have seen way past “friends”.
the only fans you have left are those that cannot separate you from rachel. while you play rachel in every movie (looks, mannerisms, voice, etc.)- the majority know that you are just a no-talent tabloid queen. looking back at the last 6 years, do you wish you had done things differently and not played out your pathetic pity-party card and not tried to milk it for all its worth? if so, why do you continue to still try and milk it and keep the triangle alive? is it because you know that nobody cares about you without the brad/angie comparisons?
you are a sad and pathetic woman and a poor example of female empowerment. sandra bullock, reese witherspoon and uma thurman are just a few of many that have portrayed dignity and class when their marriages ended- and their marriages were not simple mergers as yours was.
you need to lay off the booze and coke and get some therapy.
you are evil to the core and have no shame in attacking the innocent to make you look and feel good. no wonder every man runs from you. with the exception of your PR agent (who is slowly drying you up from all your “friends” money), all of hollywood thinks you are a joke. how did it feel to look so out of place and immature at the 2009 Academy Awards? It was such a desperate and pathetic move to take attention away from all of the nominees on their night. how does it feel that john mayer has basically let the world know how desperate and pathetic you are? how does it feel to know that gerard butler finger-fuqked you in front of the entire world? do you still have no shame? are you secretly giving “couch” interviews/auditions to anyone that will hire you in their movies? it wouldnt surprise me one bit.
you are a sad woman.
you will always be known as RACHEL ‘TAMPON’ JEN aka SPORT FUQK.

the ever-growing majority






keep going you are amazing

“I don’t care to speak about speculations, or, about unrelated third parties with whom I am in no way related to…”- Brad Pitt

WHO IS HE SPEAKING OF? hmmm…i wonder.


Yes, that would be YOU!

Fugly Jen is 42 and still alone? Oh my, the aging cougar can’t run fast enough to catch a man. LOL!

I wonder how much Jen paid for all her plastic surgeries.
Still FUGLY, though! LOL!

Jen is Classy @ 02/24/2011 at 6:09 pm

She spreads her legs on the first date.





she looks like a horse.

CanIComment? @ 02/24/2011 at 7:54 pm

ITs her fault!

Whats wrong with the word?

Chim pan zee

She does look like one! LOL!!

She does look like one – when the puckers up for the camera. This is a funny video.

FinallyAgain @ 02/24/2011 at 8:18 pm

@96 MayI
She does look like one – when SHE puckers up for the camera.
Compare both sites

crazyjoliefans @ 02/24/2011 at 8:34 pm

No wonder you Jolie fans are called Loons. You’re crazy and make no sense with your ramblings. What is the matter with you.

she look good!
poor anGlina fan

Oh my, why did you come back? Chinchin, please stay permanently to where you came from….

how many of these look like angie’s past outfits?
(KFP premiere, TT Madrid photocall, Oscars 2009, etc.)

BP better tighten his security to ensure the family’s safety!

And a few more….





Crazyloonifers(Jenfans) @ 02/25/2011 at 3:06 am

@crazyjoliefans: No wonder you bimbo ditzy immoral Jen fans are called loonifers. Whats the matter with you? read the posts on here from you loons. Oh, she has great hair. Oh I love her. We love you Jen. You have great style. I love your hair. Beautiful and lovely. what the fuqk IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Read your posts back and see how little sense and how nauseating you loonifers are. No wonder Aniston’s fans have the worst repuation as being nutty out of any fan group. Deranged, delusional and psychotic. You certainly earn your Loonifer tag.

Without botox and fillers, Anuston could cut a biyatch with that chin!

@to salem: To gibberish speaker. Why waste your time posting on here, when no one can understand what the fuqk you are saying? Why bother? You’re wasting your time. Your obviously read enough English to be on here and reading the articles, so have some MANNERS, and write in English. This is an English-speaking world where English is the universal language. The internet is based on the English language. LEARN IT, and don’t spew your gibberish babble rubbish language on here. Learn English or fuqk off from the internet!

@Walk in her shoes!: Why don’t you GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! That interview was where Angelina said that their children would be able to see where their parents fell in love…..AND TRIED TO *KILL EACH OTHER*. Ergo, she was talking about their CHARACTERS, Mr and Mrs Smith. NOT THEM, THEMSELVES. Angelina nor Brad has EVER admitted to any affair. In fact, they’ve been proven innocent. Unless you think Brad and Angelina tried to kill each other, in real life? Roflmao It helps to get your facts straight and READ the interview in its ENTIREITY. It was about their CHARACTERS falling in love and KILLING EACH OTHER. Not them themselves. It has alredy been proven that no affair happened. So its sad that you loonifers hate an INNOCENT WOMAN who has done no harm to you, your precious idol, or to anyone. She has never cheated, and you gullibly fell for a now debunked HOAX. You also twisted an interview about CHARACTERS to somehow ‘prove’ something but came up with egg on your face, looking like a deceitful liar. Walk a day in Angelina’s shoes. And apologise for LYING about her.







