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Jennifer Aniston Premieres 'Just Go With It' in Madrid

Jennifer Aniston Premieres 'Just Go With It' in Madrid

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler hit the premiere of their film, Just Go With It, on Tuesday (February 22) at Room Mate Oscar Hotel in Madrid, Spain.

Earlier in the day, the two stepped out for the film’s photocall and also stopped by the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero.

Also attending the premiere: co-star Brooklyn Decker who looked picture perfect in a strapless Dolce & Gabbana dress with Brian Atwood shoes.

Earlier this week, the trio kicked off their European press tour for Just Go With It in Berlin.

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Credit: Juan Naharro Gimenez, Fotonoticias; Photos: Getty
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  • Jamie

    OMG future celebrity gossip is saying that Brooklyn and Andy are going to be splitting up!
    Has anyone seen these two together lately?
    Wonder if it’s happening now or later.
    Didn’t even recognize Brooklyn in that Dorothy dress!
    Cute? Not sure yet.
    The new “do” – a but momsie but great to see a change.


    Another black outfit? O well…………. gosh i hate when she puts her hand on adams chest,, she does that all the time

  • Dani


  • eew

    Her nose looks so much bigger with that hair cut.

  • tsk tsk tsk

    Angelina likes incest.

  • commonsense

    I really love Brooklyn’s dress!

  • emma

    She was better in us because of his wife present in the carpets. She wasn’t clinging on him like crazy. She must have forgot there is another woman being photogs in there too. She is a tasteless clinging oldie.

  • funny

    this movie was hilarious… I was lmao the whole time..

  • Marieme

    You’d think she was promoting her role as Lady Macbeth with the way she carries on! Can’t think of anything sadder than flying around the world shilling these useless movies while pretending you mean it. And yet she lives for this parade. That’s Fugs for you! What next? Spend a ton of money building a new “dream” home from the ground up and then deciding it’s not for you? Oh wait…


    They really want to sell that movie abroad.
    Adam Sandler has been having those same stupid outfit for two photo ops in a row. He has no styme at all.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, Adam sure cleans up nicely…NOT. Geez, would it have killed him to dress up for the occasion? He looks like he just rolled out of bed without even brushing his teeth or combing his hair.
    Thank goodness Jennifer spiced things up with something fun and different…oh right, she DIDN’T. We have yet ANOTHER black outfit. It’s like she’s still in a state of mourning from her split from Brad. *rolls eyes*

  • LOL

    forever in black like angie
    pathetic copycat b**** !

  • Esther

    They were great in El Hormiguero. Adam is the best!

  • thighmegatampon

    finalllly brooklyn looks cute! her previous premiere outfits really did nothing for her.

  • The Chin


    Lady Macbeth! HIlarious. JA casted in a period piece? too funny.
    it amazes me how low she wil go for attention- from randomly showing up at the Ivy to nipple-bikini shots bending over to publicizing her “Ohana” house. is loosely naming it “extended family” an invite for brad to come back and bring the kiddies along? after all, she did decorate it in a masculine manner similar to his taste. i honestly dont think she is over him. and her odd and pathetic behavior the last 6 years have just supported that. she didnt act so pathetic before all that. regardless, she has brought up all this on herself for playing her PR games. JA is a tabloid queen. not a movie star– a gossip rag queen and her peasants buy and read it all up. JA lives for her pathetic parade. so sad.
    too many “coincidences” over the last few years that shows JA’s lack of maturing and evolving. is she so delusional that she doesnt she what a joke she is? does she have any dignity left?

  • LOL
  • M

    is jennifer aniston filling out or something? don’t get me wrong her body is still sick…but she looks puffy or something??

  • carol

    Film not getting attention…. chop your hair off! This rubbish won’t do well in Europe. Her movies are only watched in the US.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • Annie

    For someone who claims to be a carefree single woman this is such an old-maidish look, both the outfit and the hair. This length to her hair is so awkward – not long but not a proper bob either. You can just see the poor stylist trying to coax her into a fresh new look and Aniston watching every strand like a hawk and going “not too much, not tooo much, STOP RIGHT THERE!”

  • Party One

    Look at UK Gurdians or Times reviews. This movies are completely trashed in Europe.

  • Grandma of Four

    Jen looks great! The new shorter, lighter “do” is perfect! Jennifer does not always wear black and she is not always copying Angie!
    I also would like to comment on the move to NYC! Good for Jen! Hopefully she will find some cosmopolitan guy now that she is getting away from they west coast! NYC is vibrant, exciting, and fun and that could be just what she needs! Go Jen! :- )

  • Iffy Miffy

    Ha ha, I don’t believe it. She actually has gold of different colour on her hands. Hello trash. That is a huge no-no!

  • Good Girl

    Nice to see Brooklyn with her mom and dad! Good she doesn’t look like her mom!

  • Carla

    What’s wrong with Jen’s face? Her nose looks bigger and her chin looks out of place. Does she have good credit with her plastic surgeon?

  • Funny . . . NOT!


    How old are you? Five or six?