# 110


She is so stunning even dressed casually, she has a great sense of style!!

Looking marvelous J! I know you are happy to be back in California……

The B1tch is Back @ 02/25/2011 at 6:50 pm

Why is Jen back so soon? Adam can’t stand her and can’t pretend anymore? LOL!

O'Sullivan @ 02/25/2011 at 8:56 pm

Jennifer is gorgeous and a great actress.

Let’s see, what kind of crazy things is Jen and her publicist think of next for her next two boring rom-coms? She better hurry up and sell that ugly mansion and move somewhere, you know take Brad’s advice from 6 years ago…simplify and rid yourself of clutter. Does Jen think people don’t notice things like this? Her stalking is getting worse, the copy-catting…take her Madrid outfit. Now where have we seen something like that recently on a photo-call?
Perhaps ole Jen and her good old friend and fellow Huvane client will crash GC’s B-Day party..CH can call George’s GF the C-word, oh yeah…Angelina and Brad are invited, too. Yeah, that will make news. Jennifer will claim innocent again. Get Iggy with it….Two Bar Hags Looking In.

Another crazy loon…….

Poor Jennifer @ 02/26/2011 at 11:32 am

After Jenjen had so much plastic surgeries, THIS:
As per Joan Rivers:
“I would like to take Jennifer Aniston and put her hair over her f**ing face!” Joan said. “I’m so bored with her and her stupid movies. They’re all the same, I don’t know how they get financed.”
See more:

Joan Rivers, looks in a mirror? is ugly jealousy, especially an old woman, with the puppet head,



Katie @ 02/23/2011 at 10:31 pm
It seems Jen is trying very Hard to keep her coat closed in the Front ;)Just my guess but maybe P.G. ;););)

More like– too many pills and booze again on the plane and she split her drink on herself. Cannot have people seeing a bleary eyed, pissy pants looking Jen, now can we?

Truth Hurts @ 02/26/2011 at 10:56 pm


Go Joan Rivers! Tell it like it is! LOL!

@O’Sullivan: great actress? hahahahhaahahahhahahahahahahahaah SHE CANT ACT……PERIOD……..

By the way @ 02/27/2011 at 10:01 am



Always looks great…

Can this b-tch just go away & never comes back.


she is so facking ugly.



^^^ agree 100% bet







Desperate Maniston @ 02/27/2011 at 2:39 pm

JA looks like Iggy Pop.
and dont hate on joan rivers. she made a joke.
chelsea handjob made a joke, went on a rant and used the c-word– and all y’all jenhags thought that was ok.
so get over it.


Jenny looks so grumpy and pissed off and her hair is pulled-up, massive scarf, etc. New hair doesn’t look well for u Jenny?

What happened to the thumbs?

I would certainly hate to be a “loon”! What miserable lifes they must lead.

Jen looks fabulous as always!

jen is so precious!!!
love her!!!

By the way @ 03/01/2011 at 5:29 am



By the way @ 03/01/2011 at 5:35 am

The loon from Texas wrote, ” Jen looks fabulous as always!”
Pretentious is the word, looney! Repeat after me. “Jen is pretentious!” Ugh. She makes me puke.

Oh honey! If Jen makes you puke, then why do you continue giving this thread hits and commenting? Truly delusional, eh!

Joan Rivers rips Aniston….wow!!!

WORTH REPOSTING @ 03/01/2011 at 4:01 pm

Lainey b4 Huvane bribed her @ 03/01/2011 at 2:40 pm

January 11 2006

OK, we’ve pounded this thing to death. So when I got this email today from Janet, I thought I’d throw it on the site with my reply so that I can put this thing to bed once and for all. Here are my thoughts. And unless Angelina and Brad admit to hating Chinese people and dogs, I’m sticking with it.

Janet wrote:


Imagine your husband leaving you for another woman. Right now. Today. And then every show in town reporting that the E correspondent”s husband left her.

She”s v famous, so they”re splashed all over the news, in your face. Everyone in your hometown knows about it. They”re all watching you.