  • wonder

    agree …hair makes nose look big …. how could she NOT want Brads Baby ?

  • jennypoop


  • poughkeepsie

    Lol all you haters are obsessed with her. At every freaking article you jump on the occasion to comment. If you don’t give two shits about her why are you wasting your time commenting ? YOU’re the ones giving her the most attention.

  • D

    Just came across the photos as I was looking to see Jennifer’s new haircut, and I dont normally comment as It seems pointless, but Im fed of reading all the stupid comments. Does anyone say anything nice about any of the celebs on this site?

    Why do so many people have so much hate inside them & feel it necessary to be nasty about others they don’t even know. it cos they can hide behind the name anonymous on the internet. It seems so time consuming. Are they the same people that watch reality tv shows and soaps too? Busy living through other peoples lives instead of living their own!

    Anyway on a positive note. I like Jennifer’s hair here, and her dress is lovely. Her and Adam were so good in this movie Ive seen it twice since it was released in the U.K.

  • blah

    for the love of God Jennifer try some other color… always black, its boring… Adam, change your outfit from time to time, and lose some weight please… Brooklin looks nice :)

  • Kary

    Please stop criticizing. Jennifer and Adam must be tired. They have been travelling since last week and they do not stop for to eat or sleep.

  • garb

    Aniston and Sandler are amongst the worst ‘actors’ Hollywood has to offer.

  • Lola

    wow whats the matter with you people? you think you’re better than her?

  • Mala Gente

    These two old people (Jennifer and Adam) have no respect for the people of Spain. They have no presentation, wearing clothes they must have bought from a used clothing store. Just Go Away! No delicadeza!

  • A decir verdad!

    Canallas de América en Madrid la promoción de un bote de basura para el pueblo de España para ver!

  • Sun

    @The Chin: you nailed it! and she told perez openly that she still talk to brad! that is so unnecessary! she now want to wreck brad relationship by planting this stupid news and hoping that angie gets jealous? grow up jenniferrrrrrrr!!

  • boston61

    Wow, Jennifer is so plain without the great hair. Kind of like Sarah Parker.

  • bilyana

    brooklyn’s outfit is great:)retro chic.

  • cara

    Well her haircut answers the decade long question of why she kept the same long style, she needed her long hair to look really good. This cut is nice, but it makes her face look chubby, her nose looks broader and overall she looks kind of soccer-Mom. On a younger person it looks like a hip hairstyle, but on her it looks blah (could be that awful middle part and the fact the hair is so flat). I bet she is FREAKING out and hates it, her whole identity is in her hair and body and not much else!!

    Adam Sandler is a slob, dressed so poorly for a movie opening, it’s disrespectful to those countries. Both Adam and Jennifer need major career overhauls, both play the same roles and both are horrid actors and need to focus on doing something else or just enjoying their riches and get out of showbiz.

  • Just Kidding

    @commonsense: Agree! She looks great!!!

  • Shana

    I agree that her face looks puffy. It makes me think that she did something to her face and decided to cut her hair to cover up the plastic surgery (wrinkle fillers? Botox?). She was probably under a lot of stress for having to pose with a young beauty like Brooklyn Decker and felt pressured to get some work done to her face. She is starting to look a lot like Meg Ryan with her overly stretched and swollen cheeks.

  • Pauline

    Jennifer needs to cut off more of her hair and get an actual style. Some of her pictures from several years ago with a different hair style are very flattering. Why some women think after they pass 40 that a stringy hair style makes them look younger is beyond me. No matter what the style or trend is a woman should have a look that is flattering – not just what everyone else is doing. Just like Vanna White, she looks better when she is wearing an updo. These messy hair styles are not glamorous for sure.

  • hee

    again and again and again and again and again and again &
    again and again and again and again and again and again &
    again and again and again and again and again and again &
    again and again and again and again and again and again &
    - has to just kill the JP fans

  • barbraish

    kind of looks like barbra streisand’s hair. not very flattering imo.

  • para a decir verdad

    canallas por que ? que han hecho estas personas ademas de trabajar ? te has pasado mucho loca …
    canalla si acaso quien maltrata animales como la engreida de la skeletica.

  • Victoria

    The best thing about Jen’s new bob is that it will grow out pretty quickly. Adam looks like he just rolled out of bed.

  • para mala gente

    aquieen mi pais ,Espàña estamos encantados con la visita de estas dos figuras ,les adoramos y sobre todo la actitud que ellos tienen . no vienen en plan divos ,sino con toda la humildad de quien viene a vender su trabajo ,no como otras-os que se creen reinonas .
    El z-or-ron loco de la Esqueletica tuvo toda lo noche planchando a las empleadas del hotal donde estuvieron ,tardo mas de tres horas en peinado y maquillaje ,si la Jolones …

  • Erin


    Uh, there’s this thing called a contract she has to sign in order to be in the movie and part of the requirement is that she go out and promote the film. She does this whether she wants to or not!

  • The Chin


    Maniston as Lady Macbeth? Maniston cast in a period piece? LOL