Then the other woman, who is sexy and smart and altruistic and loved by everyone in town, is PREGNANT. And you can”t even call her a ****** man stealing bittch.

Let”s see how well you take it. Let”s start a site bashing you and how you go to your friends for comfort. Jennifer Aniston got totally butt f-cked. And Angelina comes out unscathed.

My reply to Janet:

Janet’s description of the events isn’t uncommon. But I personally don”t apply real world morality or sentiment to the lives of the rich and famous. What’s acceptable by OUR standards, for us non celebrities, is one thing. What really goes down in THEIR world is an alternate reality. So here”s how I would break down the situation:

You”re a popular television actress who is as materialistic and as vain as the rest of them, who relies on alternative dieting methods to get the perfect body. You marry the Sexiest Man Alive. You promise to have children with him. You push back over and over again, until the end of the run of your sitcom. And then your over-ambitious, deluded ego drives you to sign on to over 7 movies in the space of 2 years, making it plainly obvious that Oscar is the real baby you covet. You also won”t give up the good stuff, in copious amounts. And you claim you had no idea anything was wrong with the marriage? You claim he cheated??? If that”s the case, why would you be photographed cuddling and canoodling with him on the beaches of the Caribbean the day that your separation was announced to the world? If he really strayed, why would your best friend accompany you on such a trip? Would any true girlfriend support such an endeavour? Not in the real world. But in Hollywood…absolutely. Because there is more PR wrangling and set up behind this thing than any one of us can imagine. And there was something more behind the split than a bodacious woman with great tits and big lips.

I don”t buy the Vanity Fair article, I don”t buy the pagI don”t buy the Vanity Fair article, I don”t buy the pages and pages of speculation that has already been written about his infidelity and Angelina”s homewrecking endeavour. What I DO buy is that Ms. Aniston isn”t the innocent cry baby she wants you to believe she is.
Buttt-f-cked?? Please. She lives in Los Angeles. You don”t think she asked for it??? I”ll reserve my pity for people who really deserve it. And let me tell you, celebrities are not at the top of my list.
But while I don’t pity Jennifer, I do have some words of encouragement for her.
Dear Jen: Coming in 3rd place ain’t so bad, is it? After all, you just won a bronze medal! Do you know how many people would kill for a bronze medal? To be a mere mortal and, for a short time, to have basked in the glow of an earthly Adonis? Hey, I’m not Greek and even I can appreciate that. Chin up, girl. Zeus has spoken, the God goes with the Goddess and the homely girl goes with the pudgy funny guy. The Force is in balance once again.

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JA is a Sociopath @ 03/03/2011 at 10:44 pm

Where is everybody? Jen hens didn’t get paid?

Worth Commenting On @ 03/05/2011 at 8:57 pm


I would say that this article is a very subtle way of sabotaging the JPs. First, the JPs have TWO dogs, and Lainey is claiming that the JPs hate dogs. And do the JPs hate Chinese people? I don’t think so. I have read an article that Angelina has been wanting to go to China. Lainey’s comment doesn’t make any sense. I wonder what her IQ is.

LackingLainey @ 03/06/2011 at 8:33 pm

Lainey gets paid to write positive stories and negative stories by the publicist who pays, better known as Stephen Huvane.
Ever noticed when Lainey is preparing for an event such as the Globes or the Oscars, she talks about her hair or dress as if she is one of the stars herself? Lainey has convinced herself that she is so sheik, feminist and forward–that she would never think of marring her body with a child or let her career be backseat to a child. Lainey has to run her husband or mother down to make herself look good. Sound familiar? Lainey has to run someone successful down to look good herself, especially the women that are doing it all–those with children. Lainey wants the drama, wants to make the drama–even if she has to lie about it–because Lainey is so bored in her own, pitiful life. Snobby acting Lainey, you fool no one except yourself.

Let me do a quick rant here. I don’t HATE this woman. I hate that she is a poser and user. She does whatever it takes for fame and is not sincere about things that have happened in her past. I think that she and Brad both lied about their marriage and sat back and watched Angie be hacked apart because they both love their fame and fear losing it. There is no secret that I think BP is trying to run Angelina’s career. She honestly loves the man and he uses her. For whoever is about to comment on that I have a right to my opinion just like you. So STFU! I think she is a nice woman who doesn’t know how to handle someone who is considered more beautiful than she is because she is so insecure. She is just jealous of Jolie who really doesn’t give a darn about her. She has all these people trying to take up for her like she is this little child being bullied by a villian. It’s truly sickening that she sits there and let it happen. That’s why she needs help she isn’t strong.

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